The art that purports to produce supernatural events is called magic. Magic tricks by slight of hand notwithstanding, it lives in an atmosphere of mysticism and part of the occult, taught through mysterious initiation and tradition. It springs from the idea of a certain mystic, impersonal power, which is believed in by most primitive peoples, especially in the animistic. Magic is a belief in a supernatural, impersonal force, moving all those agencies which are relevant to the savage and causing all the really important events in the domain of the sacred. Because of the gullibility of the ignorant in believing that magic is real, magicians have taken advantage to give it over in the area of trickery. Can there be real magic that relies on a supernatural power to affect real supernatural power? Can there be enough faith to levitate? If there is a counterfeit to Holy Ghost miracles, I would suppose so but everything that we have seen has been in the realm of entertainment from showmanship, fun for the kids with an astonished "how did he do that" attitude. These are the effects of chicanery and illusion, not reality.

Magic is seen to stir up some hidden mental forces, some lingering hopes in the miraculous, some dormant beliefs in man's mysterious possibilities. The witness to this is the power which the words magic spell, charm to bewitch, and to enchant, sorcery, potions and wizardry possess in poetry and literature, where the inner value of words and the emotional forces which they still release, survive longest and are revealed most clearly. Magic is surrounded by strict conditions with exact remembrances of a spell, unimpeachable performance of the rite, unswerving adhesion to the taboos and observances which shackle the magician. If any one of these is neglected, failure of magic follows.

Luck, possessions, even health, power, advancement, tithing for material reward or even saying grace out of superstition are all an appeal to magic. Even holy water and priestly words in Latin and the attitude of the real blood of Christ in the communion cup are appeals to magic. Magic expresses the greater value for man of confidence over doubt, of steadfastness over vacillation, optimism over pessimism. For every magic there can also be counter-magic. Evil spirits must be driven away, and good spirits must be gained and strengthened; and hence the importance of mysterious rites, charms, talismans, and powerful secrets. The only way of happiness and peace was to resort to the magicians, who could protect men, prevent direct calamities, and control the forces of the unseen world. As a rule mankind believes that we live in an enlightened world where superstition is relegated to those of the past but sadly, this is not true.
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