John Foster Dulles

John Foster Dulles was the Secretary of State under Eisenhower from 1953-1960, succeeding Dean Acheson. When Dulles became Secretary of State he had been acting more than four years as the principle Republican spokesman for foreign policy and strategy. Dulles' criticisms were those of an opposition leader - more precise in specifying errors that in drawing up alternatives. He talked of taking the "psychological and political offensive." The U.S. should use the threat of atomic retaliation of any size and any place as a deterrent to Communist aggression or expansion. Eisenhower insisted that Dulles' statement be deleted from the Republican platform.

Dulles' approach to foreign policy was essentially moralistic and ideological. For Dulles, neutralism was immoral; world conflict was basically ideological. He laid down moral objectives like "peace" and "liberation". He made threats of "massive retaliation." "We look on the world as a whole," Dulles would say, "we cannot be weak anywhere without creating danger everywhere."

During the McCarthy years, Dulles regularly threw innocent State Department figures to the wolves. His brother Allen Dulles just as regularly protected CIA officers unjustly denounced on the hill. Bureaucratization was only part of the explanation for State's malaise when John Kennedy came to office. The other part was the shock of the readiness of Dulles, as Secretary of State, to yield up Foreign Service officers to McCarthyism. The Dulles period was a time of distress and humiliation for the professionals. These years saw the expulsion of experienced and independent minded diplomats. Dulles' conception of the world as irrevocably split into two unified and hostile blocs. In such a world, the threat of communism was indivisible and the obligation to oppose that threat unlimited.
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