Assassins are those who kill lying in wait. The term was first used with the seizure of the mountain castle of Alumut. Hassan Sabah founded the order of the Assassins there. Emissaries from the formidable Sheik al Jebal, called "The old man of the mountain" went in disguise at palaces and private houses seeking those who had provoked their grand master. They would wait and watch for the opportunity to strike their victims down with the dagger and slip away.

Of course the CIA have had their share of assassins. The cold war had prompted murderous activities from both sides. You would think that the CIA would have learned after the Castro attempts but they had a hand in the assassination of the guiltless and righteous Chilean president Salvadore Allende in the seventies. It is no longer their policy but you never know with right-wing fanatics.

Most of the assassins that you see today are right-wing Christian and Moslem fanatics and those in the backlash from the War on Drug users. It is necessary to bring peace into each of these areas.

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