The lawyers set themselves up as self-proclaimed super-people who seem convinced they have been given a mandate to rule the world. They have vested financial and psychic interests in the present and cumbersome way of doing things and have neither the motivation nor the perspective to make changes. There is today a tie-up between the judiciary and partisan politics which is fundamentally wrong, most of the judges themselves, especially those in the lower civil courts, are in favor of maintaining the status quo. The prosecutor is more interested in convictions than he is in justice and the integrity of the laws and Constitution of the United States. Public defenders are generally no better.

The Jews did not ordinarily go to law in the public courts at all and settled things before the elders of the village or the elders of the synagogue; to them justice was far more a thing to be settled in a family spirit than in a legal spirit. Jewish law forbade a Jew to go to court at all in a non-Jewish court, which was blasphemy against the divine law they possessed. It was far otherwise for the Greeks. Christians are condemned for taking a brother to civil court.
[Psalms, 280, 282, 296, 324]

The Lord has given Christians the grace to reconcile the children to their Fathers

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