Existentialism is the affirmation of the freedom and responsibility of the individual. Tillich - In theology as well as philosophy we are deeply indebted to existentialism - that movement that begins roughly with Pascal, which in the 19th century was represented by such prophetic figures as Schelling and Kierkegaard, and in the 20th century has dominated all literature, art, and philosophy.

Existentialism, like theology regards the human situation as alienation of existence from essence. Courage is usually described as the power of the mind to overcome fear. Existentialist philosophy has led to a sharp distinction between fear and anxiety. What characterizes our real existence in all its concertinas, in all its accidental elements, is its freedom and responsibility, in its failure and in its separation from its true and essential being. The participation of man as a whole in the cognitive act.

While theology is directly and intentionally existential, philosophy is only indirectly and unintentionally through the existential situation of the philosopher. On Kierkegaard: to designate a philosophy that appealed to immediate personal experience, and they cooperated with a theology that was profoundly influenced by Kierkegaard. The general sense of the term; that which has to do with the individual's own unique situation and responsibility.

Rogers - He is free to live his feelings subjectively, as they exist in him, and also be free to be aware of his organism rather than shutting them out of awareness. This involves an increasing tendency to live fully in each moment, completely without defensiveness, each moment would be new, to emerge from experience, rather than experience being translated or twisted to fit pre-conceived self-structure. An increasing trust in his organism as a means of arriving at the most satisfying behavior.
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