Confucius was a Chinese teacher and sage who flourished early in the fifth century BC. Confucius was not a mystic or prophet, but a moralist who taught an ethical system of temperance, decorum and obedience to the wisdom of the wise and the good.

Confucianism has contributed largely to the ethical and intellectual side of Chinese life. He passed on no inherited system of thought, nor did he formulate one himself. Confucius also preached the visionary doctrine that the whole goodness of the empire was sustained by the virtue of the emperor.

The teachings of Confucius prepared the Chinese heart for the preaching of the gospel, but Western Christian imperialism and arrogance stifled it. The Chinese are a very proud people and as a rule will not accept what they would consider a foreign religion. Contrary to the teaching of the missionaries, one does not have to reject Confucius to accept Jesus.
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