A fool is generally considered one who is rash, senseless, or unreasonable. Unfortunately, a hundred fools together will not make one wise man. Seneca declares that folly is its own burden. The words of Jesus, the son of Sirach: "The life of a fool is worse than death."

It has been said that the man who writes for fools is always sure of a large audience. You can never read good literature too much nor bad literature too little. The fool is not so much one who is ignorant or lacking in mental powers, as one who misuses mental faculties; not one who does not reason, but reasons poorly. The person who casts off the fear of God is a fool, and thinks and acts as if he could safely disregard the eternal principles of God's righteousness. Wisdom is too high for a fool because they walk in darkness. Worldly wisdom is foolishness to God.

The expression "thou fool" in the Bible is used in the moral sense meaning wicked, and seems to be equivalent to judging one worthy of everlasting punishment. A fool is any person who does not act wisely, that is, does not follow the warnings and requirements of God. "The fool has said in his heart, there is no God." A fool does not understand God's works or His commandments or the requirement of righteousness. So folly is put for wickedness, mischief, foolish lusts, foolish talking, foolish questions and vain, empty, unprofitable conversation.

The greatest fools in the church seem to attract the greatest audiences. Extreme fundamentalists for example take the letter of scripture rather than the spirit, will not accept knowledge outside of the Bible and cannot see the God of history. They can read that wisdom is crying in the streets but without the ears to hear, one after another, they fall by the wayside and are only known by their delusions and traditions of men.

Jesus teaches that to call someone a fool is to be in danger of hell fire. I use the word all the time to describe the ones that act foolishly and without any hesitation, but never to an individual. A fool is right in his own eyes and despises instruction, but the wise can see through the folly. These fools won't accept what we have to say anyway, so no matter.
[375, BD, 380, Matthew 5:22, Psalm 14:1, Proverbs 10, 12]

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