The Christian Right

October 21, 2004

When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee? She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more. Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. John 8:10-12

Those that really need to listen up today is the remnant called out of Babylon. We need to talk about the Christian Right. For those already into that mindset, you are welcome to listen in.

It is possible to deal this administration a fatal blow this election and try to put some sanity in our government. This is the new millennium, the third day of Christ. It's all in the Bible you know; what we are seeing in our generation and in what we are discussing. We are coming into a period of light but for now, there is a silent hush prophetically in Christendom. You that have been with me know that these discussions have got to come to unity and holiness. A few of us can speak out but the Jezebel spirit is fierce right now, her prophets have the sway in the religious right.

The Christian Right of today is all about the moral issues and throwing stones like the Pharisees did. We are here to bring release to the captives, not condemnation. Jesus is our example, He loves us all and asks us to come to Him with or without our imperfections. Once He lives through us, we do not want to do the things we used to any more. It is time for that kind of world wide restoration of deliverance but the Pharisees appealed to the law when they wanted to throw stones. Jesus is here with acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness and love. The remnant must ultimately, each one of us, speak out from that light for there to be true revival and justice in the world. We are called to the task.

The Christian Right began years ago but I didn't see it until a few politically minded evangelists started using Bibles to club at morality gnats. I can see it clearly now, they aren't gnats, they are piñatas, they are having conservative, evangelical, fundamentalist fiestas. Pharisees don't throw stones any more, they swing baseball bats with scriptures on them and allowed to swing at these thousands of morality piñatas. Can you picture millions upon millions of blindfolded Christian Right Pharisees all over the country swinging baseball bats? Sooner or later, they are going to hit you. Just like Belshazzar, the handwriting is on the wall.

Prescription for social justice in the world:
Hide it under a BUSHel NO! I'm going to let it shine.  
Hide it under a BUSHel NO! I'm going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
Sing as many times over and over until they are out of their Babylonian delusion.

The Christian Right is steeped with a certain superiority of its existence. It affirms through the service of a righteous power. The truth assumed in possession, it is blinded to higher truths and turns the other way. They suspect and stone the prophet and quench the spirit by protecting a selfish status-quo. The Christian right cares nothing about social justice, it is about retribution upon all the sinners with homosexuals and baby killers at the top of the list. The judgmentalist beam in their eye is huge, once this blindness sets in, the Bible is twisted to conform to the delusion and used as a sword to tear their opponents with.

My wife had two miscarriages in our marriage, one before Jenna and one before Jeremy. We would never choose that for ourselves and we felt the loss of life.

The first inspired reading in Bible time line is found in Job. Even a casual reading of Job can give you the best idea of birth and spirit that we can find in the Bible. We must affirm life in all its forms, that includes knowing that life does not begin at conception but before. Whatever action is taken, an aborted birth means that a spirit goes back to its source. Job suggests that not being born may be preferable to a life of sin and oppression. Spirit and breath are taken separately but continue together with the first breath of our lives.

The Bible teaches that human life begins with the breath and we become living souls. This idea of the breath of life is constant throughout scripture, there is no denying it among a Berean spirit but the question of when life begins is turned around by the Christian Right as a ruse to end the dialogue. Once abortion is tantamount to killing little children - insight, reason and the Bible have to be glazed over to convince a church that it is not a question about an unborn fetus any more but baby murder.

The Christian Right became a bastion of undemocratic power. When confronted with truth, they felt their piety was attacked and instilled martyr complexes for the faithful. Religious persecution was feigned as they became victims and waited upon God for vindication, the unborn was used as pawns. Then the outright hostilities, no longer liberty and justice for all, it was a vendetta against the "liberal agenda" and everything that was not pro-family was demonized; if liberals win, they will ban the Bible and bring God's wrath upon our nation. These attitudes didn't produce a quality of grace upon the people but repression.

This has been going on for years. Without the true love and grace in the church necessary for spreading the gospel to the poor effectively, the repression made America into a fearful, schizophrenic, selfish, materialistic, anti-church society on one side and a fearful, schizophrenic, selfish, materialistic, false church society on the other side vying for political power. This is enough to confuse even a godly remnant.

Once appealed in the way of the Christian Right, a luke warm church starts thinking that this repression is the way of the Bible and gets sucked into a quagmire of lies and compromise. They preach fear, saying liberals will take over the courts, take Christian freedoms away, take God out of everything, make gay marriages legal, are anti-family, are ungodly reprobates and infidels, murder infants and old people, the enemy of true patriotic Americans. All the while, true social reform suffers everywhere.

Enough of this propaganda and they got people convinced that if you give money to these prophets and teachers, you are giving to God and helping to spread the "word." So it spreads and spreads until it is the voice of choice for Christians called for a war against sin. What a whitewash. The Christian Right became very successful at it. George Bush may be a buffoon but he is our buffoon and we all love Jesus. We should be praying for our President like the Bible tells us to and not bashing him.

Fact is that I am praying for George Bush - that he gets beat. I heard a false spirit calling for the abolition of term limits. If he acts like Antichrist sitting atop the darkness of Babylon, get rid of him. There is only one way to do that. We are dealing with life and death issues, faith, truth, grace and freedom and Bush has his trigger finger on the biggest weapons of mass destruction. The remnant must stand up for justice for the world against the nature of the beast. A divided American church is blind to it. We can speak out and that is to remind them of economic democracy, freedom of choice, human and religious rights, liberality and justice. This is the true liberal agenda but antichrist forces seek to destroy that. We can see through this world system.

There is a lot more dialogue below in the responses that have a part of what is written this time. The next edition will focus on the "Sins of Sodom." We all know the sins of Sodom, at least Bible readers do. Bring whatever you want on that issue, feel free to comment on this newsletter as well.

Love in Jesus,


Hi Jay
Thanks for the email ...
I have enjoyed visiting your site very much ... thanks for the latter-rain.
As an Englishman and an outsider to US politics ... seems that the political camps are pulling to polar positions.
You are right to point out the issues of justice for the poor and the dangers to Christians in shifting right-wing.
At the moment neither seems to offer a fully Christian agenda ... ?
But (there had to be a but) I can't see how George Bush fits the Biblical form of Antichrist
however not in a way that the Bible defines and personally I don't believe the Antichrist will arise in the USA ... so much of God invested in the US and you're too well prepared to reject him as a nation.
Geoff Pick

Hi Geoff,

You said a mouth full here about God having invested a lot in America. That is true, and the inevitable but again, there is widespread apostasy foretold as well. We as a nation have become luke-warm, we are not the country that granted the original freedoms of our forefathers, the Republicans are no longer the party of Lincoln and for the most part, America has lost sight of the values we once cherished. America now worships the dollar and a divinely appointed world government of which we are the head. America has become a totalitarian police state for all except those that accept it without question. A false god is being worshipped in place of the true one. It is not that hard to see for many, once the facts are dredged up beside all the disinformation.



Hi Jay

Thanks for taking the trouble to write a personal reply.

I think the specific issues you raised are important ...
and a prophetic challenge to the body of Christ ...
and believe that you will impact the new generation ...

It would be great if true repentance for all these issues really came about.

Prophetic ministry according to Tony Higton an English Anglican minister who has campaigned much against issues of  infidelity to scripture in His own church (denial of the virgin birth and others issues) says that prophetic ministry is often around specific issues rather than general and clearly you speak out for God in issues that some might regard as left wing concerns.

As a Christian I feel a great deal of gratitude to the USA and all that has been ministered through her ... America showed us what evangelism was about during a time of great unbelief in our land.

Few English people preached faith in the power of God ... it was like listening to a half hearted debate ... in which the leaders might have fallen asleep while listening to their own sermons.

In the UK the church membership has shrunk to around 6% of the population with perhaps 2-3% of the population born again and about 1% plus Spirit filled. (Parts of France in the South West have almost no protestant churches at all)

When I grew up (teens) in the 70's I heard things being denied by church leaders ...
"Jesus was not divine"
"God does not heal today"

It was American's who were the ones promoting faith in the Lord. America fed us when we were a spiritual desert ... a people who abandoned God.

Today there are many touched by various moves from the USA here in the UK... but the church is small and we are at a critical point when the tide should again turn and HEAVEN sent revival come.

May God give his mercy to your nation and raise you above the materialism and humanism that is seeking to destroy what He loves and could mightly use.

I honour what America has done and is ... there are many of you on the net many prophetic ministries  and now we have good solid teaching and the power of God in many churches here thanks in part to the USA.

PS I've put together over the last 6 months national prophecies for the UK... also started one for other nations ... but not the USA ... Why?

I've no idea what is really valid for you guys ... so much about judgement yet who really speaks with authority as there are so many different things being said like a series of threats ...
Perhaps a subject for future discussion ...?

Blessings on you and God bless America ... even if judgement falls for a season.

Geoff Pick

Hi Geoff,

It is good to have quick dialogue like this.

Actually I am more moderate than left but since the right wing is at such an extreme, anything is left of them. I agree with you, the world has a lot to thank for American Christianity. Methodism came from your country but it had signs and wonders following here. While you were taught one way in the seventies, that was a great time of teaching for us. Problem is that many went into Babylon with the moral majority. They brought about a period of smug and self righteous Phariseeism that is out of control today with the Christian Right. I will be taking that up next.

The sifting has begun, the tares are being separated from the wheat, the mark of the beast is being exposed. We live in those days.

People know me on the web more in the light of the five-fold ministry than liberation theology so I get a lot of prophetic words. Most don't bother to find out what I am really teaching. I have had to really cut down on these sources for my articles because of all the allegiance now to the Christian Right. When I see that they have compromised with what I believe to be right wing insanity, whatever words that they have from the Lord is subject to delusion. They can offer comfort and encouragement and possibly some exhortation but the will of God for these last days is not revealed to them. They have lost the fulness of the Spirit.

The teachings of Jesus are pretty clear. Jesus did not win people over by beating them up with scripture and preaching morality. He came and met their needs and gave them liberty, he taught social justice and love, he reached out to the sinners and told them to sin no more. The same today. We are talking about two distinct groups of Christians here. The church that will be spit out and the church led by His spirit. Time will tell who is on the right side but it is imperative that the prophetic community bears witness with each other according to the truth. Such is that spirit.


Dear Jay: Would you have us support the other liar who supports murdering babies? Who would put us under the control of the UN, and subject to the injustice of the World Court in the Hague. Excuse my ignorance but I thought scripture directs us to pray for kings and all who are in authority that we may lead a quite and peaceable life. I will just ask you straight out, do you support John Kerry? Please answer me individually so we may agree to disagree in love.

Robert E. Blevins     

I believe you will find The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord and as the rivers of the waters He turneth is whether soever He wills. May God continue to bless you.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for offering the dialogue, you bring up some good issues so I will try to take them point by point.

You didn't state what position you have taken on these issues, I am praying for all of us to have an open mind. Kerry is a good case in point. Can you tell us where you ever saw that Kerry supports murdering babies? I'm hoping we can leave our opinions behind and stick with things that we can back up. Bush's record is clear about abortion, he says a lot but does nothing and things get worse. Same with gays, Bush says one thing and then promotes them to government office. These are the two bones that he lures the conservative Christians in with and then does exactly those things that make him number one leader of the antichrist world system.

Sounds like the left behind series. All this talk of the Antichrist coming out of the U.N. and Christians not going to be around to see it. When the Antichrist comes, he will not submit to a concensus of nations or a world court. He will seek to dominate all power, all forces, all of the world's wealth into that coalition of beasts mentioned in Revelation and Daniel. Tell me Robert, are you saying that you support President's Bush's attempts to circumvent the world court so he can use the force of arms the way he wants to? All for the sake of your God?

As for Kerry, I am doing a patriot act, dumping Bush. It is a vote against Bush much more than it is a vote for Kerry. You may lead a comfortable peacable life where you are from but others in this world don't have it so good. Bush is making things way worse.

Love in Jesus,


thanks for the email newsletter Jay, i cannot agree or disagree with you, on certain points because i do not live in America. but i can discuss with you, whether or no george bush is the antichrist. i do not believe he is. i think he is a pawn, decieved yet as greedy as the illuminatae running the new world order.

i agree he does act like he owns the world, and he certainly lies, but i do not think he is the devil owned anti christ. the antichrist is up and running, but he is not yet openly working. we are waiting for the false prophet, to come and show us this wonderful person who performs miracles, and gives the world peace, (false peace)  and cures incurable diseases, and makes something out of nothing.

revelation says even the elite of God will be decieved, if that were possible. i say, Jay, i am no where near God's Elite, but i am not fooled or decieved. so i truly believe george bush isn't the antichrist because he seems to prove himself a fool, almost everytime he is seen during his campaign toward the fixed election, with his "opposite" kerry.

i believe the antichrist is of jewish heritage, but has rejected the Lord God Almighty, he is very rich, but the money is not his, he has willingly dealt with occult and satanism from the ancient jewish tracts, and has lost his soul in exchange for power wealth and domination. the antichrist has had a hand in the running of things since before the world trade towers were destroyed, but this incident convinced me he is up and running. it is almost a who dunit now. mr devil's man in the parlour with a bomb....

it is great to hear from you, Jay, keep your righteous anger, i have mine, and i see sisters and brothers rising now, as the Lord calls those who would hear Him, and take sides. losing everything we have on earth, friends, family, material gain, even privacy, to an extent, because we choose the Lord, for eternity, and not the enemy for a quick feel good fix, and then eternal separation from the Father.

God Bless you,


Dergholm, Victoria


Hi Teresa,

There is a lot about George Bush that we do not know. If he is just a pawn of that same force, still enough to dump him. It seems the elite of this country have mostly all been deceived already. Either that or I am completely crazy and of course I really believe that we are at the end of the end times and the grand delusion is here.

As far as the Antichrist being Jewish, the common teaching from history is that he will come out of the tribe of Dan and not Judah if I recollect right. You may be confusing Jewish with the ten tribes of Israel which have been dispersed into the Gentiles. The tribe of Dan has been said to have settled around Germany and Denmark. The Bush family is German. Other than that, your description of the antichrist fits Bush like a bloody glove.

Always good to hear from you. You have been on the latter rain list from the beginning.


let us agree to disagree, since hindsight will be a wonderful thing :O)

Thank you, thank you so very much for saying so eloquently what I have been
trying to say to all that will listen to me.  Thank you for helping me out
as I will continue to share this message.  May God bless you putting it all
together, for indeed the light shines in darkness and is not comprehended.
We that are in the light are without excuse.

Peace and Love, my brother,
Henry D. Hedgepeth

GloriaA04 wrote


Hi Gloria,

Pretty short question but to the point, I'm sure I will have to think about it longer than it took you but I will try to make it short.

Let's see, you don't call me by name and then shout at me in capital letters and don't have the courtesy to even sign your name to it and then you submit it to the latter rain list for everyone here to see.

You must be a Bush supporter.

Fact is that I am voting more against Bush than for Kerry and know that he will do a much better job.



Wasn't that a "Christian" writing on this forum.

You would not know the "antichrist" if he stood up and kicked you in the butt!

I am not a Bush supporter.  Jesus is the head and he is the only one I support.

Your idiotic ranting moves me to ask you to remove me from this foaming forum!

What  "spiritual sludge!"

Ken  A . . . . . . . KAustin5@Juno.Com

Why should I listen to someone who quotes Stephen Hawking? He is more
antichrist than anyone I know!

Stephen Hawking is quoted as saying that the greatest enemy of knowledge
is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

Dale Tooley

Hi Dale,

Thanks for the response, it is a good question.

Because I quote the truth from him. It is the best quote that I have heard lately and your reaction to it is a good example of the refusal to listen. You are making a personal judgment of the man in spite of the truth he writes. This says a lot about what is really most important to different people.


Stephen Hawkings writes truth? You are joking for sure. Anyway Jay there is no personal antichrist . See my study here

Christian cheer.
Dale Tooley

Is GWB the son of perdiction? He says that he is WWW = 666. I actually heard him say = It would be much easier if it was a dictatorship! He actually seems too stupid to be the "antichrist"
Remember God himself said = "I will send strong dellusion to those who do not have a love for Truth so they will believe a lie"
Strong Dellusion is coming right through the Television set = it's a mind blinding spirit. A veil of darkness that shrouds the masses. It is "the craft" they are casting over the minds + spirits + emotions of the people.
America = Mystery Babylon = can suffer a deadly blow to the "head" and reimerge from the bottomless pits of underground bases with the "shadow government' to rise from under the mountains as the first Beast that all will be forced to worship and take it's mark. That's why the military is distributed globally to serve the pheniox not the eagle.

Hi Gospelfire,

I don't know about the WWW but George Walker BushJr adds up to 666 too. The part of the strong delusion is the easiest part to sort out when the light comes on. As far as scripture is concerned anyway.

I also believe that we can deal Bush a fatal blow. If he turns out to really be the Antichrist, he will have to rise up later and that gives God's people a chance to preach during the interim. The "craft" is also interesting, it is like the whole of Babylonian America has been bewitched.

Thanks for the remarks.


Oh foolish American's...........who has bewitched you? Remember when it talks about the AnitChrist in the book of Daniel = it speaks of "the craft" = that he uses = which is (masonic) witchcraft.. It also speaks of him worshiping another god = the god of war. Hey what about the four horsemen of the Apocolpse? The first one is on a "White (House) Horse" and has a crown (authority of a president?) and goes out to conquer and conquering (the world? in a One World Order?)............seems like we are on the third seal now......


And the red horse could be Islam.


Hummmmmm could be = because it says =
Revelation 6:4 And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.
Have you ever seen the great (big) sword of Islam? It's big and thick and curved.....and it is interesting that that rises up after the White (House) Horse goes forth conquering and to conquer (the oil fields).............???????????????
things that make you go hummmmmmmmmmmm

Here's the "craft" scripture:
Daniel 8:25 And through his "policy" also he shall cause "craft" to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.
Mystery Babylon = Masonic shadow government = usa

Dear Jay,

   Everything you wrote in your letter is spot on, but in it you communicate a spirit of anger that will in all probability  put people off. The glue that keeps Bush's house of cards together is fear and in their fearful state of mind people who support him will look for any discrepancy in whatever opposes him as an excuse to reject whatever the truth  about him is. If they detect anger in what we say, they will automatically find in it the excuse they're looking for to ignore us.

   Antichrist has been working for a long time to put the machinery in place to make the masses afraid; because they have neglected to challenge the lies coming through the media he has rights to make it all work. He plugged Bush into the mix to gain further rights of control by using him as a shill who promises relief from the fear they have. In a sense Bush is only providing a service.

   Kerry, if elected will function the same, but no doubt in a more moderate way. He will be used as a decoy to alleviate the fears of those who are afraid of Bush, and Antichrist will obtain further rights through him in the same way, but sort of through the back door. You got close to hitting the nail on the head when you mentioned the preachers who sanction Bush from their pulpits; in reference to them is a revealing verse of scripture that says:

   The prophets prophecy falsely, and the priest bear rule by their means, and my people love to have it so, and what will you do in the end thereof? Jer. 5:31.

   Bush in his claim to speak for God has joined himself to the system church priestclass. By his announcements of  being led by God he has become one of them, a functioning priest (they all testify that they are called by God). Antichrist has raised up thousands of prophets within the system church in Western Culture to promote his rule through the priestclass ("pastors" so-called). The televangelists are their standard bearers, Antichrist's power players. As long as professing Christians fail to discern the spirit behind them, there will be no interruption in the trend into Antichrist. It's the televangelists and the priestclass who will be held responsible for the flow into Antichrist, not the politicians.

   This is all interesting stuff, it was refreshing to read your letter and to find that I'm not alone in seeing it. As far as telling people what we see, my experience has been that it is for the most part a big waste of time. People are afraid, either of the so-called terrorists, or of the real terrorists who at present are Bush and his crew. As long as people trust in the priestclass and in the media, the fear will remain. Addressing the acts of Bush isn't the key, the key is to undo the fear. Only the Holy Spirit can do that; our prayer should be that he'll get us in alignment with him to the point where he can use us to break the spell off his people. Only love can cast out the fear.

   Write me back if you like,

   See ya,

   Jim Yost

Hi Jim,

Well, a kindred spirit I see. Yes, it probably sounded a little angry but that's why I had to keep apologizing. It is hard to expose stupidity without sounding a little condescending. Pray for me, I have to temper myself between righteous anger and hilarity at the Christian Right. I am hearing good things right now.

I agree especially of your mention of casting out the fear, it is very important in breaking that spell. The next edition will try to expose the fear tactics that we have had to undergo from the Christian Right. I am hoping to have a little more fun with it. These last few months have been very stressful for me, some levity is overdue. Can't emphasize enough the seriousness of it all though, we are dealing with the souls of a lot of people.

Your mention of Antichrist is very cryptic. That's OK, the Antichrist is a progressive thing. I have had to do the same until the thought of another four years of George Bush. I never say that Bush is the Antichrist, only that he is acting like it. Other people too. The Christian right is all in Babylon, the church, the merchants, the military, it sounds crazy to people who believe that courts of justice and the rest of the world is against what they worship as the true God when it isn't. They don't hear the true God any more.

I started studying end-times many years ago and it is scary to finally see millions of Christians already scared out of their wits to fall for this massive delusion. I see right through it and I see why they fell for it. Pride, mammon and power tied to a nationalist religion. We need to be preaching that the people of the kingdom are not of the world and you will see them in the eyes of the poor. Why is it so easy for the few to see these truths and so many under the delusion? We all need to know. Thanks for helping expose it.


Thank you, thank you so very much for saying so eloquently what I have been trying to say to all that will listen to me.  Thank you for helping me out as I will continue to share this message.  May God bless you putting it all together, for indeed the light shines in darkness and is not comprehended. We that are in the light are without excuse.

Peace and Love, my brother,
Henry D. Hedgepeth

Thank you for that Henry,

You are absolutely right. thanks to God for you.



In your article you really did not explain why Bush is an antichrist.  You talked about sanctions that George Bush did not put upon Iraq but the United Nations did after the Gulf War in 1991 where we had the blessing of the world and did not go after Sadaam Hussein but went as far as the UN allowed us.  You talked about human rights.  Does this include mass graves?  We have found in Iraq where 100s of thousands of people were executed.  Does this include the oil for food program to feed starving people that was corrupted by the UN, France and Russia?  So the food never made it to the people but Sadaam bought weapons instead.

Is George Bush an antichrist because he takes a stand against abortion?  Is he an antichrist because he takes a stand on marriage?  I will compare these things with John Kerry who claims to be a Catholic but his Senate record shows he votes like an atheist.  If you have any real facts that George Bush has lied or why you believe he is an antichrist, I will like to hear them.  Maybe you need to stop listening to the mainstream media that is just an extension of the democrat party.

This reply is made by Lee Ballard, husband of Yolanda Ballard with At The Father's Feet Ministry who also is a strong supporter of President George Bush.  If you feel that those who support Bush is in the dark, then maybe you would like to take off the At The Father's Feet link because I wouldn't want others to think we are in agreement with your stand against the President of the United States of America.

You sound exactly like John Kerry did in 1971 when he spoke against our soldiers and aided and abetted the enemy and is now honored in the Communist Viet Nam war museum in Hochiminh City, better known to us as Saigon.

Hi Lee,

No, I wasn't talking about those things. I have taken off the link.


I just received an e-mail from you and looked at your website.  Thank you for speaking the truth in love.

I have been out "campaigning for Jesus."  There are so many people campaigning for men, but men cannot help us in the coming days.  There are so many Christians campaigning for President Bush, without realizing that there are none righteous among us.  Jesus is the only righteous one.  Our trust must be totally in Him in the coming days.  "Cursed is the man who trusts in man....Blessed is the man who trusts in God...." (Jer. 17:5-8)  

When the top neurosurgeons gave up on me, God brought me to the place of knowing that He was in total control.  All fear of death left me. Instead of frantically looking for the best doctors money could buy, I spent each day resting in the peace of Christ.  It was the best two years of my life.  After two years, I saw Jesus' hands on the arteries in my brain as I was driving down the road.  The greatest miracle wasn't the healing, it was the peace I had in Christ even while my life was threatened.

God has given us the answer to all of our problems.  If we will seek first the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness, Jesus, all else will be added.  If we want our land healed, we must do it God's way.  "If MY PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME will humble themselves, pray and seek My face, and turn from THEIR evil ways, then will I hear from heaven and heal their land."

God's way is to put Him first, and then He adds everything else we need day by day.  One time, God showed me a coin in the spirit and told me, It says "In God We Trust," but it is really the golden calf.  Money can't save us, only God can.  We must put our trust in God instead of the things of this world--government-911, money-twin towers, Pentagon-military might.  Everything that is not of God will be burned up.  Only His Word will remain.

God bless,

Hi Marilyn,

And I so agree with you. You are such a sweet dear, this is good advice. We all have our callings, you have heard yours and I clearly have heard mine. It is an unfolding vision of what I know that God wants me to do, you bear witness.

I also renounced this world system long ago but God made me a preacher in this world. That isn't always easy either, there have been many pulls from within and without for me to act more materialistically. For me, I must speak out, that has been hard, it took time. That doesn't take a rich person either but it would help. It takes light. If God has truly put me in the place that He wants, then He will fulfill His will through me in whatever forum that he has to offer. I look forward to much more in the future.


This world government thing is bigger than both Bush or Kerry and both belong to that "Bones" club.  mw

Very true. People are so quick to point to a Masonic or Illuminati connection for the Antichrist, they seem to have overlooked the skull and bones society. Doesn't say much for either one of them but one is much more moderate. He will still have the beast to contend with.


Jay, Though I unsubscribed a while back from your email List, I received this one.I read enough to know you Are sztill deceeived..I'm so sad about it..You're my brother in Christ and in His love, I pray for you.
Venida O'Nan

Thanks Venida, praying for you too.


A friend recommended that I look at your website.  I could not get past the home page.  There, you called the leader of our country names (liar, bully), and compared him to the antichrist instead of praying for him as the Scripture requires.  You also condemned Christians who support him, judging all in one lump sum as caring nothing for civil or human rights, and as "self righteous" and attempting to legislate morality.  You seem to have a very clear view of the sliver in your brother's eye.

As for me, I will not be participating with you any further.

May the Lord bless you,

I cannot vote for Kerry because he believes in abortion and homosexual marriages.  These are two very vital things that I know for sure would bring the wrath of God upon our nation.  All things considered the world is in a filthy mess and war is not comfortable or pretty for any kind of people. >From the most hateful to most kindest individual there is is.  I have learned to hear the voice of God and yes some things are subtle but that which is in your face why wink the eye and pretend like we don't hear what hear and don't see what we see.  Neither choice is the best ccording to my own desires but I know that Father is in control of everything and the powers that be are ordained by God.  So therefore I have to vote and there are only two candidates and vote I will.



Kerry seems to be against abortion but not willing to legislate against the constitution or our freedoms of choice, that is clear. But I listened to the debates and heard him say the complete opposite of what you say he believes on homosexual marriages. Believing disinformation and lies are one thing but when taken to a public forum, individually and even as a nominal Christian, you are responsible under God to tell the truth. In all fairness, this is probably something you heard from others. Who told you that Kerry is in favor of homosexual marriages?


I have been battling for the Akha for 13 years.

I came back to the US (The US State department sanctioned my deportation) and told people that I had seen first hand the murders of Akha by the Bush drug war and that George Bush is the greatest terrorist the world has ever seen.

People thought I was crazy.

I was santioned here too, if you say this, you are not acceptable to Christians or anyone much.

If you oppose bush you are pro abortion or for Kerry, a known supporter for abortion.

My family, wife and children, are still stuck in Thailand. The state department now continues to block their paper work.

I believe in Jesus. I think Christianity has been subverted.

Theologies, doctrines, anything to take their eye off the poor.  Aristide was taken by force out of his country, not one person here in the US seems to think he was deported by the marines, which he was.

It is a manufactured human disaster, as is going on all over the country.

Kerry, I am  not for him, but Bush is the biggest Liar this planet has ever seen.

Funny thing though, the christians in this country could have you loving the guy if you want to be accepted, it is a very beguiling drug, and I have only been in the country 6 months after 13 years.

In the download section of my web site you can look at the Akha Journal #2 in pdf format, the whole thing downloads, and it shows the pictures of what the missionaries from America in north Thailand are doing, how Bush finances them with the Religious Initiatives moneys, and what they are doing to the Akha.  What the DEA and US State Department are doing to the Akha is also evident.

I hope that you have time to talk by email.

You have spoken of many very accurate situations in your essay, that the US people have had their ears seared to the cries of others for help as long as they can have their cushy way of life.

Matthew McDaniel

Hi Matthew,

Went to your site just now. Don't know anything about your people but I sure feel the same way that you have been treated. The drug war is used as an excuse for aggression in a lot of places around the world. I know what you mean that if you don't support Bush, you are put into the abortion and homosexual camp. Forget the abuses and atrocities of the man, Bush throws those morality bones out for "religious" people and they fall for them.

I believe that George Bush is a terrorist too, he has that same religious zeal and disregard for life that Osama has. They both believe that any means justifies the ends for their noble cause. Both sides are following the wrong god. I have heard that these radical Islamists want George Bush to win, then more people are justified in joining them.


Greetings in Christ Jesus... I want to thank you for your taking the time to write me back and I want to thank you for your timely rebuke and chastisement... Please feel free to beat me with that JESUS stick anytime you find that I am out of Gods word... I reposted your letter to my on line bible group... seemed like an inspired thing to do...  

I have had such a hard time piecing together all the pieces of what is right and who is wrong... it is an effort just to keep the candidates straight...

Normally I do not take the word of someone I do not know... but as I read your letter, a sureness came over me that this was right.. the most solid statement of facts I have seen... and I knew that it was fear that was keeping me blind to the truth... fear of being wrong... I knew this was right long ago when we invaded Iraq... before that, but there has been so much pile up on top or it... Thanks for getting me off of the Ancient China Road.
Peace in jesus, Rosehippi
Ps;... LOL If you want to know what the anceint China Road is, ask me...

Hi Rosehippi,

Boy am I glad to get your letter. Christians are so divided today. You know my feeling on it, it is the other side that started it. Most people have already made up their minds on these things one way or another but here you are practically tottering on the fence of indecision and then persuaded by what you see me write. You have truly made my day, thank you. It makes it all worth while.

Now tell me about the Ancient China Road.


You damn Bush but fail to realize what we would have with a kerry as President. What bothers many of us that are Christians is his pro-abortion stand, his support of gay causes, and the fact that he does not even have any good standings within his own church. The demos put him in as their candidate expecting him to lose so that they can run Hilitary Clinton in 2008. Forget it, I really dislike both of them but will vote for Bush as he is a more known and experiece candidate.

lee j

Thanks Lee, I will need to be addressing these things as well.


Theriverofmercy1 wrote:

First of my brother and i am using that term lightly you are the one who is deceived. how do you compare yourself to being in the family of god and yet you do not even know his word you claim falsely that bush is the antichrist and that we are worshipping him you need to reread the bible my friend and search your heart for you are the one who is being deceived . instead of working to unite you sow seeds of division and chaos that is not of god nor jesus because even when they judge it is done in love without condemnation as you are doing. secondly your claim to belong to jesus is a lie because the party you support and obviously we know it is not the republican party , the democrats back everything that is against the word of god  so again your claim is to hear from the father as our president does is a lie because we who truly belong  to jesus do not any longer make mistakes in our beliefs but you would not know this because your master is the anti christ. so i will leave you with this my prayer and the prayers of god's true children is that you will repent and come and be washed clean of your sin if you do not .......well  just as my father in heaven maker of all things will and does i leave you to your choice , forever in the lake of fire.

Jay, when America invaded Iraq I was unsure about where God was on this one, so I prayed. Shortly after that I meet a Iraqi woman from Toronto who was in Bagdad during the Desert Storm. She told me that when GWB attacked Iraq she was very angry at America and him. She however was a Godly Christian woman and she began to pray and through her prayers God intervened and told her to repent of her bitterness, because it was He who was answering the cry of his people in Iraq and sending them a liberator. God affirmed to her exactly what Bush had said about liberating Iraq. Although she has family in Bagdad she supports BUsh's invasion completely because she knows it is God's answer to his oppressed people. I believe that GWB was used by God to free the Iraqi people inspite of the views of the majority of Canadians and a dominant liberal media. I believe furthermore that the impact of the invasion of Iraq has been to bring Syria, Libia, Pakistan Saudia Arabia and others to account for their terror supporting activities. They  now cooperate with anti-terriorist efforts by a consortium of nations.  I am convinced that the war in Iraq although costly in lives was a necessitary cost and appointed by God.

Finally, I beleive that it is absolutely ridiculous to imply that there is some kind of conspiracy to engage America in war for the benefit of Bushs, the military manufacturing sector or any other group. The cost of the war has been far too great for America. If you choose to believe a person of the integrity of Michael Moore I can tell you as a Canadian he is full of himself when he describes Canada as a sleepy (we don't lock our doors) place as he did in Bowling for Columbine. That film lacked honesty and journalistic integrity - and Fahrenhiet 911 is no better. It is a string of loosely connected facts, half truths and lies used to imply that all that has been done in the fight against terrior is to line certain people's pockets. Frankly, that is a theory only someone who can not deductively think, or who has made up their mind.
Although I am a Canadian I have watched the Democratic convention the republican convention all the debates and most of the campaigning. I have concluded from Kerry's own words that he is a man with values but as he said, "he doesn't let them get in the way of his decision making process". He is a politician who will do whatever is expedient; whereas GWB is driven by his values. If I were a voter I would have no trouble putting my confidence and my vote behind George W. Bush.  Kerry, it is clear to me, would do whatever is politically advantageous, that is why every social activist group supports him - they know they can get what they want from him.

I don't understand what Kerry is offering his supporters. If you analyze his foreign policy He has said he would have done everything Bush has done EXCEPT HE WOULD HAVE DONE IT BETTER!!  Frankly, that is laughable - my 2 cents

Jay, I have one greater concern than politics, and it is you. The determination that if anyone doesn't agree with you on your view of the political landscape that they are in darkness is the beginning of serious error. It is based on the underlying premise that "I know".  When someone is sure that they know what is basically unknowable (God only knows - we see through a glass darkly) then they are on some very thin ice in their personal/spiritual life. To consider that other are in darkness and you are in light because they don't see thing that you see is out on the edge of spiritual balance and the core of the Gospel - Love. I think you are way over the top on this one and that is a symptom.

Paul Weigel

P.S. I am praying

Thanks Paul, this is good to know how you feel. Like I said, this is a tough time for me.


Blessings to you in Christ Jesus.
I was asked to read your article concerning President Bush and I did so with a open mind.
I can only share my thoughts. If the Body spent as much time demonstrating Jesus and fulfilling the Great Commission: Sharing the "Good News", then truly the harvest would be great! and the slander and false accusation that have grossly invaded the Bride would cease.
May God have mercy on us all and this nation.
~destinies are being secured in the heavenlies for such a time as this!~

Couldn't agree with you more Donna. I will be addressing the deceit and backbiting in the next edition.



Rdeemed1 wrote:

I guess it is better to vote for a party who supports abortion (murder of innocent children) and who support homosexuality.  Do you know what God's word says about that?  I don't want to assume that you are stupid as you think the Bush supporters are.

Hi Jay

Many spiritual battles are happening today, because this is the last generation.  Satan knows his time is short and he is using World Leaders to carry out his evil plans.

The conflict in iraq is just one such example. Revelations tells us that there are four angels bound in the river Euphartes(Iraq) that will be released to destroy the world.  If they think that they can stop this from happening, they are gravelly mistaken.

Children of Light on the other hand, abhor the world that we live in today and are patiently waiting the return of Jesus Christ.  I personally believe the next 60years will bring great tribulation on the earth. Remember the prophecy of the Fig Tree, when it put forth leaves the summer is nigh.  Israel started this process in 1948, 1967, when the Jews return to their own land.

So we are living in prophetic times?


Hi Carlyle,

I agree except that that I believe it will be a lot sooner. The time is short.

Yes, the Revelation points to Iraq and is in God's plan. Man's plan actually but what was revealed will happen. I see Iraq now as a diversion. Bush is using the shell game, if your attention is here, you won't notice what is going on over there. It has always been about the oil over there. Bush is an oil man and always used other's people's money. Now he has the nation at his disposal.

We are indeed in prophetic times.


I disagree with your view point.  I believe Mr. Kerry would be more of a threat to our nation.  I believe the Lord would not have us uphold gay marriages & abortion.  One of the ten commandments is "Thou shalt not kill".  Also, God did not mean for two women or two men be married to each other - this is an unholy union & an abomination in God's eyes.  I may not agree with everything Mr. Bush says or does but I believe he has more godly character than Mr. Kerry.

hisword wrote: Jay, calm down. You seem like a man of God, so nothing I say in truth and love should seem new to you. It is good to be impassioned with the fire of God, but be careful you do not become incompassionate. If you are writing to God's people, then you must take into account that you are one of them; be careful you are not presuming to speak for God without his explicit approval. These are dangerous times, but government has and will continue to fall into ungodly patterns of self-delusion, egotism, deceit and wickedness. Do not presume to have the knowledge of the Lord. Nothing escapes him. If the world must turn towards wickedness to reflect the superior goodness of God, so be it. If our governments must always be wicked in human hands, let us pray that the kingdom of God comes quickly or that we will be able to grow in patience awaiting that blessed day. I am concerned that by allowing yourself to get so worked-up ov(....?)


Jeremiah 6:16

Pslm69c123 wrote: Dear Jay, I have read your newsletters over the last couple years. I have to admit that I am not a frequenter of your sight, but I have always really enjoyed (for lack of a better word)reading your discussion emails. I am no big follower of politics, I am not the most educated person. But I love the Lord with all my heart, and in your words, I always hear truth and am usually in agreement with your statements. I know I should make more time to invest myself in the knowledge of the world around me and I won't give you any of my excuses for not making time to know and understand more about what is going on in the world around me. I am a prayerful person and I seek the Lord in all things. I am grateful for your latest mail on Bush because it has inspired me to want to really dig and look into the other candidates. From the time that Bush was elected something did not sit well with me about him. I don't want to sound hoakie or fanatacal. I am certainly no discerner of spirits or even claim to whole-heartedly kno(w....?)

Hi, your message got cut off. If you get back to me, just make the paragraphs shorter and it will come through.

I always enjoy getting this kind of feed-back. Other kinds are good too, they sharpen our wits. You have that love, I can see it in you. Love has got to win out in these discussions but for the first time in years, I may have to resort to the agree to disagree way of thinking with people because of the extreme right.

It is not the Bible way, but it is the way it is. The Bible would have us in unity, Jesus prayed for us to be one and Paul would have us speaking the same thing. Restoration is coming so we will have to wait until then before this division can heal. A sifting has begun.


Hi Jay,
     Its a day of virtual Christianity: so many won't think for themselves and make up their own minds what they should be doing and when it comes to experience they take it off the back of someone elses. I blame the unbiblical manner in which we conduct our services with the pastor up the front giving what is often a regurgitated word he has already heard somewhere else and somehow getting away with an assembled leadership that hold him in such high regard they forget to consider the rest of the flock as having a right to input. So we all get sloppy and fat and used to being spoon fed and believing everything we hear.
        Then it spills over into our lives and we are so conditioned to following the crowd that we vote for whatever seems to us to be popular, thinking there might be safety in numbers at least. How else did we tolerate the buffoonery in the Thatcher and Reagan years.
        Religion is dangerous stuff on its own and so is politics. Combine them in R.wing Christianity and you have multitudes being suckered into believing lies.
          We don't care about being in the wrong, we just  don't like to be seen to be wrong much. I bet a lot of the responses opposing what you said about Bush were made in order to clear themselves with the pastor, or whoever else in their Christian world they held in high regard, and to run with the crowd.
          And since when has the crowd been right?
I watch people in Christian chat rooms spot someone with a need and proceed to enter into competition with everyone else to see who can outquote the others and impress the room. Meanwhile the hungry soul finds his needs unmet but tries to oblige and be helped with what hard dry fare he is given. It never works.
           Jesus is undoubtedly on the side of the poor and He is surely watching us make such a hash of things, walking all over the needy in our proud ignorance.
            If there is virtual Christianity then people are only virtually saved by a virtual Jesus and a virtual Gospel. That would neatly avoid ever having to come face to face with the real Jesus, or our real selves for that matter, and be accountable and repent.
             Not sure how to blow that one apart.
                    Love, Mary

Jay you got a good cross section on this. I am a little amused at those that are appalled that you dare ask this question. One of the many things Bush does not do is answer questions. Any questions. He can only criticize any that would have a conversation with him and not be in complete agreement with him. His rudeness and impatiences always shows through. Many of his supporters exhibit the same trait. So there is no debate, no discourse. Just fall in line and obey. Shout down the opposition.

I supported our President in Afghanistan, I did not and do not support this foray into Iraq. Saddam was bad, but if the Iraqi people were unwilling to overthrow him, Why should our sons and daughters die for them? Before the noise starts up, I am retired military, with four Honorable discharges, wonder what the thugs in the White House could do with that.

This country is divided as never before and that is the way the Republicans want it..Not that the Democrats are setting a better standard.

Again I will state how uplifting it is to know my salvation is not in the hands of either party. Bush was quick to point out in one of the debates..sic.. that Kerry left out Poland in mentioning the coalition forces, Is this a man who thinks big? Mr.Bush claimed we had thirty countries in the coalition, Think he could name the leaders of five?

Bill Mahr, a comedian stated that beating Bush in the election was not the problem. The problem would be telling him he lost. I can actually visualize that happening.

May God be with us.

Thanks Don, just in time for the next one.

I am finding it amusing too, it doesn't bother me as much as it used to. Getting excited about what is soon to happen.


Dear Jay,

Yesterday I was driving along a lonely stretch of highway and the thought came that the political arena is a reflection of the spiritual condition of the people it represents. I sort of knew that from having read Deut. 28, but forgot it, and have allowed myself to get caught up in hammering the politicans instead of addressing the root issue which according to Deut. 28 is idolatry. In our case it's culture-wide idolatry to TV and movies which function as idol in animated form.

In the O.T. the spirit that displaced Jehovah was Baal; the manifestation of Baal was that he influenced cultures into idolatry, with him as the person at the top. He designed for the spirit realm model to be played out in the physical realm through top down control religion, first through the Canaanites. Once top down control religion is in place, the principle of top down control will permeate everything man does, particularly in the political arena.

In our day top down control is in everything in Western Culture, from the system church priestclass and the political class to the smallest corporations. The spirit behind it all is the exact same spirit that went by the name Baal in ancient times; in our time his name is Antichrist, who is the spirit of idolatry. As you know, Revelation refers to him as the Beast, who recieves power from the Dragon. Satan is confined to the heavenly realm while Antichrist presides over the earth realm.

In view of all this it appears futile to try to convince people about the manifestation of top down control in the political realm, seeing it's only a symptom of something far more evil. Addressing idolatry seems futile as well, as it's so much a part of our lives that we're immune to understanding it. Who would believe that every time we watch TV or a movie that we're giving rights to Antichrist to prop up further control over us in the realm of politics? Not only politics, but business, medicine, religion, sports, addictions of all kinds, etc.

Anyway, this is something to think about. Hammering Bush is fun to do because it's so easy; what we fail to realize is that unless the trend into Antichrist is interrupted, each ensuing politial leader will be worse than the one before, until at last the leader will be the man of sin. There is one comforting verse of scripture that obviously hasn't been fulfilled yet, and is obviously addressed to us in our time, which is this:

And I will punish Bel (Baal) in Babylon, and I will bring forth out of his mouth that which he has swallowed up, and the nations shall not flow together any more unto him: yea, the wall of Babylon shall fall. Jer. 51:44.

See ya,


the bogey
"In an age when all the grand ideas have lost credibility, fear of a phantom enemy is all the politicians have left to maintain their power."

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