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April 26, 2004

And I looked and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death and Hell followed with him. - Revelations 6:8

Hi Latter Rain List

I can't believe how dumb the American Church is. If you have looked around my site or been on this list for a while, you can see that the Christian right in North America is under a strong delusion and worshipping the image of the beast. The U. S. occupation of Haiti only proves what many of us have been saying all along. Any true calling as forerunners, true prophets or true Christians must see this in its most immediate illumination. I see the prophets and market-place shepherds of Ahab so lulled by peace and safety that they have paved the way for the Anti-Christ. The prophets that love this world system are prophesying a lie and the American Church believes it.

This is not part of the current discussion but to let you know that I put up a new web site. It is called Aristide.Org.

The Latter Rain Page is basically a teaching site. With the Latter Rain List, our dialogue and collective spirit is contributing to that teaching. To the relief of probably many on this list - we can keep political action separate from the teaching part. The Latter Rain List will still be focused on healing division through dialogue.

Please stop by and read the articles if you really want to know the truth about the coup. Don't believe what the market-place press tells you, find out for yourself because the sons of God are about to be sealed. Listen to what I am saying: True democracy in the South is being threatened by economic sanctions and boycotts throughout the world by the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO and threats of military might from the North; forbidding to buy and sell in the world marketplace. More poverty, more starvation, more Christian poor being murdered. Sound apocalyptic? This is just the beginning of sorrows. A demarcation line is being made today between the prophets of the second coming and those following after the beast. Aristide.Org's not pretty - yet. Come on by if only to sign the brand new guest book and wish me luck or give a God bless you and a prayer, we can use it.


Yours in Jesus,


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