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January 31st, 2011

This is big. For whatever reason you were led to my site and joined the latter rain list - that same reason exists. This is my 15th year with the Latter Rain Page and the 12th year of the Latter Rain List. I am pleased to announce that a new Latter Rain Forum is up and waiting. It is a Beehive Forum and completely empty.

We bring whatever to the forum, everything is separated into whatever and you are a part of or filter out whatever. Contribute to writing, ask questions, give answers and listen. This is a powerful anointing from God simply because I am asking for anointed people. You know who you are and the world cannot know. For that reason, I know this will be huge. We need definitive voices with spiritual unity bringing thus saith the Lord. Sound like the restoration of all things? Hope so.

The Latter Rain Forum will confront current ways of thinking because we need to. It allows for an immense transformation on the Latter Rain Page site itself and gives you the opportunity to create.

What we should see are articles, dialogue, needs, praises, groups, evangelism, whatever we make of it. You are led, you are a part. Come on by.


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