The oligarchy is the government by the rich.
Plato: "A government resting on a valuation of property, in which the rich have power and the poor man is deprived of it. And so they grow richer and richer, and the more they think of making a fortune the less they think of virtue; for when riches and virtue are placed together in the scales of the balance, the one always rises as the other falls."

Aristotle: "For democracy is said to be the government of the many. But what if the many are men of property and have the power in their hands? For the real difference between democracy and oligarchy is poverty and wealth. The democrats think that, as they are equal, they ought to be equal in all things; while the oligarchs, under the idea that they are unequal, claim too much, which is more inequality... those which incline more toward oligarchy are called aristocracies, and those which incline more toward democracy constitutional governments. Therefore the latter are the safer of the two, for the greater the number, the greater the strength, and when men are equal they are contented. But the rich, if the government gives them power, are apt to be insolent and avaricious... The only stable principle of government is equality according to proportion, and every man to enjoy his own."

Machiavelli, The Prince: "When states, newly acquired have been accustomed to living freely under their own laws, there are three ways to hold them securely; first, by devastating them; next by going and living there in person; thirdly by letting them keep their own laws, exacting tribute, and setting up an oligarchy which will keep the state friendly to you."
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