Dialectics are logical argumentations. With an open mind to spiritual guidance and being able to dialogue with others in love, we can unravel the mysteries of God. Tillich: "Dialectics is the way of seeking for truth by talking with others from different points of view, through 'yes' and 'no' until a 'yes' has been reached which is hardened by many 'nos' and which unites the elements of truth promoted in the discussion."

One of the methods of mediation in theology is called dialectical. It is very unfortunate that the name of dialectical theology lately has been applied to a theology that is strongly opposed to any kind of dialectics and mediation. Through denominational bias they constantly repeat the "yes" to its own position and the "no" to any other position. The traditions of men and the doctrines of demons have blinded many to unity because of spiritual pride, stubborness and ignorance. They do not want to discuss the issues that have divided the church because they do not want to change, they think they have already taken the proper positions and discussion is unnecessary.

The bottom line then, is that we must ALL have a humble and teachable spirit. We must accept that we do not know it all, so we cannot fault those that do not know it all either. We can however, fault those that think they already know it all and would come up with interpretations that would prevent us from coming to the truth or dissuade us from the truth that we have already received. There will be mistakes made and false assumptions, but if we do not have the freedom to make assumptions, then there would not be correct assumptions made either. If we can approach any discussion with the humility expected of this group, it does not matter if we do not come up with correct conclusions right now for there is still time remaining. The closer we get to the last day, the more God will be revealing to us. What does matter is that we are able to freely bring forth our proposals onto the Lord's Table and rest upon His Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth. Only when the glory of the Lord is revealed shall we all be able to see it at the same time and know for sure. I know that liberal open-mindedness is a virtue accepted only by a loving fellowship, not a totalitarian one. In knowing these things, I hope to pass onto you a certain degree of tolerance for the opinions of others.

Most people shy away from controversy because they think it is divisive. For us to come to unity, we must embrace controversy as a friend in order to identify what has divided us. For us to speak as one, and Jesus will not come until we do, the controversial issues must be brought to the fore. Jesus will guide us into all truth but only as we put Him first in all things and that includes being open minded enough and humble enough to put down our swords and come together in love and dialogue.

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