Babylon and You Say

March 10, 2000

What I did was to call out what may be religious Babylon and left it up to you and the Lord to come up with the answers. I have nothing to say. There is always a danger of taking things out of context this way but these are excerpts of what you are saying as a church, organized together and basically is what I see as the Lord talking through you.

I am not finished with Babylon. I will get my swings in later. Let me know if you have any more to contribute.


The dispensation of the 'Fullness of Times' is approaching rapidly!... the day of the restoration of My glory upon man is at hand.

The church in Laodecia is warned that their blinded eyes would need eyesalve to keep them from being blinded by the world.... Laodicia is supposed to be the last-day church that is depicted in the Bible. Isn't Laodicia the condition of the church in the world today?

Well, maybe in America.

What do you think the leading most causal factors to the increasing gap between the rich and the poor are in today's society....???? if anything, what do you think we could do as a nation, or a global community to increase economic opportunity amongst all occupants of the earth/area???

America the Beautiful, or so you used to be... Babylon is formed in each of our lives by the act of not obeying God, His word, and His spirit. For the kingdom of God is within us and to allow anything else in is to allow a state of Babylon within us.

If we think ourselves to be wise then we need to become as fools or we will be left in the dark - to our own rationale and objectivity which can be subject to fleshly and demonic influence. ....Let us did deep into the Word of God until we find the Rock. A place from which we will not be moved when we are put to the test. This is the place of ultimate security in this life. While searching Scripture we must find Him who is the Rock - Jesus Christ our Lord.

Therefore Babylon is still alive and well in the minds of people who have forgotten that in order to be blessed of God we must be approved of God. He has said that he would take us just as we are, so therefore to follow His example we to must take people and thier thoughts just as they are. For you see we are not able to change what people think-how they act or what they say. As I understand it only God thru His son Jesus and by His spirit has the power to change peoples lives. So with that said, lets us remember who and what we represent. By God's Holy Spirit we have been given the pleasure to preach and teach His Word. This Word and the Spirit that lives in the Word has the power to change people. For doctrine is spelled out in the Word and says if even if an angel comes teaching any other doctrine = Even Paul threw away worldly wisdom to hold on to the truth.

If we are not under God's authority then we will be under someone else's. Who's authority we are submitted to first will determine our understanding of Scripture... Get into to God's presence often and be refreshed - worshipping Him from the depths of your heart. Make sure you do not get away from the simplicity of devotion to Christ. Make God's top priorities yours.

Many long for the supernatural power of the spiritual realm, but will not enter into the life of CHRIST which is death to self, and therefore the spiritual power remains in the spiritual realm and does not manifest in the natural... This is the Church of Jesus Christ in the Last Day. According to Zephaniah, the House of God in the Last Days is going to be under reproach... There is going to be shame and disgrace in the House of God. there is a great danger in this last generation to be puffed up and think more highly of ourselves because of the culmination of all things.

As at the tower of Babel, when they tried to build a tower to reach up to heaven, so is Religious Babylon. It is the attempt of man, by his own initiative to attain to godhood, or god consciousness. This will manifest in many religious ways and humanistic ways, but it is all mans' attempt to be God. Jesus is Gods' answer to this sinful delusion, since God became flesh, the Eternal Word became man, to reach us.

The Bible to me is intensely the history about how an established theocracy by man cannot work. It is prophecy about our coming King establishing a theocracy--but it tells us that a theocracy until that time will not work. History tells us that a pluralistic society that is tolerant of religion in all forms is the best we can get--here and now. It seems to me that as soon as any portion of the Kingdom here on earth becomes political even with the best of seemingly anointed intentions it very soon thereafter becomes Babylon. It may rise up in protest of political institutions, which are an anathema, but it may not ally itself with either the filthy lucre that runs all political machines or with the enemy which seems to eventually control each one. John Calvin who still seems to be the butter on the bread of the Protestant version of the Kingdom tried to establish a theocracy, in I believe Zurich and it may have been initially a form of solidarity and protection from the inquisition (but mean old John had a couple of folks executed for bowling on Sunday). And since that time (and have I imagined this?) it seems to have been the fulcrum of a "religious spirit," which overtly or covertly seems to deride moves of God...

I am talking about the Church that was born in the teaching of the Apostle Paul and the Apostles. The Church born in the doctrine of the Godhead of Jesus Christ. That born-again Church is under attack. That Church is suffering reproach. ... Matthew 13:16 But blessed [are] your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear. 17 For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous [men] have desired to see [those things] which ye see, and have not seen.

For all that we have has been added to by each generation, line upon line, precept upon precept. These saints of God did not see those things which we will see not because of their unrighteousness but because it was not time. All that the Lord has sown was meant to come to maturity right now for a specific purpose, which is to drive out of His kingdom all things that offend while not loosing a single grain of wheat... We will reap a harvest of that which was sown by the Lord through saints throughout the ages. As the Lord has said: Amos 9:13 Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that the plowman shall overtake the reaper... Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

The Lord needs to bring all things to maturity first that He may pass full sentence upon all that was sown by the enemy so that through the church He may confound the principalities and powers by having His wisdom displayed through the church.

I believe God is raising up this special breed of war horses for what is ahead....They have been in training and they have learned the ways of war....they are reared and ready to run into the land and do the job they have been trained for.......they have learned to hear the voice of their master and obey with quickness... God will have a remnant that will not sit idly by while all of these things invade the Church. God says, "I will have a people that are not going to be satisfied to go their merry way and just ignore what is happening as Charlatans and money-mad false prophets are coming into the House of God and destroying everything in sight."

Ancient Babylon, had the same seductive power, over people that the modern day one has. Luxuries, pleasures, carelesness, self-exaltation, instant gratification, indulgences of sexual immorality, a great military power, magicians, soothsayers, possibly anything that one could desire, it was there for the asking. The prophets spoke of modern day Babylon the Great, her rise and fall, which was great, who will hear the message, in our time to come out of her, before the plagues of God Almighty, begin to fall upon her, for her sins have reached unto heaven. Modern day Babylon, now has caused all to drink of the cup, that she holds, causing even the religious establishment, to stagger as a drunken one, seeking after the merchandise, that she so freely traffics, a covenant, of the world has she made wth many a apostate church.

John 8:31,32, Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, (if ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free). Free from the bondage of religious, political, and commercial, Babylon, which deceitfully enslaves many to their own destruction... God is going to gather a people who grieve over this. The church is going to have a heart for Him that will literally open the heavens over the nation for the power and the authority of Jesus Christ to come into the land so that souls might be saved. But it's going to be fore run by the worshippers.

And then those of you that are five-fold ministries in the body of Christ, I believe the Lord is saying that in these coming days there is going to be an identification of ministry giftings... it is going to be a Kingdom work, and it is going to be made up of Kingdom people who are submitted to the King of kings....

Wake up elders. Wake up pastors. Wake up shepherds. Take a look at the Church. Get the burden. Carry it. "The prophets have committed adultery and are walking in lies." ... "They speak of vision of their own heart, I sent them not. I have not spoken to them. They say unto them that despise me, 'the Lord said, you shall have peace'

I believe this is related to false religion that tries to freshen the breath to deceive people with teachings which are evil, but covered over with some 'good smelling' words... Weep over the condition of the Church... Until you know how to deal with the flesh with the power of the Holy Ghost, stay away from it.

Oneness people (like JWs and Calvinists) cannot affirm the Creed of Nicaea....Nor can they affirm the Scriptures which speak of the Word being with God before time... A lot of fundamentalists have replaced Jesus with the Bible (a book they don't even understand cos revelation only comes from relationship with God)... As long as we are in this pulpit, if we saw wolves in sheep's clothing coming to rob the flock, we would stand up and cry out against it. It is up to you to do something about it.

(They say) If you find the most blessed prosperous preacher and give him money, then you will be blessed. The more blessed he is, if you give you to those that are most blessed. . . The Reproach of the Solemn Assembly! The prophet called them "greedy dogs, ungodly watchmen". Folks, if you had the heart of God and the burden of the Lord you would be crying out with Isaiah,

I am going to deliver my flock from the teeth of these men. My God, help us...

DREAM I was in a large church meeting , much like a Rhema Celebration meeting. One of the local ministers said to me that he had heard the weather report , and there were " Storms coming" . Then the visiting speaker who was from overseas preached and he also said he had heard the weather report and there were " Storms coming". There was no anxiety or fear in the dream , just the announcement that storms were coming. Given the context of the dream I think this is a warning to the local church.

I was shown a huge mountain with many levels on it, and I saw that lots of children and young people were gathering around its base. The gathering was quickly expanding and there appeared to be no access point for the children to move from the base onto the higher levels of the mountain. I sensed a growing restlessness among the young people, who looked at the mountain with such intense desire to climb into the higher purposes of God.

So our vision or focus must be in UNION or ONE with our spirit, which is one with His Spirit, as it is the accurate ILLUMINATION of the Lord. Then when our focus/ vision is from our SPIRIT, this accurate illumination determines our 'perceived' reality. For too long our focus has been upon our SOUL, our eye has been evil... not only toward ourselves but toward our brothers and sisters in Christ... it is time to come up higher!.. Heb. 12:2 Keep your eyes on Jesus, our leader and instructor. He was willing to die a shameful death on the cross because of the JOY He knew would be his afterwards; and now he sits in the place of honor by the throne of God.

in the last days god will pour out his spirit. I have very unique proof of that scripture... Surely the proof that he is pouring out his spirit... God is calling his children back to him. I can testify to that...

That which the Lord called is not finished. All the "issues" of the first gathering are not what He is interested in. This second "gathering" is about the same things the first was. The Lord's focus is still upon His agenda not ours. While it is true that He calls us and uses us in as Paul says " different administrations and operations" the questions must focus on are we of the same spirit. We all have "work" that He has called us to do according to the need where we are. We must not confuse that with this work of the "gathering". though they are by the same spirit , the focus is different.

Thank you for your greetings, and to spur all on to Unity of love, doctrine, purpose. Paul said make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose. Now go back to verse one, read verse 2 (we are of course in Phillippians Chapter Two). Then, if some of us dare, after some of the aftermath of the Gathering, the call to which was conceived in long years of prayer, sounded forth in a holy trumpet call to gather, given by faith, for a season in the dark, by great faith I might add, and is being born even now, in travail...

Again, I saw the vision, and the voice of the Master came, "Write the vision for now is the time; now the hour of restoration is at hand."... Again, the voice of the Master, "These are My vessels formed by the hand of the Potter (Father), and I have set them on My table in the order that has pleased Me. Watch now what I am about to do.".. "Now watch the work of My Spirit." As I watched, these vessels, pure water in each one began to overflow, and out of their innermost being a flow of water issued forth... Some of the vessels had no flow of water, some were discolored, some had cracks, and some had been chipped and pieces broken from them... "Do not worry, for these are still My chosen vessels. Now I will take them down to the Potter's House and make each one again as it seems good to Me." Then He said, "Come and watch, for now is the time of transformation, and I will make each of these marred vessels into vessels of honor. This I will do because they have suffered for Me... Now comes the revealing of sons and daughters of God, and My glory shall be revealed in and through each one."... These are those who stand by the Lord of the whole earth. Arise, My sons and My daughters, for I have come to restore you. I have come to anoint your heads with My oil, and you will be found at My table.

Are we willing to come into one accord one with another in a focus other than what we know? Are we willing to take up a "cross" that we are not familiar with? Are we willing to "step down" in order to serve Him as He wants? Will we "follow" as He leads without challenge? These are what we "say" and yet are our words truth?

We should seek the face of God for His sake and not for the sake of revival! When we seek His presence He produces the kind of unity that prepares the ground for and outpouring of the Holy Spirit... There is a process of unity going on. God is doing it, but in His own way.

Truly these are perlious times. And yet we need His leadership more than ever before... We are dependent totally upon Jesus to show and tell us everything. Jesus said of Himself "I do nothing my Father does not tell or show me". This is too critical for us not to lay all at Jesus' feet.

I pray you will seek Jesus over this and not give in to anything but His leading by His spirit... Look at the Christ in ALL, and all the Christ that is IN YOU will have covenant with the Christ in ALL!

I immediately was reminded of the Great Commission recorded in Acts 1:8… Acts 1:8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me BOTH in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth. (KJV)... Our ministry is widening on two fronts. Doors of opportunity to go and minister throughout the nations are opening more and more...Our King's mandate includes "BOTH" fronts. Brethren, THINK GLOBALLY—always keep the big picture before you; then, ACT LOCALLY—begin at your "Jerusalem," your home base... The Body of Christ is made up of BOTH Jew and Greek. Jesus is the Lord of BOTH. I have no advantage over the natural Jew, and he has none over me—we BOTH must be born again.

The Anointing is a Person... The anointing upon all of us—together, corporately, and collectively—is far greater than the anointing upon any one of us... 2 Peter 1:9 For he who lacks these qualities is blind or short-sighted, having forgotten his purification from his former sins.

So how do we turn the handle to start the spiritual flow. Obviously we have to come to Him. To Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith It is not from me and it is not from your Pastor (although listening and submitting to your Pastor certainly helps), it is from the Holy Spirit who's job according to John 14/17 is to be the 'Spirit of Truth' to us. He will teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance. Knowledge starts with relationship.

Again, what an AWESOME God we have and great prayer partners.

The time has come to call a Solemn Assembly!

Pray for the sanctuaries you worship the True and Living GOD in across the globe today, that the temples be cleansed of all idle words absorbed into the very walls, that repentance come upon the people of God because we have set to our seal that God is True.

The Bible says that God is just. We know that He exercises perfect judgment and discernment in His dealings with mankind.

You are blessing and strengthening this family and moving in the midst of their lives, propeling them forward in You, and yes LORD, even those things that are needing to be ordered in their households, even those things Father that are needing to be ordered and set aright, I thank You that Your Spirit is there bringing clarity and distinction to those situations.

Lord, his prophets, disciples, apostles, were continually, reproached, persecuted, killed, mocked, scorned, abused, and so much more, because the real truth, will not be received, because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved.

Micah 2:12,I will surely assemble, O Jacob, all of thee, I will surely gather the remnant of Israel: I will put them together as the sheep of Bozrah, as the flock in the midst of their fold: they shall make great noise, by resaon of the multitude of men.

Love is the substance of life. The amount of spiritual fruit that we bear depends on how much love we have within us. The fruit of the spirit is love manifested..Freely giving to others as the Father directs us. ....Everything stems from love....He seeks to form His love fully within our hearts and shed His love abroad to those around us... as Jesus said, that we love one another as He loves us. Its Gods love that will bring about revival. Jesus said all would know we belong to Him if we love each other. I just pray to be filled with His love, a love that never fails, that bears with those who aren't exactly the same as me, that endures all things.

"The Shoulders have now been birthed which shall carry the weight of My Glory and Government into the Place of the Tabernacle of David." Oh, Hallelujah!!

These are the days of birthing and these are the days of travailing. It will not only loose the captives, but it will strengthen them and give them power. New life is being breathed upon this anointing. will drive away the demons so that they will flee.

The baby's head is crowning and it's time to push! This is the time of most doubt, but there is no turning back, no time to abort, no time for a c-section...THIS IS IT! "BE ENCOURAGED MY BELOVED BODY! KEEP YOUR FOCUS ON ME AND BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS! YOU ARE ABOUT BIRTH SOMETHING THAT HUMAN EYES HAVE NOT YET SEEN!...

Why don't we make use of this information to influence our world for righteousness?

Youth assistance programs: The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of San Antonio's Youth Support Services has been selected as a beneficiary of Albertson's markets' "Community Partners" youth assistance program.

Shoppers present a free bar-coded "GLCCSA Youth Services" donation card when purchasing items at area Albertson's markets. For every purchase made during each sales quarter at participating stores, the center will receive 2 percent to 5 percent of total purchases from people using the cards. This is an ongoing fund-raising program. The GLCCSA will use the money to fund the center's Youth Peer Support Groups. I will take this article to my local Albertsons:... Throw Jezebel down, this usurper of authority, you are rightful king. May we recrown you as ruler, may we swear, and rededicate ourselves to you, our radiant Lord and God.

What is a prophetic church? We believe it is more than folks giving corporate words in public meetings of the saints. Prophetic people are people who know the heart of God, are equipped with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and live a life of intimacy and obedience to God. As Paul said to the Corinthian church, pursue love, and earnestly desire spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the prophetic and its proper use and context in the body of Christ, as well as experience the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit.

a born again child of God under the Blood of Jesus.

Suddenly and without applause descended from the Heavens a great sword, one that had never been seen or would ever be seen again. It descended into the hands of the warrior and his fists grasped its handles, perfectly fitting the curves of his hands. A radiance now flashed like lightning from his hands and arms, then his torso and legs, even his shoes now shone with its brilliant light.........They were the last days ministries that the Lord had released into the earth to prepare the Bride, the Church for the end time harvest.......And in his hand was the sword of HARVEST and WAR. To bring in the great harvest and 'to destroy the works of the devil'. Great authority was now in his hands.

By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea we wept, when we remembered Zion. 2. We hanged our harps under the willows in the midst therof. 3. For there they that carried us away captive required of us a song, and they that wasted us required of us mirth, saying Sing us one of the songs of Zion. 4. How shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange land?... If ever there was a time to pray,this is it, for in the greatest of security, lies many hidden dangers, before the captivity... As your church unites as one in prayer, may you fill us with boldness, may the power of your Name bring healing and restoration to this nation.

The enemy is roaming two and fro in the earth seeking whom he may devour. But we have a God who is easily touched with the feelings of our infirmities. I thank you Father God that you hear.

I do best praying in a group together, even an egroup, if you desire I could pray for Alan in the group list, so we could all agree together...`This is to be my sacred anointing oil for the generations to come. Ex. 30:31... Enter into my holy of holies, and there you will find my oil. Take it, and let it be poured forth upon you... Tell the devil today, he is a liar! He will not take your joy, your peace or disturb your spirit.

Sign me up for God''s plan, walked out as the adventure, battle, and joy it is in the company of God's men and women....Let's come quiet in spirit, fervent, ready to hear.

This is the golden oil--every drop of it is precious. It fell upon the beard of Aaron, let it fall upon you as well. You can do nothing apart from Me, and without this oil you are acting upon your own strength. Enter into my holy of holies, and there you will find my oil. Take it, and let it be poured forth upon you. "Take it, for you will need it in the days ahead."

You have been washed by the cleansing power of My blood. Old things have passed away and you have become as newborn babes. Yet, many of you hide from Me as though you were lepers hiding in caves, and you have separated yourselves from the rest of My body not willing to touch or be touched.

Today, I call you warriors! I have given you power and authority to take possession of spiritual ground that you have not yet moved into. And, it is fruitful land. But, you must thrust out the enemy... For God did not call us to uncleanness, but in holiness... Remove pride and lust, and tear down the idols that have been erected in your own heart. I say, it is time to take the land, for victory is assured if you will only go and fight. It is My pleasure to give you the kingdom.

My desire for you is that you go through these circumstances and tests resting in Me, with your soul quietly trusting Me for guidance and wisdom. For, I will certainly lead you and direct your every step... Take comfort we have a God who knows our hearts and minds and through prayer the comfort for our troubled minds eventually comes. So thank you all for being God's vessel to pour the oil of comfort into the troubled waters...

Indeed I have spoken that a new day is coming...even the eighth day of glory in eternity. It is My desire that all of My children rise up now in a position of faith and prepare themselves according to the leading of the Spirit to the ends of the world... His desire to give you the Kingdom.

But thank God through Jesus Christ,that there is a way out of Babylon the Great, Amen... Be alert, beloved. Sharpen your discernment, for the enemy will try to draw you into places that are ungodly, unholy and defiling. There will be people who wear the Christian label who will try to solicit your agreement and alliance. But, their lives are laced with deception, worldliness, and debauchery... I have not called you to cackle and peck at one another. I call you to be eagles who will soar high above the earth into the realms of glory. "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."

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