The Nature of the Beast

August 25, 2008

Isaiah 59:4 None calls for justice, nor any pleads for truth: they trust in vanity and speak lies; they conceive mischief and bring forth iniquity... 8 The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whoever goes therein shall not know peace. 9 Therefore is judgment far from us, neither does justice overtake us: we wait for light, but behold obscurity; for brightness, but we walk in darkness.

Here are some questions. Why is it when good people start taking the examples of Jesus' teachings concerning peace and social concern to heart, they are not called Christians but communists? Why are the faithful ones that teach truth against the lies of government called traitors? Why are the patriots of any country judged by the amount of killing they condone?  A lot of this foolishness started with J. Edgar Hoover and Joseph McCarthy here in the States but it is prevalent everywhere.

The answer to these questions are the reason we don't see the chosen prophets of praxis preaching. They are afraid. Content in the safety of their caves, they do not want their status quo disturbed. Many are still wandering about in the wilderness caught between two opinions. Some of them use their prayer closet as an excuse not to actively get out and interact with someone. Many believe that Christianity is only a message of salvation and that justice is not their concern. Others forfeit their calling and leave it all in God's hands as if He doesn't expect us to do anything. Others wait upon God to move while a hurting and dying world is waiting for us. If so, are they cowards? Are they elitist, confused, or just lukewarm? Where is their faith? What does it take to charge them up? We all know the saints will be persecuted. Christians in the third world have been dying for their faith for many years now while other Christians turn away. It's the nature of the beast.

By the way, the best testimony in the Georgia invasion of S. Ossetia is from a Fox News gaffe of a twelve year old girl being interviewed. Here it is on YouTube . If Fox News is going to report political truth, it can only be by accident.

There is a big difference between Christians who are taught to love each other and Christians who are taught that killing each other is OK. When any Christian sides with the ones that feel that genocide and ethnic cleansing for Ossetians is acceptable because they favor the Russians and not the Americans, they side against truth and justice. Both sides are taught from grade school to hate the other but we are not to be of this world. It's the nature of the beast. If you don't see the difference, you are in a world of hurt.

This will sound strange to many of you but you cannot trust your church. That kind of reasoning speaks for itself only to reasonable people. I often get angry letters from people who are taught somewhat differently than what I teach. They have yet to understand, so they lash out at phantom heresy, perceived false prophets and teachers, strange doctrine and familiar spirits. All of Christian history is a saga of infighting, we are our own worst enemies. The churches are all teaching differently, do you really believe that yours is the right one? Jesus prayed that we would all be one, Paul admonishes us to speak the same thing. Don't believe everything your church tries to tell you and don't trust everything I say either. Go to God in the power of the Holy Spirit, humble yourself and admit your ignorance so that you may be led to the kind of repentance that will shake off the nature of the beast. Otherwise your own pride will bring you down in the last day.

We cannot trust our governments, our churches, media propaganda, or our own heart. The conflict between Russia and the United States reveals much in end-time Bible prophecy. Students learn early that Russia is the Bear and the U.S. is the Eagle. These make up two of the heads of the Beast in Revelation. It doesn't matter which head of the beast you choose to side with, by doing so, you are apt to worship its image.

I am not a dispensationalist, I believe that the spiritual Kingdom of God is a present reality. I believe that we can have a message of love and holiness, even to our enemies, and still denounce the liars, false prophets and warmongers. Ones unable to see the truth of these things have assailed my character but thank God, it only emboldens me. I believe what the Bible teaches. Like the early church, I believe that the laying on of hands can bring with it spiritual power. I believe that there will be a spirit outpoured revival and harvest before the second coming.

A lot of questions this time, please feel free to answer any of them or just write and comment. Read the discussion below from last week.

Still yours in Jesus,


You look like a Socialist-Commie fake.
You defend Putin...the essnce of evil KGB ("Once a KGB...always a KGB"...A friend just called me---he's visiting Estonia.  I know of the horrors of the Soveit KGB killings and oppression of Estonians.
These past several weeks, my friend has seen the continued atrocities of Putin, the Russians, and the criminal KGB in Estonia and in Georgia Republic.
Soviet Russia is the same-ol'-same ol' murderous oppresor.
Also, Jay lining up with Latter Rain shows his theological ignorance and sociopathic personality.  You're a dirty fighter--and dangerous spiritually--a wolf--not even in 'sheep's clothing' here.  I will mark this so-called 'newsletter' as Spam.  And scum too!

Hi beknme,

Appreciate the opportunity for dialogue.

It's common knowledge that as soon as Christians start to preach peace, justice and social concern, those opposed will brand us communists. Whether it is totalitarian communism or New World Order capitalism, it is the nature of the beast. The discussion this time is leading to the difference between Christians who are taught to love each other against those who are taught to kill each other. You and I are certainly on different sides.

I mentioned in my newsletter that Christians of peace should not be taking sides in these types of affairs. What I was doing was contrasting the truth about the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia against the media propaganda to show that we cannot trust the mainstream media or our stupid delusions. As far as the United States and Russia, this is a end-time site and one of the first things people learn in contemporary eschatology is that the Bear is Russia and the Eagle is America and make up two heads of the beast of Revelation. It doesn't matter which head of the beast you choose to take sides with, by doing so, you are apt to worship its image.

I am siding with a God that sent Jesus to preach a gospel of peace. What is scum to you is a gift from God to others. When any Christian takes the side that thinks genocide and ethnic cleansing for Ossetians is OK because they favor the Russians and not the Americans, they side with the lost. Both sides are taught from grade school to hate the other.

There is no whatever you mean latter rain theology on my site and I will challenge my orthodoxy with anyone. The latter rain is a spiritual concept revealed in the Old and New Testaments. I believe the Bible. I believe that there will be a spirit outpoured revival and harvest before the second coming.

Don't worry about marking me as spam, I recognize another mark and since you have broken the rules of latter rain list dialogue here, I will take care of it myself. Just so you know, your message deserves to be the capstone for the next newsletter. Thanks for that and try to take care of yourself.


Blessings Jay,

You ask...Where are the Prophets of Praxis?

i used to think i knew where they were. It has been several years now, but i remember when i was refreshed by "prophetic conferences, books & tape series" & received many confirmations from the Lord. i still have some of those prophetic words typed out that i used to pour over & war with...all neatly placed on a shelf right now.  But some of those words spoke so deep into my being that they just became part of me. i trusted that the Lord would speak to me anyway He chose to...even through His vessels...Jesus, the Spirit of prophecy, would be heard, received, & once again sustain my life.

The Lord's friend's, His prophets! i was blessed to partake of the spiritual fathers & mothers, sisters & brothers in the faith...such pure & precious gifts of fellowship.  

But that was when i wasn't as "informed"...., before i was able to "discern" all the deception that these men & women were into.  After all, all i had to do was to go online & hear all about "them" to sharpen my "discernment" if it would start to became dull. But i usually just had that 'check'... you know...the ole reliable 'annointed gut feeling'.....

Somewhere, sometime, somehow, as i became more "discerning" the simplicity & trust was displaced with an "i just don't know if you are really of God syndrome" i needed to check them out, try the spirits, do some research..'don't get fooled again' because my spirit man wasn't bearing witness like it once did with them. i sure did not want to be one of those poor mis-guided souls that would just believe anything!  Or worse,  be one of the blind leading the blind. i had to get those 'seeing eyes & hearing ears' & then warn others of any false prophets or deception so their 'blood wouldn't be on my hands' It was almost like i was on a mission like Saul, before he became know what i mean?

That was all yesterday.

Today, i'm finding/fighting my way back to trusting the Lord again....He will lead & guide me into all truth. No, He did not tell me to throw out 'true' discernment, or close my eyes to false prophets or wrong doctrine...He just wants me to get rid of the suspicions & self-righteousness, etc, etc,  & see others through HIS EYES.

The word that is burning in me now, for me anyway, is get "back to the basics" & to be a doer of the word & not a hearer only. Specifically the scriptures in know the ones where He says in giving all diligence, add to your faith..virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge temperance, to temperance patience, to patience godliness, and to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness charity (love).  

It was as if i became included in "the love of many has grown cold group"...& joined with other clanging symbols.  

Thank God for His MERCIES that are new EVERY morning!

i believe i'll find where those "Prophet's of Praxis" are once fact, i know where a few are right now....just not wanting to say for fear of them getting 'blasted & branded" as a false prophet by the brethren.  : )

Pressing on....
Tina G.

Hi Tina,

Wow, you sure put the icing on the cake with this one. I remember when I first started my writing, I was afraid, not of failure but of success. It's a scary thing to buck the antichrist system when you know that some day many of us will be killed for it, especially now as our rights and freedoms are being diminished so quickly. Those feelings still persist. I read today that the government of San Salvador is trying to get their version of the Patriot Act where protesters will be prosecuted as terrorists. The prophets of Praxis are out there but most of them are hiding out in their caves or still wandering around in the desert.

As far as the rest of your message, it speaks for itself. I went through similar transformations over the years, my site still hasn't caught up to love overcoming the judgment, but it is progressing. When we find enough love in ourselves to bite our tongue on divisive issues that don't really matter that much, we have found a real holy place. There are a lot of saved people out there in half truth Christian environments. I believe that as time goes on, special revelations will appear to lead us back. That is the day of commitment, no turning back, flee the harlot or be part of her sins.

Thanks for that insightful letter.


This guy says it pretty good for me.

Becky Reeves

Sounds pretty good to me also Becky. Balanced and puts the blames for the invasion where it belongs. Thanks.


Hi Jay,

I haven't heard from you in years but fortunately you found me again.

Are you thinking about a ministry in South America? Do you know how to podcast your writings (transforming them in mp3 format and then upload). If possible my wish is to 'broadcast' for Portuguese speaking people abridged texts using your website.

Please give some thought to what I said and let's build a partnership. Time is urgent and traditional churches aren't flexible to the extent the world needs them.



Hi Claudia,

No, I know nothing about podcasts, interested though. I have been asked to minister in Brazil before but nothing came of it. Translating articles into Portuguese would be a great idea. I have done some editing in the past in translations where we helped each other.

You are right in that the time is urgent. I am excited about the future when most people are fearful. Getting insulated to it all and recognizing the signs.

Let me know.


Hi Jay,

Nice to hear from you.

I'll be checking with my two teenager cousins if they can help me how to use a podcast.

Coming to Brazil is a question of building alliances. I'll try to find a contact in order you can onset a schedule. Do you know evangelist Lin Croxton? He gave two sermons last Sunday at Hope Baptist Church. Maybe if you can address him he could invite you to come to Brazil and do the same.

I want to get prepared to be a missionary in my own country if I get support to study but not attending a conventional seminary. Your life and career are very inspiring to me.

Let's try to start with a website like yours including texts in Portuguese. Are you able to build a template and host it along with yours?

Best from


Hi Claudia,

Yes, I am able to build templates, I do html by hand using NoteTab word processor. As long as I have the text, I can drop it into a template. And hosting it is no problem..

As far as visiting, I am very poor but never ask for money. I do not consider myself much of a preacher, but a writer. It is easy to edit what I write to achieve what I want but speaking is much harder. I know the Lord can make a way if it is what He wants.

I am excited about ministering in Brazil one way or another.

Thank you for your kind words.


I whole heartedly agree with your assessment of the situation regarding Georgia. But the same is also true about the recent situation in Serbia, Kosovo was part of Serbian sovereign territory, yet America and Great Brittany, backed Kosovo.
Kosovo had always been part of Christian Serbia, It was on the battle fields of Kosovo, that the Serbs, stop the last Muslim attack into Europe in the 15th century.
We should remember with gratitude the sacrifice of the People of Serbs.
The Church needs to stop listening to the News media, and study the news impartially,and look for the truth, did not Jesus say "Know the truth and the truth will make you free", we are in bondage to the News Media, and much of the news we receive is not news, but propaganda.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor David Scoffins  

Hello David,

Not surprised at all of the assessment of Serbia and Kosovo, not as much up on the situation there but the Georgian conflict caught my eye immediately. Not knowing when the Church will finally wake up onto the media propaganda machine, it is disheartening to see so many Christians in the dark. What is more disturbing are the ones confronted with the truth and yet still can't see.

Yes, we are in the last days and since the Bible has so much to say about this generation, Bible believing people have no excuse. There will be a lot said about the idea of the strong delusion sent to those who believe the lies, especially to the ones that spread them. The hold that the government has on the media now reminds me very much of what happened with Hitler's Germany in the 1930's.

Thanks for sharing. It gives me great comfort to know that we are not alone on this.




To make a real connection with you how do I address you?  My Brothers and Sisters in Christ or Mi Carnales Chicano/a or my dear friends from my community.  Regardless, I love you.

This email is not for you to feel sorry for me and/or answer my questions.  It purpose, hopefully is to make you think and help me find a way to work together as the Christians profess. I NEED YOUR HELP SO I CAN BE A BETTER CHRISTIAN REVOLUTIONARY. Maybe I need to be saved if it´s not too late.  Why? Because if we all love Corpus Christi, the Coastal Bend and the United States we need to work together someday.  As a full time 24/7 activist for 39 years I have never ever seen anyone from anywhere who is different, working together since 1969. Let me explain. The Democrats work only with the Democrats, Catholics only with the Catholics, the Mexican only with the Mexican, and the rich only with the rich and the Southside never with the Westside. Even the Chicanos from different states and believe systems could not work together.  Yes, lots of people are working but not together.  I want to help change that.

Last Tuesday, July 8, 2008 in a religious class that I attend it was brought to my attention that I talk like I don´t belong.  Thinking way back in my life it is true, I have never ever belonged. Not even when I was in elementary school with my own kind did I belong.  The remark hit a very personal core in my soul.  Am not a criminal, a drunk, a street person, a drug addict.  I am well educated and have good manners. Type my name in the Internet or, a person that done all that can not be as bad as they claim. Why then?  Because all my life I have had some kind of long hair, plus I am a Mexican with a big mouth and does not bow down to the man.  Maybe?  Maybe, it is because people don´t want to hear anything negative about them self, about Gods country our country, the United States, and about the last frontier, the Yellow Rose, TEXAS.  

The Democrats label me a sell-out, a trader, and worst yet, a “closet’ Republican.

The Republic labels me the worst possible thing, a Liberal Democrat.

The Liberals label me as an ignorant un-educative person.

The Conservatives label me un patriotic and worst, a Communist.

The Catholics label me as a believer of Liberation Theology, which I do and worst, that now I am a Protestant.   To them I am a treat because I do not lock step with them and I do not interpret the bible the right way, which is the Catholic way. A personal note:  I have done my Cursillo, my Journey to Damascus and my Walk to Emmaus and none of them want me for a team.  Why?  What ever they tell you, to them it is true. Believe it.  It is so funny, I think, I do more on what our Lord wants us to do in one week then all the brothers and sisters in this organizations do in a whole year.  Yet they get together and praise the Lord but they don´t want anyone like me. I wonder why?

The Protestants label me not a real Christian because I do not believe in the Lord as my personal Lord and Savior. Because I question peoples religious believes. According to liberal Christians when a person talks about God he/she is never ever wrong, so absolutely no one has the right to question a Lord Jesus loving Christian.

The Fundamentalist label me an atheist. Because I believe in Mysticism or Mystery of God and I refuse to put God in a Box.

The Establishment labels me an outside agitator or trouble maker.

The Hispanics/Chicanos/Mexicanos/Mexican-American knows that I am not proud of what we are about today so instead of understanding me they label me un vandido (Sell Out). That hurts.

For me the worst one to understand and except is the label the Christians give me.   First that I have a God complex because I want to save the world, which I do. That I should only worry about the individual and not society. God will take care of society.  I should worry only about me.  Secondly, that I have to love the inner person of all persons for real.  Love the individual regardless of what the individual stand for.  I do not dislike him, I don´t hate him, I don´t wish him any thing bad, but why should I love President Bush after he has killed over 4115 American soldiers for the BS reason of so call terrorisms and still doing it with no end in sight.  Because of him we have 30,324 wounded soldiers.  Half of them have been effective for life and do you think the United States is going to take care of their needs.  Hell no.  So how am I supposed to love a person responsible for all that?  AND NO, I AM NOT A DEMOCRAT.

Prior to the French Revolution, Charles Dickens said in the Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times. It was the age of wisdom. It was the age of foolishness. It was the epoch of belief. It was the epoch of incredulity. It was the season of darkness. It was the spring of hope. It was the winter of despair.

July 8, 2008

This date I read and I hear in the National news on how to get kids (pre-teen) to obtain lower cholesterol level.   Kids 10 years old can not go up a set of stares without losing their breath.  Kids today are getting Type 2 Diabetes. Does anyone care what is causing all this?  I don´t have any small kids but I do. I care very much.   And I know why too but no one wants to hear it. It is un American to talk against consumerism even if we are eating man made do-do for food. Hippocrates said, ’let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food’.

In the Northeastern states hundreds of thousands of bats have died.  This is going to hurt the farmers.  Does anyone care? I do.  Do you know what the cause is?  I do but you don´t want to hear it. I would have to point the figure and that is a no no, especially if you are a Mexican.

A new reality TV show will start.  It is call “It´s not TV. it´s birth control’.  You might say it ok because it is entertainment, I call it child abuse. But don´t worry, I am crazy and I don´t appreciate, like you do, our American culture and the meaning of freedom of speech.

Julie Gerberding, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, wants to get his message out to Americans: “Health care isn´t only what takes place in a doctor´s office, a clinic or a hospital.  We put way too much emphasis on treating disease rather than protecting health in the first place.  NO SHIT.  Why hasn´t this been done?  Do you know why?  I do but if I tell you, the Conservatives will call me un American or that I am against our wonderful Capitalist system. Better not do it. Keep our mouth shut you shit head. Now you see, he is getting vulgar using the word shit on a Christian email.  It doesn´t matter that people are dying with all kinds of cancers don´t use the word do-do to make a strong point. Hell let them suffer and die. Its Gods will anyway.

July 9, 2008

As of this date the war with Iraq is costing you and me $534,247,248,356.00 and 4115 American soldiers lives.  Do you not care that our precious Senior Citizens (our grandparents) who have paid their dues can not get health care and/or medicines but you are paying for an illegal war. Do you not care about the families of the 4115 dead soldiers and especially their kids?  If you are a Republican I know you don´t care because it is a Republican President in office.  I care. I care very much.  Even if it was one soldier I would care. And don´t give the excuse that it is the war on terrorist.  That is pure BS because to the world (and I can prove that it is true) the United States is the biggest terrorist in the history of man. I know, I know, if you are not American they are just jealous of us. Plus we don´t care what the whole world thinks about us because we are doing Gods work. The world has to realize that God belongs to the United States and that is all that we need to do what we do.  The hell with everybody that does not go along with us.  Period.

July 10, 2008

The Republican presidential candidate said “…..that the Social Security is broken. That it is a disgrace because it forces young workers to pay into a program that is unlikely to benefit them.’  Do you care?  Do you know who broke it and why?  I do.  Do you want to hear it, hell no.  It will make you unconformable.  

The United States as of today is 5% of the world´s population but we houses 25 % of the world´s prisoners. Our correction system employs more Americans than the combined work forces of the three largest corporation; General Motors, Ford, and Wal-Mart. Do you care?  I do.  Maybe we should just throw away the keys for if they, the prisoners, had been good American like the rest of us they wouldn´t be in prison. Maybe we should hang half of them and clean out the earth of undesirables. What do you think? Our do you?

Women´s eggs and men´s sperm count is getting worse at a very younger age.  And today it does not have anything to do with good health and age.  Do you know why?  I do.  Do you want to know?  I don´t think so because it might mean you would have to change your life and that is a no no. So lots of you don´t look forward to having grand children. If you do, 50 – 50 they will not be healthy.  But that ok because it is the will of God.  And besides, if it not my grandkid I don´t care.

July 11, 2008

As of today our/yours/you- national debt is almost $10 trillion. I just wonder who made it so. Do you wonder?  It depends on what party you belong to which will determine if you wonder.  Right? Right!

Phil Gramm, a Texas politician and a Texas Icon, the greatest Senator we ever had in the history of Texas is saying about the economy that we´re (You, You and You) the problem and enough with the constant whining. I love it, I love it. So if you are having problems, can not make it, not enough of what you need don´t blame Pres. Bush, the rich, the corporations, the Capitalist system, nothing.   Blame yourself, and I would add because we are made in Gods image, blame God. Plus you stupid, you are not working hard enough and long enough.  Need to put in more hours. What ever it takes. Like sacrificing your family for one. And one more thing stop asking for pay rises.  That money belongs to the board of directors.  Its their company and you just ought to be grateful they gave you a job and they don´t fire you ass. Nothing like America.

July 12, 2008

Over half the population are hypocrites because they don´t understand the real meaning of love. Love is not an abstract idea. When people say they love the United States is all Bull Do-Do because they don´t understand nothing.  If you don´t want to be a hypocrites read the books “The Big Sort’ by Bill Bishop.

All the things I mention are from less than a week.  If you wish I can go back 20 years and give you 2 or 3 items for everyday.  I could also continue for another 10 to 15 years into the future and give you 2 or 3 items everyday.  If I did all this the only thing it would accomplish is turning you off.  It is too much. It would give you a sense of hopelessness. So I guess it will be a few people like me fighting wind mill that might, hopefully, make a different. So don´t invite me, don´t let me belong other wise I might become like you or convert you. Heaven forbid.  

Lots of people say them I am always argumentive, always critical of everything I am involve with, that I am not a happy person and that I do not have Christ in my heart. My big problem is that I do have Christ in my heart. And on a personal level, since October 2006 I have been the happiest ever in my life and I feel a sense of peace I have never known before. Finishing the first year with EFM has been a blessing and listening to all I can get a hold off on Richard Rohr.   Also after 40 years, staying away from all the 50 years or older, educated Mexican American leadership and politicians is one of the big reasons.  Alleluia!!!  

What people do not want to see is that I do care very much what is happen all over the world.  YES MY DEAR FRIENDS I KNOW I CAN NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT LOTS OF IT, but the persons I talk too, the groups I belong to, the meetings I go to, the church/religion I go to, all of them, all of us, you and me can do our part.  We start by changing the way we think. And in today´s age, the age of science and technology, the 21st Century, in the fast pace rat race you live in, the time of uncertainties, changing you thinking is not going to change by being nice just to be nice, by being loving just for the sake of being loving, by having Christ in you heart and not in you whole being. You do it by reading, reading, and reading and excepting reality the why it is and not the way we thing it is or was. The United States is not number one in anything that affects the human condition any more. We can work to get it back but it is not there. And don´t tell me we do unless you have the written proof. We can have a debate if you wish, if we follow college debate rules. You can not have a free for all with any Christian.   We have lots of work to do and in my life experience it is the Christians and Liberals with his/her good intentions that is the number one obstacle in saving the world for his/her personal Lord and Savior or for the individual.  They want to deal with the here after and not the here now.  Dealing with the here now would affect my personal dreams and reality so do not touch what is mind and hopefully what is happening will not touch me. Hopefully I will be dead before it gets to me, so let them worry.  ME WORRY? Hell NO!  I live in the great country in the world and the hell with the rest. They just don´t appreciate and understand what we have done for the whole world. If it wasn´t for the great United States the world would not be here today. Because we are God´s country and we are doing His work. So here in planet earth the United States is first and God is second. You can take that to the bank. Now, Now, no one really say that but our actions and the reasons for our deeds tell us that.  If you don´t believe me ask someone if they are citizens of heaven or of the United States.  Ask them if they had to follow a law of the United States which is opposite to of a law of God, would they.


May El Shaddai bless you and Kin Oceppa, In Tonatiuh In Tlanextial (Until next time, may your inner light shine!)     Tlamatini-vicente

Hola Vicente,

The body of Christ needs more revolutionaries like you. Jesus was the greatest revolutionary of all time, He did it by loving people, not killing them.

I do not fit in most of the denominations either. I have had a pentecostal experience but called a heretic by many Pentecostals because I believe that the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost is love. I am apostolic but shunned by Apostolics because I do not buy into the Jesus alone doctrine. I was raised a Baptist but since I do not believe that all Christians are sanctified, I cannot convince them of the holiness message. Don't get me started on evangelicals and fundamentalists, I believe that God is the final authority on faith and doctrine. It goes on and on like that. Thing is that I can love and fellowship with any one of them if I can just keep my mouth shut. Haven't been able to figure out how to do that though.

I am also a liberation theologian which makes me hated by most Americans. Where does all this hate come from? I am sure that you know the answer to that one.

Thanks for writing.


hello jay,
you are sending mixed words within this email. clearly we are to call out false prophets and false
worship. the news media is no prophet and simply forecasting a negative or even politically fueled opinion within their newscast does not give you a biblically sound context for tirades as this.
are they purposefully misleading and given blatant lies to the public on a daily basis?  yes!!
prophets, in the context you are trying to use the biblically mandates of rebuke for, are not those outside of the presumed organized religious sects.
as too you sharing your opinion which was uncalled for unjustified nor validated concerning president bush "deserving to be impeached" that is quite sad and pathetic of you to super impose within the context of this topic.  are there political and financial gains for america to help georgia and stand in direct opposition with russia?? absolutely!!  if you would remind yourself of the end times prophecy's concerning russia's role this stand against russia's government would be all too clear for the least enlightened among us!!
to no longer feel apart of the normative community would usually indicate a good thing.  however in this case, i sense a spirit of rebellion and affliction within your disassociating of the
the community you alluded.
as far as the political ungodliness of our government and those we are in dealings with, well as a whole it is an evil entity but a remnant therein is committed to serving the one true God.
i would prefer to no longer receive any emails from you {or anyone else for that matter}concerning your opinionated views on politics.  good , bad, or indifferent.  
however any words you are led to share concerning prophecies, biblical studies, and doctrinal issue's i anxiously await.  sincerely,  tim tyson...peace be upon you..



in his keep rev, tincy burns

Hi Jay,
I agree with your thoughts of this system being false. All beasts in the bible consist of four parts. Political, Economical, Military, and Religion. The great whore that has straddled the beast since the days of the tower of Babel has been religion. The greatest deception on the face of the earth has been the RCC. Political leaders from all over the planet are always trying to get on her good side. In other words the kings of the earth are committing fornication with the great whore. Many leaders of the Protestant world are going to bed with her. They have lost their original protest and have come off of their original foundations as REV the 6th chapter said. We are living in a very dangerous time, much like the time when Jesus was here on earth for 33 1/2 years. He spoke roughly to the leaders of religion, He called them serpents and vipers. He dealt with the common people as lost sheep. He stepped outside of the organized religious trappings and spoke to the people in a way that they understood. Because of the influence of truth that he had, religion hated him. He stepped outside of the religious trappings to build his church. The word church meant called out ones. He not only called people out of the world of sin but out of Religion as well. The Body of Christ in the days of the early church was unlike anything in the world at that time. I believe the same to be true of the latter rain church as well. They will and do exist outside all of the formations of organized religion. God Bless you in your endeavor.
By the way I have met you before. You came to a couple of our services here in Stockton.
You are welcome to come at any time and share your thoughts.
Bro James T Freeman

Hi James,

Yes, I do remember when Don and I came to speak at your church. It was very gracious of you. I remember that there was a prophecy about ten years ago that said that revival would start here in Stockton. Still waiting but still believing.

Also I had given one of your members and his wife some work on several jobs the last couple of years. They speak very highly of you.

Thanks for writing.


Jay just a short note to stay in touch....

I am not sure there is much work for the classic old testament prophets in the Kingdom of God. Telling people they should repent is counterproductive in light of the true nature of sin (that being it is bigger and stronger than the will of a human being). The Kingdom of God prophet is called to pray, proclaim, and declare and that can be done in a prayer closet so you're are not going to see them on TV.

There is another manifestation of the prophet in those who are fighting ignorance and dullness of mind epitomized by bureaucrats, politicians and other organizations including businesses. They are the forerunners who are pushing us forward in every area and domain of society. They are in the process of offering alternatives at great personal expense to all the evil destructive greedy corporate generated "must haves".

I have been writing a lot about this. I think you would be inspired by the forerunner blog and also the new radio program I am doing called "Wisdom". Check out the web site at

Blessings, Paul

Hi Jay

Well I suppose you will have many Emails to read, so here's mine.

First, God is STILL sovereign, He reigns . I, too, don't like what I see in polytics. This word however has an interesting meaning in it : poly =many tics=lies; many lies .

It's just another part of the tools given to the deceiver to deceive them who are not in Christ Jesus . Thanks be to Jehovah Elohim and His Christ that we are called .

I enjoy reading some of the things contained in your site papers; although I don't get there to often due to my heavy studies that I am now doing. I hope to write some things before long. These will certainly shake up the churchies !

Just one comment, not on your writing for I agree that people are being spoon fed . You end by saying, Jesus. What I know say I say out love for you as a brother in the Christ. I believe the correct usage would be, Christ Jesus. Check Paul's writings.

Jesus was the title used for The Lord's earthly  ministry to Judah. After His death He became, the risen One, Christ ( the anointed One of God), seated in the heavenly places. Jesus became the anointed One when the Spirit was given upon Him in the flesh. Paul uses: Jesus Christ,The Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus Christ. Christ Jesus, etc. . Brother, there is a reason for it.

Blessings in your work. May the Great God and Father bless you .


Hi Andy,

I find it incredible that your one comment would be to criticize me for saying Jesus.

Still yours in Jesus,



Jay Atkinson wrote:
>  Many of you hear from God and have not bent the knee to Baal, what are you doing in the last days to prepare us for the coming of the Lord?

I'm going to do what I always do.  I'm a living witness for the true Lord Jesus, not the one professed in the organized churches. I daily live for Him in our spiritual kingdom.  As Jesus said, "my kingdom is NOT of this world."  There has been and will always be military conflicts in this physical world, especially in the last 250 years or so.  I thank God I have no part of it.  I really can't do a thing about it, especially by my voting in a bi-partisan country.  Satan has too big of a hand in it all.  I can blame so and so and prove who is the current bad guy but it really isn't important.  This world will melt with fervent heat before we know it so let's concern ourselves with sharing the spiritual kingdom of Jesus and let the dead bury the dead, so to speak.


Hi Raybob,

Your witness to the "true" Lord Jesus and the spiritual Kingdom is admirable, I feel the same way myself. The problem with this is that's what everyone thinks of themselves as Christians and many think that most everyone else in the Christian church are among the false. Jesus teaches us that many will accept the Word gladly and then have the witness choked by riches and the cares of this world. I believe that every false prophet in the world thinks that he/she is among the "true."

There is a remnant within all of the organized churches as well as without, we will know them (or us) by their fruit, not church membership. The Bible tells us in Revelation 14 that God's wrath is not promised to the ones that have a witness of Jesus, true or otherwise, but in those that worship the beast and his image. I believe that much of the Christian church is held captive in Babylon, doing it in the name of Jesus and are worshiping the beast even now. There is much you can do about these things, very, very much. Well said, however. Any more thoughts?


I am Jouko Piho from Finland.

I have a prophetic end time web site where I collect prophecies from different countries. Its address is:

I have there also links for prophetic ministries. Could I add there the address of your web site? And
could you add my web site among your prophetic links?
Jouko Piho

Hi Jouko,

I would be honored to have you link to me, please do. I have also added a link to you. I see that you have several prophecies there concerning the United States, especially in the area of the present deception and coming judgment. I bear witness to these things.



Thank you.

Jesus greetings


Dear Sir,

I have read carefully your article and Agree with everything you say.

I will like to open your acquaintance with three items:

1) Moses gave the 10 Commandments and one of the said :Thou shall not kill. He was followed by Christ who said "Love thy neighbor." In today's humanity it is as if these injunctions were never heard. The only science that very much alive is the science for creating the most advanced ways for killing each other.

2) Christ admonished humanity that "We should be born above."(John 3:1-13) Today this is quoted  as that we "should be borne again" although technically this correct, the admonition of Christ is that we should be born above. That is we should take out of our head all the garbage we have in our heads. Does any Head of Christian sect know what this is? Christ finished his admonition by saying to Nicodemus: "You are a teacher of Israel and you do not know this?" means that Israel once upon a time knew what the meaning of his injunction was but they lost it, and he brings back to the forefront. But this knowledge was not for Israel alone but for all humanity. The people that had their "second birth or were born again, or were born above as Christ said, they are the Meropes people in Homer, but the Greeks lost it the same way as Israel. Christ is a divine incarnation, but people have lost their faith in God today.

3) Regarding the Christ Mystery. please note the following.

The Greek text of the  John 1:14 states:
"The logos became flesh and established Himself in us."
The English translation of this, and I believe in other languages is as follows:
"The word became flesh and dwelt among us(, (and we beheld his Glory as the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth." (King James version.)
The way it is translated into English it sounds as if Christ came out of dictionary and he lived among us. This translation is absolutely wrong. Saint John says that Christ has established himself in us. He remains there in potential form,in each one of us, to be given the authority by his Father to conduct the Judgment. If you can read the books correctly, and apparently not many  can, now we are in judgment time.
The word Logos if full of Divine Mystery. The word logos means the cause, it means a speech, means the vibratory aspect of a message, it means sound and generally it has about sixty different meanings.
If we take the vibratory aspects of a message, then know ye that ether is the quality of sound. Something that contemporary scientists know nothing about. One needs be in very high state of consciousness to feel ether. The current effort in Switzerland to discover ether will result in failure.
There are so many scholars, Academics, theologians, heads of Christian religious sects or say heresies, Priest etc, and no one has noticed this scandalous mistranslation of the Gospel? This mistranslation has taken away from Christ every sense of Divinity. That my comment is absolutely true, is verified by Paul who in 2 Corinth. 13:5 says: "Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?
Then there should be no surprise that the existence of Christ is so thoroughly questioned. This is the reason why the whole world is a mess. It is because no one takes Christ seriously, and more important no one does anything of what Christ said, that the world is such a mess today
If you would like to know more about how one gets born above, in the head that is I will be happy to narrate to you, but you must ask.

Respectfully yours.
Theodore Efstathiou
Senior Systems analyst.
BS,MS, Mass. Institute of Technology,'58
Athens Greece

Thanks for that Theodore,

I took some Greek in college, so I know that your name means "gift of God." So thank you for these gifts you bear. Essentially, our discussion entails contrasting Christians that love each other against the ones who think it is OK for us to be killing each other. I had to quit one church that was so warmongering, I left in tears.


Dear Jay,

I am not sure if I was an intended recipient of this letter, or still on your mailing list.  Either way, it is nice to hear from you again.  I really enjoyed a lot of your writing.  I see Bush as the puppet of a larger social platform, and have written that eventually money has a mind of its own.  I spent the year 2003 praying about the future of America, and saw that Bush would be re-elected.  I believe that he walked a tightrope, one which he was "signed into" by the Lord.  It is neither right or wrong, but walks the line between two major political views.  I think he does his best, and believes in the Lord.  To me, that is good enough.  I don't bash him - he has integrity, moral character, and courage.  He is a good, decisive leader.  We do not know all the information he weighs.  But I do not laud him, for the constituants and political animal he leads is certainly corrupt, and often driven by financial gain.  Look past Bush.  We need a leader who can lift up the UN as the US begins to stand down from its global domination strategy, conceeding US as but one of the nations, lifting up the UN as the rightful leader of the world's nations.  This is the one hundred year plan.

My political agenda is this.  I am a Prophet of the Most High God.  I have a testimony of being called and trained as a prophet.  I have a message that was written into my heart prophetically, from above.  My message is about bringing Jews, Muslims, and Christians to the table in the agreeement of the creation of a New Jerusalem as a UN City and nation state, one administered by the Bahai International House of Justice.  It should be a Council of Wisdom in which representatives of all religions have a voice, one in which a forum is established for the negotiation and reconciliations of all manner of religous dispute.  The issues among the religions is this.  The governments compete for resources and power.  They spin it to the people through the religions, and the people, reading their scriptures, look to the prophetic "end of the world".  It is merely the end of an age.   But the religous and political issues are two different matters, and it becomes very heated and confused when you mix them together.

I believe that the true meaning of the "Return of Jesus" was the coming of Baha' u'llah, and this transition into a new age.  This is my final viewpoint.

I believe that the covenants of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and Baha' u'llah will come into alignment in the near future, and the New Jerusalem will come down from Heaven, establishing the Most Great Peace (this is poetic alliteration of the creation of the UN city).  This is what I prophecy, and it has gotten me kicked off of many web sites, especially Christian ones.   I have been barred from the Bahai Faith by their present administration.  But I will hold on in faith to what God has shown me, and what Jesus has told me.  In time, we shall come to the truth of the matter.  The issue which has resulted in my banishement from many Christian groups is this - Many Christians have been taught and believe that the Bible is God's only word for man.  I do not believe this.  The Bible is but one of the scriptures, and each of the major religions have scriptures which are just as beautiful, and just as full of the message of God's love as the Bible.

God love the people more than this - to send His prophet to one people, and give them scriptures, and then expect all of the other peoples of the world to conform to them or perish.  The dividing line is between what is good, and what is evil.  Not between Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Bahai or other religion.  They all teach the same essential truths about God and His intention for mankind.  They all teach right and wrong, good and evil.  Unfortuantely, the darkness of this world spins them into "us versus them mentality", while the workers of iniquity sneak out the door in the melay.

If you want to communicate further, let me know.  If not, God Bless.  I am sure you will be well.

Peace and Love,


Hi Sonyata,

You have a very high estimation of George Bush. Integrity, moral character? There are a lot of people that would agree with you that's for sure.

As for what George Bush will be doing after his term is over, I tend to see somewhat what you are seeing, albeit for different reasons. The implication here is Bush rising up from the dead politically and now that the U.N. is doing his bidding without question, that may be the perfect place for him to act out his delusions. The man is intent on starting World War III for the glory of god and leading the world into Armageddon.


Either way, the next few years should be very interesting. This year, especially.
There are guys out there prophesing the end of the world right about now. Armageddon is in the future vision of many Christians in our society, and this apocalypytic view of the "Left Behind" series of books. It reads like Steven King, doesn't it?
There is one guy who claims to be one of the two witnesses of John's book of Revelations, and says that America will collapse this year. He has a couple of books, and has been out on the road for four years. I got one of the books for free. It is regurgitated Bible stuff.  On the other hand, I have read some interesting texts on the comparison of the Book of Revelations and the actual fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Compelling arguments. Could it be possible that the events of the Book of Revlelations already came true, in 70 AD, and they are still selling it as the vision of the future of the world? Naaaw. Say it ain't so. We know these fundamentalists are smarter than that, don't we?
Honestly, all the hype aside, it will probably just be business as usual. Once this election is over, American's will probably get back to what they know best - earning money, buying things, and accumulating debt. And, once we get past the current savings and loan scandal, there will probably be others who will figure out yet another way to rob people.
Bush seems to have a shrewd sense of what he can get away with. I see beyond the current mess we are in, and a lot of it has to do with the need to crush the fundamentalist Muslim views, forcing them to adopt more reasonable views - such is Bahai. Many of the fundamentalist Christian views are collapsing as well. Some of them are ridiculous. All of this stuff actually makes the Bahai Faith more appealing, all over the world. I don't think Bush has planned this - they follow the money, and the power. It is really like that Illuminati stuff, I suppose.
We'll see what happens. I don't let it ruffle my feathers any more.


This is what I have found to be truth concerning prophetic timeline and what we are to be doing to ready ourselves for the coming of the Lord...Hope it helps some understand a little better...God bless

2 Thess 3. 7-11

7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. 8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: 9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Hi Jay and anyone else interested,

       I have a story to tell that relates to the discussion and I think this must be the time for me to tell it. I hope it will help someone somewhere.

       It was good for me to read the last responses and my own contributions from back whenever it was: I know it was more than a year ago because it is that long since the Lord put the brakes on a situation here finally when I had asked Him, "please make it stop".

        You remember when you wrote and said that you thought I must have been listening to someone outside the list, well I remember thinking "if only he knew". I was treading very carefully and in a certain amount of fear, because at the time I was helping a homeless person who I suspected, for more reasons than one, had located me through my internet work. He was a Canadian, but counted himself an American, and an ardent Bush lover and Muslim hater. Actually, he had an awful lot of hatred inside him which made things very difficult all too often. Some of it was directed at me and he gave me an interrogation on where I stood regarding George Bush. I was actually fearful of him at the time, and saw the steel blue demonic coldness address me with utter hatred from his eyes, with accusations and questions about where I stood politically.

        Somehow, praise God, I seemed to have a singleness of purpose at that time in helping this person, in spite of the weird stuff that was going on: my interior remained unmoved. I could not on the grounds of politics refuse help to someone who needed it. That isn't how I understand what God teaches. Also, there were many times when the Lord miraculously helped me, us, and I knew I was to press on, in spite of the apparent dangers, because God was 100% with me.

         I should say at this point, folks, I have made some utter bloomers through this process and tripped and fallen more times than I care to throw a stick at. My own situation had become extreme in the sense of what I was passing through with my family relationships, and hey, the excitement of all of it sure beat the loneliness and rejection I was feeling at the time it all began. Nevertheless, I made bad mistakes. I will never go down that road again, praise the Lord, I have that assurance. Thank God for grace and mercy.

        God is true to His word and wherever there is faith He honours us.

        The story my friend gave me as the reason he was so full of hatred towards the Muslim people was that he believed he had been secretly filmed engaged in a "natural process" shall we say, and that it was circulated on the internet. He said he had received threats from the Muslim quarter because what was shown was considered an offence to them, being of an explicit nature. The reason he believed he was filmed in the first place was because he believed he was famous: he is a wonderful and extremely talented musician, and he felt people were jealous of him. This bit is true: his talent is rare, and that fact coupled with his unwavering belief that the threats and the danger was real, was enough to convince me to hang in there. I remember thinking, Lord, I am up to my neck in danger myself and cannot share this with a soul. You can imagine, it was testing my faith to a knife-edge.

         It was some time down that road of painful, honest, if not accurate sharing, that it first occurred to me this man was actually delusional, and that in itself was a shocking thing to me. His fear was real, his hatred was real, and he completely believed everything he told me. It was only because of this belief being so total that he was able to function in any kind of normal way. He did what he had to do, because, as far as he was concerned, danger from the Muslim quarter and all who supported them was at every turn, and eyes were watching him. There was never, not even once, any doubt in his mind that what he had shared with me was real.

         I put it all aside as far as I could, in order to resolve some of the messes that he had got himself into: there were passport issues, a missing birth certificate, a number of things that made his stay in my country illegal and impossible. I had bought a van for my homeless work, which he drove, because his driving license at least was clean and valid. On an excursion trying to get him some kind of work, (the only legal kind was as a volunteer for Homeless Action UK) we were stopped by the police. The passport and birth certificate issue were in the pipeline, and I knew that one particular question from the police, and one unsatisfactory answer from us would land us in the police station answering difficult questions. They stopped us because of a faulty rear brake light.

        My gut churned and I asked the policeman if I could nip over the road to the pub toilet briefly. When he said yes, I got behind that pub door and prayed like I had never prayed before, all the way up the stairs and back down again, and out into the street. On my return, the nice policeman asked for some identification. I gave him my breakdown service card registered for Homeless Action UK. He became sweet and considerably softened when he saw it, praise God. Once the breakdown crew arrived and fixed the van, we were on our way.

        Once passport matters were resolved the man left the country and found work. I have no idea where he now is. My job was theoretically over. Thank the Lord, I was nearly on my knees with the stress: so many things I haven't been able to even share briefly here.

        Almost immediately after my "escape" I landed on an information site created to raise awareness of schizophrenia. Yes, what I read there made sense: delusions, voices, grandiosity, paranoia...the man was undiagnosed and unaware that any of what he related to me might not be true. There were accounts on that site where in helping their loved ones, families were stripped of their funds, their resources, their self-respect, and lived a life lurching from crisis to crisis..ahhhh finally I understood. The stories concurred with his family history to every detail.

        After passing through a period of anger, I had time to reflect what God is teaching me through this. Apart from the obvious, which is that I am not as clever as I thought I was, lol, I have witnessed first hand full-on delusion. It is not the same as personal political yet mistaken choice, as in the Bush supporters and the right wing flag wavers in the church: it seems to me that delusion is a lie that is taken completely as truth, remaining outside of any reasonable appeal or hope of repentance. Very scary indeed. I had not witnessed this before.

         If you will excuse my expression, I have come across any number of utter tossers in high places creaming public funds for the appearance of helping people, when in fact they are doing nothing of the sort. This is not delusion either. This is so-called public service, in government of local, national or even international proportions.. And at the mention of any real need they cannot be seen for dust. It is in the church too, sad to say.

         If this is not delusion, then my thinking is, there is still time for the world's tossers to wake up and repent. They know who they are. They must know what they are doing is dishonest and it is wrong.

          I feel this time-period is the last chance there will ever be for those who have selfishly taken the wrong path and made others to suffer, to put things right before God sends the strong delusion that He promised, that they will believe the lie. I have seen what it means to wholeheartedly believe a lie, My contact with this homeless man has shown the horror the devil can wreak when a big lie is successfully planted, and begins to germinate and flourish.

          But I have also been heartbroken at seeing the real man surface now and then as the one God made him to be, tender and caring, sensitive and thoughtful, and in full control of his emotions. The devil has a lot to answer for here in what he has stolen. I am praying that when he is saved, that he will be healed and delivered all at once, and begin to walk according to the promises of God. My highest prayers are for God's best for him. I have seen the real enemy and he is uncompromisingly cruel.

         He used to say that the hostility he perceived went in waves against him, and he could feel it boiling up as it were. I know now they were schizophrenic episodes, and thus changes in his perception, rather than events conspiring to make him fearful, defensive and potentially violent.

         Regarding the discussion, I am not excusing people with suspect politics by saying they are delusional and deranged, I am saying, in what might be among one of the world's final gasps, do not mess with lies and reject the love of the truth, convincing yourself that God does not see our selfish deeds.

       Our wrong personal choices in matters of faith, politics, social responsibility and lifestyle have consequences, if we turn aside from the truth in preference to the lie; if we choose to hate when we could have loved; if we choose darkness when the Light Who Jesus Is was available to us.

         I have seen delusion. It is uncompromising hatred without hope. No one who is sent it will have any personal power to return from it. It is not nation-specific: it is a warning to all.

         Love from Mary

Hi Mary,

Yes, this does relate to the discussion. A schizophrenic Christian is very common today, not just in the clinical sense but in the spiritual also. As you very well know, Christians can believe in the Bible and still only believe in what their particular church teaches about it. A Christian can believe in Christ and then put their faith in an anti-christian government. How can people really know Jesus as the truth if they choose lies and delusion? I am constantly being assaulted by Christians that are taught differently in their churches than I teach. They reason, since they found Jesus there, they must be right and everyone else wrong. What does it take for people to understand that it is Jesus who saves and not the church?

That discussion you refer to was a long time ago for sure. I have grown weary of the fight many times, I long for the day when I do not feel compelled with that "fire in my bones" and at the same time I pray that it is ignited and burns brighter, so I also have that dual nature at times. I do remember when I told you that you were listening to other voices, it says a lot about you that you can admit to it and recognize what was false about it. It gives me hope that I am not just spinning my wheels here and others can be persuaded to accept the Jesus of the Bible.

I am going to wait a day or two for the next newsletter in the hopes that there may be some answers to what I have responded with in the discussion. The direction is going toward the contrast between Christians that are taught to love and the Christians that are taught to kill. Another point of contention is the fact that as soon as you preach the Jesus of the gospels, tolerance, peace, justice and social concern, you are branded a communist or a traitor. If being a patriot means that you take sides with ethnic cleansing and genocide simply because it is your country doing it, that's a big problem. Like you say, there will be consequences.

Another thing that I wanted to ask you is about the media where you are. I have read that the BBC coverage over the Georgian invasion of Ossetia is common knowledge and that news of the media blackout of the truth here in the U.S. is a story just about as big. Just wondering


Hi Jay,
        I think the answer is they can only partially know Jesus as the truth while putting their faith in an anti Christian government: we see through a glass darkly but that is all of us, to a greater or lesser extent.
        What I am saying is that we all know "in part", But for those who know only a small part shall we say, having been hoodwinked into believing and trusting in many liars and reprobates in high places, it is still not over for them until God says it is over; BUT when God says it's over, and He sends that strong delusion, there will be no return from that place, they will have no personal power to choose. At the moment, while choice still exists, we must choose, truth not lies, good not evil, love not hatred, and encourage others to do so....before it is too late.
       By the way I don't think I made myself clear to you about why I wrote as I did when you saw the influence of someone outside the list. I believed I was in mortal danger, because of what was said to me, and the fact that the person had observed my comings and goings and statements of belief. When you reacted like you did, I just had to give it to the Lord. You know me well enough that if I am acting out of character, there has to be a reason for it. At the time I couldn't tell you what it was. I apologise if our friendship was damaged by it. As far as I am concerned my Christian love for you never even hiccupped, but I just couldn't say what was troubling me at the time.
     As for what it takes for people to understand it is Jesus and not the church who saves, Lord above, I wish I had THAT answer. Drives me round the proverbial bend. They think I am rebellious because I won't swallow their line of teaching and submit to their authority. Hmmm. I have the edge, I think, that THEY are rebellious because they do not teach according to the Word of God in power.
       I never heard that about the media blackout of the truth in the US, but I would expect the BBC would love exposing that one with half a chance. The BBC can generally be trusted to tell it like it is, and if ever it gets caught doing the opposite, the subject will turn up soon after in documentary, or in technicolour down the avenue of alternative comedy, which is arguably more powerful and popular than the media over here and certainly more likely to reflect the British viewpoint with any accuracy. I haven't made much of a study of it however: still way too busy with tormented people at the moment to keep up with the news much beyond the headlines.
       Sending love,

Thanks Mary,

I did a quick search on BBC to see what I could find. I seems that they started reporting on the Bush propaganda campaign in 2002. This recent quote is interesting:

"The Bush administration appears to be trying to turn a failed military operation by Georgia into a successful diplomatic operation against Russia. It is doing so by presenting the Russian actions as aggression and playing down the Georgian attack into South Ossetia on 7 August, which triggered the Russian operation. Yet the evidence from South Ossetia about that attack indicates that it was extensive and damaging."

We haven't got that kind of reporting here in the U.S. mainstream media. Only lies and half truths.

Here are some other BBC quotes:

Bush propaganda is widely accepted as fact....

Ted Turner calls Fox News "propaganda", saying it is too supportive of the Bush administration.

propaganda Bush and Blair are spouting.

President Bush needed brains not bullets in his fight against the terrorists.
(Like that could ever happen)

'nuff said


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