Athens is the capitol of Greece. As a whole, Athens had a superstitious character about her. The city was crowded in every direction with temples, altars, and other sacred buildings. In the first century world there were more idols in Athens than all the rest of Greece. There were 3000 public statues and an image of some sort behind each door. On one street a bust of Hermes stood before each house.

The Agora, or "market", where St. Paul disputed daily, was situated in the valley between the Acropolis, the Areopagus, the Pnyx, and the Museum. Paul preached on its Areopagus or Mars' Hill and founded a church there. Of this Christian church founded by Paul at Athens, there is a tradition that Dionysius the Areopagite was the first Bishop.

The city was built around the Acropolis and most of the buildings spread towards the sea. Athens was the chief seat of the Grecian learning and civilization. Study there was held indispensable to a young Roman wishing to distinguish himself. Her schools of grammar, rhetoric, dialectics and philosophy were crowded. About 850 BC arose Sycurgus, the celebrated lawgiver, who is noted for his stringent code of laws. By these laws the power of the kings was reduced while that of the people increased, but his main purpose seems to have been the making of every Spartan a soldier. With him the state did not exist for the individual, but the individual for the state. The history of Athens begins in the Heroic age.
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