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The question of where we go from here was mentioned several times in this series of discussions of the church and the pain associated with being part of her so I think that we should go with that. We need to be thinking of where the Lord would have us be as individuals, whether inside traditional churches, strengthening what remains and perfecting others from within, or outside the system, trying to do a new thing and getting it right this time. Both directions are valid and we should be all working together in restoration with the attitude of love as the motivating force. It must be in the power of the Holy Spirit or we fail.

One direction we can go is a new Yahoo group that has just been put together called "Latter Rain Lightship" with the express purpose of being a lifeline for support. Mary Lloyd and Tim Glendenning have consented to oversee the forum with the prayer that it is truly Jesus as moderator. More of a fellowship than a forum, here is the introductory message:

Latter Rain Lightship is an action-based discussion group which seeks to provide life-saving fellowship and support for anyone experiencing problems in the church. We encourage action on each other's behalf, and that can take many forms: discussion, prophetic words, teaching, wisdom, prayer, even humour - anything that would help us heal and locate our place and function in the body of Christ.

Whether you are hurting or minister to the hurting, this should include everyone in the church. We can all receive comfort and wisdom as well as give it and everyone on the latter rain list is welcome. Come and share what is on your heart.

Here is the link:


Yes, the Lord will be doing a "new thing" among us but it isn't quite clear just what that will be. We can say that it is to love each other like they did in the early church but let's face it, they were in "one accord" and had "all things in common" and more concerned with spiritual temples than physical ones. The Bible teaches that Jesus told the disciples that they were being sent, then given the Holy Spirit. They were later told to "tarry and wait" for the "promise of the Father" where you will be "baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence." It is clearly written in the scriptures that there is a distinction here in first receiving the Holy spirit and then the power, so why the controversy on the experience being separate? I see Christians who quench the spirit by denying the power, so do you. To experience and exhibit the power is one thing but on the other hand, instead of signs and wonders following believers, many believers are following signs and wonders. What of the power hungry and of those that abuse the power? Let's discuss the pitfalls that come with spirituality once the power is received so that we may be made more aware of how to deal with them and instruct others correctly how to recognize the genuine.

So to carry on the discussion of where do we go from here, let's tackle the subject of the reception of Holy Ghost Power. To begin, let's give a few testimonies of how it was for us before we received the power and how it was after. Let's also hear some of the horror stories that you may have witnessed by those that deny the power, many have heard others that call the witness of the spirit emotionalism simply because they have not experienced Him in this way. Many can learn from this whether we have received a spiritual baptism or not. We need to learn how to be re-filled in order to have revival. We need encouragement and instruction on how we get filled and how we stay filled.

I did not call for a question last time so no discussion response link. Get back to me for this time on the subject of Holy Ghost Power.


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