Laying on of Hands

December 28, 1999 We may all be done with this topic but me. I have not yet completed an essay on the subject, what I have done so far you may see at To what I have completed will also be added later what brother Alan sent me. Most of us agree that the laying on of hands is foundational and there is definite power transmitted and we have the power. Those who do not agree will hopefully break through for this is a matter of faith. The Bride of Christ will readily agree on this.

Also I need to work on the subject of I Timothy 5:22, "Lay hands suddenly on no man." I know that most of us have already given this some thought as this being the laying on of hands in impartation. I am not yet convinced. The previous passage is "that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality." If we are not to show bias to one another, how can we make a decision as to who we should lay our hands on? The rest of the passage reads, "neither be partaker of other men's sins, keep thyself pure." In context with this view, it has been taken to mean that if we were to lay our hands on someone we should not, that we may take on the sins of another. What reason would God have to let this happen?

Variations of this same Greek word from the Timothy passage, "epitithei" for the word lay is in my lexicon as also referring to Acts 18:10 "no man shall set on thee to hurt thee," Matthew 23:4, "For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders..." It is the Greek "epi ti" in its different declensions that is the same in these. Also Matthew 27, "and when they had plaited a crown of thorns, they put it upon His head...", Luke 23:26, "they lay hold upon one Simon, A Cyrenian...". While these words are certainly used to lay hands and receive the Holy Ghost and other good stuff, they are also used as laying hands upon in violence and this is where the sin may lie in the Timothy passage and that would be in context. Some words to ponder. I do not believe that the Timothy passage refers to the laying on of hands in any way but in violence. And I do not think that you receive the sins of others in laying hands on a person that is not worthy. I believe that it is in the misunderstanding of this passage that leads people to think that way. On the contrary, in context we are not to show partiality and we should not believe that we innocently take on the sins of others. To me, it sounds too much like superstition.

A good example of going to the greek is that I remember a similar thought concerning the word "striker" that I heard from Titus 1:7 concerning qualifications for a Bishop, "not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre." The same word is used in I Timothy 3:3. The Greek is "plektes" and my friend thought that it meant that a Bishop should not be a member of a labor union or strike for better wages or working conditions. What striker meant according to the Greek lexicon was "bruiser, ready with a blow," and had to nothing to do with unions. I think this same thing can be applied to the laying on of hands suddenly on no man. Discussion anyone?

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas. A few items of discussion follows. I also added part of what brother Alan sent me earlier.


Re: laying on of hands

Jesus said that IN HIS Name, believers would lay hands on the sick and that they would recover. Whenever I pray for someone to be healed (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) I just remember this promise from Jesus. Being IN His Name is being a part of His Body and in fellowship with all who know HIm, our authority is delegated authority and not from our own personal power or goodness. Peter said, after the lame man was healed, 'why are you looking at us? It is not our own goodness that healed this man, but faith in the Name of Jesus Christ." (paraphrased)

The gospel of Jesus Christ is so simple even a child can understand, my children have laid hands on me and prayed for healing from the age of 2 or 3 years old. If you have a real tough problem, get a little child to pray in Jesus Name, they have strong faith.

That is what I believe the Lord has shown me, and Jesus never turned away anyone who came to Him for healing. Whenever anyone requests prayer for healing in Jesus Name, I believe He hears them.

God bless you all,

Laurie B.

I believe that the laying on of hands is true to the belief of God, but you only lay hands on people that God wants you to. If you are not led by God, then a spirit that is on that person can jump on you, if it is arthritis or some other kind of dark spirit. That is why God says not to rush to lay hands on every person that ask for prayer. When it is of God, I believe it is a powerful way of getting your healing or getting your prayers answered.

Tina Schulte

Dear Jay

I have been involved in the ministry for quite a few years now and have seen excesses in the area of the laying on of hands, from groping, touching women in the wrong places, laying on of heavy hands and the pushing over of people.

I was involved for about two years on the ministry tream at the TACF in Toronto and had the honor of praying for literally hundreds of pastors ever night, and I can testify to the validity of laying on of hands. I have been on the presbytery on many occasions during ordination services and in the praying for the sick.

Recently it was suggested that we ordain by email. Though some do, I refuse to.

There is definitely a transferrance of spirit involved though sometimes I wonder who's spirit.

Recently I went to a physiotherapist and during His examination of my back and shoulders I sensed a healing warmth from, his touch. I do not know If he was a Christian or not.

I friend of mine had been given up for dead in hospital with cancer and one day an old cleaning lady came into his room and looked at him with compassion. He said she gently took her hand on his and started to pray in a (strange foreign tongue,) He felt heat radiate through out his body and was healed of his cancer.

Yes I believe in the laying on of hands..

Brother Alan.

Greeting in The Name of Jesus.

I thank God that He has led me to a group that promotes unity, because this is what He wants for His children. The laying on of hands is one of the ways God works, like the Bible says in James. If all of God's children would look to Him, then there would be unity over doctrines like laying on of hands. When one church teaches one way, and one another way, and each thinks they are right, the result is disunity.

Men take so much pride in their own intellect and doctrinal position. Pride is a dangerous thing that will not just cause one to fall, but will destroy you. God's Word says we should come together in the unity of faith. When God's Word speaks about laying on of hands, we need to do it, if we call ourselves Christians. The gifts of God are important, and need to be in the church. I've come to know, that if you seek after God with all your heart, He will give you what you need. We need to repent of this pride that has infected the Body of Christ.

Frank Overman

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