The Writings of Tim Glendenning

A New Beginning

Fire on Earth

The Strength of Christ's Might

A Gospel of Redemption

Nearer to God


The Responsibility of the Preacher

Disciples and Apostles

Our Calling

My Testimony

The Spirit in Fullness

The Power of His Resurrection

The Unity of Christ


Praise Without Ceasing

The Fellowship of Suffering

Perfection Through Suffering

Prayer request

The enormous practical Difficulties in ridding the World of War

All for Each and Each for All

Christian Competition

Hidden: Deep unto Deep

The Genesis of Faith

The Tyranny of the Expert

Power and Authority

Or any such Thing

The Church of the Future

The Healing Action of the Church

Blinding the Mind

The Conquest of Evil


Deliverance and the Power of Evil

Deliverance and the Valley of Decision

Deliverance: the Conviction of Sin

Disguise of evil. And Deliverance

Wanted : Our Calling of Deliverance

Experience in Christian Thinking = Deliverance

Deliverance: the Spirit of Expectation/Beginning of Sorrows

Deliverance: The Rule of Christ

Deliverance: If God be for Us

Memory and Faith

Salvation: Deliverance from Selfishness into Love


Self-Forgetfulness in Work


Greater Works than Christ's

Spiritual Discernment

need your listening ear

Oneness in the Body of Christ

The Incarnation and Human Life

Human Coins

The Wild Beasts and the Angels

Love's Claim

Christian Optimism

Our Unique Opportunities/The Challenge

The Ascension of Christ

The Meaning of Pentecost

Life Refused

Habit Knocks at the Door

The revelations of the Way

The Power of Intercession

Waiting Upon God

Prayer for Today

Unresponsive to Religion

Taught of God

The Promises of the New Covenant

Back to the Reformation?

The Mancatcher

The Things Which Jesus Did

Christ's Loyalty to Spiritual Methods

Unity in Diversity

Theology Based on Experience

When we become what we have heard

Return, Reception, and Reunion

Life in the Secret Place

The Value of Christ

Mystery Babylon and her Garment

The Cup of Life

The Leading of the Spirit

The Ideal Life

Judgment of Babylon/The True Wealth of a Nation

A Fourfold Calling

The Life of Holiness

Christianity as Taught by Christ

An Holy Nation and The Influence of Thought!!!

The Selective Power of Personality

The More Excellent Way



Second Advent

The Banishing of Fear

Divine Reserve

The Day of God

The Body

Things and Persons

Heaven Upon Earth

The Privilege of Living

The Friendliness of the Stones

Vanguard and Rearguard

The Pursuit of Life

Children of God


The New Birth


The Divine Worker

The Epiphany an Intuition

Moments of Vision

The Valley of Vision

Christ's Unattractiveness


The Bible

The Church the World's Conscience

How Joy Comes

The Perfect Friendship

Out-pourings of the Spirit

According to my Gospel

Growth in the Spiritual Life

Spiritual Growth

Christ fashioned Within

The Father of Lights

Christ as the Fulfiller

An Ancient Solution of the War Problem

Fleeing from Nineveh

Christ's Appeal

Forbidden Battlements

Nineveh Repentant

The Hope of Civilization

The Unity of the Spirit

The Abiding Word

The Highest Life


The Church: The Fullfilment of Christ

The Fullness of Christ

The Present Vision

In the Heavenlies

The Church's Mission in a War-Worn World

The Witness of the Spirit

Out-pourings of the Spirit


Ever Busy, Yet Ever At Rest



Christ's Gift of Peace

A Quenchless Fire


The Will to Hope

Our Response

A Strange Gospel

The Hope of the World Today

The Fewness of Christ's Disciples

If Thou Knewest!

In God's Eyes

The Mark of the Beast

Enduring to the End

And we must fight for peace


The Light which Hurts

The Face of Jesus Christ

The Triumph of the Cross

Christ and Creed

The Soul's Resurrection

The Mediator of the New Covenant

The Discovery of the Living Christ

The Unity of god

An Abundant Entrance

Our Love to God

Members of Christ's Body


What is Religion?

The Illuminating Life


The Spirit and Power of Elijah

Angels of the Churches

The Christian Ideal

A Clear Call

The Judgment of Light

Through Christ To God

The Past



More Responses to the Question

Natural Religion

The Way to Conviction

Sorrow for Sin

Love Covering Sin

Everyday Life

The Burning Heart

Progressive Christianity


Transfiguration of the Flesh

The Spirit-filled life

The Challenge of Christ

The Mind of Christ

A Lesson in Christian Grammar

God's Little Church

The Ministry of the Strong

The New Commandment

Treasures in Earthen Vessels

Unto the Saints

The Faith and its Interpretation

The Relief of the Sacrament

The Unity of the Spirit


True Religion


As One that Serveth

Seeing the Unseen

Social Christianity

A Satisfied Conscience

Spirit, Light, Love

In the Love of God

Love's Constraint

Principles and Perfection


The Lost Radiance


The Core of Christianity


Jesus in Prayer

The God with Whom we have to do

The Power of the Ideal

Visions and Dreams

The Drunk

Steadfast, Unmoveable

Haunting Voices

Fire on Earth


The Peril of the Second Best


What is Christianity?

The Clothing of the Spirit

The Lord's Portion

Our True Business

A Cause of Rejoicing

Where God Breaks Through

The Nature of God


The Spiritual Eye

God's New World

The Church The Fulfilment of Christ

The Message and the Messenger


The Beauty of Holiness

The Fellowship of the Spirit

Finding God

The Vision of Unity

The Fellowship and the Gospel

A Transformed World

Vision and Service

The Conquest of Limitation

The Evangel of Experience

God's Work crowned by Christians



The Golden Age

The Day of God

The Second Advent and Christian Character


Not far from the Kingdom

Where is heaven?

What have we been given?

Transfiguration of the flesh

Prayer and Transfiguration

Unto the Saints

Our Attitude to the World

Lost Blessings

It is God

The Life Immortal

One Thing

The Fiery Trial

In the Day of Trouble


Silence and a Voice


Ambition to be Quiet

v Things I have learned

More---thingsI have learned

The Holy Spirit

The Purpose and the Power

The Spirit-filled Life

Life in the Secret Place

The Worth of Christ's Indwelling

It is God

The Uniting Power of Prayer

The Authority of Experience

Its Necessity

The Presence of God

The Work of the Spirit in Man

Visions and Dreams

Dreams and Visions


Asking and Thinking

Safe from Harm

Christ, the Ladder


In the Mount

The Love of Christ for the Church

Altar Builders

Christianity as Fellowship

Religion as Friendship

The Men of Mighty Days

What have we been given?

The Soldiers Prayer

The Challenge of Christ

The Universal Quest

The Panoply of the Soul

Everyman's War

The Two Worlds

Spontaneous Growth

God's Dwelling Place

Sympathetic Criticism

The Veil

Doing the Impossible

Christ the Hope of Humanity

Faith looks to the End

The Forward Gaze

Church Membership

The Social Gospel

The Immortality of Fellowship

Jesus Only

Social Christianity

The Clothing of the Spirit

The Power of the Spirit

Spiritual Life

In God's Presence

Thoughts on Unity


The Battle

Chosen of Christ

Christ Coming as the Son of Man

The Future and the Unseen


The Testing of the Bible

The Silence of the Kingdom

The Gospel of Gladness

The Holy Spirit

The Consequences of Faith

Glory to God

The Shut Door

'O Man of God'

One Body

The Ascension Teaching


Christ's Voluntary Solitude

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