Reaching Out To Islam

November 7, 2001

Unity is not always an easy concept, especially if it includes those that we do not want to associate with. A Moslem filled with hatred for others is not part of the kingdom no matter how much they say that they are but the same is true of hateful Christians. That is not so hard to understand unless a spirit of hatred and worship of a false god blinds one to the truth. I cannot give up the idea that there is a remnant of Christians that will reach out in love to those that are not part of us. At the same time, I cannot but believe that there is a remnant of Islam that will be part of that same love. Since God is love, those that hate Christians, Moslems or the Jews cannot be a part of God or eternal life until that hatred is repented of. The true God is the Father of us all.

To be able to reach out to Islam, we must come to some points of agreement. First of all, God is One. We all understand that. Those that divide the trinity into three gods or those that think that we are doing so, do not understand the oneness of trinity. In that Mohammed did not understand this is not surprising since he may have been exposed to heretical Christian influence. Mohammed could not accept the sonship of Jesus yet recognizes His virgin birth. If God was not the Father of Jesus, who was? It does not make sense but what Mohammed did not recognize in the sonship was that we are also sons of God, except where one was a sinless life, we are born into sin. Moslems have that same opportunity for grace that we have to enter into the adopted sonship of God and the brotherhood of man and it is in the nature of grace that we must confront this issue.

There are said to be perhaps 73 sects of Islam and just like Protestantism, they can't all be right. There is one that will come to the Lord Jesus. Which one? Who knows but to condemn them all because of the hatred of even the many is the same as the enemies of Christianity condemning us all because of the bigotry, hatred, hypocrisy and prejudice of the greater part of Christendom throughout history.

The sins of Mohammed are cited as too many to bring him into the role of God's servant. I too led a sinful life but God forgave me through the atonement and the grace of Jesus and even now must go to Him for forgiveness. Are not those under the law given that same grace? There is a lot of misinformation through the centuries by those who would hate Moslems yet never read the Koran. Mohammed believed in Jesus, however imperfectly, and remember this, that God can speak through anyone, remember Balaam's donkey? Luther condemned Mohammed as ""a devil and first-born child of Satan", we can dismiss that as an exaggeration, especially since Luther wanted Christian heretics burnt also. Whose views do we perpetuate, the traditions of men or the loving wisdom of God? The fact is that the majority of Islam follows the traditions, not the Koran:

"Say ye: 'We believe in God, and the revelation given to us and to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the tribes and that given to Moses and Jesus and that given to all prophets from the Lord: We make no difference between one and another of them and we bow to God.'" Sura 2:136

I also bow to God, the same God as Abraham and Ishmael, Isaac and Jacob and to Moses and Jesus. Now is the time for Moslems and Christians to do the same but you know that only a remnant will actually come to the truth. We need to reach out in love to all of them. Grace comes through Jesus alone, this is the difference and it is in this faith that we are justified. The question that we should now ask ourselves is whether Mohammad must be denied for one to accept Jesus? Many disagree with me but I don't think so, how about you?

The responses this time are pretty much a mixed bag but love and grace toward Islam overwhelmingly outweighs the condemnation and charges against them.

Get back to me on the question of whether a Moslem must put away Mohammad to come to Jesus.


Hello Jay, After reading your last letter i feel i must respond. Im not very smart about worldly things as you can tell by my spelling. But the lord has gave me great wisdon about spirit matters. The first part of your letter gave me great joy, for that is what the Lord is truely saying. We pray heavenly father, Let thy kindom, let your will be done. I pray nightly for America. I repent for my sins, and america sins. I pray against the evil that is coming against this nation. This nation is beinging judged by God! We must not fear these things, and realize that this is being done for the elect sake. It will bring in the kindom of God ,the new Jerusalem coming down from heaven. We must keep are eyes on this. About the muslim faith. I think they are very dedicated, and we could learn from there actions, But most of them have believed the big lie from satan. I believe the false profet has appeard and decieved there faith. As i have prayed against this pure evil force the lord showed me this. I am i viet-nam vet so i dont have any fear, plus im aready dead so the worst that can happen is i would be sent home, and that dosnt sound that bad to me.I was face to face with the evil one.I had my rifle in my hand and shot him four times. I was amazed that he didnt die. Then the lord told me no human means can kill him until his time.I find it interesting that god is useing pure evil to attack evil in this nation.I truely pray for the muslen faith for i feel many will die for being decieved by the false profet.In a night vision my wife had she watched as the false profet said to me bow down or off with your fingers. This is the way i see it. Jesus saves and cleanse. They kill to keep things holy. Jesus loves woman. They despize them. We must pray for the musem faith for i fear many will die for believing the big lie from the evil one. i know this wont be posted and thats ok. I can only say that im looking foward for the new kingdom coming down from God very soon. and is Jesus love Lord let you will be done. amen pat

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Begotten Son... John 3:16!

Hey there!

Glad in spirit, Joyous in The Lord, am I, who reads this, and sees that my brother in Christ has the revelation i prayed for him, that he would listen to the still small voice, of the Holy Spirit - the errant church begins with us, and spreads like a ripple in a lake! Praise The Lord.

How am i feeling? i am excited, scared, strong weak happy sad loud whispering, even Paul knew that to lead them to Jesus, he had to become as one of them, here where i live, the churches are still on different levels, but all who know The Father Through The Son know that the hard times are coming, altho some yell they are here now.

i am scoffed at and laughed at (as God said I would be) when i tell them these days will seem good and peaceful, compared to what comes... it is hard to show unbelievers, the unsaved, or unwilling, the joy i feel, knowing that even though the god of this age is rising, God The Father is still in full control, always has been and always will be, if we let Him the fight with the enemy deepens

i received an email a week or so ago, warning me of a new thing (nothing new under His sun) that is developed, a set of waves, magnetical/electrical that can block the conscious path to the subconscious mind and therefore the spirit, effectively supposedly cutting off my path in spirit to God, they had the hide to quote that with this used by the black (as in conspiracy, Not colour..) government, even the elite would be deceived.

i do not know what shocked me more, their cheek or their daring, the bible states even the elite of God will be deceived, if that were possible, well, i do not regard meselfs as the elite, but i know that thru the thick and thin of my sinners existance, God has never left me; i may have wandered off meselfs a few times, but He was/is always waiting there for me when i return (it almost makes wandering off worthwhile..)

and onto muslims..

there is no prejudice within me, for race creed or colour, i have been labeled a jew lover, all the more for me, for they are the apple of my Father's eye, and i will not touch them in word or deed, muslims may be the cast out of Abrahams sons, but God still loves them, they have the heritage waiting, the promise sitting, the love of the Father is still there, always has been, they live so strenuously for their beliefs, different to mine, yes, but if without we have willingness, how much more so for the God of Ages, for the Savior of the soul? The God of my Salvation?

i pray for them too, that the right word in the right place, and God knows where and when, and Jesus is their vision, their strength

i agree with you that past christians altho thinking they were doing the right thing with their crusades were too zealous and self righteous, i have heard it said that those of the faiths of more than one god want a Jesus with skin on his face, then they will believe, but i think that God and Jesus have different ideas,

let those who have ears, hear,

well, that's me thoughts.

stay blessed, stay happy
stay saved,

Teresa Tickner

Jay, i am about to complete my research on Islam, and my insights may not be for wide consumption, but i would like you to see it. i will send you the most recent, which as of last night, is in excess of 9 pages. make no mistake, in my estimation, Islam means to convert and extinguish Christianity, Judaism and other faiths lumped together with paganism in the Koran. what we are experiencing is no accident. it is only the beginning; and just because there are not explosions doesn't mean the effect won't be as devastating. we must take notice, and see this wave of Islam for what it is. we are being convinced that everything is ok if we believe in one God ... that just isn't true. it is not true that we have much in common. believe this and identify your peril. i do not have any personal enmity toward persons of other faiths, however, i do not accept them as valid if i am to believe the truth of the Bible. know of any other work that is corroborated by those within and outside the faith to the extent that Christianity is? that's right ... not one. there is much good stuff out there, but where does it originate? take the best and fold it into Christ .. that would be an excellent litmus test. if this concept of Christ as Lord & Savior is diluted, then Christ's death on the cross was useless. and that, of course, is just not the case. the Christ of the Koran is a person of fiction. and let me emphasize "person." nowhere is He identified as the Son of God. that's a problem, right?
(spoken rhetorically).
YBIC, Sean ttt

Prepare for a leader of Islam to come forth with such charisma and appeal, with the ability to unite not only his own people, but also the Jewish world as well. The Muslims are now awaiting their final leader, as also the Jews and Christians. The same man the Jews and Muslims accept as their leader /come Messiah, will bring together both faiths, as well as many blinded "proclaiming" christians, with the promise to the Jews of the temple mount and also the new temple. It will be only a short few months from this proclamation that the temple will be built. Many of the precious articles have already been made, and the priests, all of the correct priestly lines, or genetics if you will, are even as we speak, being trained for their priestly duties. A new Sanhedrin is about to be formed. The head-gear (for want of a better-term), the robes, all is made ready, and to speak to any of the top Jewish leaders in Israel, their is an undeniable certainty that they know, without any error, exactly where the Ark of the Covenant is.

The power that this one man will have, will have the backing of the entire world behind him, because with the threat of destruction before every nation on the face of this planet, as it is at present, man will accept any who would bring peace, no matter the cost. His talk will be full of calls for unity, unity of belief, love, acceptance of each other and all else besides. This is why I am so cautious of any who cry this cry of unity, no matter what you believe, we must be united. This my friend is simply the push of the ECUMENICAL church organization, which is as anti-Christian as satan himself.

The world has been set up so perfectly for satins final and greatest play of his hand. The Harry Potter books as an example, and all the cartoons and children's shows now pumped continually into our homes, 24 hours a day, with little if any supervision by parents, teaches children that any extra-terrestrial, or angelic, demonic apparition is not only to be applauded but longed for. Caution and self-control are no longer a tolerated principle base taught to our society, but rather, these are negative to the development to a healthy and inquisitive mind.


This generation longs for the kind of spiritual power fed to them in cartoons, movies etc. They have no concept of the evil that it contains, and in a society that has taught our children, that the louder you squeal, the more of your own way you get, what have we created? Any inference of Christianity placed on a person in most movies and shows, portrays that person as being un-hinged or deranged. It is too limiting, too controlling, too many rules and not enough freedom. This is the Christianity the past generations have taught. This is not the Christianity that Jesus died to give us. It is a Christianity tainted by the finger-prints of mankind.

Christianity is a foundation of the principles of life, how it should be and what can be ours if we play life by the rules. We are and have been clearly shown the consequences of not playing by these rules, and we only have ourselves to blame for the mess we are in. We have total freedom to choose to obey or disobey, completely knowing the consequences of both. Christianity has been on this planet long enough for most to know right from wrong, even intuitively. True Christianity, in its beautiful simplicity, is to have met and fallen so totally and beautifully in love with the person of Jesus Christ, Yeshua, and to do all according to His divine will for your life, as to please Him and Him alone. This implies laying down your life for others, to be walked on as it would seem, for the fulfilling of His purposes, no matter the pain to you, all the time never losing your focus on Him, and in total adoration, loving Him completely through it all.

To so trust Him, with every aspect of your life, that even as you face a fatal bullet, you know that it will be for His glory, and like Stephen, can look up and see Him glorified upon His throne. To know, that as you look upon the dead body of your three year old son, killed accidentally, through no fault of his own, that Jesus has a purpose for it all. To grieve, and yet still love Him through the pain. To face cancer and believing in your heart that Jesus will heal you, but yet, minutes before you breathe your last breath, you still adore and trust Him, knowing that He did not answer your call. The greatest words of comfort I have found are the words " To live is Christ, to die is gain".

For us to live, in many instances is unbearable pain, and yet it is to do His will on this earth. For us as believers, to die is truly gain. To be with Him, not just for now, but for eternity. Whether we go straight to Him, or must wait 1000 years in our graves, is of no concern, for once we have passed into that dimension called death, time does not exist, for to those who lay in their graves 1000 years, they shall see glory as if they had died and gone straight to heaven. To them it is as in an instant.

Time is simply the jailer who holds the keys to our prison sentence here in this place called earth. Time, people, is simply relative to us here on this planet. It is if you would, a curse placed upon us as part of the punishment of death on Adam. My current study into quantum physics and nuclear physics as well as other sciences, as basic as it has been has been a fascinating and totally enlightening experience. We have so much yet to understand, and what we are seeing is mind-boggling to say the least. Watch the sciences friend, as revolution is happening in these camps, and those camps that have been the enemy of creation, will now be its greats warriors.

The nations are now being positioned to be raised up or brought down as God declares, in readiness for the time He will lead all nations to the valley of Maggedo, to battle finally, with Himself. We, all of us are in our final valley of decision. None can help us, not our partners, parents, pastors or friends, it is between us and the God whom we must serve. Chose now and forever hold your peace.

I hope that I have not wasted my time writing this to only see it disappear into the blackness of space, never to be seen by anyone again.



Hi Jay,

this is my first participation, i am Brazilian and English is not my mother tongue, so... be patient. As human being we are formed of reason and feelings. One can not separate this two integrated part of a person, and when you come to Jesus you do not leave part of yourself back. Today you find "rationales" in church in the same proportion you find "emotionales" . The first are guided by their reason and knowledge of scriptures, the second by what they feel be the will of God revealed to them and sensed in subjective ways. Is somebody right? Difficult to say. Jesus said: I say what I listen my father say, and I do do what I see He doing. Emotional ? But He says: You miss because you donīt Know the scriptures and the power of God. Rational? I used to be rational myself, but I noticed I was missing the very important action of the Holy Ghost in my life, since I could not understand it. When I started to understand the sobrenatural action of God and the importance it has, so we are not mediocre sons, I liberated my feelings and started to be guided by my heavenly father as never before. Of course I paid a price. When one is learning to hear and to sense one makes lots of mistakes. So it is important to be a bit rational when you analyzes the feelings you have.



Hi Marcos,

Beautifully said. There has been a classical antagonism between faith and reason in history. I agree with you completely that reason and feelings are both an integral part of our spiritual being and that the controversy has been predicated upon either side of the argument being incomplete. This is what makes reasonable faith and faithful reason co-exist the way that God would want for us. I have heard it many times before where Christians say that we come to Jesus through faith and not reason. How rational is that? These same ones say that we should come to him because of the fact of Jesus and not our feelings. Based upon what, intellectual assent or spiritual witness?

This is a great study in itself, thanks for sharing that.


Muslims in Indonesia that may board up a Christian Church on Sunday morning and burn it to the ground with all inside may think that they are doing God a favor and in a sense they are. Not in the same sense they think but not all Muslims are murderers and even those of the Muslim faith will see the injustice in such atrocities. I believe that many Muslims will come to believe in a God of love if only there was enough hatred around them to see the difference. Tertullian, one of the church fathers told us that "the blood of the maryrs are the seed of the church." The church has always grown stronger in times of persecution. At the same time, it has always exposed those that are too weak in the faith to endure the trials.

There are many sides to this controversy, only one side will win in the end and are those that have chosen the God of Israel. There is a side of Islam that the God of Abraham spoke concerning to Ishmael. There is an unrighteous side that is included in Bible prophecy, it is no secret to us that they will march against Israel. Those mentioned in Ezekiel 38 are Persia (Iran/Iraq), Ethiopia and Libya or the sons of Cush and Put which could also include Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. If you want insight into current events and Islam, read Ezekiel.

We understand these things, but how are we to act? How do we bring them the love of Jesus? Again, I believe that there will be one sect of Islam that will be part of us and accept Jesus. I know that there are discrepancies in the Bible and the Koran, I have read them both. But I still maintain that Mohammed was sent by the true God to unify the sons of Ishmael and any misunderstandings that he had of the Christians were the fault of Christians themselves giving a false witness.

I would like the Yahoo forum to take this on. We have had great success with following a few simple guidelines, like love, humility and unity. These are the Christian fruits of the spirit that will bring us together, how about including those that have not been brought up the same way into this unity. How far can we go in terms of outreach? This isn't in terms of merging false gods but in the unity of the true One who has had many families and generations and nations to bless.


dear friends and Jay

I have read much history on christianity, Judaism and some on Islam.

True christianity is about giving Grace as G_d through Jesus has given us. we will never be able to bring much to any one if we do not under stand what G_d wants us to do. His plan is not to make us spiritual but to bring all his beloved children into his grace. does not the rain rain on both the just and the unjust?

While we judge other peoples as though they are of the devil, we forget what kind of witnesses or ambassadors we have been. as I have examined my self, i truly wonder why any one would want to be a Christian, if I am the norm. Am I kinder? do I give of my life? What feelings do I put out for others to see? i get frustrated easily, angry over petty things. NO NO NO, this is not the feelings Jesus set forth. Jesus was angriest at Pharisees, self Righteous Religious holy men. It is our showing through feelings and actions of love, that will bring others to the light of Jesus. We can obey laws and look spiritual and look sour and even keeled without excitement or joy. YUCK!!!

Give me a messed up baby Christian full of feelings for G_D. I definitely believe that deep feelings for G_d and for our brothers and sisters are meant to be inside. As G_d brings our souls into line 2nd to him and others, our feelings will flow with ease and grace. Even our anger will be full of the grace that G-d gives. we will learn to be angry at sin and the devil and not G_ds beloved children. Genuine love will touch the hearts of many, may we love G_d more and more and all those made in his image, which is Christians, Islamics, Jews, and all other peoples. They may be wrong in regards to their Messiah, but they are still G_ds beloved creation made in his image. G_d will decide who to Judge, and how.

Dear Heavenly Father may we in our Spirits understand the true Grace and love that flows from you in Jesus' name Amen

Love you all in Jesus name


Hi Leah,

You have my heart. It is hard to respond to this because you have already said it all. We are to love others regardless of what they believe, we do not return evil with evil or reject them or deny them the love of Jesus, we embrace them and accept them as the brothers that they truly are. The world will laugh at us for this, it is not their wisdom but you know and I know that it is the way to go. The way of Love and grace.


dear Jay, glad to hear from you. it takes me some while to get back. Yes Islam and Muslim people are a touchy subject nowadays. We all do not realize what kind of trouble and atrocities that a liar who has been around for a few thousand years can cause. Who is this liar that I am talking about? What is one of the mainstream problems that he has caused and how does this problem affect us all today? Can and will this problematic liar and the results of all his lies be eliminated and repaired?

Jay, you already know who I am talking about, the liar is satan the devil. Most people will scoff and reprimand a person severely nowadays for even believing in the devil. The terms devil or satan simply mean liar or misleader of the people. Also do we admit to believing in God Almighty, a spirit creature? Well if you believe in God Almighty then you know there is as well the devil. Likewise if you believe in the devil then a person must admit to there being God Almighty. They are both very powerful spiritual creatures, one being the creator of all people and everything, the other one being unfit and incapable of living amongst and in perfection, therefore he was tossed out of heaven and thrown down to the earth to deceive the people.

How did satan deceive us causing a massive problem on earth the entire time he has been here? He lied and caused separation of the church and the state as far back as you can go in the history of man which includes Abraham, Ishmael, and Isaac. This is the irony of all the religiously separated people today. Am I, because I am a Catholic Christian any more acceptable to God the Father Almighty, than a Jewish or a Islam person? We all worship the all supreme being God Almighty. Am I as a Catholic Christian less acceptable to my Holy Father than a Jewish or a Islam person? No, noone is any less acceptable to the Holy Father based on there religious orientation. It is our sins that make us unacceptable to God Almighty. Another thing it is our unrepentant attitude that causes us to be unacceptable to our Holy Father. Think about what the Holy Father hates, he outlined it for us in the Ten Commandments. These sins are so deplorable to him that He gave them to us written by His own hand on two stone tablets and told the prophet Moses to give them to us. In order for us to cut a covenant with Him at that time we had to accept these laws and live by them. Today and down through history have we lived by these laws, no we have not even in Jesus Christs own Holy Church. We commit murder by doing abortions. In some countries we abort boys and girls, in other countries we consider that all female fetuses are of no value so we abort all female fetuses. Either way you look at it this is murder as well as the sin of discrimination based on one sex or the other. It is just a good thing Jesus Christ does not discriminate because none of us Gentile Christians or Muslims would ever have known God Almighty, because His chosen people was the Jews. Can you not see that all the Christian religions are separated, each one is doing their own thing, that there is no unification and organization. This same disunification and disorganization exists in the Jewish religions and the Islamic religions as well. There is only one thing left that will unit us all and even that has been hidden from our eyes for such a long time and that is we all worship the same god or God almighty. Can you see how we have been lied too and how it has affected us down through history, even today?

Can and will this problematic liar and the results of all his lies be eliminated and repaired? Yes, John 12:32 states, "I---once I am lifted up from earth---will draw all men to Myself." When the Gentile Times have ended and Jesus opens all the eyes, minds and hearts of the Jews again to believe in Him. This is happening right now, there are many many Jewish people every day who turn to believing in Jesus as the savior of the world, one sacrifice for all times. Once this finishes in perfect completeness then all religions will be united into one under Jesus Christ our leader eternally. Then Jesus will at some point after we all have reached a state of perfection will hand over the church to His Father, God Almighty. We the people are the church. Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of God Almighty. This is the reason why satan hates Jesus so thoroughly, because Jesus is the only begotten son of God Almighty. This is the reason why satan hates the church so thoroughly as well, because God Almighty loved the people so much that He sent His only begotten Son to die for us that we might have life. Satan is destined for doom and damnation, never to be allowed to return to this earth or heaven, and for destruction. There will be no separation of the church and the state. We will all live under the rule of our Father, God Almighty.

Can we help, yes we can. Pray for the Holy Spirit's increase all over the earth, start with ourselves and not only repent of our sins but stop our sins, preach as much as we can the truth of God and his word. Remember, these Jewish and Islamic people are our brothers and sisters in faith. God loves us all, but He hates our sins and devisiveness. Also we must learn to treat our neighbors as we treat ourselves. We don't kill ourselves or discriminate against ourselves based on our own religion do we? Then let's not discriminate against or hate our neighbors. Who is our neighbor? Anybody we see, anywhere

thanks so much,
mom's blue pen


Again, you have hit the mark of truth, Mom.

And you know as well as I do that we will be scoffed at and reviled for taking this position. Even now, teachers in the church are telling us that any kind of unification is mixing the true God with false Gods. We know that this is not what we are saying here but it will be thought of in that way. There is a false Islam just as sure as there is a false Christianity in the world today, both with the message of rejection of each other and the rejection of those that would bring us together. The devil is of course the instigator of these lies. The freedom that comes with a faith in Jesus come with a knowledge that we are truly brothers.

I was thinking of dietary laws yesterday with a discussion with a Hindu. Hindus have no fellowship with Muslims because they eat beef. Muslims cannot associate with Hindus because they eat pork. There are of course many other reasons that they are unable to love each other but look at the hatred caused because of these legalistic rules. Christians of course are free to eat anything they want and so we are rejected by both sides as infidels. How stupid is that anyway? Satan caused these divisions by allowing rules to rule instead of the Holy Spirit. Think of the stupid religions that say you must worship on a certain day or be baptized in a certain way with just the right words said or you are not saved. Jesus freed us from all of these divisive rules yet every religion clings to them, including the many sectarian Christians, as if there was no grace at all in the world. Stupid of course but you have the answer here and that is to pray for increase, repent of our own sins, preach the truth and love others as God loves us. I guess that is all we can do but you know what? In the end it will be enough.

Praise the Lord for that.


Sorry Jay you are way off base on this one. The Muslim religion according to the Book of Revelation will be destroyed along with false Christianity and false Judaism before Christ's kingdom is established on earth. The children of Ishmael had their chance to accept Christianity in its purist form during Christ's Ministry and the Apostles. Most rejected it as did the Jews. There will be no Middle East Unity or peace until both Isaac and Ishmael accept Jesus Christ as God's son and Messiah for there is no name under heaven nor in heaven whereby men can be saved eternally.

Islam is the pale horse in Rev 6 who's rider is death and hell Jay. False Christianity is th whore that sits upon the dragon hence the red horse is a beast with false Christianity riding on top of it and the black horse is apostate Judaism. This is the truth and fits our times. Nothing else makes sense or fits at all.

The great City Jerusalem is also divided into 3 parts. Moslem Christian and Jew. Tell me what else it can be when it is right in front of our eyeballs? Brother, God has given me the framework on the Book of Revelation. Anyone who listens will see the light as it fits our time. I've read hundreds of interpretations of Revelation and nothing else makes as much sense as what I have been given.

The only salvation for Jews or Moslems is to experience a true heart conversion to Jesus Christ, not the stuff we have been fed but a coming restored pure church.

Gary Hiles

Hi everyone,

Oh, I am so glad to be here with you all saying those things about loving people regardless of race, religion etc. It is an easy message not often put into practice. We can do it though. Yes we will be laughed at for it, and worse, but that's to be expected if Jesus is reigning in us.

It was the word prejudice that caught my eye most of all in the paragraph about Islam in Jay's letter. I have been trying to look at how it arises in our hearts (good place to start) then perhaps we can dismantle it before it turns into ungodly behaviour. I am assuming we all agree prejudice is sin, and also that none of us is free from it in some form and to some degree.

It seems to be a natural thing to apply labels to people. In the current discussion relevant labels are "Christian" and "Muslim" but as we have discovered the more we find out about people, the more we get to know them, the labels have to be redefined so that in terms of behaviour, "Christian" is a very loose heading. Same with "Muslim" certainly, or "Jew" or "Buddhist" or any other we can think of. Because of the blackness of the human heart our natural tendency is to discriminate unfavourably against any group into which we do not fit ourselves, to a greater or lesser degree. In some cases this becomes socially unacceptable or even criminal behaviour, and new labels are applied. But then even the term "criminal" is very loose - murder is righteous behaviour depending on what fundamentalist group you might belong to, and Christians are not exempt from this historically.

I have noticed in myself that Jesus is pressing me to remove some of the labels I have been applying, and I suspect He wants me to opt out of the activity altogether. I see it as regards ministry. What I thought was evangelism has developed into something that no longer fits under the heading that I originally applied, and therefore I see evangelists as a larger and more varied group than before. Also Prophets, teachers etc. It is the extent that God is at work in a life that seems to challenge fundamentally the ministerial labels that have been applied hitherto. The fruit is the proof, and whom God approves, not man.

What would happen if we started taking off some of the old labels that have influenced our behaviour towards each other in the past, and allow God to put His own labels on if He wants? I have a feeling (look out) that we would find out about Holy Spirit discernment and begin to care for all according to what God knows, rather than what we have judged. So instead of speaking we listen first, instead of saying "Muslim" in our hearts and setting about the process of making judgements, we hear God whispering truths to us that He can trust us with because we are prepared to love like He loves, regardless of the cost.

I know without a doubt that God loves us far too much to stick labels on us, and herd us under a general heading. He knows every twang of the heartstrings, every teardrop that falls unseen by man, every ache, every need, and yes every sin. He knows what reality is. He knows what we consist of down to the last molecule, and loves us in our uniqueness, we need to do that too.

Truth is, I suspect, hiding under those labels, along with knowledge. We in Christ have our different names for God the Father and Jesus, and they enrich our experience of each other. But the different names don't change the essential Truth of who God is. We know Him, not because of the label we apply, but because of the active part He plays in our relationship with Him. Should that be the same with each other? I think so. I would hope sincerely that God would reveal me as loving to you within our relationship. My hope is to love you equally regardless of sex, race, ministerial office or indeed religion. Lord, bring it on!

Just a final point - If we really know who God is, does it matter if we call Him Allah?

Oh! I love you so.

Mary, Solomon wondered whether or not it really mattered to God whether he called Him Jehovah, or Asteroth, or Baal, or Milcom, or Chemosh, or even Molech. So he set up alters and saw no difference between them. I do not think God was pleased if you read 1 Kings 11.

I suppose Solomon figured, "what is a label, Molech is the same as Jehovah."

Hi Gary or Wendy,

Thank you for that. I suppose my point is that, up to my neck in sin and ignorance very many years ago, I called out to God to help me. I don't think I used any words that would have been considered correct, but I didn't care, I was needy, I had no other hope. God didn't hold it against me that I had been fishing around for answers in all sorts of strange places. But He pretty soon sent someone to tell me about Jesus, and He pretty soon got my life into shape. He showed me Himself what was needed, and He is still showing me. I don't see I was then any different from anyone else outside of Christ anywhere on the planet, Muslims included.

I have words I use in worship perhaps I wouldn't share with anyone, they are intimate, they are because of loving Him who loved me and washed me from sin. But there are some who love God in sincerity not knowing Jesus, who have other words they use that I don't, seeking deeply to worship and understand and know God better. Perhaps I will meet some soon. I don't know if my first priority would be to say "by the way, don't call Him Allah". But I would want to tell about Jesus, everything I could.

I hope I have put your mind at rest, thank you for your concern.


Hi All,

What matters in the names of God is if we are addressing the true God or not. God is not a name and can be used to pray to false gods as well as the true God. Jehovah is said to be the name of God but what Jehovah meant by telling Moses that Jehovah sent him was that He was the great "I Am." not as a name but as a description of what God is, existence pure and simple. We are because God is, we are nothing without Him. We can take on ourselves the same image of God that was given to us in the beginning, it may be less than perfect and contaminated with sin but whether we agree or not, we are all God's creatures. Muslims included. I too was caught up in sin but by God's grace found salvation. We need to take that grace to others, not condemnation simply for not being part of our fold.

Yesterday I received a prophetic post from one that says that the God of the Muslims is not the same God that we worship. Well it is not a big revelation to some that many Christians also are worshipping a false God. That worship may be in the name of Jesus but He is the one that said that He does not know many that call out Lord, Lord. God is love. Is the God that we worship the same God that spoke to Hagar and promised that her son would be the father of a great nation? I think so. Ishmael means "God hears." The true God heard him those many years ago and can only mean that at least some of his sons would also gain God's ear, for that matter any one who reaches out to God in sincerity whatever name they call Him by. Jesus cried out to God at the cross calling Him Eloi. This is said to be the same name as Allah, are we so self-righteous and prejudiced in our own coveted possession of God that we can not share Him with others regardless of an accident of what family we were born in? It was not long ago that there were debates in America whether black people had souls or not or whether Indians were capable of civility. As far as I am can see, there were only two Crusaders in the middle ages that were sent by God - Saint Francis and Saladin, opposite sides both defending the truth with enough tolerance for each other to recognize the truth. In the course of world events intolerance wins out but for the kingdom of God, its opposite is found in eternal life.

Of course there are false gods, Molech and Baal and the Roman and Greek pantheons but we are discussing the God of the sons of Abraham here. Moslems, Jews and Christians alike are caught up in the spiritual captivity that will plunge them into the judgment of eternal darkness but are we to do nothing to bring them the light? Are we to cast off a whole generation of millions of people because of the sins of the few and allow intolerance to win again? That has been the attitude of many and the result is that people do not accept Jesus simply because of the hypocrisy of His followers. It's true you know.


Hello Folks,

Just felt it was time to attempt to indoctrinate you with my personal views again! I hope some will write back and tell me why my analysis is completely-wrong at a practical level - or show that they are the whispered seductions of Satan! The archbishop of Canterbury has just said that, whilst there are moral dilemmas, he sees little alternative to bombing Afghanistan. This "No Alternative" statement from this Anglican leader makes one pause and re-examine one's views and those principles of Christ by which one strives to live. There is an alternative which would satisfy all Muslims and nearly half of the British population who are opposed to this war - Does the archbishop know that there certainly is a highly-practical alternative? American military might is not the rule of law and justice - and this is entirely clear to the one billion Muslims around the world. American action merely perpetuates injustice and intensifies resentment against itself (and all those who support it). People who incite or commit murder must be brought under the rule of law of and prevented from committing further murder. After years of struggle, we now have an International Criminal Court which has just locked away five extremely evil men and is presently trying Milosevic. I shall certainly be asked: "But we have no court to examine the evidence against Bin Laden and other world terrorists - so what do we do about them now?" I reply, "we could have an International Court of Justice today. The UN has simply to redefine the International Criminal Court's brief - all the judges are already there." America refuses to allow this. It is bullying small countries who would like all leaders brought under the rule of law and preventing them from signing. Bush has even approved a Bill allowing America to invade The Hague should they arrest an American soldier for war crimes. An ICJ would allow Muslims to prosecute their own leaders if they felt that mullahs had unlawfully killed their relatives (it's independence from national and group self-interests is essential - We have seen how a few British people have obtained better justice by going to the European Court which has overturned rulings by British judges). The ICJ would have judges of all religions and none, and would simply ask, in a public hearing, "has a murder been committed?" If so then it would draw upon the world's police and military expertise to attempt to arrest the murderer. If arrest is impractical and murder continues to be instigated then the culprit must be stopped by any means which cause no harm to innocents. The restraint of "causing no harm to innocents" will mean that sometimes the ICJ may never get their man - however, the world will see that Genuine Justice is being applied. (We must also remember that S. Hussein, Gadaffi, Karadavic etc have not been brought to justice by American bombings). America's unjust application of "Might Is Right" is wholly clear: Their motives for bombing Afghanistan and Iraq are therefore wholly suspect and thus it is impossible for many to support this wicked action when there is now a clear route for genuine Justice.

I find it vital to remind myself frequently of Christ's words and approach to Life: Jesus says, "Love your Enemy". Food supplies and other aid cannot reach the starving whilst Western bombing continues: "I was hungry and you fed me." Jesus Christ tells us precisely how there can be a movement towards Peace:

"I Command you to Love one another."

God Bless,

You give us quite a choice Stephen (Anthony), either we can tell you why your analysis is wrong or whether they are whispers of satan. Frankly, neither will come from me for I completely agree with you. I believe that Bin Laden is a tool of satan but if we return evil for evil with complete disregard for the innocents that get in the way, we are no better. That is just what we are doing, the same can be said in Iraq where so many civilians died at the hands of Americans and not one Sadaam Hussein. He was not the target, the reason that the U. S. did not go after him in the gulf war is that they already got their precious oil back. The beast is roaring. Was it worth it to achieve nothing but the destruction of human life for a supposed just cause? There is certain arrogance coming from a nation that holds their own life in such high regard and life so expendable in other countries. Regrettable they say but necessary. Makes me long for the days when we could say that the establishment was a military-industrial war machine and deserving of our disdain, not our support.


Jay, just for the record, that piece to which you responded was, in fact, written by a beautiful brother in London whose name is Anthony Buckley. I, too, am in complete agreement with him which is why I forwarded his message to the list.

Time and time again, regarding the bombing of Afghanistan, I am reminded of Jesus in Luke 9 in which James, Peter and John asked, "Lord, do you want us to call fire down from heaven to destroy them?" Jesus turned, rebuked them and they left that village. I read a huge sign on a small church building near home that read, "Operation Enduring Freedom - We are praying for you." Sadly my spirit cried -Really? How one sided! Especially for those professing to be the salt and the light of the world! The world! Ambassadors for Christ of His love! The war our Redeemer King means for reconciliation to Himself and our fellow man NOT!

For every terrorist murdered, many others shall spring up with fiercer resentment, rage and retaliation. What we have experienced thus far is only the beginning both in the U.S. and abroad. In some ways I see it like trying to ferret out the rat population from all their dark holes of hiding and multiplication on planet earth. How are we going to do that? Besides every creature and very especially man was created by God and have their being. Violence breeds violence. Man is incapable of changing man as human history has shown. The way of the Spirit is the only violence sanctioned by the Savior. In the eyes of heaven and in the light of eternity that violence is love, love for our neighbors as we love ourselves and heart changing, merciful love for our enemies even to the death - yes, our death. Jesus says that we are not to fear those who can kill the body and Paul stated that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord which is far better. It is not for mere man to choose how or when anyone's spirit should be separated from the physical body. Some of us have not believed in suicide, but we have believed in murder.

Quite obviously, very few of us live touching the fire of God's heart for if we did He promises we would be possessed by the reality of His raging love, have His spiritual guts in the face of death which very substance He conquered through the resurrection, and know His supernatural joy empowering us to the max. Likewise, He promised that He would protect and heal our land. I believe in protecting ourselves and others. I do not believe in killing others. Some may consider me naive; I say that we want to complicate the commandment of love. Is not the complete charge of Christ's commandment love from a pure heart, a clean conscience and sincere faith? Surely, the work of the liberating, eternal Holy Spirit from Heaven, not man, mammon or majorities, is the only true Operation Enduring Freedom. In the Spirit of Christ Jesus and with my dear brother Anthony, "I command you to love one another."

He Is, therefore, I am,

Hi all,

I am not these days very clever, and my knowledge of world religions has great big gaps in it. But reading what has been said about Ishmael relating to the Muslim world makes total sense to me without giving it further thought. I have to ask what my role is in this issue.

Fishermen are not posh usually, unless they fish for a specialist market from private land, and this they do with a particular kind of bait and a particular skill which yields a particular result. There is a parallel in the church, and the result is well shod people heaping dosh on the offering plate, all the seats are comfortable, the heating is on, the car park is full of new cars, the cemetery overflows.

It is polite to be respectful of individual religious expression, being careful not to offend, but sinful to allow that expression to take a man to the grave not knowing the Saviour, if we have the power to make it otherwise. It is not possible surely to read the New Testament believing that some are to be excluded from hearing the Gospel.

I am learning to favour the net fishing method, rather more indiscriminate, wanting to cast it wider to gather every kind of fish there is, large and small, colourful or dull, local fishes or swum in from foreign parts. I defend my right to fish like this. It is not skillful, which is just as well, or selective, or designed to catch only the tasty few. Some will be the bad cast away (Matt 13:48) but that isn't the current worry. The fishing has got to start: the labeling can come later.

I want to fish, not box, so forgive me if I sidestep from a confrontation, it is a question of conserving energy. We have already acknowledged this could be a tricky discussion, so perhaps it is safer to bring all our comments here into open view.

In love,


Kriston Couchey

We have been receiving a call to prayer for many things since Sept. 11. Many are praying for protection against enemy attack. Many are praying for victims of attack. Many are praying for wisdom for leaders. Many are praying for justice to be brought to bear on their enemies. Many are praying for revival and are preparing for and engaging in war in the realm of the spirit.

But let us be focused in the midst of all this what Father is really concerned about. That is, Repentance and restoration of relationship unto Him. What is most desperately needed for this nation and its churches is a deep and sorrowful repentance.

The very acts of terrorism are the result of an unrepentant people who have opened the door to judgment. We can stay and have stayed the hand of God through intercession. We can delay and hold back a certain amount of trouble. But apart from repentance we only cause the needed river of judgment to be a dammed and blocked. This causes only greater judgment later. That dam will break as God will no longer tolerate the unchecked sin. We will then not face a river, but a flood!

The key to avoiding judgment is to repent. We cannot intercede it away. It MUST come first to the house of God. These attacks are for the sake of God's people. He is trying to pry our fingers off the idols of security in the mammon and might of this nation.

Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

We are in desperate need for a powerful spirit of repentance to sweep those who name the name of Jesus.

Take your eyes off of the terror and fear of attack that has gripped the church and its prophets. Look to God and what He wants. Repentance.

Pray for repentance. Pray for a spirit of repentance to sweep His people. Pray for repentance from those things offending God we don't even know that we are doing.

This is the door to release from trouble and fear. Repent.

Joel 2: 12. Yet even now, saith Jehovah, turn ye unto me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning: 13. and rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto Jehovah your God; for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abundant in lovingkindness, and repenteth him of the evil. 14. Who knoweth whether he will not turn and repent, and leave a blessing behind him, even a meal-offering and a drink-offering unto Jehovah your God? 15. Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly; 16. gather the people, sanctify the assembly, assemble the old men, gather the children, and those that suck the breasts; let the bridegroom go forth from his chamber, and the bride out of her closet. 17. Let the priests, the ministers of Jehovah, weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say, Spare thy people, O Jehovah, and give not thy heritage to reproach, that the nations should rule over them: wherefore should they say among the peoples, Where is their God?

Kriston Couchey

hi Jay stephen and my brothers and sisters in the L-rd

I feel the stinging rebuke of truth as I remember my hypocrisy of save the babies but kill the criminals.

In my heart I am realizing that as we condemn the criminal, that is what at one time we deserved in our criminal acts towards G_d and others.

Thank you stephen for continuing to help me see as our L_rd wants us to see. some may see this as ooey gooey stuff but it takes much more courage to save life than to take life.

Love you all in Jesus name

Hi Jay, I can see the flow of the Holy Spirit here in what is in your heart. This seems to be a river that is flowing in the spirit right now and as the river touches different hearts or landscapes, it brings forth new applications of the concern and knowledge of Jew and Gentile. Remember the arches in the sky that I spoke about earlier? The government, our authorities are revealed there and they can either appear to us as dark clouds or waters, or the colors of the rainbow? On this side of the waters, we are under the law and repentance parts the waters that we may cross over and we are brought into (deeper knowledge) of the covenant of grace?

Isaac, a son born into the promise - the law of grace. Ishmael, a son born into slavery - the law of sin. Yet Abraham loved Ishmael so much, he cried out to God, "If only Ishmael might live under your blessing.", Gen 17:18. (From the New International Bible Dictionary) Sarah made things so difficult for Hagar that she fled, and somewhere on the road to Egypt the angel of the Lord met her and told her to return to her mistress and submit herself to her. I have found myself on that road to Egypt a few times (or more) when the Lord spoke to me and told me to return and submit myself to the authority I found myself under. This is where he took me to Acts 23 where Paul, who was in Christ himself, was moving in his faith to take back land that was under the curse of the law. Paul had to humble himself before the high priest because God had placed the high priest in authority as ruler over His people. This is where we as the church are now. We are moving to take back land that has been under the shadow of the Law. In doing so, we have to reach out to Ishmael in love and learn to walk together in grace.

In the past couple of weeks, I have been seeing those arches in the sky very clearly and I have been going through a very hot fire that I may become no respect of persons - Jew nor Gentile. I have had to learn why Jesus was a man of no reputation. As I was crossing over one of those arches in the sky, I received the revelation that I could not even defend myself against false witnesses without bearing witness against my brethren. If I bear witness against my brethren, I step out of grace and come under the power of sin again. On the other side of the arches, the Standard - Jesus is raised up even higher. When we turn back to face Ishmael, he recognizes His Saviour and comes. This also delivers us from the Jonah syndrome of not wanting him to repent. I must testify....there have been many times I have witnessed others rising up to the Standard of Jesus they were perceiving. I had to hold Him up for them to see while they were persecuting me. There have been times I have witnessed my enemies rising up to the level of faith they were being called to and they did it without repentance. They came through grace. It took bitter tears and much repentance on my part so I could even hold Jesus up for them to see. God is revealing what the stumbling stones are so that they become foundation stones. In the higher life, where the eagles soar, there is neither Jew nor Gentile.

Jay, the manifestation of Jew and Gentile for you is a heart towards the Muslims. This is a physical nation that is raised up against ours. You are to raise Jesus up to them. I am wondering where God is going to place you since He has given you this burden. He will certainly give you authority in the place He plants you. You will be criticized for this, but God will take you into deeper understanding of how you will minister to them. You may already be a man of no reputation, (big grin). For me, Jew and Gentile is represented in those who are in the church and have been abandoned in ditches long ago. I am criticized for going back to reach out to them, but it is not until I do that I experience that peace that passes all understanding. In Jubilee, the land is returned to the Jew - no more ditches.



Hi Cindy and everyone,

What you mention about Hagar returning to her mistress I think is very significant. There are so many types in the Old Testament that represent the Christian experience; one is the crossing of the Red Sea from Egypt that signifies our salvation and deliverance from bondage. I wonder who ever named it red anyway? That of course is the color of blood without which is no remission of sin. For us to return to Egypt is the place of bondage, where Jesus is, there is liberty.

Thanks for the encouragement, love is of course the answer given by our Lord to deal with our enemies and as you say, it is a physical nation that is raised up against ours. Radical Muslims have no idea of what true Christians are in the spirit, they think that we are born into a Christian family like they are born into Muslim. They are also under the delusion that America is a Christian nation. They have no idea of deliverance, conversion with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and they may have a disciplined prayer life but have no idea of praying in the spirit at any time of day and facing any direction. It is all according to the law.

The descendants of Ishmael needs to come out of the bondage of the law and into grace to receive the blessing, just like you say. For that to happen true Christians must reach out to them very unlike the Christians of the past and that is with grace, not condemnation. If we are truly the children of restoration, then in part, Muslims must be included in that as the natural sons of Ishmael and be like Abraham and hope for them to live in the blessing. Only Jesus can graft them in. no one has yet to convince me that there will not be a sect of Islam that will come into the power of grace and we all know that we will be ridiculed for taking that position. Good, we are fools for Jesus' sake.


Dear Latter-Rain-Lights,

In this ongoing transformation in Love -- this "maturing" process -- in which we are learning to depend upon the quickening-teaching of the Holy Spirit as He guides us through Scripture; bringing to Life, the meaning and application of the Divine Revelation and Redemption freely given by God through Christ Jesus our Lord, we can see in Paul's life this very change-in-heart (repentance) which many of us have been experiencing -- a change which releases the divine ability to Love and have a great Compassion for all others -- even our enemies. To understand this transformational change, we must go back to the foundational teachings of Christianity.

There was a time in Paul's life and teaching to the Church, when the message of Galatians was full and vibrant and living in him. He could have no more restrained this teaching from flowing forth through him, than any of us could stop the flow of water over Niagara Falls in the early spring! This was a violent and passionate flow of Living Waters that HAD to come forth, for the sake of the Gospel.. for the sake of the Church. No Compromise on this issue could be allowed, for lives were at risk! We can feel the passion of his spirit, filled with The Spirit as this message was delivered to the Church!

In that time of training by the Spirit of God, the Church received in fullness the message of the absolute separation between those of the Law and those of the Gospel. Paul was adamant in his teaching of the dangers of thinking that those of the Law and those of Grace could live in the same household, declaring unequivocally that the two could not. Warning!! The son born in the ordinary way (by the flesh) would persecute the son born by the power of the Spirit.... going on to remind anyone who yet had a question about this: "What does the Scripture say?? "Get rid of the slave woman and her son, for the slave woman's son will never share in the inheritance with the free woman's son". .. It is for Freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand Firm, then and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery." (Gal 4 and 5)

In this message, Paul, under inspiration of the Spirit, revealed to the Church the absolute danger to those of the Promise if they allowed one tiny smidgen of contamination --leavening -- by the workers of the flesh -- Declaring that anyone who would let himself come back under the Law (if you let yourself be circumcised) Christ will be of No Value to you at all.. you will have been alienated from Christ, and fallen away from Grace! There were two paths here.. and the Christian had to choose the path of Grace not Law... the road separated and the way became narrower, for all other religions would teach the way of Law, not Grace. This difference was to never be lost sight of.

Paul's fatherly heart was filled with warnings! This message to the Galatians MUST be received at the heart level of every Christian -- for to not understand this foundational message of Christianity, is to lose the Gift of Life as given by Christ -- falling back into the relationship of performance (law), means to make Christ of no avail -- and puts us back into that state of being of needing a Deliverer again! There can be compromise in this understanding -- and until this facet of the truth has taken root and grown into a true heart conviction, we cannot go on to maturity in Christ.

But once this message and understanding of the relationship of the Law to the Gospel has taken root and grown -- then our hearts are challenged, expanded again -- enlightened to see just how this miracle of the Gospel is to be shared: Through Relationship -- even as Jesus kinned Himself to us, while we were yet sinners, He intends to kin Himself to others through us, if we are mature enough to see and understand what it is that He is doing.

He will not put us at risk -- He won't send us along this path of kinship, until the FREEDOM for which He has set us free is strong and matured in us... but when we are ready to hear this kinship message, then He begins to speak it in our hearts. And again He chooses to use Paul's life to reveal this maturing work. I hear this gospel message in your awakened Love-soaked hearts -- this is the Gospel and you are the message.

In this kinship message to the Church, Paul speaks what to some, sounds almost like a recantation of the message to the Galatians. In 1 Cor 9:19-23, Paul shares a new facet -- a new outworking of Love's Transformation in him. Here, rather than advocating the complete separation of those of the Law and those of the Gospel, he speaks of "becoming all things to all men."

"Though I am free" he says... the message of Galatians has taken root in him -- he is in absolutely no danger of falling away from Christ and back into a works-mentality based upon his own perfect law-keeping; the path had separated for Paul on the road to Damascus and he had chosen the path of Grace not law ... "and belong to no man" he continues.. The path was a separating path, for it cost him dearly -- as it does us all.

"I make myself a "Slave" to everyone -- to win as many as possible." In his separated unto the Gospel path, alone with Christ, he makes himself a slave to all -- a bondslave to Christ, having no Master but Him, yet in the daily life, he becomes a slave to all... As Martin Luther shared Christians are the most free people of all, and yet they are to be the servants of all.

"To the Jews, I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the Law, I became like one "under the Law', (though I myself am not under the Law: GALATIANS Message again confirmed) -- so as to win those under the Law. To those not having the Law, I became like one not having the Law (though I am not free from God's Law, but am under Christ's Law).. so as to win those not having the Law."

"To the weak -- I became weak . . . to win the weak."

"I have become all things to all men, so that by all possible means I may save some. I do this for the sake of the Gospel, that I may share in its blessings."

Paul shares the foundational truth that is now appearing in our hearts. We are Free... We are no longer in danger of becoming a slave to man -- the rejections, the death, the maturing Life of Faith in us .. has brought a people of Love to the forefront in this day. This people is not in danger of compromise of the Gospel -- for they have become the Gospel. The Gospel of Christ is a kinship Gospel... it is not a separation gospel as was the message of the Pharisees. It is not a weak and fearful gospel that worries about contamination by sinners... it is the Gospel of Christ Jesus, who was slandered because of His Loving-affiliation with the very same "sick" people He came to save.

This is a Gospel of Love which flows across all barriers of religion and doctrine and differences... and kins itself to all people, "becoming all things to all men", that in the so doing, it might save some. This is a grassroots gospel that is strong and earthy -- it does not mind getting its hands dirty, for the sake of the Gospel.. it becomes a slave to all, that all might share in its blessings.

Paul was not in danger of becoming a Jew when he took the form of a Jew to save a Jew... that issue was settle on the Road to Damascus when Christ blinded Him with the Truth. Christ was not like the barefoot redeemer of the Book of Ruth -- who dared not compromise its holiness, by bending down to the level of the Moabite woman -- He was Boaz, the One willing to bind himself to her in marriage -- He was Hosea -- willing to marry the whore, that she might be redeemed... can He who now lives in us do any less?

Will He not become as a Muslim, to save a Muslim? I say, He as us, is wanting us to see this Violent Work of Love, as Stephen shared, Love's Violence released in all the earth; A Love that would rather die than kill another; A Love that would rather sacrifice itself for the well being of another; A Love which NEVER fails. A Love which will become all things to all men... it will lay down its life for the sake of the one who might be saved as a result of its demonstration of the ever-giving nature of Agape.

To respond to this Call in this New Day, there has been a Church rising up in maturity... maturing in Love. This kinship message will make absolutely no sense to those who are yet in the earlier stages of growth.. and to them, it will sound like a compromising message to the Truth that is shared in Galatians -- yet it is not a compromise.. it is the fulfillment of that message; It is the Gospel now to be made manifest in the Church... It is Love now made manifest in the many sons and daughters of oil, the Oil of Agape.

Never before has their been such a Church as there is in this day. It appears to be at its weakest, and yet it is in weakness that His Grace is made manifest. The ways of God are not the ways of man -- not even carnal Christian man. Both the wheat and the tares have been growing to maturity.. and the ultimate battle between spirit and flesh is being waged. May the Church of Jesus Christ keep their faith focus on the Face of Christ -- for in His Face shall the Glory of the Father be revealed... may we not fear losing our lives for the sake of the Gospel.. but let us LOVE with that Love He has filled us with -- that Violent Love which is unstoppable: many fires cannot quench this Love; NO waters can put this Fiery Love out..

All these end times events will happen, just as has been revealed... but perhaps that part of the Scriptures which were not allowed to be shared (Daniel's sealed up visions) would have spoken of this Miracle of Love manifested in all the earth. The Bride.. in the Love and the Glory of Her Beloved Jesus... Loving her enemies unto the LIFE... Serving them, even as He served us -- Love swallowing up Hatred -- that the Name of Jesus might be glorified in all the earth. That she might be -- even as He was in the earth.

Remember always, all the virtues fail, everything but faith and hope and love end ... Only these three remain and LOVE is the Greatest of All. Keep Loving no matter what... for this we were created.

Your sister in Christ,
Linda the Beguine
Bondslave of Love

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