Pictured as the rocky foothills of nearby mountains, Bethsaida was a little village located at the north of the sea of Galilee and the home of Philip, Andrew and Simon Peter. Its name means place of fishing. Bethsaida was close to Capernaum it can be inferred that it was the fishing quarter there.

Bethsaida was situated just inside the territory of Antipas' brother Philip, and Jesus may have felt safer there, away from Antipas' political control. Before long, word spread throughout Bethsaida and neighboring towns that the famous worker of miracles was there, and again crowds gathered to hear his words and be healed.

"Woe unto you Bethsaida" was Jesus' words. The gospels often tell us that Jesus worked in the vicinity of Bethsaida, but they never actually locate him there. Our Lord upbraided its inhabitants for not receiving his teachings and the narrative hints at a ministry of the mighty works done there.
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