Darkness and Light

October 16, 2004

I have long time holden my peace; I have been still, and refrained myself: now will I cry like a travailing woman; I will destroy and devour at once. I will make waste mountains and hills, and dry up all their herbs; and I will make the rivers islands, and I will dry up the pools. And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them. They shall be turned back, they shall be greatly ashamed, that trust in graven images, that say to the molten images, Ye are our gods. Hear, ye deaf; and look, ye blind, that ye may see. Isaiah 42:14-18.

The people of darkness are much more numerous than the children of light, I didn't know who I should address this newsletter edition to so rather than make a choice on it, I think that I will just talk to or about the darkness of Bush supporters and we can sort our own selves out.

Hey, I love you guys but I have to make some changes how I deal with Bush supporters now. I know that we worship the same Father but when a church is divided and one side is in total darkness, staying in the light is more important. I don't cause the division so I pray that it is permissible for me to separate myself from it. Oh lord, bring restoration when the darkness is overcome.

Stephen Hawking is quoted as saying that the greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge. This is a really tough time for me. I am speaking of friends, family, fellow Christians, people that should know better about George Bush but they don't and when confronted by the truth, can't recognize it. We are all fighting our own demons in this time of great apostasy. There are trials for all of us today but this darkness is totally different than being assaulted by temptation or sinful practices. If you are in the dark on what we are discussing, the antichrist spirit has got you; you may look all clean on the outside but it is inevitable that many of you will have a part of her sins when Babylon falls. Bush people always think that they got it all together but it is delusion, complacency and a total waste of spirituality. Those drawn to the truth must recognize the antichrist spirit for God's seal to be upon us. Time is short, let's get on with it.

This one got personal so forgive me but the only way that I can describe some people falling into darkness is just plain stupid. Some lies are so big so as to become ridiculous, yet people still fall for them. Everyone can see the new world order has come but darkness cannot see what inspired it. It's no wonder, they follow every prophet that tells them what they want to hear whether in government or in church. The truth is right in plain sight! It is ignorance to stop searching for truth because you think you already possess it. I hear all the time about the policies of disinformation yet Bush supporters still fall for what the government and media tell them. Again, forgive me, this is incredibly stupid. Have you been believing it?

Simpleton fear tactics, military interventions as just causes, economic sanctions to protect American interests, favored nations, all covered up and conspiring to blind you to the fact of a corporate global world free from economic restraints and justice. George Bush is the greatest threat to economic democracy that the world has ever known. Do you love him? Do you believe that he hears from God? If you do, then you are in darkness.

Just my opinion? I can tell you that I hear from God just like George Bush says that he does. I can however say that I hear a different God and that is the God of justice, mercy and truth. George Bush and his supporters worship the image of the beast bringing injustice, economic enslavement, famine and death. Not just my opinion, you refuse to look at the truth. This is the world's most insidious takeover of the minds, souls and resources since time began and they got to you. Do you see it? It is as clear as day or dark as night.

Jesus is on the side of the poor. Forgive me but I am fed up with being around stupid people and made to feel wrong if I speak out. Bushism is being preached from the pulpit of every mass communication that right-wing propaganda can generate but no one word of truth here from the spirit of God. The image of the beast, did you think to recognize it? Bush supporters call themselves Christians and care nothing about civil or human rights outside of their own narrow self-righteous attempts to legislate morality. Where Jesus is, there is liberty. I see through the darkness, I see chains to the one world order and the merchant city Babylon. The gospel preached to the poor from Jesus from one side and the image of the beast on the other. The poor nations have but two choices from George Bush: Their workers are allowed to be exploited by the elite, or they are faced with intimidation, oppression, internal interference and economic sanctions. Bush supporters make that happen but they don't have a clue.

Like I said, if George Bush is not the Antichrist, he sure is acting like it. The spirit of antichrist has of course been with us from the beginning so it would be good to remind Bush supporters of a few in the last few decades. Remember hearing about Chile in 1973? Did you think that America was doing God a favor for murdering Allende and installing a murderous dictator? Those in darkness did but it probably didn't matter to you one way or another. Am I right? Since it was against the side of Jesus with justice for the poor somewhere else, it didn't concern you. You chose your governmental antichrist spirit and you don't even notice. The children of light has chosen the Jesus of the poor against the antichrist spirit, make your decision quickly.

Did you think that all those Christian workers killed in Nicaragua and El Salvador during the eighties were being killed by a righteous government that was on the side of God? Many did, it was darkness then and still is. Many thanked God for the Contras and the death squads against liberation movements so close to home and turned their backs to it all. This is the nature of the beast people and you supported it. Now a Christian with a preferential option for the poor is a criminal in today's world - George Bush didn't start that, his predecessors did and you went along with it. It was a mis-informed and ignorant people that thought the invasion of Grenada was about liberating people and the liberation of Kuwait wasn't about the oil. Jesus in liberation movements is elsewhere.

It comes down to faith without works being dead in the world and compromising with the forces of mammon. Now in our decade, it is Haiti to remind us of the classic antichrist spirit and the nature of the beast. Because Aristide had a preferential option for the poor, George Bush inflicted sanctions on a poor country and trained more new death squads to overthrow the country and install another puppet regime. If you admit publicly to take the side that includes economic democracy in Haiti today, you will be jailed or killed. If you accept the Jesus that conforms to the image of the beast by submitting to an administration acceptable to George Bush, you will live. This is right in your back door but the lies have been so overwhelming that you accepted them without question. George Bush is a bully and will seek to dominate any nation that does not submit to this antichrist spirit.

Bush is perpetuating the folly and darkness for our generation and there are enough stupid people and rigged elections to persuade the faithful that God sent him. Again, I am asking you to weigh your options and seek an insightful decision. There is that justice for the poor side of Jesus and the antichrist forces of George Bush in the name of Jesus seeks to oppose that Jesus. I can't think of it in any other way and from this perspective, I can only urge you to open your mind and allow the spirit of truth and light to transform you.

This is really simple and probably why a lot of people think that I'm crazy. This spirit of antichrist is a spiritual polarization, we all think the other side is crazy but it is light on one side and darkness on the other. Morality, drugs, sexuality, all these sins are not causing the darkness, it is the Christian delusion with a God bless on their lips that have chosen the wrong side according to religious, political and selfish decisions, not true spiritual ones. The revival will never come if the world sees so many Christians in darkness, the light must shine.

In summary, I would say that without a doubt, George Bush is diametrically opposed to a world where Jesus is organizing His people to liberate the poor. He is on the side of right-wing Christians who are in the darkness of what Jesus is really doing apart from the image of the beast. Democracy is the best hope for countries that are predominately poor but George Bush only seeks democracy for the rich. George Bush is a bully with the threat of massive destruction and will continue to place sanctions and violence on any country that still has a preferential option for the poor.

George Bush is a liar. We all know it, only Babylon believes the lie. If elected, Bush has the mandate to do whatever he wants in his new world order. Bush will continue to give the world more reason to oppose him and will lead us closer to Armageddon.

I think there are a few things we should be considering in the next few weeks if you want to respond and discuss them. This has always been a discussion group but there has also always been a call to action. The antichrist spirit will be among us for a time whether George Bush gets elected or not. The church is of the darkness of Babylon, they think they are bringing light but it is a delusion because they have compromised with the beast. Maybe enough said but there are many ways that they got into the darkness. One is that the church has become the modern Pharisees; their notion of morality is based more upon legalism than spirituality. Another is the compromise with the god of mammon; the luke-warm church is rich and increased with goods. We could discuss that Bush is a liar but that is pretty much established. Is George Bush really leading the world into Armageddon? Better find out. Also, we cannot let Haiti be forgotten, they are the sign of our times and illuminate what we have been saying all along. We should be comparing what really happened there in Haiti to what people were led to believe.


Hi jay,
  I have found your articles on the right and left in america, interesting and refreshing. For a long time I have been mystified by many "christian's" love affair with the republican right. the agenda seems primarily to support the rich and wealth, while such issues such as abortion and gay marriage issue are thrown as a bone to dog to keep the Christians loyal, while doing very little to actually solve these issues.

  Before I knew the Lord, one of the biggest problems I had with "christianity" was the political posturing of the christian right.
Thank God, I know now it is not the Christian right I need to follow but the Lord.

  Still when I look at the scripture, In the gospels, and in the book of acts, I see Christ primary commitment to preaching the good news to the poor. The poor was his concern, the poor materially and the poor in spirit. How have we gotten so far from that?

  I am grateful for your articles and the insights the Lord is giving you. I am glad there are other people out there who feel being a Christian doesn't mean towing the party line.

  I am somewhat worried about this election, If Bush is re-elected I am afraid we will four more years of war, death and continued social injustice. If kerry is elected, We will see this country controlled by God-hating special interests that will attempt to eliminate God from all public life.

   Is Bush the anti-christ?? i very much doubt it, he lacks the charisma, but this country is facing a very difficult time. We must now more then ever before to seek the face of the Lord. We must pray as a nation, we must repent,and we must surrender our national will to him.

God Bless You,

I came across this item..Sorry about the length of it. I thought it well written..Can not vouch for the verity of it.

In case you missed it? :
From Hitler to Bush:
The editor of La República del Uruguay replies to the US ambassador, Martin Silverstein, ( Uruguay ) who had complained about the comparisons the newspaper had drawn between Hitler and Bush.
This is a must read


Hi Donald,

Just read that article. I like the description of "corporate terrorist dictatorship." I can't verify all that either but I know it is true.



dear jay you say that you think the president is acting like the anti christ,  i hope you can expound with specifics,   the anti christ is perhaps characterized best in Revelation ch. 13.  he blasphemes God and the Saints in heaven,  he makes war on the saints on earth, and he is worshipped.  i don't see any application of these activities toward Pres. Bush.  possibly some are a little overenthusiastic with his Presidency and candidacy. but compared to his rivals he seems a saint.  again i hope you will respond with some more specific allegations against the Pres. but doubt you can really substantiate them.  if you could prove him a member of a masonic lodge or order , as his dad is reputed to be, that might give a little credibility to the allegation.    well,  one thing is for sure ,  he is NOT Jesus, or the Father.   yours sincerely david severy

Dear Jay,

   I personally don't believe Bush is the Antichrist because scripture says that the Antichrist will win the hearts of the world's peoples, and Bush is the near opposite of that, being possibly the most hated man in history. Another reason I don't believe it's Bush is because scripture says of Antichrist that he will understand dark secrets and infers that he will be very spiritual and very wise. That proves Bush isn't it.

See ya,


Hi Jay


Your site is very thought provoking.  Thanks for your work in this regard.  After reading your site, it reminded me of some things I read in the Christian Community Bible.  This is an RC version, but it was produced by a poor priest in the 3rd world (Philippines).  His economic and religious notes have much in common with your sentiments and have been a constant challenge to me to “read America biblically instead of the Bible Americanly’


In case you are interested, there are downloadable pdf and word versions at the site below

Kwai Chang Caine
"A man may die from a hunger of the body, but whole nations have fallen from that of the spirit."

Joe Morovich

Forgive this silliness....Are we Liberating Iraq...Are we Conservating

Donald G. Ray

 AS A Christian,
You should NOT be bashing our President Bush..........Can't you SEE he loves the Lord with ALL his heart ??
God surely favors him, to put him in office when God knew the terrifying things to come.
Mr. Bush is a very down to earth person. And I SAW His heart breaking when the terroristic acts happened.
He had a very difficult time when he first spoke to Our Nation.
AS a Christian you SHOULD be uplifting him as our Leader and not have some Website that mocks him.
I'm ashamed of you AND I'm sorry I found your site due to looking for Scripture that "Good works" ALONE will not get you into Heaven."
 This truly saddens me, that you feel you MUST say the things you have.
Don't you understand that People LIKE YOU are causing dissection among those who do NOT know God, or have turned their backs on Him.
Praying for you!              
IN Christ,

I do not know if Bush is the Antichrist. I do know,  from the view point of a high school drop out that finally got some education that his speech or like thereof leaves lots to be desired. His syntax and non mastery of the facts leave me at a loss to understand him. He is certainly lacking in appearing to be educated, or giving well thought out answers. Unless I am missing it entirely he doesn't read from script very well either.
Having said that, if my observations are near, correct that would disqualify him from being the Antichrist.
Yes I am a Democrat, one that does not support abortion, most of the time dose not support the ACLU. Most of what Fox News labels the far left are mostly, admittedly comedians, so are the far right, seemingly the right just does not recognize that.
I once heard the process of picking the candidate to vote for was similar to picking the roundest patty in the pasture, I often feel that way too.
I shall vote, and vote my conscience, and,  encourage all to do so also.
If one really investigates for truth, one will find many lies coming from both camps.
I, for one, am thankful that my salvation is not in the hands of  either party.


This is one of those topics that fits precisely into what Paul told Timothy was a 'useless debate'. It is a waste of time to sit and debate just who the antichrist might be, for countless hours have been wasted over the past quarter century arguing whether or not it was Kissinger, etc.

We who 'are alive and remain', as Jesus said, will know when we are in the 'season' of Jesus' return if we simply read the road signs Jesus left us, in Matthew 24.

We can tell for instance that the 'spirit of antichrist' is becoming more and more prevalent in the USA by the sentiments of many who want God removed from public life and government.

What can then be considered a useFUL debate? How Christians can get on their knees individually and corporately and start repenting to God for their sins: failure to worship Him in spirit and truth, allowing thieves and moneychangers into what God called His house to be: a house of prayer, disobedience of the 10 commandments (regardless of public outcries to keep them in the public arena) such as the day of rest, coveting, etc., failure of leaders to disciple by teaching what Jesus taught and commanded, the list goes on and on....

Another debate is how Christians can start living as Jesus commanded and be salt and light - instead of classroom sitters, learning much ABOUT God but experiencing little of Him in personal relationship, being greedy and gluttonous hoarders of Christian 'stuff' while neglecting the needs of others around them....

Being a Christian (Christ follower) is simply following Jesus, learning of and from Him by reading the Gospels and applying His life lessons, along with God's wisdom rules for living found in the OT  book of Leviticus, to our personal lives and living as though today were our last day on earth, so that souls are turned to God.

in Him,
Gretchen Offord

I think everyone has the same feelings as you said. All I know is that we must constantly pray and stay in the Word of God. This is our way in keeping in communicating with him. Definitely God will reveal that which is covered. I feel a lot that he has done was out of self. Even, the Devil will tell on his imps and I believe some of what haddam was crying out is a little true. One thing about it, everything is weighed and measured. A gift of discernment is handy for Gods people and knowing his voice always. There is a whole lot that Bush is hiding, and yes we all that are real christians, not just speaking it, but living it, do know.
Have a Blessed Day,

Bruce and Denise

You know and I know that George Bush is not the Antichrist. the reason everyone hates Bush is because he is a christian. and a faith believer.


Interesting question.  I enjoyed your essay and it has certainly sparked some healthy conversation around our company's water-cooler.

I personally don't believe the dubya is/ will be the antichrist simply because he is too hated.  My understanding is that the antichrist will be loved and adored by many, if not most, around the world.  I don't see this happening with Bush.

Just a thought.


The anti-Christ spirit operates through the government and religious system I believe.  Jesus gives freedom.  The anti-Christ spirit controls.  666 stands for man as God--the anti-Christ spirit.  Just as Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge that made them like gods who could tell good from evil, so did the church after the merger of church and state.  Before the merger, men believed simply in Jesus Crucified and did the works of Jesus.  After the merger, man turned to philosophy to try to define God who by His very essence is indefinable.  This led to disagreements over who was right and who was wrong (tree of knowledge).  Ecumenical counsels were held to determine who was right and wrong.  The Council of Laodecia (lukewarm church) was held to decide which books should be put in the bible so that there would be unity in the church/Roman Empire.  This was a false, man-made unity.  The only true unity is at the cross of Jesus Christ where the two were already made one and all people have already been reconciled to God.  

Jesus said at the Last Supper, This is the New Testament in My blood which is shed for you.  Man later at the Council of Laodecia chose the books of the bible and called them the New Testament.  Man took Jesus out of our hearts and put him back in a book.  Jesus is now knocking on the doors of our hearts asking to be let back in.  (Rev. 3:20)

The anti-Christ spirit says that Jesus has not come in the flesh.

Marilyn Wright

Is this the right place to discuss this?

Scripture tells us to pray for our leader not attempt to undermine their authority.

If words are powerful I wonder what damage might be done by this type of counter productive discussion.

Robin Henson

It would do if you knew what you were talking about.


There is no doubt that times are near the End  and that speculation on the person of the anti-Christ is rife.

I belief that Gw is too much of a buffoon to be that person.He is however a much trusted minion of the ac.

I have long held the view that Henry Kissinger may very well be the Anti-Christ .Can you think of an administration that he has not advised in some way since Kennedy ?Can you contemplate his influence on the world stage?

His European Jewish background makes him an ideal candidate for the position. The end would be very soon given his advanced years.

Graeme Pitt

I think you had better get the bible out. the REAL bible out and recheck your prophecies. President Bush is not the antichrist. Far from it. It saddens me that people like you can toss out such propaganda and misslead so many people. Shall we call YOU the antiChrist?  Dont twist and mislead, if you don't know something to be a fact then keep your opinions to yourself. or is your real name Michael moore..... Its pathetic. Here is a candidate that is a liar and has no moral values... i.e. John Kerry. He has no business leading our great nation, for what he has done during his military service, and if you dont know about it, I have TONS of documented info on it. He believes and VOTED for partial-birth abortion. President Bush wants it stopped and made it so.   I will be praying the Lord will open your mind and eyes, to see both His truth, the truth in the bible, and that you will also see the Godly man that President Bush truely is. Oh

Shaking my head at the stupidity of what is send in the internet like your letter..... what a pity.


True or False
The anti-christ will not be revealed until after the rapture.
The anti-christ will be of Jewish descent.
If George W. and John Kerry represent skull and bones then could not either be the anti-christ?
The man of sin will heal himself.
If the last one is true then Saddam could be the anti-christ.

Ray Merritt

said with tongue in cheek :O)

if the president of the usa is the antichrist, that would make his father the devil. some would say yes, but if his father is the devil, then what on earth was his mother?


but seriously now, i do not believe that the president of the usa is the antichrist. he isnt fitting in with the descriptions given in Revelation, and he isnt providing the peace worldwide that is one sign of the antichrist's presence.

my pastor was very good at studying and finding revelation in the Word, he was kind and wise enough to share his findings when the Lord allowed him to. He told us many things that have kept us from deceit in the ways the world will go towards Jesus' return.

the antichrist will be/is a rich Jew, obviously not following his religious background, he will seem to come from nowhere, he will be charismatic and appealing to all, he will appear to people as their hearts desire, he will make all he does seem good and just, he will provide answers to world issues, and all who listen will agree and marvel at him (remember, he has to trick the best of God's people, if he can)

i believe the anti christ is up and working, but not yet revealed. he has been using what influence he has, in world matters, but it is not yet time for him to be openly seen to do his works.

i also believe he has a hand in creating the problems we face, so that he then can come along and "miraculously" save us from these problems.

we debate this occasionally, that he is already a prominent figure in world politics, some have said henry kissinger (jewish and very rich) others say the leader of Israel (Sharon) others say an Arab leader (they were Jewish too)

others say he is in the Roman Catholic arena (?pope?) but the roman catholics are against the Jews, so i cannot see or hear of a connection. (maybe thru the freemasons?)

one thing i do know absolutely, Jesus knows His enemy, and has all things at His disposal to defeat the enemy at the last battle, just like the fight in Heaven that threw lucifer out. how do i know this? i sneaked a peek at the last page in The Book. We WIN the fight! Halleluyah!

Teresa Tickner

There is no single anti-Christ.  No where in the bible is anti-christ capitalized.  The son of perdition, the man of sin is the beast man or the carnal nature which is in every human.  Satan wants the world looking for a single anti-christ when we need to be looking at ourselves.  Even now there are many anti-christs.


    Is he a saint or a buffoon?

Ha very funny! Actually George has said himself that he is WWW = 666. He is a son of perdition = but he doesn't fit the description of the thing against women + he is not charismatic + nor is he respected etc. = The antichrist is demonically empowered and his full manifestation will not come into power until after the first half of the tribulation = check out Revelation 12 = it'a at the 3&1/2 year point that satan (the dragon) is cast down and only has a short time to go after and persecute the jews and the christians that were left behind after the rapture = America is Mystery Babylon and will come under severe judgement = If you look up info on prince William = he really fits the bill = he will emerge undetected but highly respected???????

I would be interested in why you think he is......


 I got to hand it to you, you certainly have found a 'hot topic' which might get people to write in: personally, as much as I detest this entire administration (and the previous one left me rather nauseous), I think that labeling it, and for that matter, other elements of society and culture as 'Anti-Christ', is contrary to the will and intent of our risen Lord.......at least as far as WE are concerned. With all the need in the world for evangelism, mission, and outreach to the unbeliever and the downtrodden, fussing about with who are what may be Anti-Christ, is an unnecessary distraction.
 In my humble and perhaps own misguided opinion.



ps I do hope this topic stimulates thought and talk.

In all fairness, the spirit of the anti-christ has been in place within the 'church' since at least the year 350ad. The 300th year (approx.) of the 'church' being key to understanding this when everything Jewish became anthema under the guidance of Rome and ? (I forget). Until that time the 'church' followed the ways of the Torah which was given mostly. Matter of fact, excepting for these 2 realms, the 'church' still held true to the word.  

Bush being anti-Messiah? Not likely, but I will admit many things could bring us to that conclusion in the end. But there has to be acknowledgment of the result of the other party gaining the presidency. Most likely the Islam nations will rise to greater power with this wimp of an man who does not seem to have any true conviction which last.

Either way, the presidency is only in our hands in regards to who we are, what we are, who we follow at this time. For all authority is in the hands of the Father. For some to judgment, others to blessings, and most often as not, the judgments bring about blessings, IF we hear the judgments and address them properly.

I personally cannot place my trust in man or who is elected to the presidency, but to Him that is in control of all things according to His will. Whether Bush, or Kerry, what is that to us? It IS about His will isn't it?

I dont expect this one to be posted, I dont see most of mine posted, but thats ok....

I just read some of the thoughts and opinions about George W. Bush being the anti-Christ.  I don't think so.  As a matter of fact, I know not.  More latter!
May the God of Glory pour His Spirit upon all!
Loyal Au Mort
(Faithful Unto Death)

Is George Bush the Anti-Christ?
No, the A-C will be a man of Jewish descent or nationality.  He will be a world figure probably political.  The deal about being Jewish may turn out to be a surprise since the lost tribes have people living today who may not know they have Jewish blood.
George Bush's background definitely tells you that he has had contacts with secret society personages that are part of the Anti-Christ structure.   Many of those who surround George Bush are working to accelerate the coming of the Age of Aquarius (year 2010), when Christianity is dead and destroyed.  Much like a few of God's people, they do not know that they are working for the enemy.  There is a Balaam Spirit that also works within God's Anointed to pull at them and do "the things of God" for personal gain.  We are in "perilous times" and some do not know it.  It is possible to be "saved" and yet benched into being useless by the "world, the flesh and the devil".
The White House is full of black hearted men and women working and sold out to the devil.  The building may be white but Jesus may call it a sepulcher.  However, God has a purpose and His Word is True and all prophesies will be fulfilled as God ordained them and not as foolish men interpret them.
George Bush is a kitty cat compared to what the Anti-Christ will be like when fully revealed.  Even Hitler was tame compared to what is coming on the Earth.
-Larry Sloma

I agree Bush is only a man.  Until Christ arrives we will have to choose our leaders from fallible men and women.   Since all are fallible, the best
we can do is chose the lesser evil.

I believe Bush is the best man for the job because his yes is yes and his no is no.   He is definitive in his stand.  (As the scripture says...let
your yea be yea and your nay be nay.)

On the opposite spectrum we have to much compromise with political correctness.  And political correctness is the way of the world.   Political correctness is the spirit that is willing to call good evil and evil good if enough special interest groups scream loud enough.

I believe that by electing Bush we slow the unraveling of basic Christian principles and the moral foundation which the U.S was birthed through the
design of the founding fathers, who I believe were divinely guided.

Also, by slowing the erosion of Christian values, we protect the most important unit of any society, the family.  A nation will only be as strong as its families.   A family is only as strong as the values of the family. If America is allowed to continue on the road of the far left, we will one
day awaken to an America, that has been seduced by anti-christians, who have systematically peeled away the very fabric of our society.

And then we will be found naked and in shame.  Bush is the leader we need right now.   He will say gay marriages are wrong and the traditional union
should be defended by the constitution if necessary.  He will call abortion what it is. Murder!  He will preserve America's right to defend itself as a nation from its enemies, even if its flies in the face of international correctness.  He will defend God's eternal witnesses to his word, the nation of Israel, whom satan and his minions would like to destroy because they are a living testimony to the accuracy of God's world.

Now, I was a staunch Clinton supporter, and I believe Clinton was a great president.   But he was a man for his time.  I believe the Democratic Party has been seriously compromised from infiltrations from the communist, the homosexuals, the feminist, the socialist, the atheist and just about every anti-Christian philosophy.   I conceive that this may be a sign of the times and I may not be able to stop this trend, but I intend to do my part to slow it down.


Hi Gene, and hi all,

Good to hear from you and thank you for taking the trouble to reply on this topic.

I understand what you are saying here and your sincere concern about the erosion of society values and the upholding of Godly principals. I know also that you are a gentle soul and would always want to be found doing the right thing.

What I see in the chatrooms though is that there are oceans of well-meaning Christians from every nation, in every one. None of us wants to see the things that God hates legitimized by the people in power in any of our countries. We are all willing to say as much, in our own circle of Christian family, in our lifestyle, and at the polling station.

But what I saw in that particular chatroom that upset me was the hundred percent support behind Bush and his every move, regardless of the casualties and the consequences. It seemed very much to me that they were so behind him that they would accept anything he did or said because he had fed them a few palliative comments that comfort them in what they cherish in themselves as "well-meaningness". Alarm bells ringing.

I saw that support in the spiritual sense for the first time, that although no one is actually saying "hail Bush", nevertheless a giant nation is assembling itself behind him as the means to be led into the promised land of safety, abundance, prosperity and continuing worldly power. God is in His heaven, Bush is president...and all's right with the world.

But all is not right with the world. There is no safety ahead for this world because it is passing away, along with all that abundance and worldly power. It is a dangerous thing to find our hearts going after a premature safety achieved by worldly means when God says to set our hearts on the things above.

Almost anything can be made to look good if you have enough money, and that is true personally, sociologically and in the political arena. Riches are deceitful. A man may dress up and put on a fine suit and attend church...and no-one will know he is a serial killer. When it is national wealth, national pride, national power...how easy it is to convince the masses that all is well. The corporate false prophet speaks peace, peace. Evil is done and the nation agrees it is good.

It isn't possible to divorce America from end-times prophecy because of its worldly power. The Antichrist will surely be borne aloft on the arms of a powerful nation such as yours, and all those who in their hearts support him. Whether it is your nation, and whether he is a single man or a corporate one is still up for discussion, but the stage is set and what God says will happen, will happen.

The devil's dominion is the world. He is continuously plotting to draw our eyes to the world and its power as a means of safety and rescue from what he knows will come. He pins a label of "evil" on those who belong to him (homosexuals, pro-abortionists etc.,and all in the ranks of the unsaved) because he knows that in our weakness as Christians we would prefer to agree with that than go the extra mile with them and administer the grace of God; we would prefer to be SEEN to divorce ourselves from the devils dominion in words only, while failing to oppose and conquer it in deeds, through the Spirit.

It is a small step from that to see that there is a subtle opposition here to the grace of God: a hatred of sinners as well as the sin. The antichrist spirit not safely outside the church, but in it. A country ruled by the enemy: without love, without mercy, without hope.

But for ourselves, we are safe only when we know we truly seek that better country: a Spiritual nation coming together in and through the power of the Holy Spirit. We have no leader but Jesus, and no agenda but obedience to God.               

What have we to do with the affairs and the principals of this dying world? We are in sorrows now, but our joy will come - by God's means and through His promises.         



I share your concerns.   Although, I see Bush as my best option, I am wary of those who portray him as a saint or messianic type leader.  I also share your views on end times prophecy.

I think its safe to say your have iterated my concerns in your letter.  So, I believe we agree.   I believe blind faith in men who promise safety and/or peace lead to anything but that.

Voting for Bush may lead to something more threatening than the clearly anti-christian views of John Kerry.  But, I can't in good conscious vote for Kerry who has clearly shown himself unwilling to make a stand for christian values.

So, you see I am not enamored by Bush.  I am merely voting my conscious.  I conceive some of his policies in my view could develop into something sinister especially if misapplied by some power circles.

In end time prophecies America may even be the eight beast or maybe its the new European Union.  Regardless the will of the Lord will be done.  Although my vote may help to effect it, my allegiance is to a new Kingdom.  The Kingdom of Heaven.  I view Christians everywhere as my kindred and fellow citizens.

However, I feel we have an obligation to respect the ministers of God in the natural realm.   They have been appointed to fulfill God's will.   And they have been given authority with the sword to mete out vengeance on those who do evil in this realm, although they themselves may be evil.

I do not agree with any so called christian who would hate others who sin, not realizing that we are all blood washed sinners.  However, I am adamantly opposed to anyone, who loves his sin so much, he would attempt to legalize it and thereby call good evil and evil good.

Finally Mary, I found nothing in what you wrote that I disagree with.   By voting my conscious, I am doing the will of God.  Yet I am not deceived.


Show me where the antichrist is going to be a politician in the Bible. The word revelation itself means everything 'to be revealed.'  No one really knows what or who, will be The antichrist.  There are already many antichrists.  There is a spirit of antichrist.  Look at the music, the media.  Why should they, in itself, be linked to politicians?  They are spiritual beasts.  I would think the biggest harlot in America is the spirit of advertising (media) that will sell whatever it can (by subliminal advertising, electronic ability to flash images into the American subconscious that attack the minds of ALL Americans.  Not to mention the music that has attacked our youth and hence the youth grow old...and look at their weakness today!)   Did you know that is what Russia did and maybe still does.  They put their kindergarteners into a state run orphanage to brainwash them into Marxism.  Why wouldn't satan do the same?   OR...maybe America started this beast and this harlot, but the 'world' is conforming to this ideal.  Why?  The "LOVE" of money - the root of all evil.  Any political puppet is just that, a puppet.  Sure, maybe there are powers behind him pulling his strings.  But I believe God has told us that we have power to pray for these leaders for a reason.  That reason????  We have MORE power than Judas... or ANY political system.  I believe God's Word says that we "fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers... Eph. 6:12.  Our archenemy is no dummy.  He is not interested in 'little things' as much as gaining spiritual ground over our minds.  I am not worried about Bush or Kerry or anyone else gaining a spiritual victory over my mind.   Look at the way the enemy has worked in the past, in your life.  It's always the attack on the mind.  But it won't happen as long as you live close to God and His Word.  These struggles have been and always will be.  The root of the problem for America is is that 'SHE' has lost her mind.  Sure, we are ripe for Marxist exploitation.  But, the time for a bandaid is too late or is it?  Now, the question.  How does America get it's mind back?  This is a matter of the Tower of Babel.  Our technology has gotten so far we are able to do things 'like God.'  Just the same quest as in the Garden of Eden.  Yes, it is strange the talk about WMDs and the 'coincidence' of that land being the Garden of Eden.  Mostly because the Garden of Eden is a matter of spiritual choice.  Maybe that is the greatest Weapon of Mass Destruction. Man 'chose' wrong.  We must tread lightly on thinking 'we' have all the answers when the last book of the Bible is a matter of God Himself revealing things to us in His Time.  Isn't that, too, a fleshly thing?  It is a matter of trust and we will surely know and have no doubt, no doubt at all.  That's how my Heavenly Father is.  Dontcha think?
 I think it is important to note that The antichrist will 'give his power to the 'beast.'  America 'MAY' be the harlot, but how many 'harlots' are there in this world?  Quite a few and perhaps this is all-encompassing. Why worry about the morrow, Matt. 6:4, be anxious for nothing.  Including the antichrist.  It will happen.  The basics are known.  I will trust God, and listen only to Him.

Is Bush the antichrist?  Sure.  And so is Kerry.  I used to say I would vote for anybody short of Satan running against Bush this election.  
In the book of Esther (Hadassah, actually) Mordecai tells Esther that if she doesn't act to save her people, God will raise up another for that time.  I have a feeling the antichrist is like that - someone raised up for the purpose of evil, and if we manage to be rid of the first, a second will be raised up.  
Now I'm left with a  dilemma:  whether to vote for a man ready to destroy the earth's population with a smug little grin as though war were a football game his team is winning in the name of Jesus, or whether to vote for a man who seems to sincerely believe all faiths are created equal.  Well, number one is out, and number two is out, and this is a heck of a bad year to register a protest third party vote (which I have done a few times).  

Bush as antichrist?  I'm not qualified to comment.  But there is a more down-to-earth point of view, as expressed by Wordsworth nearly two hundred years ago.

".....the good old Rule
Sufficeth them, the simple Plan,
That they should take, who have the power,
And they should keep, who can.

Charles Proudlock

Hello I would like to post this to could George Bush be The antichrist. I use to be a denominational person until the Lord called me out about seven years ago.I have many people try to get me to go back. I just can not. Too much division and false teaching to be a part of that. Everyone here is denominational or teach along those lines. All say i am crazy but i stay the course. I have much more to say on what the Lord has revealed. Not saying that you will believe but we have to reason with one another.

In His Love Penn  

Hello I found your site a few days ago. I started reading it and going over your forum. The lord called me out of false religion about seven years ago. You know the catholic protestant system. And I have been searching for a true church.

 I started reading your forum on could George Bush be the antichrist. I would like to comment on this.  Even though I stopped voting a few years ago because I put my trust in the lord and not a politician. Also everyone knows that politics are corrupt. People still get all rapped up in it. If you look through the history of politics you can readily tell that it was corrupt. Should a Christian participate in things that are corrupt? I say no. All politicians are puppets on a string whether you want to believe it or not. They are led by their constituents. Not by god. All they do is tell you what you want to hear to get elected.  If you read Daniel 4:17 God uses the basest of men to rule the nations. Base means not honorable and lacking in morals. People will say that George Bush is moral. He is moral if you only look at it through mans eyes or mans standards.  Daniel realized that God revealed to him that he was low in moral character. And that all leaders that rule the nations are low in character. This may come as a shock to some but if you think about it a while I think you will agree. Study the type in the kings of the past. Most all were loose, having many wives. If they did not have many wives they loved war. They may say they did not but if they did not why would they do it. Jesus would not kill anyone literally nor would Paul, Daniel, or any of the twelve disciples. The scripture says our fight is not with flesh and blood but with powers and principalities in high places. The high places in ones religion (false religion). We are to war against false religious doctrine whether they call it Christian or not. We are to use the sword of God (his word) not literal swords, knives, guns what have you. We are to love all people. We are even suppose to love the unlovable. Now is W the antichrist? What if that doctrine of one man coming to rule the world as the antichrist is a misinterpretation of the scriptures? Would you want to know the truth? Just consider that this may be true.   

                        (1)  Whereas the man produces the "seed" of conception, the woman is the one who actually CARRIES the child in her body and nurtures it until birth. After that, the man and woman work together to raise and instruct the child. We have shown in our other Bible Studies that God created man and woman as well as everything else in the natural world to illustrate SPIRITUAL principles (Romans 1:19-20; Psalms 19:1-6). Therefore, we can see the simple spiritual picture as follows:

     (a) Man = general type of Christ (even as the FIRST ADAM pictures the SECOND ADAM--see previous chapter of this book). If the man is a TRUE child of God, he pictures in type the TRUE CHRIST.  If the man is UNSAVED, he pictures in type the ANTICHRIST  SYSTEM. The word "antichrist" comes from a Greek word which means "in place of or instead of". Those who are of the "spirit of antichrist" are those who have a "form of Godliness" or religion which allows them and their own WORKS to REPLACE Jesus Christ. The word translated "antichrist" DOES NOT MEAN "AGAINST CHRIST" as many people today are being taught. Those who are of the "spirit of antichrist" (many people...1 John 2:18) DO NOT SPEAK AGAINST CHRIST in a noticeable manner. Instead they INDIRECTLY speak against Jesus Christ while preaching and teaching out of the Bible and seemingly declaring the "word of God". This is accomplished by teaching doctrines which are false. Those of the "spirit of antichrist" do not know they are wrong and that their teachings are false. As Paul shows in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12, such people "BELIEVE A LIE" even though they are headed for damnation. That is why they profess to be Christians. They really DO believe the LIE that they are teaching. (b)  WOMAN = general type of the "bride of Christ" (even as we studied in the last chapter the types of Sarah and Hagar). Godly women in the Bible symbolize the TRUE "BRIDE OF CHRIST", while ungodly women symbolize the "harlot" system of FALSE christianity who CLAIM they are the BRIDE of Jesus Christ. Some examples of the types of FALSE CHRISTIANITY in the Bible are Jezebel, Delilah, and of course, "MYSTERY BABYLON". THOSE WOMEN ALL PICTURE FALSE COUNTERFEIT CHRISTIANITY IN ITS TOTALLY HOPELESS CONDITION.

    The Bible also tells of women who WERE harlots and yet were delivered from their harlotry by the power of God. These were women such as Rahab and Mary Magdalene. They typify people who have been deceived in false religion and yet are truly honest hearted. Such people the Lord will save from their condition and make them a part of the TRUE "BRIDE OF CHRIST".

    There is one other type of harlot which the Bible shows to round out the picture. That is the type of person (sometimes shown as a collective group of such people by being portrayed by a city) who is faithful to Christ as a BRIDE in the early stages, yet who later turns unfaithful and BECOMES a harlot. The cities of Jerusalem and Samaria are good examples of such typology (Ezekiel chapters 23 and 16). This of course is a picture of those who START OUT RIGHT in their Christian lives and later turn against Christ and prove UNFAITHFUL TO HIM. Such spiritual "brides" are then DIVORCED by the Lord (Jeremiah 3:1-8). The principle that Jesus taught for mankind in Matthew 19 is the one that HE also follows himself. Unfaithfulness to the marriage relationship ends in DIVORCE.

     (2) The position of subjection which the Bible gives to the woman was INSTITUTED BY GOD for the purpose of illustrating the "type" of the position of the CHURCH (the "bride of Christ") in relation to CHRIST as the spiritual "husband". GOD PLACED THE MAN OVER THE HOME TO RULE IT EVEN AS JESUS CHRIST RULES THE TRUE CHURCH. The man is the leader of the home in the material things, and if he is a child of God, HE IS TO LEAD THE HOME IN SPIRITUAL DECISIONS.  This position of the man in relation to the woman is given in such Scriptures as Ephesians 5:22-33; 1 Corinthians 11:3; Colossians 3:18; 1 Timothy 2:11-12; and 1 Peter 3:1-7.

Have you ever wondered WHY GOD CHOSE to set up the law whereby man is to only have one wife and the woman is to only have one husband?

Have you ever wondered why sexual perversions and deviations are not only IMMORAL in the eyes of God, but so severely forbidden by Him that in the Old Testament times, such people were sentenced to DEATH by the laws of God (example; Lev. 20)?

The ANSWER to those questions is TWOFOLD. While it is true that God has given man enough of HIS own "emotions" to the extent that such Sex sins are offensive to the innocent parties involved (unless They are so corrupt that God has turned them over to reprobate Minds), the main reason that such SINS are considered so terrible by God is that they BREAK THE SPIRITUAL "TYPES" or symbolic Pictures which God intended to be illustrated in the MARRIAGE Relationship. Anything that is not faithfulness to the marriage relationship is a "type" of unfaithfulness on the part of the CHURCH in its marriage to Jesus Christ. God COULD have set up His will for the world in such a manner that no one was allowed to marry. He COULD have even created human beings as SEXLESS creatures. He COULD have chosen to allow man to act like animals and therefore not bound by ANY marriage law at all, but rather free to "live" with anyone and everyone. Obviously, when we study the emphasis of the Scriptures we see that God set things up to portray the SPIRITUAL TRUTHS CONCERNING CHRIST AND THE CHURCH. Paul understood this fact and expressed it in Ephesians 5:

 5:22  Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. 5:23  For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. 5:24  Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so [let] the wives [be] to their own husbands in every thing. 5:25  Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; 5:26  That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, 5:27  That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish. 5:28  So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. 5:29  For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church: 5:30  For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones. 5:31  For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh. 5:32  This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church. 5:33  Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife [see] that she reverence [her] husband.

It is quite easily seen from this text that THE MAIN REASON for the laws of God concerning marriage is to portray the SPIRITUAL TRUTHS. However, as Paul emphasized, the laws are TRUE LITERALLY (i.e. in a physical sense) as well.

If you are wondering where all of this is leading, please keep in mind that we are laying a foundation of Spiritual principles so that the reader will KNOW for certain what is truth and not have to take our word for it. The principles that we have just covered are easily seen by anyone who will study the Scriptures that we have given. Now we will use those principles in order to understand more fully WHAT IS "MYSTERY BABYLON"?

There is an easily proven Biblical principle which will help us along in our study. We cover it in depth in some of our other books, so we will look at it briefly here:

     (1)  The WORD OF GOD is symbolized in the Bible as the "seed" ("semen" in today's common terminology) which comes from God in order to give us SPIRITUAL LIFE and make us therefore HIS CHILDREN. Notice the following scriptures:

James 1: 1:17  Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. 1:18  Of his own will begat he us with the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures.

1 Peter 1: 1:23  Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.

The Greek word translated "born again" means to "generate" or to "issue forth". It CAN mean to bring forth in birth, but this text obviously is MISTRANSLATED and should have been rendered "conceived". How do we know for sure? Because the symbol to which Peter refers is God's "SEED", WHICH IS THE WORD OF GOD. THE MAN'S "ISSUE" IS THE SEED OF CONCEPTION, whereas the woman's issue is the "baby" through the process of birth. The means of salvation or SPIRITUAL LIFE is through being conceived by the word of God. We cover that in more detail in some of our other books. After conception, we grow spiritually through 12 major stages of spiritual growth. Each of those twelve stages has 12 parts to it. All total, Christian growth in its fullest extent consists of 144 stages. True GROWTH can only be accomplished through FEEDING on the word of God. This "FEEDING" does not come simply by our reading the Bible, but rather it is the job of a true pastor to serve God's spiritual FOOD (Ephesians 4:11-15; 1 Timothy 4:11-16; Jeremiah 3:15; Acts 20:28; etc.). God doesn't send "food" to Babylon!

Let us summarize the facts that we have found thus far:

     (1) In Bible symbolism, Jesus and God's true people form a (spiritual) husband and wife marriage relationship.

     (2) Children of God (spiritual) produced by this relationship are spiritually "conceived" by Jesus making "fertile" the (spiritual) "eggs" WITHIN the church (the "mother") BY HIS SENDING THE "LIFE" OF HIS WORD "INTO" THE "HEARTS" OR SPIRITS OF THE "MOTHER". THIS TAKES PLACE AS THE TRUE TEACHINGS OF THE WORD GO FORTH.


     (4) The FALSE SYSTEM of COUNTERFEIT "christianity" which claims to be a part of the TRUE "BRIDE" is actually the bride of Beelzebub (the "god of this world" and chief "devil"). As such, she is symbolized by a HARLOT WOMAN  in the scriptures.

     (5) The "word of God" is the TRUE SEED which gives spiritual life (John 6:53-63) and therefore the "HARLOT BABYLON" cannot be receiving TRUE "SEED". God would not have spiritual marriage relationships with a "harlot". We must therefore realize that the "word" which Babylon SAYS is the word of God (and would thus be his "seed") is actually the "SEED" OF THE DEVIL BEELZEBUB which is a counterfeit of the true word of God. Remember, the DEVIL preaches out of the same book, talks about God, and encourages people to live for "GOD", but he is referring to himself as the "god" they should serve (2 Corinthians 4:3-4). He "transforms" himself (i.e. the Greek word means he "disguises" himself) as "a messenger of light" (2 Corinthians 11:13-15). That same text says that SATAN'S "angels" (Greek word means "messengers") also disguise THEMSELVES as "messengers of light". Since light is the TRUE WORD OF GOD, these FALSE PREACHERS PRETEND to preach the TRUTH, but instead they deceive people with fables and lies (Romans 16:18). These false teachings sound GOOD to people who are not truly saved as well as to God's children who are not grown enough spiritually to have good understanding.

     (6) People who go to false "churches" (those who claim to be "Christian" but are actually a part of Babylon) are receiving "seed" of conception FROM BEELZEBUB (the devil) through taking "in" to their spirits the WORDS that are preached.

     (7) If GOD'S TRUE PEOPLE attend churches which are a part of the "MYSTERY BABYLON" system, they are spiritually "going to bed with the DEVIL", AND ARE THEREFORE GUILTY OF SPIRITUAL FORNICATION.

     (8) Many people try to excuse themselves for attending church in spiritual "Babylon" by claiming that they do not actually take in any of the "seed" that goes forth. I find that difficult to believe, as I can see no reason for one being present in "Babylon" if they are not going to "take in anything". It reminds me of the type of situation which might arise if a man were to visit a house of prostitution and then try to tell his wife he was only visiting there and had no bad purpose at all for being there. I have a feeling that most wives who love their husbands would be just as angry even if he DID claim innocence. We must remember, SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING "BABYLON" OR IN OTHER WORDS, FALSE RELIGION, IS IN GOD'S SIGHT A HOUSE OF PROSTITUTION. Christians who attend church in such places where the appeal is to fleshly stories, fleshly emotions, fleshly entertainment, (all under the "disguise" of being labeled by such churches as "light" and "truth") will be chastised by God and will eventually STARVE to death spiritually if they do not heed His call to "come out of her my people". GOD HAS NEVER CALLED HIS PREACHERS OR HIS PEOPLE TO BE ENTERTAINERS OF ONE ANOTHER. HE CALLS HIS MINISTRY AND HIS PEOPLE TO TEACH ONE ANOTHER THE DEPTHS OF TRUTH OF THE WORD OF GOD.

Modern day methods being used by Protestantism were begun YEARS ago by the "mother" system, Roman Catholicism. For example, today's churches STILL use the POPES method of attempting to win the world for his civil/religious control. The system of having Sunday School, which took the responsibility of "training up the child in the way they should go" from the parents and placed it upon the church, was STARTED BY CATHOLICISM and handed down to Protestantism. Some of the early Protestant preachers spoke sharply against such devices of the devil, but the people wanted to be relieved of the responsibility of caring for their children in the church services, so the Devil's doctrine finally won out. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE THAT SUNDAY SCHOOL WAS OF CATHOLIC ORIGIN, CHECK THE HEBREW MEANING OF THE WORD "TRAIN UP" IN PROVERBS 22:6. YOU WILL FIND THAT THE WORD ITSELF MEANS THE PARENTS ARE TO "CATECHIZE" THE CHILDREN; NOT THE CHURCH. CHURCH NEEDS TO BE THE PLACE WHERE THEY SET SIDE BY SIDE WITH MOM AND DAD AT THE "SPIRITUAL DINNER TABLE". Sadly though, most parents are more concerned about the literal dinner table than the SPIRITUAL DINNER TABLE. GOD HELP AMERICA!!   Taken from a study by The Bible Study Center.

Hi Jay and all,
        I am a latecomer with the Bush discussion for a number of reasons. But today I think I am seeing something.
        Reason and history and study and cool facts may be assembled in multiple combinations in order to arrive at a variety of spiritual theories. But what we need instead is prophetic sight, i.e., to see what God sees in the coming to a head of world events.
        Bush is a man like any other man: fallible, weak, sinful, inept...Jesus requires that in humility we note that we all suffer from the same things.
         But Bush is the president of a giant nation unsurpassed in worldly power and influence. And he is claiming a sincere Christian faith, he is claiming to be a spiritual personality. Uh oh, on the latter I think he is not far wrong.
         As a Brit, I have been failing to make any progress with this because I have been trying with limited American political/historical knowledge to look at the whole thing through temporal spectacles. So what changed.
          Today I had my first taste of real Bushism.       
          As you know I am in the habit of visiting Christian chatrooms. I was in one earlier, and found myself hearing appalling antiChristian sentiments being tossed back and forth between the American folk as though they were beach balls. These Christians are upholding gross sin at world class level, in the name of president Bush, in whom they trust. This is how I heard it:
           Murder is now Christian behaviour, if it is done in Bush's name.
           Racial hatred is a legitimate and useful tool...in Bush's name.
            Oppression, violence with threat, exploitation, criminal ecological nimbyism, and economic shipwreck of smaller nations if they don't tow the line is perfectly fine and dandy....in Bush's name.
             Are you guys over there reading the same Bible?
    OK I think I see it. I see the lifting up of Bush and the trampling of Jesus underfoot. I see significant portions of the world flock beginning to listen to the words of the wrong shepherd, I see the eyes glazing over and the hearts becoming numb to evil, becoming deceived by evil, believing that the evil that they see is in fact good.
             God help us. The deception is masterly. Man, it doesn't look too funny suddenly.
              Love, Mary

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