Golgotha or Calvary was Aramaic for "The Skull" and the place of crucifixion. Golgotha being the Hebrew term, place of a skull, near Jerusalem. Latin Calvaria. It could have been a slight elevation on a rocky mound a few yards higher than the surrounding terrain, the appearance of which gave the top of a skull or because it was a place of execution. Golgotha would probably be a prominent place near to the public highway, for the Romans selected such places for public executions. Golgotha was an ideal spot for crucifixion since the condemned man was in full view, being a short distance from the city gate, many people would pass that way. According to Jewish law, the crucifixion must lay outside the walls.

It was not a long walk from the Antonia, about a half mile. Streets were crowded that day because of the Pasch. In the same place was a private garden, and a tomb in which the body of Christ lay until the resurrection. Calvary has no evidence to support it beyond what implied in the name Golgotha.
[324, 380, BD]

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