The Eighth Crusade

This later attempt of St. Louis to break the Mohammedan power at Tunis proved also to be a failure. At Tunis, the French army was stricken with fever, and the king died there. Again he had accomplished nothing. This ended the last serious effort to send armed help to recover the Holy Land. Only Cyprus remained as a Frankish foothold in the East. The Moslems took Tripoli in 1289 and finally Acre in 1291 massacring 60,000 Christians. With the fall of Acre the first remnant of the Latin power in the East vanished. Henceforth all Palestine remained under the rule of Islam until our modern era. The century long epilogue to the first hundred years of crusading fervor was now over, and the Christian settlements were wiped out. They were not deeply mourned.
[03, 26, 14]

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