Holy Love

April 25, 2001

The restitution of all things. That has a nice ring to it doesn't it? The restoration of we the children being restored to the faith of our fathers and apostolic truths being put in their proper order. The apostle John wrote in his first letter for us to love one another, that God was love and His love is perfected in us. Saint Paul wrote that love is the fulfilling of the law. Jesus told us that the law and the prophets were contained in love to God and to each other. "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another."

Do we wish to be perfect? We are to be the holy bride ready to meet the Bridegroom. Are we ready? If God is love and we are to be perfect and holy like our Father in Heaven, then it only follows that love and holiness entwine. The restoration is here. Of course faith and obedience and grace and walking in the spirit play their parts but without love, each one of them is misplaced and without proper direction. Think about it. To have love one for another was not a request from Jesus - we are commanded to love. So with all the cutting edge prophetic revelations that we receive from God in these last days, it still comes down to this greatest commandment in that we are to love each other and that means dying to our own flesh and living for others. Get ready for the Coming of the Lord!

Christians are known by their love? You know what history shows - schismatic doctrines being perpetuated to protect privileged positions and trying to take the kingdom by force. Would you call them a holy people simply from their position in Christ? This is a tragedy that should bring you profound grief. Has it changed any? Only in the hearts of the faithful that have risen above the pettiness that has plagued Christians almost from the beginning. There has always been a remnant of those that would not follow narrow bias and confrontational arrogance.

If we truly want revival, we have to look within ourselves. How many truly love our brothers and sisters in Christ enough to be a part of that remnant? How many of us expect the worst in others. You want to see Jesus? Then see Him amongst us as we love. Jesus died for us all. The spirit is being poured upon all flesh. There has always been that victorious faith that transcends the petty quarrels of man and reaches out in love that will overcome all the rest. Now we can meet Him. Are we ready yet? Can we be those overcomers that will inherit the earth and join the heavenly host? We are the lights sent forth out of the darkness. Are you ready to shine?

I would like to move on from holiness onto another subject, the end times in general and specifically the man of sin, Jezebel, the one world order and the bride. All theories and wild claims and revelations are allowed and we can try to deal with them. Think about it and send anything in. I have seen the Lord lead many into thinking about these things lately and would be a timely if not a perfectly fun topic to discuss.

The responses this time point to spiritual living and holiness by taking Jesus upon ourselves and denying the flesh, walking in the spirit, abstaining from sin and love in action.

New Testament teaching shows us that we have been in the last days for the last two thousand years. That's a long time. Get back to me with whatever the Lord puts on your heart.


Holy Power
The power of Jesus' ministry was in his surrender (unto death) to the Holy Spirit. He ONLY did what the Holy Spirit (the Father) ordained for His ministry on earth. It is the Flesh that is hostile to the Spirit. If you want more power you must have more Lordship of the Holy Spirit, which means the death of the Flesh. However, the Flesh is more powerful than the will. It can only be defeated by the Holy Spirit. You must choose to follow the Holy Spirit into the death of your flesh. That means losing sometimes. It means being financially vulnerable sometimes. It means becoming despised and disrespected sometimes. This is what drives a stake through your flesh. It is not being a millionaire and having the entourage of a king and flying around in private jets to crusade meetings. This is the manifestation of the flesh and it is alive and doing quite well in the Church. There are millions of sincere believers who have been taught that the Gospel is the way to gain. It is not the way to gain! It is the way to DEATH of the flesh and resurrection to the Spirit man. It is the Spirit man who has the power to do all things (that God calls him to do).

WHY is There Limited Power in the Church Today?? The Lord has not poured out His power because first He must pour out His fire of cleansing. You would never give a gun to a child. They would hurt someone or themselves. He will put to death the Flesh BEFORE He will manifest His power through the Church. How then do we get power? It is through the death of the Flesh in our lives and the resurrection of the Spirit man. The Church is in opposition to that. It teaches that God wants to Bless you - which He does, but not with things which feed the flesh. Power and money and position and giftedness under the control of the flesh bring tyranny, not blessing. First comes the death of the Flesh then comes resurrection power.

The religious organization that has been built in North America is not going to preach death! It is bad for business! The church has become an organization. It has hierarchical structure designed to make decisions in the wisdom of men. It is the design and structure of the Flesh not the Spirit. The church has become an organization and not the Body of Christ, which is a living organism which gets it life and direction from Jesus.

Organizational structure is not needed if the Spirit were Lord over the Body of Christ. Read how the church had order in the first 300 years of its existence. There was no significant structure only places of service. Leaders didn't flaunt their position and power (a manifestation of the Flesh) but were Servants as Christ instructed. There is many leaders who will not go themselves or lead their followers into the death of the flesh. They preach good times, prosperity, and "God is good" in a carnal sense. They resist the work of the Spirit to put to death the Flesh and squirm off the altar of sacrifice. This is NOT the way to power. This "gospel" appeals to the flesh and is carnal! Some people follow leaders rather than the Holy Spirit. Why is there limited power in the Church? The state of the North American church is carnal therefore it lacks power.

Power is like alcohol it alters your perceptions. It arouses in you things you didn't know where there. God's power is sought by the church because it is self affirming. We want it so we can say to the world or other church groups "see we are right, look how God has confirmed what we are doing". It wouldn't be long there would be books and prayer cards and everyone trying to capitalize on packaging the "God Power Movement" . How pathetic the flesh can be. God will not be USED by us. He would love to pour out His power but where are the people who are dead to the flesh and alive to Him and His purposes?

In death there is life. In weakness there is power.

Paul Weigel

It is to a new life that God is calling us; not to some new steps in life, some new habits or motives or prospects, but to a new life.

[Titus 1:1] 'Paul, a servant of God, and an apostle of Jesus Christ, according to the faith of God's elect, and the acknowledging of the truth which is after godliness,'

We have here the ground of faith, which is knowledge; and because the truth of faith cannot find footing upon follies or fancies, nor even upon any other helpful knowledge, Paul shows the kind of knowledge he speaks of is knowledge of the truth. This produces faith, not the doctrine of faith, but rather the gift of faith, by which we understand and embrace that doctrine.

The doctrine of the gospel is the truth itself. The knowledge of this truth is the ground of faith. Where this truth dwells aright, it frames the heart to godliness. That the faith of the elect is based upon knowledge of the truth ; and in this sense faith is called the 'faith of the truth' [2 Thess. 2:13], 'How shall they believe unless they hear?' [Rom 10:14], Paul plainly concludes that lack of hearing the truth proves lack of faith in it ; and he who runs may read in the scriptures that those who receive faith are 'taught of God.'

To such the Holy Spirit becomes a schoolmaster, who opens their understanding, so that with much assurance they can see and acknowledge the truth. It is the quickening Spirit, which not only informs but also reforms the mind. Since faith is much more than an uncertain opinion or a wavering fancy, it follows that the knowledge which is its ground is not a reed which shakes with every wind, but a certain acknowledgement of the truth, approving it and assenting unto it. Nor may we think that the Spirit of truth trains men in blind and ungrounded conceits, or leaves their hearts in uncertainties; but whenever he works such an eminent grace as faith, he makes men able in good measure to 'give a reason of the hope that is in them' [1 Pet. 3:15].

With Paul, faith always means one thing---total and absolute trust in God. We can do nothing except receive. Truth is not a library for the leisurely, or a mine for the curious. It is a present truth---the practical truth ; a truth that is always to be translated into life. It is a life which Jesus Christ lives again.

Knowledge alone may produce conceit; knowledge of oneself in light of God's self-revelation in Jesus Christ produces godly behavior, godliness. He who would know holiness must understand sin; and he who would see sin as God sees it, and think of it as God does, must look at the cross and the grave of the Son of God, and must know the meaning of Gethsemane and Golgotha.

It is a dangerous thing that men so chained in ignorance and many lusts should overthrow themselves by feeding fancies for faith, carnal presumption for confidence, error for truth; bringing themselves into a fools' paradise for the present, but the end will be the sinking and sorrow of their souls. The good scholar in the school of God is not he who can talk well, and give religion some good words, but he who has so far profited in sound godliness that he has attained unto faith, the fear of God, humility, endeavor in obedience, thankfulness, uprightness; and has proceeded in the true worship of God according to his word, in hatred of false worship, in glorifying the name of God, loving the image of God in his brethren, etc. Such a man shows that the truth has sanctified him [Jn. 17:17], and that pure religion and its power have possessed his heart.

'Awake to righteousness, and sin not,' is God's message to us [1 Cor. 15:34]. From sin, then, in every sense and aspect, God is calling us.

[Matt. 5:48] ' Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.'

The verse is one which a great many of us leave alone. We think that this is one of those transcendent calls of Christ which is really too far above ordinary people. So, sheltering ourselves behind the general proposition that " perfection is impossible in this world," we quietly ignore the Lord's great word.

In fact, our great mistake when we read the Sermon on the Mount is that we regard its precepts as on the whole " counsels of perfection," not capable of being translated into life and conduct. A fatal mistake, because nobody on earth ever spoke with such sane reasonableness as Jesus. He never demanded the impossible from any one. Those things are possible here and now, or He would never have uttered them.

In what respect are we commanded to aim at the perfection of God? Manifestly, it cannot be in power or in knowledge that we can resemble Him. The range of His omnipotence and His omniscience must forever lie beyond our comprehension.

It is the character of God which Jesus commands us to emulate. God is perfect as a Father---perfect in His merciful love ; and said Jesus, it is possible in this to be like God. It is easy enough to love those who love you. But I ask you to seek, by God's help, the winning of that love by which you will love, not only those who have love for you, but those who actually hate you. I ask and expect this from you, He said. By the grace of God it is possible for you. When you win this wide, gracious love, then in this respect you have won perfection. You can do no more, reach no higher ; in this thing you are like God, and 'perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.'

Jesus is saying to the people of that day, as well as to us now, that they and we should not be satisfied with half-way obedience to the law of love, as were the scribes and Pharisees, who never penetrated to the heart of the law. The human tendency is to base love on the desirability of the object of our love. We love people who are attractive, hobbies that are enjoyable, a house or a car because it looks nice and pleases us, and so on. But true love is need-oriented. The Good Samaritan demonstrates great love because he sacrificed his own convenience, safety, and resources to meet another's desperate need.

Agape love may involve emotion but it must involve action. In Paul's beautiful and powerful treatise on love in 1 Corinthians 13, all fifteen of the characteristics of love are given in verb form. Obviously love must involve attitude, because, like every form of righteousness, it begins in the heart. But it is best described and best testified by what it does.

By commanding men to be 'perfect', Jesus DID mean them to be "sinless," since the essence of sin is lovelessness. There is no moral perfection but where perfect love has made sin impossible. Sins, by definition, are those acts which express man's selfishness and his failure to love his neighbor or his God at some given point of contact.

Jesus' ideal is neither an impossible nor an impractical ethic. Rather it is the bloodstream of the New Testament. [Study Rom. 13:8-10; Gal. 5:6; Phil. 3:7-17; 1 Tim. 1:5] As an ideal, Jesus must require absolute perfection [in degree] ; as a practical expectation, Jesus may look for a growing perfection [in kind] which has in it the capacity to transform man into God's likeness.

It is the Father's perfection that we should strive to imitate in the love he shows to all. Is he not the One who causes his sun to rise on evil and good, and sends rain on righteous and unrighteous? This universal love is the love Jesus seeks from us. Men and women have shown such love ; they are showing such love to-day. The answer to the question as to whether such love is possible is that such love exists.

When Jesus told the disciples, ' A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you ' [Jn. 13:34], He had just finished washing their feet as an example of humble, self-giving love. The disciples had done nothing to inspire Jesus' love. They were self centered, quarrelsome, jealous of each other, and sometimes even argued with and contradicted the One whom they confessed to be their God, Savior, and Lord. Yet everything that Jesus said to them and did for them was completely and without exception for their good. That was the kind of love He commanded them to have for Him and for each other. And that is the kind of love He commands all of His followers to have even for their enemies.

In Christ, Timothy.


Holiness - Genesis 1 - 3

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth...And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said let there be light." Reading these words I was struck by how beautiful this must have been. The purity - holiness of His creation. Then immediately struck by the realization of what the world is today. And so I cried out - forgive us Lord. Then thought - wait - You created us - is this the best You could do? Well - we are His workmanship - doesn't this have to be His best work also, would He make something that was inferior? Doesn't the beauty of His most creative work lie with us too?

So - how does this relate to holiness? As you meditate on the work of the Lord as He laid out creation - as you let the power of the author of life flow through you - think of the reality He wants for you. That He created for you. In the beginning it was good - In Revelation His last words for us are to dwell in His presence unhindered by any evil - so it is good. Are we going to let the fleeting moments of our lives allow the evil one power to come in and destroy His creative work?

I personally don't want to dwell on what I am not - I want to shine forth the best of what my Lord has created me to be. If I have to forgive, okay, if I have to turn the other cheek, okay, if I have to love those who don't love me, but hate me, okay. If I have to give up everything to follow Him, well He is the creator, and I trust Him. The simple truth is I love Him, and I will fight the good fight to my death - so that I can experience the presence of God in my life. The power of joy, hope, peace, love. He promised this to me, and I believe Him.

How do we apply holiness to our lives? Maybe it is just too simple. Start by knowing Him, by being like a little child, love Him, trust Him, embrace Him. Everyday think of who He really is. Praise Him. Think on those things that are good. Let Him do the transforming work in your mind. When the world tries to force its way back into your life - then fight. Use God's word as your sword and slash the lies of the enemy to pieces. Sing psalms to yourself as you go throughout the day. Dwell on good and let Him bring you from glory to glory so that you never lose the power of your first love for Him. Don't let your love for Him grow cold. Let it be a fire that transforms your life and those around you.


Thank you Jay for sending me your list. Please find below a few comments on the last two articles, Practical & Powerful Holiness.

"Be ye Holy for I am Holy" This is the statement made in the Torah. This state of holiness existed in the Early Church amongst it's members. It included ritual cleansing and spiritual separation from sin. It was this holiness and Love for one another that kept them together during persecution.

I do not think we should be looking for the anti-christ to be revealed. Why? Because as John stated he was already revealed around the time of the early church, "Even now he is already in the world". The anti-christ is not physical, it is the spiritual power that rules the world today. Just look around and you will see signs of him. The great tribulation spoken of in revelation has already begun but has not yet reached it's climax.

The main reason we are not doing the first works is because most of the early teachers of these works were killed by the romans and the other went into hiding. While the church has succeeded in the spread of the gospel, the spiritual discipline that goes hand in hand with the gospel was not. This is the reason we no longer have the power to control things around us as it is said in psalms 8:5 "Thou has given him power over the earth, the beast of the field, the fowl of the air, and has put all things under his dominion".

The prophet amos said it is an evil time and the wise shall be prudent, this advice is still valid today as we await the arrival of Meshiah.

Blessed be his name

Hello Jay,
Greetings in our Lords' name. Holiness is the sum total, the fullness of, Gods' divine character and nature, I believe. Every act of so called holiness is measured by the Holiness of the Lord, He being the Highest. The word of God declares the characteristics of God in the person of Jesus who is the visible representation of God whom no man saw until Jesus was manifested.

No one was able to attain unto this holiness by works and deeds neither can anyone do so now. This is why it is said in 1 Cor. 15. As we have borne the image of Adam, even so we must bear the image of Jesus. How did we bear the image of Adam? Naturally, because that carnal nature is handed down from him and we are born in sin and shapen in inequity the Psalmist writes. So if we are not born again of the Spirit and have the life of Jesus unfolding from within us, our holiness will be that of the religious folks who have a form of Godliness but deny the power thereof. Many of God's people are frustrated and living in anxiety because they deny the power of the Holy Ghost, and we have many teachers who encourage rebellion against God resulting in the worldliness, apathy, and outright mockery of the gospel.

Holiness has been accomplished for us already, like everything else that Jesus has done for us, God sees us as holy as Jesus is holy, that is why we are called saints. Jesus in us is to be manifested in a very real way and will be to the glory of the Father, the hindrance to the manifestation of His holiness is our carnal mind and wicked imagination, the veil. But thanks be to God He said that we shall overcome.

So I would like to say that we are presently a holy people because God said we are, and as we believe this we will find that to be holy will flow as easily as it was to be unholy, this is the intent of God when he said that he will write His laws in our hearts and mind, and give us a new heart. We have the mind of Jesus, the nature and likeness of our God is in us because we are the temple of God and the Spirit of God dwells in us.

Our minds must be renewed for us to be transformed into His holiness. Rom.12-1-3 As long as we are trying to perform acts of holiness, the old Adamic mindset is at work and we will be hard on ourselves and others just like the Sadducees and Pharisees were. We as sons of God must see ourselves in the light of the Word of God and our brethren the same way.

Jesus declared to us who we are in Him, not what we cannot be or should wish we could be one day in the sweet by and by. As He is so are we in this world. 1 John 4:17 The Kingdom of God is peace, joy, and righteousness in the Holy Ghost, how we need to have the government of God in our inner man brother. I believe that many of us reject the voice of the Lord as He speaks to us inwardly and much confusion is the result, God loves us and will still send us teachers. The Lord bless you.

In Christ Roland

[Titus 1:15] " Unto the pure all things are pure, but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure ; even their mind and conscience is defiled. '

By ' pure ' is meant nothing else than all such things are now to be used in good conscience, without scruple, by means of our Christian liberty.

In that Paul adds ' to the pure,' he shows how we come to have title in this liberty, even by becoming believers and getting our hearts purified by faith. In one word, all indifferent things are pure, and free to be used, by the pure and believing person, with this one condition, that they be purely and rightly used.

This point leads us to ask and answer a great question, worthy to be determined, and of very great use throughout the whole life of a Christian.

How may things indifferent, which are by nature pure to the believer, become pure to him in their use? Or how may he rightly and purely use them?

The believer uses them purely when he is led unto and moderated in their use, by these three virtues---faith, love, and sobriety. The first of these looks to God, the second to man, and the third to the believer himself ; and none of them may be offended and violated in the use of things indifferent.

Whats Paul saying? There is nothing we meet with in our common walk but is capable of different interpretations. And how we shall interpret all that wealth, and what we shall see in it as it steals by, all that is really fixed by what we are. By all the influences that played on us in childhood, and all the activities of our maturer years, by every battle we have quietly fought, and every burden battle we have bravely borne, by temptation, by friendship, by religion---whether for good or bad we have forged our own personalities. It is the only thing that we possess really, yet it is something more than a possession. It is by that, and that alone, that we interpret everything around us. By that we see---by that we read---by that we interpret God and man and everything. That is the key which unlocks every door opening on to the riches of the universe.

In other words, faced by this wondrous world, we always get just what we bring. We see its power and glory through the eye, but never do we see them with the eye. We see them with all that we have made ourselves---with every virtue that has been wrestled for, and every passion that has been brought to heel. That is why places which speak to one of peace, speak to another of sinful opportunity. That is why sky and sea to one are paradise, and to another are but air and water. That is why God to one means everything ; that is why to another it means nothing. That is why to one it is a name of terror, and to another of infinite encouragement. No definition will ever tell what God is to the soul. It is the soul itself which answers that.

It is one of the commands of the New Covenant---'Judge not, that ye be not judged.' That is a warning which we all need against censorious or hasty judgment. But we must remember that Christ never meant, by these words, to disapprove of the faculty of judgment ; as a matter of fact we are so constituted that each of us is judging all the time. Every action, whether small or great, is summoned impiously to our judgment. Now there are certain acts so clearly good that the worst of men cannot but admire them ; and there are other acts so clearly bad that they are universally condemned. But in between these two extremes lies a whole world of effort and accomplishment, and how we shall judge all that, when it confronts us, depends on the deep fact of what we are. Things will be mean to us if we are mean. Things will be great to us if we are great. A man who has lived purely will find purity on every hand. A man whose life has been a mockery will find all the world a mockery.

We have here one secret of social influence. To see the best in people has a wonderful power of calling out the best ; to see the finest, in a world like this, is a sure way of evoking what is fine.

If we then have power by what we see, and if what we see depends on what we are, the most urgent of all social duties is the duty of a man to his own soul. We can have no faith in any social service that springs from careless and unworthy character. There cannot be any vision in such service, and without vision service is in vain.[Prov. 29:18] We need a heart that scorns what is contemptible, and clings to the highest good.

Unto the pure all things are pure. We see the best, and help to make it so. Every victory we win is aiding our brother to be a better man. Say not you can do nothing for your fellows ; you can do more for your fellows than many a noisy power stricken leader, by being patient, loyal, true, and pure in the life which no human eye can see.

[Deut. 14:2] ' For thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God, and the Lord hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth. '

The word holy comes from the English word whole, meaning "altogether." Israel was to be altogether given over to serve the Lord. When the King James Version says they were 'peculiar,' it does not mean they were "funny," but that they had distinctive character and belonged to God in a special way.

Do you expect to see any difference between believers and unbelievers?

To have the fullness of the blessing of salvation a believer must walk with the Lord, trusting him to help in everyday affairs. Do you think that walking with Christ can be entirely private? Should a believer keep his relationship with the Lord secret?

Moses gave specific instructions for the people of Israel to conduct themselves differently than others. Uncommon consecration to God should be our ideal. All nations glorify God in some degree, even in spite of themselves. But his own people are wise in aiming at special consecration. There is nothing so important as the highest possible ideal. Devoted to this, we attain to something higher and nobler than is possible otherwise.

They had been chosen to righteous character. By virtue of this choice, they were on the high road to perfection. Their destiny was not secured irrespective of their own will and choice. They were now consecrated to the Divine service of Jehovah, and must perform holy actions, so as to acquire a holy character. This is man's highest reward---a heaven within.

The surrounding nations might become progressively worse, but God's people are different! They are governed and regulated [ inwardly it was hoped, as well as outwardly] by different standards! They are the ones chosen of God for his own possession! Let them live, then, as the children of God and not the sons of Belial.

New Testament writers speak of the church as ' The Israel of God ' [Gal. 6:16], and his people, as his own possession, are still to show forth the glories of their owner, master, and savior.

God called us, we responded to that call, and now are at once the "call-ees" and the "call-ers"---those proclaiming God's call to a lost mankind As God's called out ones, His church, we must ever reflect God's true glories, lest His call to a lost world is diminished and weakened.

Should the Gospel be shown to the world? Paul said, ' If our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost ' [2 Cor. 4:3]. Almighty God, through the Lord Jesus Christ, is interested in the people of the world. He would like to win them to Himself, and the only way is for the gospel to be presented through those who do believe. The Lord Jesus said to His disciples, ' You shall be witnesses unto me ' [Acts 1:8]. A witness does not keep quiet [ya'll] ; he tells the facts openly. Paul also said to the Corinthians, ' Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us ' [2 Cor. 3:3]. If we are the epistle of Christ [a letter, as it were], our lives are to be read. And if a believer is to enter into the fullness of the blessing that is in Christ Jesus, it will be important for him to openly identify himself with Christ.

What then, does it mean to be holy as God is holy? Here a walk through the bible, noting the qualities of God, is profitable. For example, love characterizes God [1 Jn. 4:8], as does peace [2 Cor. 13:11 ; Phil. 4:7 ; Col. 3:15]. And the fruit of the Spirit [Gal. 5:22,23] would only 'proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light ' [1 Pet. 2:9].

Holiness must be seen " in all your behavior"---that is, in every phase and aspect of our lives, in all manner of living, in all you do.

In Christ, Timothy.


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