336d. Arius is the most infamous of the heresiarchs, teaching that the Logos, however exalted is not part of the Godhead. The Logos was not the Father but like the Father. The Son is one of the creatures, though the first and most glorious. Christ, though higher than the human nature, was inferior to God, Christ was not divine, but not altogether human either. There was when the Son was not, he came into existence "out of nothing. Real enthusiasm for the Divine Unity, subverted by the Athenasian doctrine. Dividing the church, Constantine decided to call a council. The debate went on for 46 years, however no repudiation of the Nicene creed. Arianism continued to be the national religion of the Goths and prevalent in the East. Arianism caused the most serious division in the Christian church and the forerunner of the great schism of east and west.

Homoousios = of the same substance. Arius presented a picture of Christ easy for the pagans to accept, more than mortal man, but not quite God. A pupil of the Antioch school which taught that God dwelt apart from this world, Christ created, not begotten. Rivers of blood, oceans of tears, the destruction of nations, ensued in consequence. For centuries Christians slaughtered each other with the utmost zest and happiness to decide which were right, the same or the like. The church split over the mere issue of a dipthong.
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