Christian Leadership Question - On Fleshly Leadership

January 5, 2000

There has been no takers on my call to discuss the resurrections. There could be many reasons but I think that it is an issue that I will have to work out myself and get back to you with more concrete ideas on it. I have tried to reconcile these things before and keep coming up more confused. Let's leave it at that.

I finished that essay on the laying on of hands. This, more than anything that we have discussed, except for maybe the man-child discussion, reflects the ideas brought forth in this group. See it at There was one point that I added in it that we should discuss.

I am having a big problem with Christian "leadership" as regard if we are to be leaders or ministers. This issue has already got me in trouble with the Apostle's Gathering group where I reacted strongly against the "pecking order" and those who promote so-called leadership. I know we have those called to leadership conferences, youth leaders, church leaders and all kind of leaders. I keep hearing from them good things that wants me to change my mind about leaders in the church but I keep turning around and ultimately reject the idea. I shake my head no every single time. I believe that if we are to have true restoration, we need to get back to the apostolic and reject fleshly leadership and being called as leaders. I am always willing to change on my opinions if I can be persuaded but every time I am tried on this subject, it comes back to me that Jesus should be our only leader. This is the paragraph from my page concerning abuses of the laying on of hands that I am referring to and about the middle of the paragraph. That theme in part is carried through the article. The sentence on presumption by leadership here is even word for word from one in our group so I am not the only one.

"Many churches today still use the laying on of hands as a ritual to "confirm" people with no real power. Even so called spirit filled churches will lay hands on each other without power. There are abuses and excesses reported in the area of the laying on of hands, groping, touching women in the wrong places, laying on of heavy hands and the pushing over of people. The Holy Ghost is supposed to be received at this time when nothing necessarily happens. Leadership positions are conferred by the laying on of hands. Those in the New Testament had never confirmed or bestowed leadership, in all cases it was Jesus as the true leader and the true disciples were given ministerial functions as servants in the church, not leaders. Those in leadership positions in the church today are acting in the flesh according to the pride of their calling. It is important not to step out of Gods will into any kind of presumption by leadership. Many abuse the power and use it according to their spiritual pride. We should avoid the abuses and excesses, but not draw back from the practice of the laying on of hands. More holy hands power will belong to us as each day brings us closer to the end-time restoration and latter rain outpouring according to our humility and being in one accord with the truth. Holy hands even with little faith under this kind of power is sufficient to drive out demons and heal the sick."

I am suspicious of anyone who wishes me to follow them into the Kingdom. I only want to follow Jesus. The best that I can do to get others into the kingdom is to point them to our leader Jesus Christ. If that is me being a leader, let me know. I am here to serve and have so far rejected any kind of pecking order. I want us all to be walking shoulder to shoulder marching in one rank into the Kingdom behind our One Lord, Jesus Christ. Correct me if I am wrong and if I am right, we need to take a stand on this together.


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