The Pentecost is a Jewish Feast and the time of the Holy Spirit descending on the disciples. Pentecost is a Greek word meaning 50 and comes from the feast of weeks of Leviticus 23:16. Fifty days had elapsed from the resurrection of Jesus until the descent of the Holy Ghost.

The Hebrew Feast of Weeks or Day of the First Fruits, as it was also called, came seven weeks after the Passover. It was one of the three great annual festivals held in Jerusalem, the other two being Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles. Also called the feast of the harvest, the first fruits of labor, the feast of weeks and the day of first-fruits. It was of a more freely festive character. All males, no matter where in the world they lived, were required by law to attend these feasts. Consequently the city of Jerusalem was filled with devout Jews on the day of the first Christian Pentecost, it was a Sunday.

The whole period of 50 days, being kept in honor and memory of the Savior's resurrection, was a time of more than ordinary joy, and it was a custom of very general observance to worship standing, instead of kneeling, during the whole of this space, to mark the joyful character. Many churches throughout the empire would sprout by this first introduction of the seed of the gospel by those Jews who came up from thence from Jerusalem and witnessed the events of the day of Pentecost. Thus at the day of Pentecost there were at Jerusalem (on account of the dispersion) devout Jews out of every nation under heaven.

Pentecost was also the anniversary of the law. It was on that very day that Moses gathered Israel around Mount Sinai and God came out in majesty and gave His law with His thunders and lightnings and they stood trembling and entered into the covenant of works with him. The Holy Ghost came on that anniversary because the Holy Ghost is the new law of the Christian. The old law was written on stone. The new law is written on the tables of the heart.

Upon the death of Jesus, the disciples hid themselves behind closed doors for fear of the Jews. Fifty days later they stood in the midst of the multitudes who had witnessed the death of Jesus to proclaim the great fact of His resurrection. The announcement of that fact, ran like fire through the populace: a new light streamed into their minds, a new force moved their hearts, a new society, the church, still existing, was begotten by the spirit of God which came to reveal the truth of the life an death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Eternal Son of God. New life, new joy, the victory over sin and death, came through his triumph. Many people who had watched Jesus die believed all the disciple's said about His resurrection.
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