The Man-Child

November 29, 1999

I want to welcome those that are new to the list. Yesterday as I was doing some housecleaning on my e-mail and I ran into some that I thought might be interested in the list, I felt really blessed. There weren't that many but almost everybody I asked to join the group said yes and I felt even more blessed. God is really working in this, to Him be the glory. Jesus is in fact in charge and those present have heard His voice. I see this list growing exponentially in the future and as you read on about the man child you will see why I believe it. I still don't have a total understanding of everything that is going on with this but as I am obedient, it is getting clearer every day. And by working together we may all understand.

To recap the man-child discussion, this started with the apostles gathering fellowship and then carried on by this small group. The fellowship is falling all over the place. The Lord made it clear that I was to separate from the fellowship, but not completely and put together a discussion list that has the freedom to discuss and where Jesus was in charge.

The Lord has also made it very clear to me that I am to disuss the issues that have divided the church so that we may come to one accord. I am called to unity and must fulfill my calling toward holiness in the Bride of Christ. There are more things concerning my calling but that will come later. I cannot believe that I am the only called to this and there are others who will help fulfill the calling and I seek the prophetic to bear witness. The Lord has in fact told me that there are others that have been prepared for this and I already have all I need. I still have an attitude of Why me Lord? because I am nothing in the flesh. Just ask my friends and family.

As to the man-child, for some reason, this is one of the end-time things that I have not previously studied. When I first took up the issue, I knew that it could be controversial but important to know. I didn't know how important until it was revealed to me who the man child is and I still don't completely understand. I proposed to the group three interpretations where I thought we may start to identify who the man child is. The first was Jesus, second, Elijah and the third, a corporate Jesus as to being many of us, I thought the third was too fantastic. I reminded everyone that Jesus came as a ruler but humbled Himself and became as our servant. I submit myself to you as a worm of a man.

I first pointed to the second Psalms because it seemed to fit the prophetic description that John revealed. I thought that it did not refer to the birth of Christ but an end-time fulfillment and pointed even more clearer in the second chapter of Revelation when Jesus was speaking to the church of Thyratira. I mentioned that if it is not just one person, it is many and then we may be able to see it as a fulfillment of the Manifest Sons of God. As I understand it, my calling is through them. Through the discussion, I was shown to be partially wrong when someone else brought up that the second Psalm was fulfilled with the birth of Christ as shown in Acts 13:32. He also brought up Christ as priest forever after the order of Melchisedec, bringing me more things to ponder. I responded that this was true but that the prophecy of Psalms 2 seems only partially fulfilled in that Jesus was raised up in fulfillment of the scriptures. It is the last day beast that will try to devour the child and John received this vision years after Jesus' death and resurrection and is reserved for the last days.

I went on with this dialectic by noting that we are not the high priest but all priests after the order of Melchisedec. Hebrews 8: 4 says that if the high priest were on earth, he should not be a priest. So if Jesus is high priest and cannot be such on earth because it is forever, if the man child is Jesus according to the Psalms, the child cannot be Jesus the high priest and cannot be another Jesus, therefore must be the corporate Jesus of us being priests unto Him and representative of His body. At that point I spoke hypothetically and called for more discussion.

The next post was was someone who thought that the man child was Jesus, the Word. Again I could only see that as partial fulfillment. I mentioned that it did not make sense to me that Jesus would marry the woman that brings forth the man child Jesus unless it is Jesus in a different form. I called for more discussion and got none.

Since then, and this is where it gets hairy. I now believe what I first thought was too fantastic and that is that the man child is made up of different members. Then yesterday as I did some e-mail house cleaning, and I ran into a prophetic word from Doug Fortune confirming this in the prophetic. That's fine, we have through discussion, I believe, come to a conclusion concerning the man child but we still need to come to one accord on it. It is not enough for just me to believe in something.

This is where it gets even hairier and where I must appeal to the prophets in the group, and of any other apostles here. The more I think about it and the more that God speaks to me and the more I think it cannot be and the Lord rebukes me for it, the more I must speak out on this. And this is where I am really sticking my neck out and need the help of the spirit of prophecy for confirmation. We are the man child. I am not just speaking of the manifest sons around the world and the Bride of Christ and those that have been prepared from the foundation of the world that will stand with us on this, I mean that we are the man child and that we have just been birthed. The more I think on it the more I believe it, even without complete understanding of how this can be. Please correct me and set me straight if I am under a delusion. I just took up the subject last week. I must ask you brothers and sisters to help me understand more on this because this is just a small little list that the Lord has told me to put together. How can this be? I tell you that we are the man child and tears come to my eyes. I can never again be content with my loneliness. God help me, we are the man child.


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