The Out Of Church Apostasy

May 19th, 2011

For God has not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with Him. I Thessalonians 5:9-10.

We pay way too much attention to orthodoxy. There are too many competing arguments from compelling voices clamoring for the right to divide us through error. Each error, each voice, seeks to dominate in matters of personal opinion and use scripture to validate the error. Specific church doctrine becomes the distinguishing mark of denominational discord and there is no denying that the church is a perpetual source of discord. Depending what church you go to or came from, unity among us is destroyed through the perpetual teachings of these specific discords and the inevitable intolerance that instills enmity.

The Gospel will never return void. We are saved through whatever means that God and gospel circumstance combine to give us faith unto eternal life. Every divided church has their errors, find the division and the error is close ahead. Even if we are truly saved within the body of Christ, the arguments come from within, we do it to ourselves and then blame others for not being as enlightened as we. We go around thinking that the church is full of devils and false doctrine and it is up to us to set them straight or leave them alone. Nose up in the air, sneering, others in total denial, others in depression. Christians have aimed their swords of truth at each other for so long, many lay at home wounded, frustrated and emotionally alienated, boo hoo, get over it. Without self-examination in all of us, the pattern remains.

It is a fact that the congregation of satan lies within the church. Each denomination and non-denomination has within it the traditions of men and the doctrines of demons. No matter how true that is, people go into the church structure looking for Jesus to find fellowship with like-minded saints as wheat among the tares. Where shall they go? We have the words to eternal life. Harold Camping is a good example of the out of church apostasy. His followers are effectively urged not to go to church because of the delusional teaching that the church age (dispensation) has ended. He has led millions into apostasy. I hope they go to church Sunday but even more millions are just like that, fiercely fundamentalist, legalistic, anti-Christian. It is the prideful, self-righteous trap of not recognizing the saved, family fellowship in others and they miss the sweetness of the kind of spirit led living that comes through spiritual interdependence and prophetic witness. Legalistic divisions should be stomped out. We are not in Babylon if we go to church or worship on Sunday or got baptized differently or don't have the same spiritual calling or church background. I want all of us to be above all of that and recognize these seducing spirits that seek to take as many with them before we finally get together. There are only two sides to this, either you get it or you don't.

Neglect of the church has allowed the synagogue of satan to spread root rot throughout the Body of Christ until all the natural love for us is gone. All that is left is bitterness and wrath and special interest fellowships. I visited a church that teaches the Bible cannot be trusted because of the differences, it wasn't written until the Babylonian captivity and the Hebrew Stories were a myth; apparently so they can throw out Biblical prohibitions and ordain practicing homosexuals. I visited another church that worshiped the Bible like God, the letter of scripture stifled any`outpoured spirit. There are many out of church Christians simply too spiritually aloof to associate with others, look down on everyone. Some legalistic cults think they got more of the Holy Ghost than anybody. Can't fight the good fight, certainly should not teach, preach and baptize. Many are cowards, some are just too timid. I have yet to see a comer-outer without Babylonian baggage, the worst of them lashing out at the church in judgment and condemnation instead of reaching out with the fruits of the spirit. Unity is that spirit lacking in all of this. Judgment begins at the house of God: the synagogue of satan is not the house of God, we are. If churches have been given over to the synagogue of satan in times past, it is because the people of God did not have the power or the desire in the name of Jesus to cast these spirits out and they were left to their own devices and extremism on all sides. Who is to blame? It would be different if we were out in the streets en masse, but we don't have that kind of unity yet. Fill the parking lots on Sunday morning.

Leaving others to their delusions, I hope we all go to church on Sunday. Personally, I like the liturgical church on one hand or the deliverance church on the other, most luke-warm Christians have already been spit out of God's mouth, took the day off or fallen prey to falseness. And praise God, there is that portion of the remnant of God everywhere in or out of church awaiting the call to bring down Babylon. You go to a church, claim it in the spirit before you walk in.

Expect a fight. I see revival yet to come in the midst of all this apostasy. This is in the midst of church organizations that will never be pure yet with it a tremendous need for the spiritual things of God; not time to get out - time to get in. The harvest is ripe but many are excluded because the people of God are passive and detached. I'm guilty. I show disrespect sometimes. Some things can really beat a person down. Those who seek Jesus are not looking for orthodoxy, they are looking for the new life that they have heard about. So it's back to basics, foundational doctrines without the dogma, the simple message of faith in Jesus and Him crucified and living in the power of the Holy Spirit. This will restore us to the Fathers like nothing else will.

Remember the Seven Churches of Asia, we may not be alike but we are connected at the base and held up by the risen Christ. Recognize the synagogue of satan and come against them through the spirit of fervent and effectual prayer in the name of the Lord. We are not compromising our faith by going to church, it's the other way around. I know there is a difference in doing church and playing church but we better start acting like the church ought to act because we are in big trouble for letting the world go mad. Apostasy is abandoning the faith the church once believed in. The worst that can happen is do nothing.

We will be victorious. I cannot tell you how except to advise you to submit to God, open your spiritual eyes and ears and find your part in this.


We still need these discussions. Just wondering who feels led by God to stay out of the Church and who feels led to stay in. This discussion is on the Latter Rain Forum so come by and get something started.

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