The church at Philippi was Paul's first church in Europe and his favorite community. Earthquake prone Philippi took its name from Philip, the father of Alexander, who founded a new city on the site of an early settlement known as "The Springs". The position, Philip perceived, was of high strategic value, and there were mines in the neighborhood, and a fertile stretch of country.

It was at Philippi that Paul made his first acquaintance with Europe and it was the first place in Europe to receive the gospel. It was most probably in AD 52 when he crossed the Aegean Sea from Troas. In consequence, Luke tells us of a dream in which he saw a man of Macedonia calling to him, "Come over and help us". Sent from Rome, probably. It is certain that Paul there endured a long imprisonment as he waited for his trial before the emperor's court, and was distracted for several years altogether between hopes and fears. Paul and Silas preached there, and Lydia was one of their converts.

The Philippians were so faithful to Paul that they supported him in his work wherever he went, sending him letters and gifts, and even giving him personal service when he was in prison. They prayed in their dismal (Philippian) dungeon until they could pray no more, for prayer had changed to praise, and they sang their gladness and their triumph until the strange sounds re-echoed through the dreary corridors and woke up the wondering prisoners.
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