Unrestrained economic activity is the laissez-faire principle. When an exonomy is uncontrolled and unorganized with the freedom to anything you want, this is laissez-faire. It is essentially irrational where economic planning is an attempt to introduce economic rationality into the process. There is a deeply rooted prejudice that the only alternative to laissez-faire is full state responsibility or totalitarianism. This seems only necessary when there are economic forces at work to suppress economic planning. The money interests in Christian in the United States who feel that what is called "free economy" has a special divine sanction, that it rises above all other economic and political systems, this is Babylon and doomed to fall along with this world system.

The free market economists clearly view the market as the highest form of economic evolution and that the personal freedoms inherent in the system demonstrate its superiority. The reaction to laissez-faire individualism refuses to acknowledge the social existence of economic problems. Political libertarianism, republican forms of government, and laissez-faire capitalism were tools for the ascendancy of the middle class in their efforts to get rich. There is almost universal consensus that an unrestricted market economy gives the rich more than they deserve, causing inflation and poverty.

Christian la Brie of the Le Monde Diplomatique in Paris warns us that "there seems to be nothing to prevent the transnational corporations taking possession of the planet and subjecting humanity to the dictatorship of capital.... In order to crush any thought of organized resistance to the supporters of the new world order, tremendous police and military forces are being used to establish a doctrine of repression...." Laissez-faire capitalism arises directly from the luke-warm Christian faith. All forms of "collectivism" - i.e. government regulation of any sort - are therefore considered anti-Christian. The mark of the beast is best represented by this attitude. The general prescription was laissez-faire, free trade among nations and within each of them. Any nation who opposes this system is cut off from the Global Market-place and are forbidden to buy and sell on the open market. Sanctions, embargos and favored nation status discrimination are purely economic retribution.

The desire to be free and independent from multi-national exploitation will be met with the wrath of the beast. The desire for any country to nationalize their natural resources for the good of the people are met with the same wrath. Governments are supposed to be charged with the administration of justice and the defense of the realm. In reality, the less interference in the affairs of their constituents the better for the political and economic health of the wealthy. That is not freedom, it is slavery and people just trying to get along wear their shackles willingly. This is why the luke-warm church is against the social gospel, the decisions they make are through their pocketbook, not the Holy Ghost.
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