Damascus, the capital of Syria is said to be the oldest city on earth. A description of a modern traveller shows delight with the beautiful gardens, vineyards and orchards, loaded with delicious fruits, their enterprises, industrial pursuits and domestic life, narrow streets, crowded and crooked, children playing with dogs and donkeys, old ugly camels lazily winding their way, causing you to lean over against the wall to keep from getting run over or knocked down from the great loads. There were brass, silver and gold-shops, ancient woodworking tools, little stores simple and small, comprising a little room with three even walls, the front and the fourth wall being removed, used as the door and can be replaced at leisure. Mulberry trees, feed the silk worm, he visited the house of Namaan the leper, house of Ananias, street called straight, many beautiful buildings and lovely gardens, the aroma of flowers filling the air, and the fruits crowding the public markets. Damascus is an important place on a main trade route, which means that Damascus knew quickly what has happened elsewhere. Straight street is one of Damascus' chief thoroughfares today. It is very fertile, abounding in gardens, orchards and meadows.
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