Aristarchus was a fellow laborer of Paul who went with Paul on his last journey to Jerusalem from Troas, and shared his imprisonment at Caesarea. Aristarchus accompanied the apostle on the perilous sea voyage to Rome, and, it appears, left him soon after reaching that city. Tradition that he was bishop of Thessalonica and suffered martyrdom under Nero.

Aristarchus was a Macedonian, a native of Thessalonica. His life was endangered in the riot at Ephesus, along with Gaius, excited by the silversmiths. Having escaped, he continued with Paul, and was a prisoner with him at Rome. He became the companion of Paul on his 3rd missionary journey, accompanying him to Ephesus, seized and nearly killed in the riot under Demetrius. He left that city with Paul to Greece and then to Asia, as a prisoner, or became such.
[351, 380, BD]

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