A New Beginning

Luke 3:21.---' Now it came to pass, when all the people were baptized, that, Jesus also having been baptized, and praying, the heaven was opened.'

ALONE as our Lord stands in the majesty of His mission, and in the fullness of is equipment for it, we, in our measure, may have fellowship with Him in these.

This fellowship is possible, in the first place, in the possession of the spirit of prayer as the guide of life. Spirit-guided as the Master always is, we seek special help and guidance in prayer when we reach this time of crisis in this latter day. We seek direct light and strength which come to the understanding and heart straight from the throne of God; rather than trusting such times to human calculations, friendly advice, and forecasts of material probabilities. We seek you dear Lord as the last resource, being governed by spiritual powers that fail not. The prayer of the Christian who believes in God and uses Him is no superstitious reliance. We recognize the supremacy of God's will and of dependence of its operation in human affairs upon our asking for it. Our life is permeated from the center outwards by this spirit of prayer, this paramount sense of the Divine purpose working in us, while others, in practice if not in theory, acknowledge the use of prayer only as a final despairing experiment.

In answer to His prayer Jesus found light upon His great mission from the opened heavens. We may have a fellowship with Him in this also. We too have a share in the purpose of God, a mission to fulfil which He reveals to the purged heart and prayerful spirit. As to Jesus, so to us---with the revelation of the mission comes swiftly and surely the equipment for its fulfillment. The heaven is rent, the work revealed, the Spirit given. The duty that seemed too hard, the work that seemed too lofty, have now become possible, if not easy, with the influx of the Divine power. For, like all God's spiritual gifts, the Holy Spirit is given to those who ask Him, it is conditioned by our receptiveness.

It is indeed my prayer, that, today the world was changed for the good. We have found our work, we have found our strength, we have found our Father. Now let the wilderness and the temptation come. AMEN BLESSED ISHI

Love in Christ, timothy