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Message to the Nations
My Friend Barack
Prophetic Church
Run My Race
The Hidden to be Revealed In His Time
The Evangelical Establishment

Whispering Truth
Ralph Nader
Amy Williams
Hui Cai
Ching Co
Patrick McIntyre


The Secret To Winning
Nothing Can Hinder My Work In Your Life
New Mantle
Boundless Is My Love Toward You
How We Short-Circuit the Power of God
Outrage, Misguided
No limits!

Doug Morrell
Bill Hardaway
Russell Durose
Stephen Hanson
J. Lee Grady
Noam Chomsky
Amy Williams


The Voice of the Turtledove
Death of the Usurper Church
American Designs in Latin America
Christian TV's All-Time Worst Fundraising Gimmicks
Prepare For Change
For They Shall be Called Children of God
How the Rich Conduct Class Warfare

Rose Provencher
Stephen St. Louis
Timothy V. Gatto
J. Lee Grady
Claudia Mondesire
Jennifer Kottler
Cenk Uygur
Laura Barnwell


We Who Advocate Peace
Rend Your Heart
Seven Reasons Why We Can’t Stop Making War
I Am Breaking Chains With Praise!
Covenant Bonds
The Christian Fascists Are Growing Stronger
I Heard You

Camillo Mac Bica
Cynthia Blaskis
William J. Astore
Chris Hedges
Lynn Kofler
James Donovan
Amy Williams
Israel Froess


Doctrines That Divide and Truth That Unites – Part 1
In Time - Why Bankers Love War
Spiritual Childbirth
The Making of a Prophet
I Want to Refresh You
Take Heart

Jim Sayles
Debra & Marvin Westbrook
Scott Baker
Steve Bliss
T. Austin-Sparks
Karyn Sartor
Ann Richards


Five Points of Revolution
Purified hearts
Commerce or Christ?
Liberals Are Useless
Total Surrender
Examine Your Heart This Day
Haiti Is Open for Business
A New Season, Change Is Coming

Darren Smith
Amy Williams
Gerald Chester
Chris Hedges
Mitzi Busby
Stephen Hanson
Stephen Lendman
Hanna Appelgryn


Total loyalty
You are My Treasure
It's Time to Put Jobs First
The Message Is Clear
Obama's War
Purification And Holiness
The Pending Collapse Of The U.S.A.

Amy Williams
Ian Ross
Richard Trumka
Carrie Schmid
Jim Hightower
Wendy Graham
Timothy V. Gatto


The Church of Tomorrow
The More!
How the Servant Became a Predator
They're out to get us!
To Hear Properly
The Rich Have Stolen The Economy
Are We Possessed?
Where Are You Hiding?

Andrew Strom
Rose Provencher
William K. Black
Don Smith
Stephen Hanson
Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Levy
Steve Bliss


A Higher Place
God, Give Us Prophets!!
The Purpose of the Wilderness
Clarity of Vision
A Hopeless World of Insecurity
The Economy Is A Lie, Too
Get Ready for a Mighty Outpouring

Elery Mayo
Paul Holdren
Glen Riddick
Amy Williams
Olufunso J Omidiran
Paul Craig Roberts
Karyn Sartor


The Breaking of the Glasshouses
The Question That Changed My Life
You Are Loved
Kingdom Pearl
What If?
Conviction That Leads To Repentance
Where Did the Gospel Go?

Jeremy Smit
David Ryser
Carrie Schmidt
Amy Williams
Stephen Hanson
Terry Somerville
Peter Hansen


God Has Pushed a Great Big Reset Button
Politics, Power and Pride
The Freedom I Have For You
Spiritual Gifts Are Not Bound by Prejudice
Holy War
Remain in Me
War Is Sin

Lee Grady
Eddie Hyatt
Steven Bliss
Mimi Haddad
Elanie Meyer
Ian Ross
Chris Hedges


Faith That Is Unshakable
Resist or Become Serfs
I Am Revealing Myself
Expand While the Devil Shrinks!
10 Terms Not to Use with Muslims
A Christian Mistake
Do You Want It?
What happened to Jesus and what's a Christian to do with it?

Terry Somerville
Chris Hedges
Karen Lundquist
Andrew Strom
Chris Seiple
Jim Wallis
Teresa Seputis
Eileen Fleming


The Nouveau Poor
It All Gets Real
Saving Jackpot Capitalism: The Real Reason Why the Banks Are Being Bailed Out
Was the Bailout Itself a Scam?
Too Big to Fail Is too Big
Draw Near To Me
America Is in Need of a Moral Bailout
Iraq: Six Long Years of Deception
War and History Keep Repeating
Is the U.S.A. the World's Greatest Nation Now?
The Cross of the Church at the End of the Age

Jan Cline
David Glenn Cox
Martha Rose Crow
Paul Craig Roberts
Too Big to Fail Is too Big
Draw Near To Me
Chris Hedges
Iraq: Six Long Years of Deception
John Scripsick
Bob Kendall
Vern Kuenzi


Reclaiming Genuine Apostolic Anointing
The Perils of Being Right and Wrong
That Your Eyes May Be Clear
The Sons of Glory
Made to Measure
Our Moral Audit of the Budget
Reading Peace for Lent
Ending the War on Drugs

J. Lee Grady
David Michael Green
Steven Bliss
Stephen Hanson
Mary Lloyd
Jim Wallis
Valerie Elverton Dixon
Silja J.A. Talvi


Why Are We Still at War?
Christian Support for Killing Iraqis
The New World Order And The Stimulus
The End of Capitalism?
The Role of Government: Keeping the Wealthy Rich
Truth, By George
War On Terror Was Wrong
Brother Can You Spare a Dime?

Norman Solomon
Jacob G. Hornberger
Dennis Kaiser
Ann Robertson
Dean Baker
Rand Clifford
David Miliband
Norma Sherry
Carolyn Carson
Stephen Hanson


Starving for Change
America Out of Work
Trust Me To Provide Your Needs
George W. Bush Belongs in Prison
By What Authority?
Washington Arrogance has Fomented a Muslim Revolution
We Will Not Jump Ship
Turn Aside

Chris Hedges
Marie Cocco
Teresa Seputis
Joel S. Hirschhorn
Paul Craig Roberts
Sheila Samples
Steven Bliss


Anti-Democratic Nature of US Capitalism is Being Exposed
Seeking the Heart of God
Everyone Is Called to Serve
Repackaging America
Don't Let Barack Obama Break Your Heart
War is From Mars, Love is From Venus
Progressives Have A Mandate To Govern
The Prophets -- A Terrible Company

Noam Chomsky
Jim Wallis
Mimi Haddad
Gideon Levy
Tom Engelhardt
Timothy Snyder
Isaiah J. Poole
Wendy Alec


Haiti: In Solidarity with its Five Freedoms
The Wicked Witch Is Dead. Why Aren't We Dancing in the Streets?
The Age of Unbridled Consumption Just Ended
The Problems of Latin America and the Caribbean
Taking Poverty Message to Streets
Why My Church is Hosting a Poverty Sunday
By My Spirit

James Petras
Naomi Jaffe
Lisa Wise
Noam Chomsky
Fran Quigley
Troy Jackson
Elizabeth Darby Bass


Vision of the Bride
Our Children Have Sacred Value
How the Democrats Helped Bush Hijack the Country
Fear and Courage
Joan Baez: ‘I Was Right 40 Years Ago and I Am Right Now!’
Theocratic Sect Prays for Real Armageddon
And Then We Will Die

Russell Durose
Bishop Charles Blake
Cynthia McKinney
Mary Lloyd
Will Hodgkinson
Casey Sanchez
Angie Riedel


The Wind Of My Spirit
Don’t Cage Dissent
Behind Politics, A Philosophy of Fear
Commonsense and The Russo-Georgian War
The Plague of Lawlessness
Washington's Hypocrisy
All the Propaganda That's Fit to Print

Karen Lundquist
Amy Goodman
Eliot J. Chandler
Timothy V. Gatto
Olufunso J. Omidiran
Dmitry Rogozin
Sean M. Madden


Look To Me, Your God!
Iraq Vets Testify to War Atrocities
The Matter of Supply
I'm Sorry
What I Truly Want From You
Knowing God the Hard Way
Old Rags

James Donovan
Liliana Segura
Mary Lloyd
Joan Ray
Michael Kwiatkowski
Jim Grayson
Olufunso J. Omidiran
Allen Sanders


Prophetic Showdown Coming
I Will Exceed Your Expectations
IRAQ: Where Happiness Has Gone
Where Do We Go From Here?
Speaking Truth To Poverty
The Other Side of “The Days of Elijah’
Three Words Progressives Can Use to Win Elections
Follow Me!
The Way to Peace Can Be Paved With Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Negotiation

Jennifer LeClaire
Teresa Seputis
Ahmed Ali and Dahr Jamail
Amy Goodman
Martin Luther King III
Chris Anderson
Bernie Horn
Debra Westbrook
Olga Bonfiglio


I Will Be Unchallenged!
Candidates: Come clean about Iraq
I Am A God Of Miracles
Poorer Countries Find a Way to Escape U.S. Dominance
Obama and a Chance for Progressive Change
Vision of a Train Yard
Shake Down

Marvin Westbrook
Helen Thomas
James Donovan
Noam Chomsky
Judy Rohde
Dave Lindorff
Joan Ray
David Davenport
Mike Eicher


Springing Ahead
Iowa and the Poles of Protestantism
Whatever Happened to 'We the People'?
The Evangelical Rebellion
You´re Damn Right I´m Angry. Why Isn´t Everybody?
Shut Up (About) Chavez
Why I Believe Bush Must Go
You Can Change the World
Walk With My Authority

Steve Bliss
Diana Butler Bass
Thom Hartmann
Chris Hedges
David Michael Green
Paul Buchheit
George McGovern
Jim Grayson
James Donovan


No Revival Without Repentance
Iraq War Is a Betrayal of American Democracy
Seek My Face
Choose You This Day
Faith and War
El Salvador's Patriot Act

Terry Somerville
Matt Howard
Jim Donovan
Olufunso Joseph Omidiran
Cindy Sheehan
Jacob Wheeler


Smashing Capitalism
The Kingdom
When We Are Weak, Then We Are Strong
9/11 as a License to Kill
The Authority Of Your Words
Pouring Forth

Barbara Ehrenreich
Mary Lloyd
Greg Leonard
Norman Solomon
Teresa Seputis
Steve Bliss


A New Order of the Ages
Never Fear
Progressives Have The Mojo Now
Troublemakers in the Church
The Neoconservative Threat to American Freedom
Water Level Rising
Bush, Mideast Wars and End-Time Prophecy
Which Camp Are You In

Marianne Williamson
Jim Grayson
Robert Borosage
David Wilkerson
Paul Craig Roberts
Steven Bliss
JP Briggs II and Thomas D. Williams
Stephen Hanson


What would Jesus really do?
TV Evangelist John Hagee Wants War With Iran, and He Wants It Now!
Jesus Wouldn’t Bomb a Soul
Bush: Planetary Pirate
Bush Has Gone AWOL
Joshua Prepares for Battle
The Spirit of Merchandising
I AM Raising a People…

Roland Martin
Bill Barnwell
Jason Miller
Paul Levy
General William Odom
Sammy Tippit
Marvin Westbrook
Jim Grayson


Preaching Revolution
Lost In The Lust Of the Werewolves
Time for Christians to Preach Peace
You Are Not Your Own
The Church Has Lost His Head
A Predator Becomes More Dangerous When Wounded
You Are The Light

Zack Exley
Sheila Samples
Marion C. Bascom and Andrew Foster Connors
Jim Grayson
Mary Lloyd
Noam Chomsky
Steven Bliss


Triggered by Evil
An Impartial Interrogation of George W. Bush
Why We Need a Crash
Bush: Possessed by the Compusion to Destroy
Hearts Have Grown Cold
What Will You Do Now?
Let There be Peace

Paul Levy
George McGovern
Andrew Strom
Paul Levy
Mary Lloyd
Stephen Hanson
Jim Grayson
Monica Benderman


The Prince of Muddy Waters
Sell-Out Democrats Have Walked into a Bush Trap on Iraq
Clueless in America
Rivers Flow
Fear Not For I Have Redeemed You
History Will Not Treat Us Kindly
Annan Blasts U.S. In Farewell
Democrats Expected to Increase U.S. Military Spending
We Are the Message
Remembering Pinochet
My Terms

Jim Grayson
Dave Lindorff
Charles Sullivan
Suzanne Cantrelle
Dorothea Montague
Tim Andersen
Barbara Slavin
Aaron Glantz
Jerry Levin
Ericka Verba
Teresa Seputis


The Spoils of Corruption
He Shall Hide Me in His Pavillion
Bush Signs the Reichstag Fire Decree
Trained to Kill
'Stability First': Newspeak for Rape of Iraq
Soldiers Say Support the Troops by Bringing Them Home
I Am About To Rush Forth

Charles Sullivan
Dorothea Montague
Larisa Alexandrovna
David Grossman
Pepe Escobar
Mike Gudgell
Steven Bliss


Straining Out Gnats
Naked Before God
The Latter Rain
Foreboding Influences, Assurance of Coming Glory
Ted Turner Says Iraq War among History's "Dumbest"

David Servant
Ryan Wyatt
Francis Frangipane
Priscilla Van Sutphin
Daniel Trotta


Bush rages: I am not Beelzebub, Lord of Sulfur
I Am Awakening My Church
The New South Africa: From National Liberation to Neo-Liberalism
Restoration and Reactivation
Finding Faith in Our Darkest Hour
The Politics of Disposability
Darkness Into Light

Mike Whitney
James Donovan
David Silver
Alex Leong
Xochitl Bervera
Henry A. Giroux
Mary Lloyd


Love People Please!
The Devil and The Duck
The Spirit of War
Taste Of My Riches!
Cake vs. Meat
Greed and Disneyland Christianity
What Is a Prophet?

Andrew Strom
Joyce Marcel
Karen Lundquist
Dawn Starbinski
Brother George
Art Katz


The Sound of Faith
Where Is The Voice Of Sanity
Wake Up Church
The Fight Against Mammon
Casting All Your Cares Upon Him
Church Activities

Deborah Voetberg
Paul Levy
Rev Karen
Eberhard Arnold
Dorothea Montague
A. W. Tozer


Step Into Change
For the People of America
George, Please Tell Me, Would You Consider Becoming Religious?
Judgment of One Another
My Bride's Gowns Have Become Soiled
Can God Trust You?
Meeting Jehovah Jireh in Prayer

Cyndee Pillow
Elton Williamson
Dennis G. Shulman
Karen Lundquist
Stephen Hanson
Olufunso Joseph Omidiran
Sammy Tippit


My Plumbline
I Am Coming to Shake Up the Approved Social Order of the Day!
To the family of Tom Fox
Last in a Round of Bullets Babylon
Discerning Leadership

Olivia Reitz Long
Vincent Xavier
Stacy Herring
Cindy Sheehan
Lisa Schirch
A. W. Tozer


The Journey That Many Will Take
Wayward Christian Soldiers
My Glory Will Be Seen Upon You
U.S. Christian Leaders Apologise For Iraq War
Flatulent Right Wing Fills Radio with Hate
Take a Risk
The Ability to Do

Stephen Hanson
Charles Marsh
Dorothea Montague
Ximena Diego
Bill Berry
Mary Lloyd
A. W. Tozer


Free Will
Hope Does Not Disappoint
Catch the Fire of My Joy!
The Hidden State Steps Forward
A Sound of Abundance of Rain!
President Expects to Use Idiot Defense

Tim Woodall
Dorothea Montague
Mary Lloyd
Jonathan Schell
Olufunso J. Omidiran
Don Monkerud


The Lord has given us the grace to reconcile the children to their Fathers

As One Body

  • We prepare for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb
  • Harvest the Fruit of the Latter Rain
  • Follow Him as the Army of the Lord into His Glory

Help To Prepare A Holy Bride!

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