The Roman Emperor between 41-54 was Claudius. The fifth emperor of Rome, Claudius reigned 13 years as a weak minded man who had been the laughing stock of the court. Claudius expelled all Jews from Rome in the year 49 and this circumstance was profoundly felt by the early church., When Claudius issued his decree forbidding Jewish worship in Rome, Christians fell under this ban for they were still considered a Jewish sect. There had been rioting in the city over one "Chrestos" presumably provoked by a disagreement between Rome's Jews and Christians over Jesus.

Claudius succeeded Caligula and made his reign a landmark in the constitutional history of Rome by the admission of the Gallic nobles to the Roman Senate and the magistracies of the city. He made a military expedition to Britain and the conquest of the province by the name of Britannia in 43. Many towns soon sprang up there, which in time became important centers of trade and culture.

Throughout his life Claudius was ruled by intriguing favorites and unworthy wives. For his fourth wife, he married his niece, the wicked Agrippina who secured his death by means of a dish of poisoned mushrooms. This in order to make place for the succession of her son Nero, then only 16.
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