August 11, 2001

There are two choices that the church in all ages have had to make, to serve God or mammon. The god of this world has had his way in the church for so long that the kingdom has had to suffer tremendously through its witness. We are in the Laodicean age of the church in that the church has become rich, it is all stored within and precious little gets to the ones that need it the most. We have magnificent buildings and outreach programs to proselytize, crystal cathedrals and steeples that reach into the sky like the tower of Babylon but as long as there is still poor among us, we have failed. We already had a great discussion on tithing some time ago, you may see it at, where it was mentioned that the curse of Malachi was directed not so much to the lack of tithing but to the unrighteous use of it.

I believe that the true God is just sick and tired of the luke-warm materialism that has reigned supreme in our churches and this is where the greatest judgment will be directed. Once the church finally makes up her mind which god to choose, there will be a monumental shift in blessings from the un-righteous to the righteous. This is the transfer of wealth that the prophets have been speaking of. Sure, God will judge the adulterers and the thieves and liars but He will also be judging those that oppress a worker's wages and sided with management, who deny the homeless and widows and fatherless children and justice to the poor. God will especially be bringing severe judgment to those who have been saying that being liberal to the poor is an evil. Can you say that you have been a blessing to the poor? Or have you been conservative toward them? What is your voting record, do you vote out of compassion or your pocketbook? A great judgment is coming but also great showers of blessing to those that have been true to the call of compassion.

Up to now, the church has not been worthy. People go to church to be blessed instead of being a blessing. To be served instead of serving. "It is more blessed to give than to receive." It is spiritual blessings that are the most important but you must give. This is when the window of heaven will open up to pour out blessings that cannot be contained. This is the latter rain.

If we are to be restored to the faith of our fathers, we do not have to look far for the example of the early church.

And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all. Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold and laid them down at the apostles' feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need Acts 4:33-35.

A little extreme? Perhaps, yet our example. We have a mortgage and I am not about to throw my wife and family out into the street but the Lord teaches the rich man:

If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.
That rich man walked away and prompted Jesus to make the statement that a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven "but with God all things are possible."

We are still waiting for the "perfect to come."

Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God. Revelations 3:2.
We are to die to become perfect and that also means the fleshly desire for riches. Giving away everything I have to be in the position of dependence on others does not make sense but I do know that I am to dedicate everything I have to Him and that means my material possessions as well as my spiritual ones, then and only then can Jesus use them to His glory, not mine.

Many pastors take pride in the way that their church is growing. So much so that they need to expand their building program to accommodate more luke-warm Christians. They say, Lord, Lord, but Jesus said:

Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Matthew 7:22-23.

I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not. Matthew 25:43.

Churches have a reputation of being alive when they are dead. Soon the Lord Jesus will be bringing these dead Christians to life and then shall we see the greater works and miracles that we are looking for. Then shall we see the transfer of wealth and the revival of the church and the stadiums filled and the conversion of so many.

Up to now, the church has not been worthy. Poor churches give more than rich ones.

Not much discussion on the question this time but great ones. The coming transfer of wealth is confirmed according to the true prosperity message, not the godliness is gain one. Also mentioned is the power connected with our covenant blessings and the awesome responsibility, the blessing to the giver and testimonies of what is happening right now. We are reminded also that money is not the root of evil but the love of it is.

I would like to take on another direction this next time and that is the big controversy of the eternal security question. Please, this may take different versions of the truth seen in different ways so no condemnation please. This is a pretty explosive issue to some. I will start with the premise that it should not divide us, the important thing is that we are saved, not if we can lose it, It is a day to day thing regardless. We need to approach this question with scripture and the spirit of truth in love.

The question: Can we or can we not ever lose our salvation?

Get back to me,



As for the great transfer of wealth, I sincerely sense that we are at the tail end of an initial work that is obviously more flesh than Spirit. As with Sara, who had God's direction but lacked His timing or specific course, the first attempt at prosperity, the present prosperity message, produced many Ishmaels, appealing to greed, self-righteousness, and doctrines of man directing God. Its root is impatience - "Its my time to get my stuff from my God!"

What we will soon see is a true Isaac in the form of a true prosperity message that speaks of a great wealth transfer which ONLY involves true dead men, men who have nothing but God's purpose in their heart. Some may be disappointed to hear that God will not allow great riches (mammon) to destroy man in order that man finance great works for God. Unlike Ishmael, God created Isaac for God's purposes. Unlike Ishmael, God does not have to fight through flesh in dealing with Isaac. God's purpose with God's men relative to finances is soon to be evident in the earth, but these purposes will only work in men who have been tested by the fires of affliction, men whose trust for God is matched by God's trust for them.

The time for pleading and begging is over. God pays for what He orders. His resources are in place and those with a sense of destiny and purpose will find the necessary resources, spiritual and natural, to perform His will. How great it is to step into the Jordan to cross, without a boat or bridge, and see the river part. Watch as God continues to raise up a remnant of people who will exercise complete control over mammon, who will neither be swayed to the left or right, up or down, but will flow with His spirit in financial affairs. Think it not a strange thing that even now God is requiring us to trust him completely in the area of money. True trust for him requires a revelation of His rest, the place where we have ceased from our own works, where God is truly our provider.

The time for trickery and deception is over. When we give in an effort to move the hand of God, we have entered the arena of self-righteousness, a product of the world's system. The world's system will no longer work for the called of God. In the days to come, much will be exposed about the real motive relative to the present day prosperity message. Many will leave these ranks wounded and disappointed, however, even now God is raising tried, tested, and true men of God who know that Godliness with contentment is great gain, who know that to chase money is to leave the blessing of God, who know that the word without the spirit is law, who know that God's provision comes through relationship not formula.

In Him,

Clay Sikes

Hi Jay,

This should be an explosive response for discussion. A scripture comes to me in Proverbs 15 :3 Behold the eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding the good and the evil.

The Lord has not just recently looked into the affairs of man on the earth. He has know since time began the decisions that man would make. In His heart He would have us to make our thought His thoughts about all that we do. However there has always been that tendency in man for greed and power. Greed perhaps because we don't understand the LOVE of a God who would create everything and bestow it to us as our blessing. Genesis 1:28-29

Power because we recognize that power allows us to control the destiny and flow of things. There is a power connected with our covenant blessings that allows us to run God's business in the earth which will cause the people to rejoice.

When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice.

The wealth of this world has always belonged to God's people, those who would not like Adam and Eve eat from the tree that destroys the ability of God to do things His way. We see the people at the tower of Babel again looking for a way to do possibly a good thing but that which would lead them to anarchy against their Creator again.

This awesome responsibility has been given to the church to set the direction to see the wealth of God in the hands of God's people. But the church has had her own set of problems with obedience. We have as the church moved from century to century bringing the church in alignment to do the perfect will of God. In the midst of the chaos of Christendom God has been looking in the background for the people who will obey His word to the fullest. Remember when He told Joshua that I have given you the land and as I was with Moses so I will be with you. Joshua took the people across and began the conquest of the land. The had victory at Jericho and defeat at AI. Why? someone did not see things as Joshua spoke them, and Achan decided to keep back something for himself (greed).

1 Cor : 16:9 For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.

A lot large department stores run these one day sales and the bargains are awesome but when the doors open not only all the honest people who want to pay for the bargain come in. The boosters and thieve are there waiting just like the other people, perhaps from the outside you can't detect them. At the end of the day when the store does it calculations and find out that for the merchandise that is yet in the store the revenue should be a lot more, they suspect shrinkage or stolen merchandise went out also.

The church has always experience a GREAT DOOR whenever God has opened it, but the enemy has also come through the door with the JUNK lying in wait to deceive those whom he can. We have seen leaders rise and fall, come and go, we have seen some who ate from the tree and some who fulfilled their purpose. But It's those things that have been done to ADVANCE THE KINGDOM OF GOD, that the next move of God concerning wealth and finances will be the FOUNDATION that the Lord will build upon. Remember there have been many foundations laid, however the foundation that will not support the building that GOD has prepared for it will yet, and yet be destroyed until the RIGHT FOUNDATION is LAID.

I believe in the spirit that the Lord has that foundation ready, in that there are men and women who are a part of that remnant that will not COMPROMISE what ORDERS that God has given, and will carry them our regardless of the position of the ACHAN'S in the camp. There is a people that know their God and these don't just know Him from all the blessings they have amassed, they know Him because of the suffering that they have endured for the kingdom of God to be ADVANCED.

I believe the church will have to repent and bring restitution to the condition that they have allowed those right within their midst to suffer and we preach the gospel every week two or three times. We want to win a lost world and have not fed the household of faith. People wonder why people are jumping from church to church it's because they many not know the word as some of us scholars, however they know by the spirit that something is amiss in the church. God showed us the principle of tithing and we like Peter and John on the mount of transfiguration want to build an altar. Until we recognize that the money that comes into the church is not to build a bigger auditorium but to build the KINGDOM OF GOD, God will allow the enemy to hold the finances until He prepares the people that will obey Him. Men have built MEGA MINISTRIES as we call them and if you could take a poll of the members who are hungry it would make you sick.

Until the church gets it degree in COMPASSION, God will send A GOOD SAMARITANS by whether they are drug dealers, thieves, or those who drink, smoke, and take dope, those who sell their bodies, but they will see a need and meet it. The church every SERVICE sees a need and crosses over to the other side because they are afraid that something will be lacking for their note to be paid or to flaunt their next toy. There are faithful people who have to stand in a line at their local assembly and then be paraded in front of everyone to have a need met. Then the church says see we do good, if that person ever comes back then they have committed sin and must examine their lives before the church counselors. Just another excuse by the church not to admit it has a spirit of FEAR.

There is a shifting that has taken place within the body and it's just like God to do it right in the midst of our enemy. But the people are those who are not looking to build THEIR KINGDOM but to ADVANCE HIS KINGDOM. There has been a strong teaching to people in churches that if they give their tithes any place but that local congregation they are cursed. And the church has also placed such a heavy demand upon the people that they cannot even give offerings in other places. There is Witchcraft within the church and this area shall be Judged. Since I'm out here let me say this an IDOL IS AN IDOL and if we have made TITHING AN IDOL it shall come tumbling down.

The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just and my prayer as the Father releases it is that we remember that Jesus had compassion on the people and when the church has compassion nothing shall be impossible to do. In fact when the church receives it's degree in COMPASSION we can look at congregations of 25,000 who need food and we can give thanks to ALMIGHTY GOD and see them fed and have baskets left over. HOLY SPIRIT OPEN OUR EYES EVEN THE MORE.

Agape TaMara

Dear Jay,

Good to hear from you. It's been a while. I will believe with you for the total restoration of your health and that you will be stronger than before. He allowed this for a reason and He is faithful. As I was reading your e-mail, the Holy Spirit spoke to me to share something with you. You are welcome to prayerfully share it with others in the Body, as the Lord leads. There is a man named Hayseed Stephens that the Lord has raised up to bring in God's wealth to the nation of Israel and to spiritual Israel. This wealth will be part of the restoration that the Lord is doing in this last hour (along with the spiritual restoration). It is the oil and other minerals, etc. that have been held in reserve for such a time as this. The name of his Texas-based oil company is Ness (means miracle in Hebrew) Energy International. You can view their web page at Read the scriptures that the Lord has revealed to this man. He also pastors a congregation in the Dallas area. It has been found in the bible codes that a gentile will find the oil in Israel. He has been given favor after working with the Israeli Government for over 20 years now and just this year Ness Energy has finally been given the status of an Israeli Company. I could go on and on, but, the Holy Spirit will show you. Hayseed Stephens calls these wells "Soul Wells". He tells investors that if they aren't in it for the Kingdom of God and His Glory, then, the money that they receive from investing in this work will go right out of their pockets, as if there were holes in them. He truly loves the Lord and has been faithful through many trials and many years to see this God-Breathed Vision become a reality. You can click on the circle on his home page to see what the stock is at on the Nasdaq. Today it was trading around 1.30 per share or so. The Lord spoke to my husband and others that we know to invest. Trust me. We know the times that we live in and we would never (and I mean never) invest in the stock market right now. However, the Lord told us to do it and how much $ to invest. Now He has shown us that we will be moving to Israel in June of 2002. We will be laying down a General Contracting business that the Lord gave us after he called my husband out of his 25 year vested job with a local utility here in San Antonio. That was just the first major test for us. Now, He has told us that we are to give our home, property, and all that the He has given us to some friends that He brought to us a few year back who are in full-time ministry now. They are "hoses for the Lord". He blesses them with everything from food, clothing, A/C units, furniture, building material, etc. and they give it to other ministries and those that He has them minister to. They do not take on cent for the work that they do, nor do they sell anything. They freely receive and they freely give. The Lord sees to it that their needs (not always wants) are met. We have received prophecy that we will be relocating, building a new home, etc. and travelling extensively. Everything is making sense now and the pieces of the puzzle are fitting into place. There is no way (other than God) that we can walk away from a $250,000.00 (at least) property - not selling or renting it BUT GIVING IT AWAY FOR THE LORD'S PURPOSES and then relocate to a foreign country (which will have to be by more miracles just to be allowed to live there). The finances are going to have to be supernatural for us to do these things. There is no doubt that it is the oil in Israel. There is so much more that I could tell you, but, time does not permit it. Let me know if you have any questions and I will be blessed to answer them. Go to the "Testimonies" section of the web page and scroll down to the bottom of the Testimony page. Read the recent word that was spoken over Hayseed at a Jewish Wedding in Israel by a prominent Rabbi in Hebrew. Hayseed's interpreter is the one that is relaying the testimony on the web site. Also, you can buy this stock on-line by setting up an account with TD Waterhouse, etc. or you could go through a local broker. Also, you can call Avanti Security (recommended by Ness Energy) at 1-888-739-5900 (ask for Mr. Laurel Miller). They charge $50 every time you buy stock. Anyway, please forgive any typos. It is after midnight and I am typing fast!! Praise God!! I am just being obedient to what He told me to tell you. If you truly have a heart to see lives changed, and you have an ear to hear and pray about what the Holy Spirit is speaking to His People, He will set us free to do the work of the ministry. He will provide for us. Bless you and your family and great to hear from you again.


Hi, forgive me for commenting on this so late. I just found this web site and am reading the archive articles. I have enjoyed the reading. I am also glad to find someone with a heart for the poor, both in spirit and in the physical it would seem from what I have read. I have enjoyed the comments and encouragement under New Things. Suffering is such a strange thing, and for me I have been one who has sought it out, strange as that sounds. Most people run from it, but I love to chase after it, as it seems as though I am chasing after Christ. Sometimes it is so hard to bear, but I find that the joy that it reveals is beyond understanding. I remember reading an article about Mother Theresa once, this man from the states was commenting on suffering. (This is not word for word of that article, but close) He said that God must really love us because He blesses us so much and did she think that others in the world suffered and we didn't because we were more worthy. She said, oh no, you have it all wrong, we are just not worthy to suffer. Really, as a Christian, I think that suffering has always been present, it just took Christ to open me up to the reality of it in my own life and the lives of those around me. Christ was really the only one that saw the truth of suffering, it moved him deeply, it really touched the heart of His Father. The cup of suffering is such a great honor and even more honored when we can count it all joy.

My husband and I work in Uganda and Kenya. We work in the villages, living with the people, eating what they eat, sleeping with them and partaking in all manner of sickness and disease with them. Really in America we hardly identify with our brothers and sisters in Christ in these countries, and so often we have missed identifying with Christ. Being in the presence of their suffering on a daily basis and then coming home to the states induces in me some of the greatest and deepest suffering I have ever experienced in my life. I almost weep daily. I have seen men and women so thin from lack of food & medicine give to us their last egg or tomato because they are so honored and humbled to have us in their homes. I have known pastors feeding 18 to 20 children 1 meal every 2 days, agonizing on where to find food or funds. I have seen children with 104 - 105 degree temperatures go to school and be so grateful for the opportunity. I have seen widows hauling 5 - 8 orphans to the village church to pray and fast all evening for the church in America, all the while they have no food. I have seen gracious and humble men receive into their homes American & European evangelists who teach their congregations about prosperity and then tell them they are a cursed people because they are not seeing the prosperity. I weep and then a widow comes to comfort me and tell me not to worry, that they are really praying for this person. In the midst of this I have seen God's hand of provision and His daily care for the orphan and widow. I have seen beauty come forth from the ashes of Idi Amin & Obote. I have met a purified people so beautiful and full of grace and mercy and love and unity. These are the blessings of God and I would give everything I own for them. If we will allow suffering to have its fullness in us we may someday identify fully with Christ and our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our beloved brothers and sisters are living in the first century church and one of the most amazing and beautiful things in their lives is the Love they have for each other and others. Suffering has produced in them the finest fruits, lovely to behold.

I remember our great friend Osborn once told me a story. He said he was an evangelist and one day he went to an area called Masaka. Masaka at the time had the highest rate of AIDs of any country. No organizations or churches would go. He held a crusade there and many came to Christ's acceptance of them. On the day he was departing 15 orphans 2yrs to 8yrs old came and stood around him. He asked what they wanted and they told him they wanted to stay with him. He thought it not possible, sent them on their way and traveled back to the city. The Lord spoke to him through the suffering of those children and placed a burden in his heart. He could not stop thinking about them and eventually gave up crusades to go and care for these children. He spent several years in the area, burying 12 - 15 friends a week. The sorrow was so great and no one came to help or lift the burden. He had a pair of pants a shirt and a toothbrush in his possession. This was his life, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, no breaks, no vacations, no days off. He was in his early 20's and had no wife, a single young man caring for a community of sick and dying suffering people. A muslim man in the community let him sleep on the floor of his store at night and care for the people. Eventually so many people came that he had to sleep outside. He fed them what he could and washed and cleaned them. One night he was under a tree weeping. He said God you must really hate me to make me suffer so much, I must be cursed. The Lord spoke to him and said, Osborn, I am not only going to bless you but I am going to make you a blessing to people. I am going to make you a blessing just as your father Abraham was a blessing.

Osborn has not changed much since that time, and really his burden has only increased and grown since that time. We met him in 1994 and have been helping him and supporting him and his story ever since. I must say that he is truly a blessed man and has become a blessing to everyone he meets. Our friends in Africa always say to us, Mark and Jennifer, we must suffer much for Christ. And when they say it the joy they carry in that fills us up to overflowing.

God bless,
Jennifer Metternich

Re: Completed Israel

Praise His name! I was blessed to read this one bro. There is an awakening happening in this, IDENTITY in who we really are. Indeed the truth of this will change the face of 'christianity' when it is reaveled and received. No longer being able to teach that we replaced Israel and to point the finger at our brother Judah, but imbrace him!

Chesed v'Shalom mey'et Elohim Avinu ve'Adoneinu Yeshua
Grace and Peace from Elohim our Father and our Lord Yeshua


My name is Doug Acebedo. I'm interested In getting God's blessing to the poor but can't seem to get anywhere with organised church. I actually believe my life in Christ should be non-profit. In other words, after my normal bills I want to give every thing else to the family of God who is poor. I basically have everthing available to me to live the rest of my life without buying anymore, a good truck, tools, sporting goods ,bla bla bla. so Im looking for a platform from which I can cut to the chase and simply distibute money to poor, just starting out, or widowed or orphaned chistians more than anything else, this is what the Lord has been telling me. It may only be a small amount at first, but I make good money in construction I like what I see here so let me know what I can do to help thanks,



Hi Doug,

Of course you are doing the right thing. There is no biblical mandate to giving to a church, what they did was give to the apostles who then distributed it to the poor and those in need. The other day, I was leaving the Post Office and saw a homeless man with a hungry sign and I passed him up. I could not get him off of my mind but from his appearance, i did not want to just give him money for food and then have it spent on alcohol or dope, I went to Burger King and got "burger bucks," enough to give to him and have a bunch in my glove compartment for next time and then went back. He politely smiled and thanked me but it was kind of a shrug as if he was a little disappointed but then I kept him honest, didn't I.

I am a painting contractor. What I would like to do is have a program that is set up to buy houses that are in desperate need of repair and then have homeless people living and working on them to fix them up for sale. Then it is benefiting the homeless and the community at the same time. You in construction could do something similar, or get involved with Habitat for Humanity. I have a real affinity for the homeless but it could be anyone in need. The Lord says that if you give to the poor that HE will pay you back, hopefully enough to be able to give even more.

I do not get anywhere with organized church either but there are good ministries to give to. I would suggest one that has a latter rain logo on the top of their web page but that would sound a little selfish (humor intended). Just make sure that you ask the Lord first and listen for the answer. And then keep your eyes open for the opportunities that God may put in your way. If someone asks, and you have the ability, then that may be the first sign but be careful of anyone who would want to take advantage of you. There are many shysters asking for money in the name of Jesus, not for the glory of God but to fulfill their own lusts. Wow, this goes perfectly with what I am sending out in the next edition of the latter rain list today, so much so that I will include this letter unless you get back to me and tell me not to. The emphasis is on giving and the transfer of wealth that will be coming our way in the near future. The Lord is coming soon and there will be certain things that we know will happen and we must be prepared for them. I have been thinking of incorporating here in California as an apostolic group because of this so that I could be prepared with whatever role that the Lord has for me here. We will see.

Get back to me.


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