WTO Consensus

December 11, 1999

Whew Group,

That was a lively discussion that got even livelier. I thought everyone was going to respond. It seems to have subsided so if I may, lets see if we have a consensus from what was discussed.

No one denied and some confirmed that the World Trade Organization is the first step toward the One World Order economic system. First of all we are admonished to bring others from the outer court into the Holy Place. And we are to pray, no matter what our calling. There is a correlation between the WTO protests and the cleansing of the temple. Jesus did protest in this case, he did demonstrate and he did drive the moneychangers out of the outer court. It was also mentioned that Jesus did not participate in the violent overthrow represented in the Zealots. He died on the cross for all of us, yes. This is our primary message.

Jesus was obedient and died for our sins on the cross but for what offense? I will add that He was sinless and we are to follow His example. He was condemned to die on the cross because he angered the temple authorities, this was His offense as regarding those who wanted to kill Him. There were other things like blasphemy and breaking the Sabbath laws but this was the one that got Him into real trouble. We are to preach forgiveness, salvation, repentance and the fact of the shed blood, but Jesus was not condemned for these things but because He deprived the Pharisees and the Sadducees and the High Priest their temple income. Follow this logic in the gospels and you will see this is true; and follow this logic toward those that are protesting the WTO and you will see that they are trying to do just what Jesus did. Follow this logic even further and you will see that the ones in the last days who will be persecuted are not just those that preach salvation but those that have gotten out of Babylon and refuse to take the mark of the beast which is economic. Most of us agree but not all that our callings are different and that some, especially in the prophetic, are called to Christian activism to denounce injustice, avarice, exploitation and oppression.

We also discussed that we are not going to get the truth in the right wing media. What the protestors did was to blow the trumpet and sound the alarm, we would not have heard otherwise. A prayer was given "Please forgive us and give us a heart for grace and action led by Your Holy Grace our Father in Heaven, may we see Your will on earth during these times." Many seem to be given that heart but not all in this group are yet in one accord. We are reminded that we have different callings and gifts, some will be martyred, some will be underground but it the Lord's battle, it is Jesus that is the Commander of this army and we must wait for His orders. We should look to the Holy Ghost and have discernment of what to do, have the backing of Jesus, right motives and everything done by prayer and thanksgiving.

Now we come to a problem. This is just one issue. To fulfill the prayer of Jesus we need to all speak the same thing. We are almost there on this. What of those that refuse to agree because they do not think that another's calling can include an activist spirit or have a divine right to protest? The kingdom is not a democracy, it is a monarchy, and Jesus is King. We need to go on to another discussion but what of those that refuse to come of one accord? Agree to disagree? No way. What do you think? Do we agree or not?


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