Manifest Sons and the Wilderness

August 6, 2000

Today as I was putting together the prophetic and teaching articles for the Five-Fold Today column that I am doing, I noticed something very significant in what the Lord is saying. Six out of the ten submissions I published had to do with the wilderness/desert experience. I have also just finished a book on the Wilderness experience by one of the members of this group, Paul Weigel, and I would like to recommend it for all of you to order and read. It is called A Journey In The Wilderness: Becoming Fruitful In The Kingdom. It is a great study of the steps necessary to walk in the spirit and live a sanctified life. Review it at

As I struggle with the idea of the manifest sons making their appearance in us as part of the remnant church, I also realize that we said the same things about the man-child of revelation. These are both separate controversial issues but yet, it may be exactly the same thing. Is this the corporate Jesus that many have spoken of as the reality of His many-membered body filling the earth as a prelude to, or even the fulfillment of the Second Coming? I haven't always felt this way but it came about through study and from dialectic discussion and observation in the prophetic. I believe that many of the things that occurred during Jesus' first appearance here on earth foreshadows what will happen to the remnant church during the Second Coming. That wilderness experience that Jesus went through came after His baptism and included being tempted of the devil. It also parallels the time of the children of Israel in the Sinai, which is taught as an example for us. We are also being taught that the river is about to flow and the desert will blossom. That river comes in stages, up to our ankles, up to our knees, until we are completely immersed in it.

We are being prepared to enter into the Promised Land but as promised, much sifting and purging and "many trials and tribulations" must occur before we get into the kingdom. We may be in that wilderness stage now as a group or as individuals. For myself, I am praying that this is over for me. Others are thinking it to be also over for them but there will be many attempts on the life of the man-child and we should understand that this sifting and purging is necessary as we grow unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. If these things are true, then we are definitely in a growth period right now and still have much work ahead of us.

The responses this time are super and show a single-mindedness. Mentioned is the battle, the sifting, the cleansing, empowering, restoration and opposition. Several were personal and words of encouragement for the silence in heaven part that I wrote. I do need to work on the manifest sons essay. There was a mention from someone that it sounds like I have been hurt. While this was true during the period that I was putting this together, I had hoped to not let this influence show, I don't see it, which means I need work on it. It is mentioned that this is just the tip of the iceberg and also that it is more than just the appearance of the last day prophets and apostles and the rest in unity in these last days, so I would like us all to dig a little deeper.

There were a lot of you that went to the manifest sons essay in the last several days but many didn't. . We have mork work to do, what more do we have to say? Let's hear what you think. Are the manifest sons the same as the Bride or sent to prepare the Bride? There is a "manifest sons doctrine" that our enemies accuse us of preaching. What is it? How much influence is the five-fold exerting in your church? Any? I teach this stuff in my Mother's church and get "I am too busy to be interested in that stuff." This seems like what they will be saying when the wedding guests are invited. Is that what we are saying, that the wedding feast is already prepared? Some of us are indeed ready and even impatient. I went out in the streets years ago and the Lord sent me back into my cave in the wilderness where I stumbled frequently from home and had to go through the fire.

Many are ready now to go into the streets. A while back on the discussion of pastors, Bill asked "Do we really need churches today?" This is a valid question considering many churches are still worshiping with business as usual and the dissatisfied are meeting more and more in the homes (which could also be considered out in the byways). Personally I do not think that the remnant Bride is ready yet, what do you think?


Dear Jay;
I don't want to make this long. I believe the Lord has spoken these things to me over the past 3 years.
1) The dark will get darker, but in measure, His Spirit will shine brighter. And then He said something in a way that caused courage to swell in my heart, with no fear...He said "Let the games begin." I knew clearly from this that we could enter this battle without fear, because the faith that grows in us from seeing Him move in powerful ways will overcome our fears.
2) Man looks at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart.
3) In reference to number two, it seems that the feast is ready, and those who were too busy were asked but did not want to break away from their own "thing" so God wants us to go to the "unlovely" in the world's eyes. The passed-by people. Hospitals, prisons, blue-collar workers, wherever, and love them into wholeness. It is not an instant thing....this kind of love takes time and perseverance, and we simply cannot do it if we have an agenda of our own. We can not put this kind of love into many....only a few at a time. all this to say, I do agree and am hearing the same things as you. I am a worship leader who builds teams, loving each other, laying down competition and jealousy that we may enter into God's presence as one. I started doing this at my home church, and through some sovereign circumstances too numerous to go into here, am now actively involved in team building in 3 other churches, 2 of which are small churches, 1 a plant, and the other, my new home base, is the largest church in my town. The battle has been strong since the large church in America is so often run like a business, and not a church at all. But, through many trials in our lives, God has indeed made us able for the battle, love-warriors if you will, to be wise and gentle, open and strategic, and listening for His every command. Nothing like this life!

Your words have encouraged me many times. Hang in there...the best is yet to come!
carol manglos

I may sound like a poet when I share this, but this is the way I heard it. We are in a time of preparation and separation. A time of equipping and a time of stripping. A shaking is taking place within the body. Throughout history, the body of Christ has been put through shakings of one sort or another. But, this is a different kind of shaking than what I have seen from the past days of revival and awakenings. The time of His return is drawing VERY NEAR. There has been a lot of playing within the ranks, and it must stop. The shaking will leave NOTHING untouched. It is to test everything about your walk and your character. I see and experience this move not only at the homefront, but abroad. There is much work that must be done, but there is some times of equipping that must come first. A time to be taught and tested. We must be striped away of all thing that do not agree with and totally back up His divine Word. The teaching is to advance our wisdom and knowledge to a place to where we can stand alone upon the watchtower, and point out all manner of false doctrine that will and is brought about by false teachers. What does everyone feel on this? In Christ's faithful service,

May I jump in just for one thought, before you end the evangelism thread.... I would like to say that I have never understood something that just NOW came perfectly clear to me.... this 'clarity' happened when the Lord released His servants to go forth into the highways and byways to call out for His beloveds... those who have His Seed in them, (although the Seed is hidden and not apparent to the carnal 'eye' at all)

Servants of Love have been sent forth to call out the beloveds of His -- to come now and be delivered from all that has kept them in bondage. There has been awakened a greater 'sensitivity'... an awareness, an attentive 'listening' ... to hear His Choosing, His Calling-Out... and when HE says, 'this is one of My beloveds, then the servant of Love is empowered and anointed to do the cleansing, freeing, delivering that is necessary for this beloved of His to come free from every bondage they are held captive to. There is no question, no matter how bound they are, they will go free, for He has chosen them to go free NOW. It is the time of Freedom and Love, cleansing and maturing of many who have absolutely no outward appearance of belonging to Christ, yet He declares they belong to Him.

Their hearts are ready, for it is LOVE which crosses all the barriers and walls that have separated them from their Lord, and their hearts are ready for Love. The 'evangelism' that I see happening is completely Holy Spirit directed, as the Lord calls forth first for the captives that belong to Him. The solid foundation of the Kingdom, is that "He knows those who belong to Him" and "Those who confess His Name, must turn away from all wickedness"

He is taking back "the booty" the enemy thinks he has stolen, but nothing created can separate any of those who belong to Him, from the Love of God in Christ Jesus which has been released to 'evangel'... to speak the Glad Tidings of the KINGDOM, which is FREEDOM for all captives! Servants have been sent forth now, clothed in Love, clothed in Christ, with the "specific authority" to seek and to save that which was lost... scanning through an entire crowd of people, the Spirit of God will focus His Love in you upon one... as He declares to your heart, 'this is My beloved'... gather her/him into the Love-fold. Nothing can stop this Freedom from happening just as His Sovereign Will and the predetermine councils of Heaven have so declared it to happen! IT is time to speak the Gospel of the Kingdom to the hearts that have been prepared to receive it!

one bondservant of Love,
Linda the Beguine

Jay, I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR. The basis of what you are discussing is why I can't sit in a church for hours to continue to hear what I already know. We need to be out on the streets and the hedges and highways ministering to those who are "sick" and don't know Christ in the pardon of their sins. Why continue to talk to people who aren't in need of a physician? Jesus says "the more we speak to others about HIM, the more we stay saved ourselves". The work is out in the streets. It only seems that we should meet together at church to share testimonies and of how we brought others to Christ. Even we could, make a list of things to go out and do according to our stage or ability in the "word" and target areas to start in and taken this world by storm, one city at a time! The only problem is that some pastors won't come into the agreement to let their congregation go on the outside to do these things even though it is required of us as disciples to do so. Some pastors feel they must have complete control over their church(es) and what the people in their churches do. For example, my pastor knows I'm a Prophetess, he calls me that but, when I asked him for some type of permission to get and I.D. to be able to go into the hospitals, resthomes, neighborhoods, etc. so that I would be I.D'ed as a minister and wouldn't get in trouble, he brushed it off with some type of excuse. I'm tired of having to sit back and not be able to officially be able to do the things that need to be done in the body of Christ because I need this or that from someone! It makes me angry! This is why in my city, there is a church on almost every corner and it shouldn't be! It's spiritual bondage going on and people aren't buying it anymore! People want to be free to serve God I don't care who is watching for your soul! Jay please correct me if I have the wrong idea about things because when it comes to Christ, I sometime my get "up in the air" a little bit because of these so called "Christians". That's why I want to be free and feel free in Christ! In most churches, at some point I began to feel "bound up" like presently, it seems I just can't seem to get myself back into my church. They have a vision to target certain types of people and I don't share that vision. I see little or no growth happening in the church and..... it being preached in a sense that it is ok to continue to sin and let God clean you? Not telling them they have to have a "will" inside to want to stop their sin! God forbid! or, Telling a congregation that you believe that you can pray for a person's soul after they die and they can make it into heaven! God Forbid! What is the point then of us converting our sinful lives if we can just ask someone to " pray for me when I die, so I can continue to sin on earth but make it into heaven anyway with out being "born again". That's like calling God's "word" a lie. Can you believe it? I even began [sinning] again because of what he said to me about letting God clean me up and take [sin] from me but I realized according to the "word" that something wasn't right about that and I stopped and asked for forgiveness and help to stop doing what I was but, I had to have a "will" within myself to want to stop. Jay, it's so much going on, but I'm leaning on the everlasting arm of the Lord to see me through. Continue to pray for me, and I pray for you!
Yours in Christ, Thomasine

As I stand here on the front lines with the word of the Lord upon my heart, I hear what you're saying, my brother in Christ. The silence in heaven that you hear is the sound of the gathering of the winds which will rush down and bring forth the truth upon the ears of the people. The call to action in which you so diligently tell us to heed is also upon that wind. Mightier than the light of the sun and much more serene than the glow of the moon is the power that is about to manifest itself upon us in the coming days. Yes, there is silence in the eye of the storm. And as you have revealed to us what you have gone through, we need only glance at the story of the Prophet Elijah and of how after he revealed the false prophets and priests of baal to the people of Israel he was forced to hide. But God, in His own way showed Elijah, like He is showing you, that in the end, after the firestorms, earthquakes and other forms of powerful upheavals, He comes to us softly, with a still, small, voice. A sound which can only be heard by the Manifest Sons of God!

Your report concerning the Manifest Sons of God is powerful, to say the least - but it is only the tip of the iceberg. Inside each and every one of us grows the Kingdom of Heaven. Each day it grows, until the birth takes place. The outpouring of love and power such as the world has never seen before is about to explode upon these times, for there is much corruption and evil upon us. Continue to do your part, Jay. We are receiving your water. I stand in prayer with you.

Bill Caraway

Who are the Manifest Sons? We are all sons of God, but do we manifest the glory of God? Jesus seemed to many to be just a man, but in the transfiguration, he manifested his divine nature. The work of salvation is to lead many sons into glory. The manifest sons are those whose robes are washed white in the blood. Blessed are they who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb. You are right in saying that we must have the cross as our subjective experience as well as the objective reality. Otherwise we are merely pardoned criminals and freed slaves. To be the manifest sons, we must not only accept Jesus' death and resurrection, we must live Jesus' death and resurrection, dying on the cross and rising to eternal life. The branch is part of the vine, and the two grow together so as to be one organism.

Every Son of God is our brother. This is an obvious truth but one that escapes us at every turn. The Lord has shown me that we must be able to praise God alongside any brother or sister, even those who oppose us. This is the one tactic Satan cannot oppose. Jesus said of those who serve him, "I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves." This army is to be unlike any before it, an army of sheep to fight against the wolves. The world sows dissension, anger and bitterness, but the work of the Lord is to pray for those who persecute us and build up those who wish to tear us down. Our Lord was wise as a serpent, knowing what his enemies had planned, but gentle as a lamb, refusing to repay his enemies evil for evil.

The greatest challenge that we face is the fact that wherever Christians come together in a group, even for the purpose of unity, that group can become divisive. Even the five-fold ministry can become a doctrine. There will be those called to unity who differ even on these matters yet who are not schismatic or divisive. The key will be recognizing the body of Christ as the greatest truth, to which all else is subordinate, and accepting these ones as fellow workers.

Our father has sons about whom we have never even heard. Eventually we will meet them and be tested in whether or not we recognize them as brothers. In the last year, I was called into the Lord's Recovery, also known as the Local Churches. I do not mean to advertise a particular group - the Lord calls us to wherever he wishes - but it has been a great blessing to fellowship with and learn from a group of brothers who are trying to be simply the body of Christ and to build up the true Church. Then I find the five-fold ministries working to the same goal. Neither group is a denomination, even though there is always the problem of human weakness. I have found myself wondering what will happen when the Lord brings all of us together, whether we will put aside our differences and be of one spirit. I trust that our Lord and head will arrange things according to his plan.


Jay, I was particularly struck with the importance of this message. I confirm it altogether. I have read your treatise on the manifest sons. I believe that I have some things to add to what you say, but I need a bit more time to put them together. I know what you must be experiencing in terms of condemnation, accusation, etc. We went violent attacks from many church people in Indonesia when we began to propagate end-time truth. At times the opposition seemed almost unbearable. I remember one time I was feeling the great force of the spiritual opposition. I thought about the power that we have for binding and loosing and felt that the opposition was putting me into this kind of bondage. But at that moment, some of my friends reminded me that they also had the power to bind or loose. They said that it did not matter that we were a small group and the accusers were many. We were on the Lord's side and that they could easily release me. They spoke a simple word of command for my release. From that moment on, I was free and did not worry any more about what men said. Eventually, those who opposed and were causing divisions ceased. Many of them now are promoting the very things they were opposing then. As a result of the present heavy persecution in the country from violent men of another religion, the churches are uniting and getting a vision for the perfection of the Church. They are willingly sacrificing their lives for the Gospel, and the Christians are gaining the victory. Now, in the name of Jesus, I speak release to you. You will no longer be influenced or bound in any way by the opposers. They will have no power over you. You will be free to hear the Lord's voice accurately and proclaim His word with boldness. In this country, many Christians are opening their eyes and ears to what God is saying and doing. This will increase. Eventually, as the Christians begin to act in New Testament ways, persecution will increase from those of other religious persuasions. When the persecution becomes heavy and people start dying for their faith, the churches will come together in unity, will learn how to do effective spiritual warfare, and will become powerful witnesses for their faith by their lives, their words, and their sacrifice.

I am an old man and would like to live in comfort and ease, but I know that God's plan has to work out. I know that things have to get worse before they get better and that God will give us grace to suffer what we have to and thus to see His glory and victory manifested.

In His love,
Edwin Stube

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