January 19, 2000

The call to prayer had the Lord touching many of you. I wish that I was better at it, I don't think that I do the best I can, but I try. Please keep praying for this group. As we all get closer to the Lord, the more the enemy will try to come against us. There is much sifting going on in the body today and satan will try to get the advantage. Like Jesus did when satan tried to sift Peter, we need to pray that the faith of our brothers and sisters do not fail. I am getting more and more e-mail concerning Intercession every day. If any one in this group feels called to help out as an intercessor in any way, let me know. Two of you already have and others have commented on it. What we need is someone willing to put something together.

As to the issue of the resurrections, there were a few responses. A couple of the group thinks that there is only one resurrection and this is what most people are taught. Others feel that the Bible teaches several. I am shelving this one for now and will do more study.

The laying out a fleece was mentioned and with one response. Personally, it is a non-issue but I do believe that it is valid but don't feel the need to do it. Those that do are not testing God as some would say but are just believing God to be true to His word and have the faith to ask. Finding the answer may take more faith than a person has and may lead to discouragment and unbelief. The one response was "The fleeces thing is a "sticky wicket.' It was never intended to be the "cure all' or a substitute for the leading of the Spirit. Only a "last ditch" thing. Be Blessed, Bro Paul"

Now on to the next item of discussion. This one should send sparks flying but is very important that we agree on this, since it has been so divisive. First of all, since the issue of "the perfect," we have seen this group agreed that spiritual gifts are valid today and that includes speaking in tongues. Although we agree on this, speaking in tongues has caused a very large division in the church. I do not believe that it is the issue of tongues as much that has divided as it is the issue of the gift being out of order and exalted beyond what is right. There is an error that satan has used to divide the church over this and it relates to the relationship of tongues and the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The error and cause for division has been this: There are those in the church today that say if you do not speak in tongues then you have not been baptized in the Holy Ghost. The error usually goes like this: You need to be baptized with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Now I believe that speaking on tongues is certainly evidence of the Holy Ghost but the error runs that tongues is the ONLY evidence of the Holy Ghost and this is where satan gets the advantage to produce a church that is out of order. They that teach this do not say that prophecy or other gifts or even love is evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost but only the one gift of speaking in tongues.

Remember, there is no reply all on this one, so go ahead and lay it on me. I know that there are conflicting viewpoints on this already because I have noticed who says what in the group and I have been to many of your web sites. You already know my opinion, that it is an error to teach that speaking in tongues is the only evidence of the baptism of the Holy Ghost. To say it or teach it is a lie every single time, you cannot say it in the prophetic spirit and those that do have been unwitting tools of division, speaking in the flesh according to the pride of their gift, to cause schism and split the church. Please forgive me for taking such a strong stance on it. I mean no offence and those that have caused this error in the past have been well meaning Christians who are just protecting their own particular gift from God from those that speak against spiritual gifts. But the error and schism must not be allowed to continue for the spiritual gifts to be put in order. We cannot think both ways on it, this is a very important discussion if we are to come to one accord.


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