Evolution is the gradual process of change in a certain direction and for us in time, evolution begins at creation. A special act of creation was not necessary to give each species of plant and animal existence, however when traced back to the beginning, there was still an original act of creation outside of the material evolutionary process. Human evolution and biological evolution were two phases of a single process of creation, from which the process of evolution begins.

To teach theories of evolution in schools as though they are facts is bad education. To teach creation irregardless of the facts is bad religion. Both groups are misleading their students and neither will ever come to a common ground of truth. For the student to accept the truth, judgment should be reserved until sufficient resources are given for them to make an intelligent decision. As regards to the fossil evidence, the fact is that the major classes of species appear suddenly and evolve from there. What is needed is a balanced presentation. Nothing in biology or creation makes sense without evolution. Extreme fundamentalists and those antagonistic to the Bible should both be taken out of the discussion. Even faith should be taken out of the equation to a certain extent because both extreme positions demand it, faith must not go beyond the boundaries of physical evidence.

Science and religion do not contradict each other unless one, or the other, or both are misunderstood. The controversy between creation and evolution is not between the Bible and science, but between faulty interpretations of the Bible and certain theories of evolution. Those that feel that evolution itself is atheistic has never understood evolution or the creative process. Evolutionary theory taught as the sole explanation of the origin of life is also a mistake. Darwin, missing links aside however, has rendered a great service to theological thinking when taken from a scientific perspective.

There is no scientific evidence to point to Darwinism as fact in its theory of evolution of men from apes or that certain animals evolved from lower forms. Taking into account the facts of lower forms having appeared suddenly and animals having evolved since, science agrees by merely looking at the fossil record. The missing links between created species have never been found and if the word of God is true as we believe, they never will be found.

The reason that scientists have not been able to accept the creation accounts in the Bible is because it has been so grossly mis-interpreted by the church. To mistakenly teach that the earth is 6000 years old or that day-years were accelerated is to do injury to the Bible. Biblical faith and science are completely compatible only if we recognize that evolution within the days of creation and since has been and still is a valid argument. If that truth is not accepted by those who preach the Bible, then those who see God's creation from a reasonable viewpoint will not be able to accept the Bible as trustworthy.

If you want to discuss with evolutionists that believe that humans descended from monkeys, the way to do it is to teach that creation has evolved throughout time because it is the nature of matter and life to evolve. Then challenge the fact of the missing links, between not only man and lower animal form but even birds, reptiles, insects, fish and any other specific genera. For example, when did the first bird sprout feathers? The truth is that God created them whole just like the Bible says, they did not evolve from lower forms and there are no fossil records to suggest they did. It is just as much a missing link as man from apes. Once birds were created, they have evolved to the state that we see them today, God's creation is still evolving. First come to common ground as to what the truth really is according to the scientific method, then challenge what is false from theory, the church and our understanding of creation. If you try to approach them with faith without reason, it won't work. Spiritual things are understood by spiritual people but spiritual truth through the power of reason and good sense will go a lot farther.

Pere Teilhard taught us that there is an absolute necessity of adopting an evolutionary point of view. He wrote of a "Neogenesis", meaning the gradual evolution of mind or mental properties was a process by which man became (and is still becoming) more truly human. Creation is ongoing and man is unfinished and must be surpassed or completed. Teilhard also maintained that complexification by convergent integration leads to the intensification of mental subjective activity - in other words, to the evolution of progressively more conscious mind. Psychic energy increased with the complexity of organized units. The necessity for the theological world to accept the fact of evolution is the starting point of all Teilhard's formulations. Evolution can show us Jesus organically united in the cosmos, in projecting Him over a universal and unlimited world in terms of universality and infinity. In a convergent system, creating, for God, means uniting.

Remember this that in the beginning, the world was in chaos. The first act of creation was that of uniting what was previously multiple and scattered, evolving into what we know now. It is impossible to conceive of a creation not centered on the Creator. Evolution suggests that the real meaning of a process is not to be found in the way in which it begins but in the way that it consummates itself. The eschatological passages in the New Testament suggest precisely this same idea. We are a people on the way as we perfect ourselves. We in Him and He in us as a group united in that chosen moment in time and then we are ready to meet Him.

Until recently theologians were agreed that the creation had been completed with the fall of man. Adam and Eve had sinned in the Garden of Eden, sinned entered the world and spoiled it. Creation and the divine purpose would be restored only by redemption. The idea of progressive revelation and the liberation of man though history has become a variable in the evolution of society showing us that the creative act is still going on. If God has rested, at least He has given us the creative power to evolve into a higher state of social justice until we find our rest in the millennium. This is a dynamic process of evolution that is really not all that complex.

It has been said that there is a connection between consciousness and time. The awareness of this connection is already a change and a challenge to be whatever we are called to be. Accepting these truths as a people is an important part of the evolutionary process as a step toward unity.
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