The Mark of the Beast

Hello one and all. To me the first beast is symbolizing the hostile political world power where the leaders are vassals of Satan. And a form of worshiping the Antichrist could be--- don't be saying anything bad about them. Pressure will come on the entire population to receive the symbol of allegiance to the first beast. As far as a visible or invisible mark, it will be visible to the point of recognition for all in subjugation to the beast. Difficulty in acquiring the necessities of life will be a tool and nagging harassment at the hand of the dragon-sponsored regime, to the faithful for their loyalty to the Lamb.

From what I have discerned of the rest of Revelation , is that I would not want to be caught with the mark of the beast. God's children will be given God's own self in order to overcome and have victory and deliverance from the temptation to worship---put anything before Christ---the beast's image and receive his mark. It will be better to suffer temptation than to suffer what those who receive the mark will be suffering. I have noticed that there is a lot of similarities between the Israelites who remained untouched by the Egyptian plagues.

The outcome of the struggle should never be in doubt. He could only deceive those who agree to accept the mark of the beast and worship the beasts image [that could mean simply in thinking he is the cat's meow]. The worship of the beast will be a public action.

One thing for sure is that the final world empire will be under the control of Satan and the beast. When we read history and watch the course of this world, that is exactly what God has said and what God has done. We are not to think that God is peculiarly different here in the Revelation. The great, eternal, spiritual principles by which God directs history and destiny are no different in the Revelation from what they were yesterday, or will be tomorrow, or are today. We can follow these things in the history books. We can read these things in the daily newspapers. God is ever true to the great principles by which He governs the world. We can herein follow the work of God as it is projected out to the intervention of Christ, it is no appearing from God that destroys this scarlet whore. Men do it. That inevitable prospect, God says, shall be a development in human history. And when John saw it he said 'And I wondered with a great wonder. "Spiritual whoredom."

Now, pick up your Bible and turn to 1 John, a letter written by the same author who wrote Revelation. 1John 5:21 ; This is the earnest, last admonition of the seer. He has said nothing about idolatry in this entire little book, but look at the last verse: 'Little children, keep yourselves from idols.' Amen, amen. For the worship of God is spiritual. God desires that those who worship Him shall worship Him in spirit and in truth. It is between you and your soul with no mediating priest in between. It is between you and God for yourself. Talk to Him for yourself, confess to Him your sin. He alone can forgive us. Give your heart and life to the blessed Jesus. Walk by His side. Be filled with the glory of His presence. Love your Lord in spirit and truth, for God seeks such to worship Him. 'Little children, keep yourselves from idols.' Amen. This is the Word and the Revelation to our souls.

In Christ. timothy. maranatha