The enormous practical Difficulties in ridding the World of War

There are, as we have seen, false notions to be replaced by true; there are deep suspicions having their root in long-standing historical relations; there are sinister interests that thrive on human strife; in a word, there is the terrible fact of human sin. They who labor for world peace, and hope that it will some day be attained, are frequently told that they take too lightly the fact of sin.

A sentence in a letter of Erasmus has a very modern sound: "There is a project to have a congress of kings at Cambrai, to enter into mutual engagements to preserve peace with each other and through Europe. But certain persons, who get nothing by peace and a great deal by war, throw obstacles in the way."

But we must refuse to be frightened by talk concerning the vast power of sin. 'Why are ye so fearful, O ye of little faith?' Are we to conclude that in very truth goodness is feebler than wickedness, and that, because the hindrances to be overcome are enormous, we are justified in abandoning an ideal which commends itself most clearly just when we are conscious of being nearest to our Master? Faith dares not reason so; it is still called on to remove mountains. It is true that Christianity has been more successful in dealing with individuals than with communities, but though 'the mills of God grind slowly, they grind exceedingly small.'

We thank You, Heavenly Father, for the great prophecies and dreams of the inspired men of Holy Scripture, who spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. May we believe in their visions as in Your own decrees, and labor with all diligence to bring their realization nearer. Increase our faith. we beseech You, and take out of our hearts all malice and revenge, that we may believe in and work for the coming reign of the Prince of Peace.

O God of Peace, whose mighty power Doth bend the nations `neath Thy sway, Put forth Thy strength in this dark hour, And chase the gloom of night away; From all vain striving make men cease, And bid the nations dwell at peace.

Thou madest man, of one blood all, On earth to dwell in concord true, On Thee, their Father God, to call, And strive Thy holy will to do. Since Thou art Father, man should be United in fraternity.

Send forth Thy light and truth, O Lord, The pathway of Thy will make plain, Hush noise of strife, and clash of sword, That all the world may hear again, The word that hailed the Savior's birth, 'Good-will to men, and peace on earth.' Percy Austin.

In Christ, timothy. Maranatha