Laying on of Hands

December 20, 1999

We can put the WTO discussion behind us. There were a few comments I would like to mention and then get on. You know that the emphasis of these discussions are to come to agreement. I appreciate with those that have said that they agree with me, but it is not about me, I also need to recognize my own errors to come to one accord. I especially appreciate what others have written about the discerning of spirits and that it is in truth that we should finally agree. Please pray that the spirit of truth is revealed. Once the spirit of error is eliminated we can really come to agreement on the things that have divided Christians throughout the centuries if we have the spirit of truth within us. We must agree if we are to answer the prayer of Jesus: "That they all may be one as you, Father are in me and I in you, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that you have sent me." As we enter the new millenium, we must finally come to realize that Jesus will be coming after a church that is holy and blameless and speaking as one. Soon brothers and sisters, soon. As the Bride of Christ, we must be more than saved, we must be more than in the holy place, we must be in the holy of holies.

The next topic I wanted to take on was the second of the Hebrews 6 principles, that of laying on of hands. The following was what I put together before the WTO discussion and I have not yet completed it but for the sake of discussion will give you as far as I have done. If you have read much on my site, you know that I take pleasure in taking pot shots at those churches that have a form of godliness but deny the power, Babylon, the luke-warm church, and the churches that think that they are alive but are dead. It is a mixed pleasure for it is really tragic but I do try to have fun at it. For those that have already experienced the spiritual power that is transmitted in holy hands, there really is no need to discuss it. For those that deny the power or have never been exposed to it, I would think that many would not want to admit it. So I would ask you for your questions on one hand for those desiring to understand the power and on the other hand your experiences with the power. How many of you have been slain in the spirit? Are there ones that transmit the power as well as receive? What are your experiences when you lift up holy hands, or stretch your hands out to others? Is there no feeling, or is there definite infilling and spiritual baptism? What of the holiness and virtue involved?

The first part below is what I have just written for a new page on laying on of hands. The second part is what I have already published under the topic "holy hands"

I hope that you are having Blessed Christmas season,


The laying on of hands is something so foundational to Christianity that it is real easy to recognize the churches that have a form of godliness but deny the power. For those of us that have the power of the Holy Ghost and are able to impart that power, there is no denying the reality. Jesus asked the question, "When the Son of Man comes, shall He find faith on the earth?" The answer is yes for some and no for others and the laying on of hands is a proper plumbline to separate the faithful from the faithless. Those that strive for unity in the church must know that it is only in the power of the Holy Ghost that this can be accomplished and those that deny the power would have to be likened among the five foolish virgins that Jesus spoke of that have not trimmed their lamps.

The laying on of hands in the Old and New Testament were for the following purposes:

1. Blessing
2. Consecration.
3. Impartation.
4. Healing.

In the Old Testament, the laying on of hands often conferred spiritual blessings. Israel stretched out his hands on the two sons of Joseph as a blessing, "guiding his hands wittingly." A definite impartation was received in this action, being the right hand placed on the head of Ephraim, setting him before Manasseh who was given the left, even though Ephraim was the younger. Speaking words of wisdom, Jacob's hands were prophetically guided by the Holy Ghost in the blessing. As we stand to meet the Lord, it is those who are on the left that will be at Jesus' right hand. Jesus blessed the little children and laid His hands on them.

The Levites were brought before the Lord and the children of Israel put their hands on them. Aaron offered the Levites for an offering so that they may execute the service of the Lord. This same idea was passed onto the Christian church in ordination and consecration. The Levites then laid their hands upon the heads of the bullocks, one for a sin offering and the other for a burnt offering unto the Lord to make an atonement for the Levites. Through the hands being laid on the sacrifice, they identified themselves with the offering and the sin was transferred so that their hands would be clean to serve. This is a type of the atonement of Jesus, our sins were transferred to Him so we could become holy. The Levites were then separated from among the children of Israel and belonged to the Lord completely for His service. This is also a type of the salvation in the Christian church that differentiates those who are merely justified from those who are wholly sanctified. Through faith, we lay our hands upon the Lamb of God, He takes away our sin, purifies us and consecrates us to service.

The laying on of hands in consecration and ordination is used today by many churches as a ceremonial function with no real power. Officers of the church have hands laid on by those who confer the authority of the Holy Ghost to equip those who will serve in the church. The officers of the early church were ordained by prayer and fasting and the laying on of hands. This action did not equip them with spiritual gifts. The Seven Deacons of Acts were men chosen already "full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom." True servants of God are ordained because they are qualified, not qualified by being ordained.

Confess your sins. Stretch your hand out in the spirit towards every one you love or that have been entrusted to your watch. Feel the power of holiness in an invocation of love and forgiveness to your enemies as well as loved ones and know that the cleansing goes both ways. Feel the power of the blood of Jesus rushing through your veins, into your hands and out your extended palm at the point where Jesus was nailed. In His name feel the power pass through your hands to their hearts. Experience that divine power going into the person you have touched and the faith to know that in the name of Jesus there is that power. Project the Holy Ghost power through your arms with the knowledge and faith of Jesus and in the glory of the situation that person will know and experience the outpouring of the spirit promised to us. Also try to extend your outstretched palms in front of you and project your heart.

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