The Q was the hypothesis of a common source to the synoptic gospels. The word Q is from the German Quelle or "source." Whatever is said about Q and the type of Christian community it represents must be gathered upon the basis of internal analysis of the material. The Q community conceived of Jesus as the enfleshment of God's wisdom, its dramatic coming into history. It is thought that "probably", the first written material concerning Jesus was a collection of these sayings known to modern scholars as Q.

According to the theory of Q, some unknown Christian or group of Christians brought together traditions attributed to Jesus, consisting mostly of his sayings. Matthew, Mark and Luke, all having similiar material are said to have a common source not attributed to their own. Since there is not an identified source known, it is surmised that these in fact had a source no longer extant and not simply oral tradition. Many Q sayings are also found in the apocryphal Gospel of Thomas.

Q started mostly as a hypothesis that developed into a myth. Everything that is said about Q can also be said of the Logia "Sayings of Jesus" that Matthew wrote in Aramaic before his gospel or even of Mark's gospel. Q is used to explain the common thought exhibited in the gospels as if the historicity of Jesus and the inspiration of the Holy Ghost were not enough. The common thread of the gospels is that of eye witnesses to the facts of the living Jesus, not hypothesis. The positive aspect of the Q hypothesis is that it has created dialogue upon the matter of the gospel source.
[312, 316]

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