Logos and Prophecy

June 19, 2000

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made. In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. John 1:1-5.

When the apostle John speaks of the Word here, it is the Greek word Logos. The word Word in the Bible is translated from two Greek words, Logos and Rhema. Logos is a word denoting collecting or a collection and also used to describe the reason of God, those things that are put together in thought, collected together and expressed as words. As you collect your thoughts, you are using the gift of reason that God has given you, this is part of the divine nature that God has given to all of as being created in His image.

Those that describe the Word of God as the Bible are only being partially correct, to be more precise, the Bible is a collection of the Words of God as revealed to man through His prophets and recorded. Logos is to be interpreted as regards to the thinking of God but also in the speech of God. That divine speech is spoken through His servants here on earth through the gift of prophecy.

Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife has made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God. And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am your fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Revelation 19:7-10.

The Logos, or reason of God, became flesh and dwelt among us, this is Jesus for sure. The testimony of Jesus is simply our relating the good news of Jesus and of the good things that Jesus has done for us. For those of us that have truly been called, we are all called to give testimony of our faith, all called to the marriage supper and to be among the brethren with a testimony of Jesus. If this is true for us, then it only follows that we should all desire to have that spirit of prophecy. It is not complicated; it is simply God speaking His Word through you as you relate the gospel to another who needs to hear the word. If Jesus is the Word and He truly lives through you, your word of testimony is the spirit of Jesus speaking through you. It is in having the mind of Christ and then speaking your own mind in truth and in spirit. Once you are able to do this, the Lord will give you the confidence to speak His word to believers and non-believers alike.

I requested some testimonies of the spirit of prophecy and received some certainly from those that are sure. When I first read the New Testament many years ago, I came to the part where Paul told us that we should all desire to prophesy. New in the faith, I had no idea what that meant but it was good enough for me to ask to be obedient to the scriptures. The confirmation that I received came soon afterward when I was witnessing in the spirit to a brother. As I was relating my faith the best I knew how, the Spirit suddenly touched my lips and they started moving of their own accord. I was telling this man what he needed to hear and with words that I had not previously learned myself. As I told him these things, we were both learning. The amazing part is that as this was happening, I did not question it, I was given understanding immediately as to what was happening and from then on, I knew what the gift of prophecy was. I learned more about the gift since, like dreams, visions, word of knowledge, desiring to edify, encourage and lift up the body but for that moment, God had given me all that I needed to know how He works through me in words. I had another instance of confirmation soon after when I was writing something about the Lord with my typewriter. The Spirit took control of my fingers and I started typing as if it was automatic remote control. I remember that my thoughts were only on what was happening with my fingers and not even on what I was writing - but the writing continued by direct inspiration.

Great testimonies follow that include great teaching. How about some more new ones. Be obedient to the spirit of prophecy, desire the gift and ask. Are you a Christian that has been baptized in the Holy Spirit? Do you seek the testimony of Jesus? Ask yourself and the Lord whether you are speaking in the flesh or in the spirit. To receive the gift, all you need to do is ask in faith. So what are you waiting for?


Dear Jay,

(Below are some personal experiences and part of a "history" if you will, of some things which have transpired in my life.)

Stephen Hanson



Much of what I receive from the Lord is shown to me in the form of visions along with the prophetic word. (I realize that we probably differ some in how we receive these messages from the Lord.)

Here are a few examples:

(During my prayer time this morning the Lord showed me several stacks of wheat and straw which were set into bundles. There were various people working around each of these bundles, adding to each, as they bent down and helped gather the straw for each of these bundles. Others were mowing the grass and straw around these bundles, getting it ready.)

I asked the Lord about all of this and He said: "It is harvest time...It is time to harvest."

"The long wait that many of you have had is now going to pay off. The farmer patiently waits for his crop to yield a fine harvest. You have planted and grown the seed, and waited for its growth."

(This time the Lord showed me a large area of grapes. They were very dark purple in color, and they yielded many choice grapes on the vine. They spread out over a large area, and were very lush in appearance, as they wound their way with their vines and fruit.)

The Lord said: "I have waited for you to yield the grapes of my kingdom. A rich harvest is coming and it will produce choice fruit. This fruit has gone through many seasons of time. It has stood the test of the many years that have produced it. I have longed to see these grapes.

(Now the Lord showed me rows of corn, and I was looking at the ground in which this corn was being produced. He showed me a single ear of corn. The Lord unraveled the husks and leaves around it. I watched as He pulled back the layers, and showed me the very end of this ear of corn. Most of it looked good and healthy, but at the end, it was moldy and had bugs in it.)

"This represents much of the state of my body. For your fruit has become moldy and ineffective. The ground in which this corn has been cultivated is unhealthy. You must study to show yourselves approved. If you remain in the vine you will produce like the vine. If you remain in Me and my words remain in you, you will produce much fruit. If you do not remain in Me then your fruit will become moldy. So consider where you are planted and what your fruit is like."

(Almost always when I receive a vision or picture of what the Lord is showing me, then the word follows:)

The Journey Continues: Going by Faith:

(This begins perhaps a couple of years ago when the Lord had impressed upon my heart the need to leave a church we had been going to for a couple of years. It was a mainstream non-charismatic church where I had served on the board and taught various Biblical studies. I had become stifled because of these things, and mentioned to my wife that I believed it was time to move on. Before this time we had gone to several churches in the area where the Lord had led me to speak a word to them, and get to know the pastor and leadership some. She didn't feel the same way, so I went on my own to various churches in the area where the Lord directed me. This wasn't easy at the time, but He rewarded my faith and trust in Him. One church where I had gone one Sunday, was an inner-city one. I remember stepping into the church and the Lord had begun to speak to me about it and had drawn some comparisons between it and the church mentioned in Revelation 3:

  1. "To the angel of the church in Sardis write: These are the words of him who holds the seven spirits of God and the seven stars. I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead.
  2. Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your deeds complete in the sight of my God.
  3. Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; obey it, and repent. But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you.
  4. Yet you have a few people in Sardis who have not soiled their clothes. They will walk with me, dressed in white, for they are worthy.

(I shared this at the time He had directed me to during the service, along with a prophetic word that He prompted me at the time. about the need to "WAKE-UP OH CHURCH." Afterwards, a lady who was helping to minister there from another city that morning, approached me with a personal word confirming the fact that I was called to the inner-city churches at that time to speak a word for them, thus confirming what I was doing.)

*After doing this for perhaps 3 or more months, Carol decided that it was time to join me, and we searched together for where we were to fellowship. God had spoken this to me ahead of time letting me know that she would join with me.


Backtracking Some to the late 1970's, 1980's and up to the present:

I came to realize that there were things in my life which I could not control. I had to wait upon the Lord, for Him to bring the right person into my life. (My first wife had divorced me in 1983 after an affair she had had with another man. This had been a difficult time for me.) In 1989 He finally did, and that void was filled. She has been a great blessing in my life, and has taught me much about what "giving" is. It seems that God purposefully brings couples together who are "opposites", and who can and should, balance each other out. We became involved in a local fellowship, (church) which also practiced the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I became more and more involved in seeking Him for what he wanted me to do. It was not always clear, but He was always there, continually speaking to me, and filling me with his Spirit. As time went on, I would receive messages, (words) for others in the church, along with prophecies for the church. I would write them down and tell that person that I had a "word" for them from the Lord. I was always sensitive to the "timing" of when and how I should do this. These "words" were almost always received, and oftentimes, they were concerned with not only comfort, edification, and exhortation, but they involved direction, and illumination for the person. I was always writing down the prophecies, to make sure that they were accurate, and that I had them "right." Also, because of what Habakkuk 2:2 says, "Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablet so that a herald may run with it." I remember fixing-up a little shed in the back of our house, which was actually, a pump house used for watering the lawn. I decided that I would put up colored burlap curtains, and use it for a prayer room. Here I could come early in the morning and seek the Lord. It seemed very dusty and unkempt, but was a quiet retreat from the outside world. During one of my times there, the Spirit showed me the various containers in the room, and mentioned about 2 Tim 20: "In a large house there are articles not only of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay; some are for noble purposes and some for ignoble." I remember there being many visions during these times spent in seeking him there. At this time, I also had become involved with The School of the Prophetic, which equipped Christians to be able to hear from the Lord, and to train them in the prophetic. This school was headed-up by Dr. Kevin van der Westhuizen. This gave me some more foundational truths and helped me understand what all of this was about.

After being with this church for 2-3 years, the pastor left to do missionary work in Hong Kong with his wife and family. Another man was elected and ordained as pastor of the church. The church split, and people went in various directions. Just before a lot of this happened, my wife and I left because I sensed that it was time to leave, and we became involved with some friends who were in the ministry. They encouraged me to become ordained, and I was recognized as a prophet and teacher with them, and with others. During this time, I taught various Biblical studies from the Major and Minor Prophets. We were also affiliated with an accredited Christian Seminary. So these classes could be used for credit at this Christian Seminary. We helped get a church started with these friends, and enjoyed good times of fellowship and praise with them. Oftentimes, the Lord would use me in speaking prophetic messages to us for the group, individuals, and in various ways. Much of the thrust of this fellowship and church was Messianic in nature. Although we became very close with each other, in time we realized that God had something else in store for us to do. After about 2-3 years, we left this church, and became involved in another local fellowship where the Lord gave me prophetic messages for the church. The Holy Spirit eventually lead us out of this church, and we spent about 6 months to a year going to various churches in the Colorado Springs area. Many times during this period, I would receive a prophetic word for a particular congregation and church, and the Lord would instruct me, and my wife to go there and deliver it. This was not always easy, nor did my wife always want to go; for she thought that a lot of this was "weird." So I had to contend with many obstacles, and wondered at times, if I was doing the right thing. I would come up to the pastor of the local church or assembly, and tell him that I had a "word" to give for the church. So when it was time during the worship service, I would stand up and deliver it. And yes...usually it was received, and it would bear witness to their spirits, and would confirm something about the direction or "flavor" of that particular church.

I guess about 2-3 years ago, the Lord directed my wife and I to a small Lutheran church here in town. What, a Lutheran church you say? Yes... I was brought up a Lutheran, and my father was a Lutheran minister, who died when he was 30 years old. My mother remarried, and moved us back to where she had gone to college, in Lindsborg, Kansas. At any rate, that is where we go to church now, and yes, I have given some personal prophecies to a couple of people there, but over-all, my mission has been to teach an adult Bible class on Sunday mornings. Here, over the last two years, I have taught on the "Gifts of the Holy Spirit", the book of Revelation, and other subjects. Before we started going to this church, the Lord told me, "Now I have brought you full circle." We love the people there, but I miss the freedom of worship which we've experienced at other fellowships.

(This was written down just after some of these things had just transpired):

So, the journey continues, and He has led me to several different churches in the area here to give a "word" for them as a church. This has been received, and opened doors for fellowship, worship and communication between me and them. Now, Carol my wife, has decided to join me in this quest for following Him wherever He would lead. I knew that she would, largely in part, because He told me that she would. She has wanted to find a "church home", and I have prayed about this. It seems at least for this season, there is a purpose in "moving from place to place with a tent as my dwelling." I remember at least more than once, hearing the Lord repeat to me that portion of scripture which was spoken to David through Nathan, saying: "Are you the one to build me a house to dwell in? I have not dwelt in a house from the day I brought the Israelites up out of Egypt to this day. I have been moving from place to place with a tent as my dwelling." 2 Samuel 7:5-7. I am accountable to others I know, and am part of the body, and knitted together with it wherever we go. I have found several friends and connections on the Internet. Through a national Apostolic and Prophetic Newsletter, which is moderated by a gifted lady from the state of Washington, and through various Christian friends and ministries across this nation, and around the world, I have come to realize that we as the body of Christ, are joined together as one large community in Him. He is leading His body forward as an end-time army, being equipped to battle against the forces of darkness. His Apostles and Prophets are being raised-up in these days, as never before, and new life is being breathed into the church. Will we be ready for His soon return? Will we be about the Father's business, or will we continue with the stagnant traditions of men? We need to be alert and ready, and always be listening to that "still small voice," which calls us ever forward in this day and age. I for one, will not look back, but desire to heed the high calling of God, and press on to this high calling in Him.


Possible procedures for giving prophetic words:

We have finally found another church home and family over the last few months. I had kept seeking Him for where that place might be, and always "listening to that still small voice" within me when we went to a particular church. It seems that He would lead me somewhere, and in the midst of the service, while waiting upon Him, He then would speak and confirm that that was not the place for us. My wife has learned to accept this, and now, her patience has been rewarded. I sense that this will be our home for a while now. There seem to be few places that still accept the prophetic office in their midst. There is a right and a wrong way to approach a church. I have found for me, that when the Lord directs me to a particular church, He oftentimes, then gives me a word "beforehand." This I write down and pray over, asking Him to confirm what has been spoken to me, so that I am certain as to its content and anointing. Then comes the time for "when" to give it. This also is something which I believe, is crucial to the prophet, or the prophetic minister. Knowing what to say, and when to say it, are "key" I believe. Remember that there is a "time for everything, and a purpose for everything under heaven." As mentioned earlier, the Lord has seemed to give me something to say "beforehand," and I write this down. If the church or pastor does not know me, and even if they do, I usually approach the pastor and say that "I have a word from the Lord," and believe that it needs to be shared today." This is a good way to approach a church, and I think, adds credibility to the prophetic. (Even though there has been a lot of fruitfulness during our stay at this church and I had been received, Carol now considered the possibility of looking elsewhere, largely in part due to the traveling distance from where we had just moved north of Colorado Springs to Monument, Colorado, some 25 miles a way.)


Who is the word for?

Now, that is not to say that the Lord has not given me something or shown me something, while in the midst of a service--He has. One needs to be sensitive to what He is speaking and sharing with you at the time. Is it something personal which concerns only you, or is it something which would benefit the body of Christ? These are important considerations to make, and ones which perhaps, are learned over time, through trial and error. Also, is this word specifically for that particular church, or is this something for the body of Christ at large? Obviously, there may well be something in every word which has application to the body of Christ at large, but is the real "meat" and content for someone or some church only? Also, and perhaps, finally, how does one then conduct themselves in giving personal words from the Lord to those in their midst at a church? Here again, I believe, wisdom is key, and important. Obviously, if someone is praying for you, and suddenly has a word from the Lord, and then speaks it out, this is something which needs to be weighed carefully. There may be other times when He speaks to you in the midst of a service concerning someone there in your midst. I usually then ask Him when would be a good time to share this with the person, and He will let me know. (These then, are just simply some good rules of conduct for those involved in the prophetic, and hopefully, helpful guidelines to follow. Remember that He is a God of order and not disorder, but that there is also freedom where the Spirit is, and He is also a creative God, and doesn't always do things the same way. He wants us to grow in our ability to trust Him, and not lean unto our own understanding.)

Final Thoughts:

To conclude, I believe that the Lord sometimes gives us a word which He then asks us to "embody." What I mean simply by that is this: That there are times when God asks his servants to be an example of His word. We see this in the example of Hosea and how his wife had become a prostitute to the people, and yet Hosea was asked to continually take her back. They as a nation, had prostituted themselves with the love of other gods, so this was an analogy in the life of Hosea to the people of Israel. Recently the Lord gave me a word concerning "THE EYE OF THE HURRICANE," and in this word was seen how if we stay within this "eye," there is then peace from the storm. My wife and I have dealt with the "storms" of our foster child, Destiny, and the continued saga of court dealings, visitations with the blood mother, etc. So, this word then, was important for me to stay within that "eye," and not to venture out into the abyss of the storm and become entangled there in those "winds." What am I saying? Simply that we as prophetic people and prophets, they must be willing to learn and embrace from the words which we speak, and to then, "embody" them. To learn from them, and then, to let that learning become a teaching tool, or simply said, to let the truth of that word sink down into our spirits, so that it becomes part of us. Otherwise then, we are like the house which is built upon sand and not upon the rock. We need to be "doers of the word," and not just "hearers" or "speakers" of that word only.

1. The LORD said to me, "Go, show your love to your wife again, though she is loved by another and is an adulteress. Love her as the LORD loves the Israelites, though they turn to other gods and love the sacred raisin cakes." 2. So I bought her for fifteen shekels of silver and about a homer and a lethek of barley. 3. Then I told her, "You are to live with me many days; you must not be a prostitute or be intimate with any man, and I will live with you." Hosea 3

We need to work together:

(Let us not forget the importance of the body of Christ. We are not "lone rangers," and we need each other's gift and we need each other. We need to work together at this time in the church with fellow believers, fellow five-fold ministers, fellow members of the household of faith.)

(I received several confirmations during a prophetic/apostolic conference which I was a part of last August in 1999. During this time I had the opportunity of meeting many of the people I had grown to know over the internet and then to meet them in person. Some words were given concerning our foster child, Destiny, being a "sign in the natural" concerning an example of my prophetic ministry. God often uses signs in the natural to demonstrate something else in the spiritual to us.)

Below is an example of knowing the "timing of when to give prophetic words sometimes:




I thought it might be good to talk about the "reception" or the "receiving" of a prophetic word, vs. the "speaking" of that prophetic message or word. The two words being used here are RO'EH-HOZEH, and nabbi'. Nabbi' referrs to the "speaking forth" of a prophetic message, or to "bubble up."

Also, in looking at I Sam. 9:9, it states, "He that is now called a Prophet was beforetime called a Seer." The thought is that the person who was called a "seer" (ro'eh) in the time of Samuel came later to be called "prophet" (nabbi) in the time when I Sam. was written. It also needs to be pointed out that both terms mean "to see." However, many of us involved in prophetic ministry would realize that oftentimes, a message comes to us beforehand, we "receive" it, we listen as the Lord is saying these things to us. This reception is called in Hebrew RO'EH-HOZEH. There may be a matter of time between when we hear God speaking a word to us, and when we actually "speak" it forth.

I found myself this last Sunday going to a particular church in town here to deliver a "word" for the congregation. I had "received" the message about a week beforehand, and had come to the church, but no one was there that Sunday. This made me wonder at the time, what I should do with it. This word was one of which had been submitted to the AP list, (an Apostolic/Prophetic newsletter group). The word was, entitled, MY SHEEP. At the time, I knew that it had significance for this church, partly because it began speaking about Zion being the home of God, and that in ages past he dwelt among his people, but now in these days, he dwells with us in our spirits. The name of the church was Zion Full Gospel Church, a relatively small church, but filled with people who had a zeal and fervor for serving the Lord.

As mentioned before, I submitted this word for the AP because it seemed to have some "universal" application. But I knew that somehow, I needed to take it, and run with it. There is a "waiting" upon the Lord for His timing in these matters I believe. When God speaks to us, remember that we need to consider how and when the message should be "delivered." When worshiping and praising the Most High God in a service or worship time in a church, and a word is "received," then usually it is delivered very soon afterwards, or immediately, during the time of worship. But perhaps, during the week, and in our prayer time, we "receive" a word or message for a particular individual or church. Inquire of the Lord as to "how" and "when", or even "if" we should deliver this message. It may or may not be immediately.

Timing becomes very important for prophetic people, especially when they must consider when and how to deliver a particular word. The God we serve is one in which we can continually seek for guidance and wisdom in these matters. He not only is there to give the word, but is there to enlighten and guide us every step of the way, so that we know how and when to speak it. This scripture then, can become our guiding light when considering these things:

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:

a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
a time to scatter stones and
a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain,
a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace. Ecc. 3:1-8

Stephen Hanson

"Set the trumpet to your mouth!" Hosea 8:1
Prophetic Utterance through Bill Burns:

June 18, 2000: I am sending for you chariots of fire. Is it not written that I am a God of fire, a consuming fire? It is My purpose to lift you up into heavenly places where you, as My servants, will prophesy by the words of fire within you, by the power of the Spirit. You will pull down the strongholds that are set in heavenly places. You will destroy the works of the enemy that are set over towns, that are set over states and set over countries. Beckon unto My call; make yourself ready for the fire. Is it not written that I have come to baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire? Is it not My purpose for the words that I put in you to become fire that are spoken in judgment against the enemy? The sword of the spirit that comes forth from My mouth is the sword of fire. It is the sword of judgment against all demonic powers. I give unto you this day opportunities. If you will but enter into your prayer closet and move with Me towards heavenly places, the chariots of My fire will transport you even so that you can see the powers that are set and the thrones of principalities, and you will know their names and be given the sword of deliverance by the word of your mouth. I say, rise up people, and tread upon the works of the enemy.

Praise the Lord! My name is Thomasine and I get your mail just about daily. God has blessed my with the gift of prophecy and I have had it all my life but was ignorant to it until several years ago. there has been so many changes in my life since then that I hardly know which way to go. I've accepted the gift and the operation of it but, i don't feel really complete in my church. my life has been so busy lately and so many changes such as my job. In the past 2 years, I've changed jobs twice, no, three times. All these jobs were in the teaching profession. I'm not certified but, God made a way for me to have these jobs anyway because God knows my love for teaching two of the jobs I was let go of and till this day I really don't know why, there's no fair reason for me to have lost the jobs or to be let go, God fixed it in a way that couldn't be understood. Presently, I'm tutoring and running a bible program in my home for the summer but this fall I don't know what I will be doing for money. I'm trying to get my learning center incorporated but, right now I'm searching for was to start. I know that teaching is what God wants me to do but I don't know where or what or how! do you see why I'm in this dilemma? I need spiritual guidance and I don't know where to turn. I attend an outreach ministry church but my attendance in the past several months has been poor and when I went last, I really felt out of place there. I've tried contacting the Pastor but every time I try, he is never home and never returns my calls. What should I do? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME TO SEE AND UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS THAT I'M NOT UNDERSTANDING FROM GOD ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENNING IN MY LIFE? IN HIS SERVICE, THOMASINE

Jay, It seems to me, also, this is one of the most important of all matters we could discuss at present, especially as we see the time of the Lord's coming drawing closer (and one thing for sure is it isn't farther away than it was yesterday!)...I think it is, in Paul's words, one of the gifts to be coveted most highly because it builds up the church. To prophesy is to speak for God, which means the Character of God is at stake when we say "thus saith the Lord" and He takes it very seriously. God is not a man that He should lie, and I believe whenever we tell somebody the Lord has said something we need to be absolutely certain it's the Lord who is saying it or we need to say we aren't sure if it's the Lord or not. At least that doesn't leave it on HIM if we are mistaken. That is, instead of just blurting out what is going through our minds, WAIT on the Lord and diligently seek Him and listen carefully to what He has to say to us. Even a fool, if he is silent, is thought to be wise.

I do believe the Lord confirms through other witnesses, which is a good and certain way we can know. This is my own experience in hearing and becoming familiar enough with my Father's Voice to have confidence when I speak in His Name that I am not misrepresenting HIM by saying something HE has not said. I never want to lead another person to believe a lie, especially in the Name of Jesus. I don't repeat what He tells me until He confirms it either through a person or a circumstance or some specific way He himself has chosen. Really, this is a serious matter. I believe the Lord takes it most seriously of all we do, because it is HIS NAME and HIS CHARACTER that are at stake here. We are only representing HIM to this world, and Jesus told us while He was here He only did and said what he saw and heard His Father do and say. Bottom line. Which may also be why it's important for people to mature before they operate in that gift, especially in a church setting where there are many vulnerable "lambs" who can be led astray and fall into dangerous and frightening places where they are subject to every enemy outside the fold.

About six years ago I started to walk daily, for an hour each day, which is about three miles. It was for both health and spiritual reasons I was walking, but I took advantage of that time to pray. What I have learned is that true prayer involves more "listening" than it does "talking" and instead of telling the Lord what I want, expect or need, or even what others want, expect or need I started asking Him questions. What does HE want? To my absolute delight, I have come to find my Father desires more to talk to me than I do to Him, but He does love to listen to my concerns and loves to hear me as well. I look forward to my walks and loved so much that time, I could hardly wait to hear what He would say to me each day. And as I have learned to listen, He has revealed so much to my heart of what I am now hearing others saying. It has been for me a way to test what is being said by other people, because the Lord has brought to life His written word and shown me by His Spirit what He means or meant rather than to leave me in the dark, so to speak. I believe the Lord wants to give us each wisdom, we need only to ask, then wait and listen carefully to what He is saying. Meditate on small pieces at a time, just as you would while eating "meat"...you can gulp milk, but if you try to gulp down a steak you will choke on it. You have to take small bites and chew it carefully, that is what it means to eat the meat of the spirit, I think.

The Lord instructs us, and His words are easily understood by His children if we have the Holy Spirit to discern them, we are able to hear what the Spirit is saying and we can understand because it is the same language we speak. We should be fluent in that language if we have been listening to the Voice of our Father, just as our children learn our languages fluently from the time they are small, and we should become the interpreters for those who are not yet born into His Kingdom. As intercessors, we are called to stand in the gap between men and God, just as our Lord did, our example, while He was on the earth. We are called to take the gospel of peace and His coming Kingdom to all the ends of the earth, to translate His word into the tongues of all men, so they may know the God we know, that we are MAKING known by our words and our lives. St. Francis said, "preach the gospel at all times, and when necessary use words", which is for me a good warning. It's easy for us to talk, but it's how we live and what others who hear us SEE in us that will most convince them of the truth we speak. If we don't live what we profess ourselves then we can never expect the world to believe us or think what we have is worth "buying", which of course we aren't "selling" (well, at least not those of us who are true followers of Jesus) but I think I made my point.

We are "prophesying" every time we speak for God to a fallen world, every time we say "thus saith the Lord", we are bringing HIS word to those who are in the darkness. We are telling of a Kingdom that is yet to come. One that is not seen or heard through our carnal senses and cannot be perceived with the carnal mind of man. So, we who are "spiritual", born of the Father, through baptism and through the Holy Spirit, are children of light in this world, calling all who are fallen to be "restored" to a right relationship with the same God we have come to know in Truth and Spirit, who we worship and serve not only with our tongues but with our lives. If the world doesn't SEE the FATHER in us, see JESUS in us, it is unlikely they will receive a revelation of Him elsewhere, even though on rare occasions that has happened. Possibly as the result of our failure to GO when we are told to GO, so the Lord has to appear Himself to some native chief sitting in a hut in Timbuktu or wherever as He is waiting for a disobedient, reluctant servant who has failed to obey the Great Commission to leave his comfort zone and bring the gospel to truth of the Kingdom to a lost tribe.

There is definitely a balance that has to be achieved in this world and we are hopefully all in the process of learning to listen, to follow and to obey the Voice of the One who has called us, chosen us and will enable us to fulfill His commandments through the same grace and power He has exercised on our part to SAVE us in the first place. Thank God the first church was able to listen and to obey or we would not have the gospel in our hands today. Thank God for those men and women throughout the ages that made the necessary sacrifices when they were called to leave family, friends and comforts of "home" to go into the highways and byways, into all the earth, doing exactly what the Lord told us to do, "Preach the gospel to every creature, baptize converts in the Name of the Lord (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), the Name of Jesus if you will (just want to make sure nobody's toes are stepped on) and break the bands of wickedness that keep the captives bound here by sin and death....we are the chosen people, the royal priesthood, JESUS TO THIS WORLD AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME and if we can't HEAR HIS VOICE we are in a heap of trouble. THE SHEPHERD IS CALLING, THOSE WHO ARE HIS WILL HEAR HIM AND WILL NOT FOLLOW ANOTHER. Maybe that is the simplest way to understand that. Sheep are pretty dumb but they do KNOW the VOICE of the ONE who takes care of them! When the Shepherd calls, it means one thing to the sheep, "Dinner is being served" and they all run toward that Voice!
Shalom! Karen


For those of you who hate lengthy discourses, I would like to summarize.



    The Five-Fold Ministry, sadly, is usually not functioning in the Church, or even believed in by many. Some Churches entertain a 'modernized, adapted version of the God-Ordained Five-Fold Ministry, which is actually 'The 3-Fold Ministry'; accepting the Evangelist, Teacher and Pastor, but drawing the line when it comes to Apostles and Prophets! But God is Restoring His Church in spite of this.

    There is confusion concerning Spiritual Authority because it is commonly misperceived. Spiritual Authority must be perceived and understood by, with, through a Spiritual function, not through the Intellect and Emotions.

    We are accustomed to Authority in the Human sense, and this is where part of the confusion comes in. We hire, appoint, commission, assign, delegate, promote, organize, manage, control and instruct, on a daily basis, in a million ways. If we DON'T, we simply get someone else to do it. Power Attitudes are an integral part of human inter-relation. Someone is always stating an opinion, giving advice, or telling someone how to do something, everyday, everywhere.

    The Five-Fold Ministry was/is given as by the Lord, as a Gift to the Church, and it is intended to be a '100% Hands-Off' form of Leadership, in the Human sense of Authority. No one gets selected, hired, promoted, or fired, managed, instructed, or controlled, by their peers in this 'career'. This, in itself, tends to freak people out.

    Spiritual Authority is not the same thing as Human Authority. Spiritual Authority is given by God alone, for the Edification of the Body. Spiritual Authority operates out of RELATIONSHIP to Jesus Christ. Spiritual Authority manifests and behaves like Jesus. Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church, and the Chief Cornerstone of the Foundation of the Church. The Foundation of the Church is the Apostles and Prophets, according to the Word of God. The Apostolic and Prophetic Foundational Ministries are first in the order of Spiritual Authority in the Church because they are Responsible for the very Foundation of the Church.

    1) The reason that these two are the Foundation is because they are REVELATORY in function. They are Co-Laborers. Apostles and Prophets have been given Revelation into the Mystery of the Person of Jesus Christ, and they in turn, deliver this to the Body, so that Jesus Christ may be the center of all that is built, all that is ministered. They hear and see, and present all that they have seen and heard to the Body.

    'Revelation' encompasses the following:

    A) That which has been HEARD from the Lord :

    -directly spoken Revelation
    -a Vision containing conversation
    -a Spiritual Dream
    -a specific Illumination into the Written Word of the Holy Scriptures -the 'eye of the eagle': a kind of keen Intuition which sees, discerns, understands things, and people that others do not ( Spiritual Discernment, Wisdom and Knowledge )
    -it could also, actually involve being carried away, or transported in spirit, by the Lord

    B) That which has been SEEN from the Lord ( Dreams, Visions, or that associated with being transported in spirit by the Lord )
    ( Applies to both Apostles and Prophets, as the Lord sees fit to endow each individually. )

    2) The Foundational Ministry of Apostles and Prophets is also CORRECTIVE and DIRECTIONAL; seeing and correcting defects, rooting out, and tearing down anything which has not been built according to the pattern of Jesus Christ. Although these two Offices and what they Minister, what they do, are inter-related, for the sake of Clarity, the Apostle reveals Jesus Christ AS HE IS, Declares the Order for Building, and Corrects, or Tears Down that which is not, in order to make Jesus Christ the Center of all, and the Prophet, then, directs and instructs the Body in RESTORED WORSHIP, PRAISE, and PRAYER, TO THE PERSON OF JESUS CHRIST. ( The Church must worship IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH, in Praise, in Song, in Dance, and the Body needs to learn INTERCESSION and HOW TO SEEK THE LORD'S FACE. ) A Prophet may have a Prophecy to the entire Body/Church, a Message to the entire Body/Church, an Exhortation to the entire Body/Church, or any of these could be directed to a specific Church, group, or individual.

    3) The Foundational Ministry of Apostles and Prophets is also IMPARTATIONAL; imparting Spiritual Gifts and stirring up that which God has put within individuals, by the Laying on of Hands. Thus, the Foundation of the Church is formed, and the Body is Edified.

    The Foundational Ministry of Apostles and Prophets is directed, overall, toward the ENTIRE Body ( as well as the LOCAL Body.)

    The Building part of the Five-Fold Ministry is the Evangelist, Teacher and Pastor. These 3 Ministries are Co-Laborers. The Evangelist goes and gets new believers, and ministers deliverance to the captives. These 3 Building Ministries are directed, overall, toward the LOCAL Body. The Teacher breaks down into easily digested pieces, the Revelation of the Mystery of Christ and the Holy Scriptures, to them. The Pastor individually cares for them, watches over them. (Although this is simplified for the sake of space, that is it in a nutshell.)

    The operation of the 5 Functions of Leadership, can be clearly seen in the Biblical sequence of Position:
    1)Apostle, 2) Prophet, 3)Evangelist, 4) Teacher, 5)Pastor.

    Although the 'flow' of the Operation of the Five Positions is clearly seen, the issue of Spiritual Authority seems not to be so apparent to most of us. Anointing and Authority flow downward from the Head, which is Christ. Spiritual Authority is often confused with Human Authority, and people often interpret the Authority of the Five-Fold Ministry to mean that each previous number has Authority over the following number, which is not the case. It is not about exercising personal authority over each other, and we are all subject to Jesus Christ, and should behave as a Servant to all as was His Example to us. Each is given specific Authority over the function of their calling within the Body, as the Authority was given to them by God.

    The Primary Spiritual Authority within the Church has been given by God, to the Foundational Ministries of the Apostle and Prophet because they are RESPONSIBLE for the very Foundation of the Church. They are responsible that Christ is made the CENTER of all things, all Ministry, and that HE is made visible, and perceivable to the Body as the LIVING WORD, THE LAMB WHO WAS SACRIFICED, THE LORD OF LORDS, THE KING OF KINGS, THE GREAT HIGH PRIEST, THE GREAT I AM, THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA, AND THE BRIDEGROOM OF THE BRIDE. The Authority of an Apostle is clearly mentioned in Thes.2:5-12, and II Corin.13:10; but along with the Authority, is the Heart of a Father and Mother toward the Body. The Scriptures also clearly tell us that we are not to "spurn" the Prophets. ( Note: the Ministry of Prophet is something separate from, and very different from the Spiritual 'Gift of Prophecy'. ) The Lord is Restoring His Church, upon HIS desired Foundation, according to HIS designed Plan, with HIS chosen Leadership. The Glory of the Latter Day Church will far surpass that of the former, but we must get our new Wineskins ready, and throw away all of our preconceived notions and Traditions of Men, if we hope to please HIM.

    Through the Cross and the Blood, in the Name of Jesus, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, I dedicate these words to you, and lay them at your Feet. Please open our Spiritual Ears and Eyes, and Replace our Hearts of Stone with Hearts of Flesh which beat with Love for The Lamb, for He who WAS, and IS, and SHALL BE FOREVERMORE. Amen.


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