Silence in Heaven and a Call to Action

July 30, 2000

I am listening to the Lord. I may not always hear Him right or do the right thing but I am always trying to incline my ear, listen and bear witness. I heard the prophets speak of a paradigm shift, the re-alignment of ministries coming, the call to prayer, the birthing of an army and visions of the manifestations of the sons of God soon to be revealed.

I heard of promises of preparation and empowerment, of blowing a trumpet and sounding the alarm. The promises included both men and women, young and old, not of big names but of common people being given the mandate of harvest with spiritual power.

And then last week I heard nothing from the Lord. It was sudden and profound. I heard some good teaching and correct interpretations, I heard those that would pretend to speak in His name, but of His voice - silence.

After that time and just as suddenly, spirits of the flesh attacked me. I noticed division in the body raring up against me with accusations, shouting and hatred for God's end-time people. God started showing me areas in my own life that need to be dealt with and put away.

He showed me others in the ministry that would not listen that I must separate from. He sent me encouragement, peace and comfort for the doubt and frustrations that I had been feeling.

And then the Lord spoke - a lot. He spoke of a new day, a threshold of change. He spoke of all of us loving each other in a new way, one that tears down the walls of division and accepting our brothers and sisters by looking at their hearts the way that He does.

We heard from Him of repentance from church leaders and repentance of entire nations for grievous sins. We are close to the wedding feast now, we are to move into this change. The Lord told us that we have been perfected for war.

He is telling us that this is not the war that the others are waging that stain their swords with the blood of our brothers and sisters but of spiritual warfare that will bring down spiritual strongholds.

Can you hear His voice? Are you hearing those things that I am hearing? The realizations of heavenly desires are being fulfilled. Hallelujah.

Expect an onslaught of attacks from those in the church that battle in the flesh. Be aware of the spiritual warfare involved and pray with fervent power. We are now to go through a period of trial and refining, of purging and cleansing and times of trouble. Only those that can pass through this fire will overcome and be part of what this remnant church will surely become, holy and blameless, without spot or wrinkle.

Those that do not hear the voice of the shepherd will think that we are crazy and will come against us. Let them. Let the words of the present generation be allowed complete freedom as a witness against those against the Lord when these things come to pass.

We are to confront the government, denounce the oppression and wickedness in high places and deliver the captives. We are to seek out the poor and fatherless, clothe them, visit them, feed them, house them.

Do not search for Jesus in the wilderness, do not look for Him in the churches, wisdom is crying in the streets and we are about to host the wedding feast. Find Jesus exactly where He said He would be - in brotherly love and inhabiting the praises of His people.


I have finished the page on the manifest sons of God. You may see it at

This may be the most significant thing that I have written so I would appreciate it if you would please check it over and get back to me with your comments before I index it.

There were just a few comments left over this time but the only disagreement dealt with evangelism as a responsibility or not by the example of Paul. Paul was "sent" as an apostle. We can all agree that Paul was an evangelist with a message sent from God. We can not compare ourselves with Paul if we are not called as he was. Paul was obedient to the ministry that God had called him to. We may sow or water or we may reap but we are all called to love.

I do believe that we are entering into a new day, I started feeling it last week and it is now engrained in me. Something new has happened where we may be seeing the prophecy filled where the reaper will overtake the sower. I will leave the matter open still but hopefully I will receive some comments to the idea of the manifest sons being those under the unity of the five-fold ministers of Ephesians 4:11.


If we, as followers of Christ, are to simply "be examples" to those Pre-Christians around us, that is, "silent" examples of Christians, HOW BIBLICAL IS THAT? What if Paul had done that? What if he had elected to "just be an example" and not preach/teach to everyone who would listen? Much FEWER conversations, I think and I guess we might not have thirteen (13) of his writings (Romans through Philemon) in our Bibles. Take care.


Hmmmm, personal observation. Proselytizing is Evangelization! Seems to me that just "living" and interrelating what one garnishes from the bible as a constant source of inspiration. Not to mention what ever other reading that reinforces text. It is more the intrinsic values gained by the individual through such process that is the real testimony to Christ, and speaking of God's word!

Raymond D Howard


The 5-Fold Ministry Gift of "Evangelist", interestingly enough, has 5 separate elements to it. A true 'called' Evangelist's Ministry will encompass all 5 areas ( much of which we do not see in most of the Evangelists of today. ) It is detailed in Luke 4:18. ( For sake of space, I won't detail all of this, you can all read it for yourselves. ) A true, called, anointed, Evangelist does much, much, more than merely 'preaching the Gospel' to unbelievers. This Ministry, in its entirety is one of presenting the Gospel, presenting Jesus Christ, and then ministering Him to the entire person, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It includes ministering inner healing, physical healing, deliverance, and setting the captives free. The demonstration of these 5 elements will be the point at which true, anointed Evangelists, shall be discerned from those who have not been called and appointed as such, by the Lord. As to whether we all should evangelize: we should all simply obey, and be led by the Holy Spirit.

( Tanya, your story of the man with no shoes was beautiful, and is an example of Worship which is pure in His Sight. )


Dear Jay,

I would like to make one more comment on the discussion of evangelism. I do have to agree with those who object to evangelism on the basis of not forcing people to accept the Gospel. But, of course, there is no need to force people.

If we follow the New Testament pattern introduced by Jesus, we give a demonstration of the love and power of God and allow people to make their own decisions. Jesus always presented the Gospel of the Kingdom by performing miracles or by speaking to people with gifts of the Spirit----prophetic words, words of wisdom, and words of knowledge. He kicked out demons, healed the sick, fed people, stilled storms. People saw these things and responded voluntarily, either in adoration or hatred. It works better to follow this procedure than to give theological lectures from Genesis to Revelation or to try to scare people with threats of going to hell, or with "4-things-you-need-to-be-saved." When Jesus talked to people, He did not follow a set pattern. He always knew what was going on in their lives and what He needed to say to them to point them toward the Kingdom. We can do likewise, if we say and do what the Holy Spirit tells us to. The Gospel is always good news. Why should we hesitate to share good news?

Edwin Stube
The Holy Way Mission

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