The basic unit was always called the legion. The legion consisted of 30 companies of about 120 men each. In the Roman military system a soldier swore an oath to obey his general, not the state itself. The legions made the bricks and tiles needed for their buildings, and were often used on public construction, especially in the colonies. The manufacture of arms and machines of war was probably reserved for state arsenals and governmentally owned state factories.

The sword of the Greeks and Romans generally had a straight two-edged blade, rather broad, and of nearly equal width from hilt to point. It was worn on the left side. [spears, javelins, darts, bow and arrow, sling, Engine, Battering-ram, Shield, Catapult, Helmet, breastplate, Armor-bearer, Armory, Army, Roman Army]. Scripture speaks of two kinds of chariots, one for princes and generals to ride upon and the other to break the enemies battalions, by rushing upon them being "chariots of fire". A Garrison is a military or fortified post.
[305, 15, BD, 380]

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