A Strange Gospel

Hello everyone. This forum was set up to discuss and have a voice in what is seen as a problem in the Church, and to maybe come to a consensus on the problem, and go from there.

Many churches today including my church which is 2nd or 3rd in largeness in the Houston area is delivering a gospel that is laid on a foundation different than Jesus Christ, being obsessed by Messiah Bush and how he is fulfilling prophecy rather than my Lord, Savior, and God. Recently, I've listened in Sunday School classes and sermons from the pulpit with the focus being Bush.

2Cor. 11:4---' For if one comes and preaches another Jesus whom we [Paul/Apostles/disciples] have not preached or you receive a different spirit which you have not received, or a different gospel which you have not accepted. . . . [NAS]

I feel my Lord is being short-changed in his own house by His own bride. I fail to empathasize with the religious right's ideal Christian. In the debates Bush accreditation to my Lord was that He [Jesus] was the world's greatest philosopher. Well, Jesus means much more than that to me. I fail to see Godly behavior in this man's actions. Each Friday morning he goes to his retreat, Camp David and returns Sunday afternoon to the White House if he's not flying around somewhere else on the week-end. Yet the religious right will tell you he attends church each Sunday. I'm no historian, but I don't recall any President of the United States before Bush who opened-up Ramadan, had the Muslin clerics in the White House during their celebration and went to the Mosque to close out this event. After the 9/11 carnage of 3,000 souls, Bush said the Muslim religion was a great religion giving this false religion a giant boost in growth: it is the fastest growing religion in America. To add additional honor to the Muslims, he had a Muslim cleric speaking is a foreign tongue at the Washington Cathedral memorializing the dead. Why Billy Graham participated leaves me in a daze.

Nowhere in my Bible do I read of David, a man after God's own heart, attending a Baal service or inviting a Baal priest to participate at a Jewish service. Certainly someone who had knowledge about false religions, its beliefs, its tenets: the Lord Jesus Christ never preached on false religions. The gospels are full of His sermons and conversations, especially the Gospel of John. Our Lord kept His focus on the things of God to people. Today in Church's pulpits and TV messages, pastors rattle on about the Koran and how they are studying the Koran while on the Lord's clock. We as a nation may have had our David---who but God can say if he really repented---but now we have our Solomon---an individual who has brought in foreign gods.

In 2 Corinthians 2:14, Paul minced no words about those who preached another Jesus. Pastors and teachers are utilizing the worshipper's time Sunday morning/evening and Wednesday prayer service preaching Messiah Bush, a different spirit and a very different gospel have crossed the line. These are people who reflect their culture---a religion different than the historical Jesus. They live unashamedly well off on the offerings of the congregation, while undermining the gospel and weakening the gospel message of salvation to the unbeliever and the edification and growth of the believer.

Messiah Bush sells well in our religious marketplace. But it is a false Gospel of another Jesus.

The history of the Church is filled with examples of those who preached a false Gospel of another Jesus. They cover up the cross after Bush invited them to the Texas capital to pray with him. They were bought with less than the Pharisee's and Sanhedrin bought off Judas. These persons are ignoring the Jesus who is revealed in the Scriptures, the historical Son of God born into this world, crucified, and risen from the dead. Instead, they have created another Jesus in their own image saying Bush is a tool of God fulfilling prophecy, or sermons/lectures about war protests, or teachings of Koran rather than the Scriptures and the Gospel message of my Lord.

In Christ, timothy. maranatha