Karl Barth

Karl Barth was a Swiss theologian and a teacher of fundamentalism in its most destructive form. Barth and Emil Brunner both focused on the proposition that God can be known only through the word as found in the Bible. Barth blindly insisted that apart from the Word there is no knowledge of God. He was part of the Fundamentalist - Modernist controversy.

At the end of World War I, Barth issued the call for neo-orthodoxy in Protestantism. He counted culture with caesarism, associated faith in man, reason, and progress with idolatry. Barth made a radical distinction between faith and religion and taught that the Christian gospel creates faith but not religion. This narrow minded bigotry and intolerance is still seen today in the worst of the evangelical churches that deny the power of the Holy Ghost, many right-wing puritan groups and extreme fundamentalist denominations.
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